It's Halloween Weekend. Let's Get Out Of Here

That's Dangerous

They May Be More Dangerous

Hey, Six Flags Use To Have A Sombrero Ride!

The University of Louisville apologized to the school’s entire Hispanic community Thursday after a photo surfaced showing President James Ramsey among a group of staffers at a Halloween party dressed in matching stereotypical Mexican costumes. More

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Police shot and killed a guy in Mesquite this morning and it looks like it was all caught on tape by local news. This may or may not get bad. 
  • I mentioned the line from Pulp Fiction earlier this week of, "What's Fonzie say!?" And today is Henry Winkler's birthday. 
  • Man, I finally have gone back to watching local news in the morning and it has a different feel. I think the consultants have come in and yelled, "Do it with intensity!" Even the mild mannered traffic guy on Fox 4 looks at you and tells you, "I'm about to give you information to get to work on time." And they even projected that on a stretch of road in Dallas that the drive time is 19 minutes. Idiocracy.
  • It's almost November and the Montague DA has still not released the records requested by the Wise County Messenger. Why? 
  • Halloween is coming up and it was insane in Bridgeport back in the day. It was water balloons and "rotten eggs" that we would later throw at each other. My group of friends actually went to a grocery store (Foodway?) and met with the owner and asked if he had any rotten eggs in the back since Halloween was coming up. He gave us a case.
  • On Halloween night, Scott Bilby and I launched rotten eggs at State Trooper Grant Drale from 50 yards away (we lobbed them). Trooper Drake for some reason had stopped someone on my dead end street. He lived down the road so he probably saw someone driving like an idiot in the middle of a TON of trick or treaters. Throwin eggs was dumb and stupid and disrespectful thing for us to do. But kids do stupid things. You know what would happen today? I'd be charged with a felony of Attempted Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon. And my life would have been ruined. 
  • And I'm going to dog Fox 4's Dan Godwin for this morning reporting that a 12 year old was custody for drawing a map and making a threat. That's fine. My problem was that he said the kid was charged with "exhibition of a firearm" even though he "didn't have an actual firearm. Huh? I don't know what any of that means.  Edit: I've received more than one communication that there is an obscure provision in the Texas Education Code that makes this a crime. If I'm wrong (and perhaps I am -- I'm on it), I'll admit it. 
  • Hal Jay on WBAP said this morning that a particular Constitutional amendment changing the qualifications for president could actually happen because of the "influx" of Asians, Hispanics and Middle Easterners into this country. He named all three. Does everyone who works with him back off from their mics every morning?
  • One expected thing and one odd thing about the Mavericks game last night: Expected: They got drilled 104-88 and the Mavs owner trash talked the other team before the game. Hey, he's the smartest guy in the room, right? Odd: Coach Rick Carlisle said after the game, "We really would have had to play a perfect game and from a shooting perspective, we couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle." What does that mean? It's like a high tone guy suddenly deciding to act like Art Briles and try to fire off some back porch country witticisms.
  • I mentioned Natalie Merchant the other day because I'm still pissed off that a particular song wasn't played at Bass Hall which she had performed on MTV's Unplugged.   I tried to Google the MTV performance and  stumbled upon this performance by her at an outdoor festival. It is fantastic (although she might look a little drunk). She is truly happy and truly thanking everyone who supports her as she sings with unmitigated delight. 


Holy Cow! There Is Video Of The Twin Peaks Waco Shoot Out!


Obviously something went wrong and a crime probably occurred and one or more people needed to be arrested. At least there would be probable cause to arrest one or more. But the Waco Police arrested 170 people.  It was a mass arrest and roundup. And the DA has gone forward with prosecution. You kidding me?

For you people in Waco, get your popcorn ready to see how the "prosecution" unfolds. Unfortunately, you'll be watching a ton of dismissals against people who spent their life savings on bonding out and attorneys.

That should not happen in this country.

Side note: Nice job to CNN for throwing in scantily clad Twin Peaks waitresses running. You are hereby warned ! Don't steal my Random Thought Girl concept!!! There are intellectual property laws!!!


The best clips of the debate in seconds.

I've Never Been More Intimidated By Someone Arrested For A Seatbelt Violation

Let's Check In On The World Series


Wait. What? Ok, maybe that's legit. She might have a handicap that is not apparent. But those are pretty kick arse seats.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We are hurling towards Idiocracy, and I admit that I might be a part of it. (See above photo.)
  • Yesterday we had a car explosion in Plano because of someone sniffing something and now we have the news that "Dry ice likely why Plano woman passed out" in her car.  
  • Don't go to Plano?
  • Actual headline of Fox 4 this morning at the bottom of the screen: "Crime Spree Stopped By Man With Pumpkin Carving Knife."
  • On the radio this morning I heard a reference to a Disney "record" of scary music for Halloween. I think I actually had that record as a child. 
  • I turned on Fox News last night and Bill O'Reilly and Barney Frank were screaming at each other. I actually turned it off. I was not entertained. 
  • If something is wrong with my gMail account there is a message off to the side that says, "Something is not right." 
  • Vehicles You Fear On The Road Ranking: (1) The double tractor trailer -- I saw a Fed Ex double trailer wrecked out in the median on our way to Abilene this morning, (2) The truck hauling cars - I always think one will fall off. 
  • I told Mrs. LL this weekend that Grace Kelly is the most gorgeous woman in the history of ever. And then after a frantic pause I told her, "After you." And to think I gave marriage advice. 
  • Speaking of, the Family House had the Internet go out but not the TV Internet feed for the first time ever. I went home to meet the tech guy yesterday who showed up (amazingly) in the window of time. I explained the problem, he does some tech stuff, and then looks at me and says, "This situation is weird. Let me hang around for five to ten minutes to check it out." Ummkay. 
  • And now, for the first time ever, the audio on the TV does not work. I was looking at this morning and had to go to closed caption. What's the saying? That silence can be deafening? I laughed when Simon and Garfunkle's Sound of Silence began to replay in my head -- which has the crazy/brilliant lyrics of, "Hello darkness my old friend." 


Wise County Church Humor!

Mrs. LL Stole One Of My Ties and Just Revealed Something

How did I buy that one day? How did that happen? Cats chasing dogs! Worlds colliding! Chaos!

Edit: And then this just happened. Donald Trump always references China and how he will deal with them.  Read top to bottom.

Bad Idea Jeans

Someone mentioned this old SNL skit to me when I was up in the courthouse. I had never seen it, then did so, and then concluded this is really funny stuff. And just look at all those familiar faces who are in it.

(I can't remember the TV commercial they were parodying. Calvin Klein?)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I forgot to mention yesterday that at dawn there was still a visible full moon in west and clouds in the east that had the orange "under belly". 
  • I finally watched the police officer "launching" that kid in school. Good grief.
  • The general thought is if I ran for political office that I might not succeed. Then again, I've never been a guy who had a job paid for by the Wise County taxpayer, decided to run for judge in Tarrant County, spend $109,450.06 in a campaign, and then finish third in the Republican primary with 13.8% of the vote. Heck, what do I know about politics? What have I ever won? 
  • If I hear one more thing about Blue Bell on the news I will lose it. 
  • I've dogged radio guy Mark Davis to no end and then last week he earnestly celebrates Natalie Merchant's birthday with his return music. I had mentioned Merchant the other day and that I love her voice so much that I went to see her in the Bass Hall.
  • Craziest story ever?: There was a car explosion outside of a bank in Plano last night and police "believe [it was caused by] the person in the car was using an inhaler filled with nitrous oxide, sometimes referred to as whippits.
  • I didn't watch a second of it but apparently Fox lost the video feed of World Series Game #1 last night. How is that possible in this technological day and time?
  • I get a weird feel from local radio and TV news people that they are fed up with their corporate bosses more than ever before. That would also explain the recent mass exodus of news people from their jobs and going into the PR business. 
  • Speaking of local news, my schedule has changed in the morning so now I get to watch more TV news. I'll say what I a few months back: Jenny Anchondo is pretty, pretty hot. 
  • Donald Trump is behind in the polls in the first race of the GOP in Iowa and tells a crowd in a different state, "What are [those Iowa voters] thinking?" He's either crazy or a political genius. 


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Star-Telegram has a story behind a paywall which is fascinating: There was a 1976 killing in Blue Mound where four family members, including a six year old boy, were killed as they were getting ready for bed. I had never heard of that story. It almost sounds like In Cold Blood. (Sidenote: Blue Mound has a police department?)
  • Here's a tech trick to get to any Star-Telegram story behind a paywall. Hit the "stop button" or "x" once the page appears but the ads are still loading. I'm just a dumb country lawyer, but even I figured that out. 
  • Most unusual bullet point ever: If someone was trying to send me a message yesterday, it was received.
  • I love Junior Miller of The Ticket but he actually said this morning that we all need a GPS chip installed so the police could monitor us and more easily solve crimes. Good lord. 
  • Mark Cuban was on The Ticket this morning hyping the Mavericks upcoming season. I've said it for over a decade: He is a snake oil salesman who has been somewhat lucky because of Dirk. And now Dirk is essentially gone. (And he actually plugged ticket sales, the price, and how to get them. That had to be a condition of him appearing in The Ticket.) 
  • I can't tell you the number of times I've watched the "Police Bus" video that I posted yesterday. That is crazy. 
  • I wrote about the jogger killed on the trail I once jogged on during an organized race and even said, "Heck, that guy sounds like me." His wife killed herself yesterday. 


There's A Secret Cop Bus?

Heads up Dallas people, if you on I-20 between grand Prairie to ftw !!!!! But look how slick they got, full equipped motor coach !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Bump Williams on Thursday, October 22, 2015

"It's called 'Operation Safe Driver' but you might call it a 'Black Ops Mission'." Good grief.

Watch their intensity over traffic violations. One says, "It's what people do when they think they are not being watched."

Someone define the term "Police State" for me. Oh, ok . .  . thanks:

Speaking Of Dixie

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Ben Carson is leading in Iowa and just happens to be a Seventh Day Adventist. And then Donald Trump said at a rally on Saturday: "I'm Presbyterian . . . . Boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh-day Adventist, I don't know about. I just don't know about." Things seem to be going well for the GOP. They need a leader.
  • I made Mrs. LL watch Rear Window on Saturday. I had forgotten how great that movie is. It's about a guy who looks out his apartment window because he has nothing else to do because of a broken leg. He begins to have suspicions that something is amiss and people think he's crazy. But he ends up being right. Two other things: (1) Man, there was some racy parts in there for a PG rating, and (2) The script was brilliantly written with comedy all over the place. (Just read some of the quotes from IMBD).
  • Movie thought: I told Mrs. LL this weekend that I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was the greatest actor of this generation. She disagreed. But I told her I'll give her time to name her choice. I'll let you know. 
  • I mentioned below that I went with Mrs. LL back to her hometown and she showed me around. That included seeing Abilene play Midland Lee in football.  At halftime I heard Midland Lee's band play Dixie. And then it dawned on me: Midland Lee.
  • I saw a crazy coach vs. ref confrontation at the game. A player was hurt and the game was stopped as the coach and the trainer went onto the field to tend to him. There is an issue these days of faking injuries to stop the "hurry up" offenses but, if that kid was faking it, he needs an Academy Award.  But as the coach and trainer were walking the kid off the field - but were still on the field - the ref blew the whistle to resume play. That was insane. I had never seen that. And the coach went ballistic on the ref while on the field. It involved screaming that could have been heard in Odessa. About two play later the ref, with equal vitriol, went off on the coach who was now on the sideline in a "respect my authority" retort.  Mrs. LL told me, "Welcome to west Texas football."
  • Get this: There were two males who performed in what old me has always referred to as a "pom pom routine" at halftime. It was right out of Glee. I'm sitting in the middle of redneck west Texas and watching that. I felt like the guy in the Double Rainbow viral video who said, "Is this real life?"
  • No one knows what is the cause of the lady plowing into a crowd and killing four at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade. Everyone assumed it was alcohol but that might not be the case. But even in Wise County we know that sometimes people drive crazy and it has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. 
  • I put up a post on Friday about a court opinion invalidating a police stop based upon a girl asleep in the passenger seat. There was a comment made which sounds like it was from a smart cop (or possibly an unethical prosecutor.) I'll paraphrase the comment: "I would make the traffic stop. If I'm wrong then the worst thing that can happen to me is that evidence gets thrown out. If I'm right, I helped a girl." You know what means: "I don't care if what I do is against the law, if I'm doing it for my personal belief of what is the greater good, I don't care." That, gentleman, is a police state mentality. It's OK for Batman to think that, but not the cops.
  • Baylor's quarterback has a fractured bone in his neck. (Think about that: Football causes a broken neck -- You sure this sport will survive in the future?)  But back to sports, I said three or four weeks ago that the backup was better than the starter. I guess my designation on Sports Genius will be tested again. 
  • I was watching CNN's Headline News on Saturday morning. They ended the segment with a quick bit about mortgage rates. The next commercial was from a mortgage company. 
  • Cowboy game observation: Greg Hardy is a psycho.