It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

A surprise ice storm really surprised a Rhome PD officer as 
he put his car in the ditch. 

  • In a weird report by a partisan special prosecutor yesterday we learned (1) President Biden "willfully" had classified documents in his garage, but (2) at the same time, there was insufficient evidence that was true, but (3) let's take some gratuitous shots of him being elderly with a poor memory.  I remember a day where prosecutors either indicted a person if they committed a crime and, if not, they just shut up. 

    • The President was downright furious at the tone of the report, and even went so far as to hold a press conference last night to say so.  It was a wild scene. 

    • Flashback:

    • I don't think any of this matters.  Just like last time, people will crawl across glass to vote against Trump. They don't care who the alternative is. There is no greater motivated voter than the anti-Trump voter. 
  • That's a bold strategy.  He actually said, “Are you kidding me? Want me to tell you how many people have done that in the House?”

    • Hey, he dressed up as "Gay Hitler" one time

    • Everyone and their dog started distancing from Biedermann yesterday, including Abbott and Paxton. It is noteworthy the Biedermann has endorsed the Wise County resident who is running for the Texas House -- and endorsement which is still being promoted.

  • I want to see the bodycam of this event yesterday which shut down I-20.

  • Back to local politics. These mailers are going out in Wise County and they are oozing with Christian Nationalism. And who is behind them? It all goes back, in part, to Jonathon Stickland's Pale Horse Strategies -- the group that used to run the Texas Oilman PAC which is trying to buy the Wise County election for Dr. Lynn Stucky's opponent. That opponent has strong ties to Pale Horse and has received $155,000 (here and here) from the Oilman PAC. 

  • The Supreme Court arguments about Colorado kicking Trump off the ballot for Insurrection went about as expected. It might be a 9-0 decision to restore him to the ballot. 

  • They had one? If I was a student, I would have been very interested in that. 

  • The AI wars continue to ramp up.

  • I can't handle this.

    His statue at TCU yesterday.


  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 4 years and 228 days.


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

Depressing little anniversary. 

  • The Supreme Court hears oral arguments this morning as to whether Colorado can kick Trump off the ballot for having engaged in insurrection. I think they will ultimately side with Trump but they are going to have to make something up to get around text.  Not only did he engage in insurrection, but he dang sure "gave aid or comfort" to those storming the capitol -- and continues to do so to this day. 

    • The man has a point. 

  • It seems like old times to drop bombs on Iraq again.

  • This story out of Denton is a little difficult to follow because it is  unclear if the judge dismissed the case because of discovery violations (a remedy which is pretty much unheard of) or if he dismissed the case for a Speedy Trial violation. This part proved that: "The Denton County District Attorney’s Office plans to appeal the ruling, First Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck told the Record-Chronicle. Beck said it was her understanding that the ruling had more to do with a speedy trial violation." The judge was Steve Burgess. That's a pretty bold ruling to come out of Denton. 

  • I'll sadly have to say it again: No one crashes more aircraft than the U.S. military.

  • Wild. "EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. - Law enforcement has yet to enter a crime scene in East Lansdowne more than 12 hours after officers came under fire, and a blaze erupted inside a house where officials say 6–8 people are still unaccounted for."

  • It was 24 years old Des Champs, who calls himself the “Pro-Life Spider-Man.”

  • It's behind a paywall, but the Dallas Morning News has a big feature on the former Dallas D.A. This sentence got my attention: "That first year, she never left her Lakewood home except to visit her doctor or therapist. Even after electroconvulsive therapy pulled her out of her suicidal spiral, medication failed to shake her deep depression."

  • I only saw this story because a Texas rep  referenced it on social media.  I found the original New York Times story about the statute and there's nothing "satanic" about it all. People look for things to be outraged about. 

  • It's February 8th. I'll take this every February:

  • Messenger - Above the Fold


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

The Winter Olympics in Russia got off to a rousing start

  • Smoke coming from a building next to Sweetie Pie's on the square in Decatur caused fire trucks to surround the area for over an hour yesterday afternoon. Even Bridgeport Fire showed up. Not sure what was going on, but everyone was very slow to leave. The Messenger caught video of the initial smoke.

  • They got her after all. 

    • And in today's America, the jury scrambles to get on TV.

  • In an absolute clown-car type showing last night, the Republican led House failed to count the votes before they voted whether to impeach the Director of Homeland Security. They then lost.

  • It took way too long, but an appellate court told a guy who is trying to become president that he can't do anything he wants with impunity while president.  This always seemed obvious to me. 

    • From a timeline perspective, the federal D.C. Insurrection case has been on hold while the appellate court decided that issue. That stay expires next Monday unless the Supreme Court decides to keep it in place. Whether they do or not is a big deal since it will likely determine whether Trump is tried this year or not. 
  • After an arrest in Texas, a person will normally be brought in front of a magistrate within 24 hours for bond to be set.  We had a ruling yesterday that those "hearings" should be public. I don't think Wise County holds them in a public place. 

  • These are not impeachment related costs. Oh, no. This is taxpayer money used to defend Paxton in the Whistleblower's lawsuit -- a lawsuit where he admitted all liability last month. 

  • Trump wielding more power over the Republican Party.

  • They signed off on a resolution. And it comes as no surprise that Rep. Ronny Jackson is in this photo. He embarrasses us once again. 

    • And what's that Orwell quote in 1984?: “The Party told you to reject all evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
  • I have no idea what this means other than streaming is about to become more confusing -- and probably more expensive.

  • DPS Update: I kept my appointment to get my license renewed but wisely chose the Bowie office over Decatur since Decatur didn't have any "free" time for another two months.  There was one nice lady working in Bowie and it went off without a hitch. But get this: I had to fill out a long form and she told me "You can take this back to your car to fill it out." There was no one else in the office except her and me. There were empty chairs everywhere. DPS is the most dysfunctional organization in Texas.