Random Best Of Posts: Day #6

  • One of my all time favorites: The N Word
  • This wreck in 2007 deserves a "where are they now" segment.
  • Still shocking to me: The number of straight ticket voters in Wise County.
  • I posted far more shocking pics when I didn't think anyone was reading.
  • How quickly we forget. Newt Gingrich, who is making a bit of a Republican comeback, was having an affair while he was dogging Clinton for having an affair.
  • A shocking google search about our Sheriff.
  • Still one crazy site: Drag and drop the falling bikini girl.
  • An Iraqi casualty from Boyd that I hope has not been forgotten.
  • I used to be so much bolder with my pics.
  • I still think the hanging of Saddam Hussein after a trial without a jury that did not allow him to even know the identity of his accusers, was barbaric.
  • I hope all the people listed in this story still visit that young man's grave.
  • This was pretty interesting: The Dallas Morning News got a hold of the "talking points" given out by the Dallas County Democratic party after the parties surprising landslide win in 2006.
  • This won't interest many of you, but I went nuts watching the "where should Anna Nicole's body be buried" proceeding.


Random Best Of Posts: Day #5

  • The incident that made Lari Barager my nemesis.
  • My ex secretary used to drive me insane.
  • I regret this post.
  • My best prediction ever was the worst moment for the Mavs ever.
  • I ended up representing this guy and having the case dismissed once evidence (finally) came forth that he wasn't the driver.
  • Jane McGarry gold.
  • Hottest OU girl ever.
  • I had forgotten that Fox tried to do it's own comedy show in 2007. (I researched it and found out it was cancelled after 13 episodes.)
  • There's a Promiseland show that is the new Robert Tilton. They made me made about a week ago, and I remembered they made me mad in 2007.
  • "White Chicks And Gang Signs"
  • "Barron Green" explained.
  • When I reprinted this Christmas flyer from Grace Baptist Church in 2006, which included the regretable phrase "invest in eternity", the comments exploded. (Back then they were unmoderated and I can't even bring myself to link back to them now.)


Random Best Of Posts: Day #4

  • Probably doesn't deserve to be here, but I was mad at Baylor after a
  • Flashback to the Wise County road side stop scandal.
  • loss to TCU.
  • I once rated Wise County's all time greatest athletes.
  • I took a picture of a local church's billboard and it became national news.
  • I can't believe the video is still up of Tony Romo (before he went big time) making an appearance in a shocking youtube for a Denton bar.
  • I still laugh at the Chris Hansen soundboard (direct link). I once had a girlfriend call me and when I answered, she just started firing off those audio clips. Very, very funny.
  • 2007 "Hey, Now."
  • Not that shocking, but when Todd Dodge was named the head football coach of UNT, I questioned whether that was really a better gig than the coach of Southlake Carroll.
  • Wise County church billboard grammatical error.
  • Me in high school.


Random Best Of Posts: Day #3


Random Best Of Posts: Day #2

  • Still one of my favorite gals (above).
  • Timely: Two years ago I posted a video of the OU Marching Band doing the "Thriller" dance.
  • Art that I have hanging in my office.
  • When I saved a Wise County turtle.
  • When a Chico family was killed by a drunk driver who eventually was determined not to be drunk at all by the Tarrant County DA's office.
  • I wonder what ever happened to the former Boyd football star who was in trouble.
  • In 2007, when the DOW was a little above 12,500, I asked if anyone was nervous after it dropped 250 points in one day. If we weren't, we should have been.
  • Still laugh about the pot bellied pig being put on my desk.
  • Hottest girl ever from Decatur?
  • I still shake my head at this crime in my neighborhood.
  • A little long, but I reflected on how I almost single handedly cost Bridgeport a win over Decatur in high school football back in the day.
  • My stadium fetish.


Random Best Of Posts: Day #1

  • I posted a pic of this piece of art once but didn't disclose that I own it.
  • One of my favorite moments when I saw Santa walking down my street five years ago.
  • When I got 51 comments on this post in 2005, I thought I had hit the big time. (And the subject matter still works to this day.)
  • The famous Wise County Courthouse crab incident.
  • When I found a video of a guy angry about his experience with the Walmart McDonalds.
  • Craziest question I was ever asked in the Wise County Courthouse.
  • My first pics of the "Nazi Van" which was always near the now illegal camera in Rhome that took pics of speeders.
  • The sappiest movie quote that I love.
  • Hey, now. (Circa 2007)
  • I questioned the Drudge Report on a story and I turned out to be wrong.
  • Wow, I got a little sappy
  • Two guys doing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special dance that I thought was funny but no one else did.
  • A Bridgeport tragedy
  • Funny video of Bridgeport mom being run over by Pee Wee football team.
  • When the City of Decatur moved around Christmas decorations after a blog post.


We Interrupt This Broadcast

I'll be out of pocket all this week, but there's no need to get out your dress blues. If everything works correctly, each morning around 8:15 a.m. you'll automatically receive a "Best Of" post from random entries from 2006 and 2007. Will they be that good? Naaaaa. But they got my attention as I cruised down memory lane as I put it together. (Which was an extreme beating.) I rarely say thanks for reading but, hey, thanks for reading. But while you guys work all week, rest assured I'm relaxing on a beach (or in a Mexican prison because of a little problem getting through customs.) Either way, it'll be an all-inclusive stay.