Another State Of The Union Thought

. . .why, on god's green earth, do the smartest political minds in America, whether they be Democrat or Republican, think this annual speech is inspiring? Why not talk directly to the people? To tell us to take care of our families. To love one another. To go to work tomorrow and do the best we can. To help at least one person every day who is less fortunate. To enjoy the freedom to simply go to the movies. To enjoy dinner with friends. To live each day like it is your last. To dance like no one is watching. To wake each day thankful that you are alive. To worship as you please, speak what you feel, and assemble without fear. And to remember those that have lost their lives in the past to give us these freedoms. Heck, Dale Hansen can do it once a year after the "Thank God For Kids" video. Can't a president? Just make it a 15 minute pep talk for the country. We could all use it.