It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 "Our love is as strong as this dock."
Cue Dueling Banjos.
 Never gets old. 
 Doggie, I'm as confused as you are.
Hot level. Stupid level. Which one you got?

I Missed This Yesterday

Chico seeks Jesus. And got a GoFundMe page. 

Chico the cow made a run for it. Cops try to capture it. Crowd supports Chico.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This seems wrong:
  • The "hey, now" from Trophy Club is pregnant
  • Our under indictment Texas AG Ken Paxton's criminal trial will be moved out of Collin County on a change of venue at the request of the prosecutors. Honestly, I can't remember that ever happening before. 
  • paxton change of venue
  • Our Ag Commissioner called reporters "peckerwoods."
  • The noose is tightening on Trump and the Russian connection. This will not end well.
  • Best I can tell, this is the equivalent of a portion of Stemmons Freeway in Dallas being destroyed. 
  • There were four guys with leaf blowers on the Decatur square this morning blowing dirt. Uh, what's the point? 
  • Man, NBC5 is tricking up their weather. First the Thunder Truck. Then S Band Radar. And now this. What do you say, Delkus? 
  • I have many friends who now have a parent(s) with memory loss. I think we are entering an epidemic stage. It correspondence perfectly with the Baby Boom. 


"Don't Eat Your Weed"

I've never started off wanting to hate a video and do a quicker 180 than watching this thing.

That's greatness. That's funny.

Well done, gentleman. Well done.

(Shout out to the third floor of the courthouse - south side - for tipping me off.)

Edit: The guy on the left is very Ricky Gervais. Why? Check this out from the British The Office. (The bald guy was trying to hold a training session.)

He's Losing His Mind

What I Feel Like Most Days

But what's up with the flip requirement? Let's come up with a competition of smashing bricks with your brain but then say, "Wait. We need to trick it up a little bit!"

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I bet Tony Romo retires. 
  • This will test your faith: 
  • As will this: 
  • Trump is really mad at conservative Republicans:
  • People are pretty quick to create a "GoFundMe" page. 
  • An American Airlines pilot died mid-flight. I guess that's why they always have two.
  • I think ESPN's SportsCenter is borderline unwatchable. Sheesh. Just show highlights and shut up. 
  • Baseball season starts next week. It will end in November. Therein lies the problem. 
  • The Dallas Morning News is getting creative with headlines and graphics:
  • If you have a jacked up truck with huge tires, you also drive fast. 

Above The Fold


Road Rage Couple Fight!

(1) That one lady had no business being in a fight.
(2) I will never ever ever get out of my car because I'm mad.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That wind was insane.
  • Rockwall did not do well: 
  • Two cars of weather chasers crashing into each other at an intersection resulting in three deaths is beyond bizarre. 
  • A 1939 crystal clear NFL video was floating around yesterday. It is a look back in time.  Tackling without using the head is the way it should be done.
  • The Ticket talked about the old ABA this morning and a book about it. I can't remember who Junior Miller was referring to, but he talked about a section of the book where one of the teams was going to get onto a plane at say 7:00 a.m. and arrive on the West coast at 6:45 a.m. due to the time change. He refused to get on the plane saying, "I'm not getting on no time machine."
  • Let's check in on Trump this morning:
  • I think people being oblivious is now an epidemic. 
  • When I'm out at Lake Bridgeport, I could watch ducks for hours. And, man, there are a lot of ducks.


Video Of The Day From DFW

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Let's check in on the President's security briefing this morning: 
  • The Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas is really a great idea. However, the NFL once again scams the public by having them pay for a state of the art stadium. 
  • Shout out to two young deputies who were involved in a couple of driver's license hearings in Denton with me yesterday. The effort to shake my hand after you were through testifying is an act of professionalism I've not seen in years. 
  • When you talk to a client to wrap up what has been my most gut wrenching case in years, and that conversation occurs on a cell phone as you walk up and down the street that you grew up on, played kick the can on, and rode bikes on, it will be a memory you never forget. And it will cause you to sit on the curb for a very long time. 
  • Greg Abbott on why Texas and not cities should make rules and regulations: "We are the United States of America and not the United States of Municipalities.” Is he OK?
  • The Mavericks are now guaranteed of a having a losing record. This will be the first of a long string of many.
  • Uh, oh. I got followed by these boys on Twitter:
  • Had a reunion in the district courtroom yesterday with two others. We were all rookie prosecutors in the Tarrant County DA's office in 1991.
  • I can't do it justice, but from the video I saw of the closing arguments in the "butt injection" murder trial I came to the conclusion that both the defense lawyer and prosecutor are awful. They could barely utter a complete comprehensible sentence. 
  • We've got five guys sentenced in a sex trafficking case in Dallas. And, yes, I'm posting this simply because of their names: Audry "Spud" Lane, Alvin "Spank" Lane, Chad "Ocho Hood Fame" Johnson, Deon "Spanish Fly" Bonner and Stanley "Pee Wee" Johnson.


One Sad Thing About Getting Older

When I was in my 20s, I can't tell you the number of times I was stopped by strangers who told me I looked like Michael J. Fox.

Forgot To Post The Leaderboard

Full list.

In Case You Missed It

That was a crazy finish to the North Carolina/Kentucky game.


And Deadspin has a collection of Kentucky fans watching it.

Edit: And the kid shows up for his 8:00 a.m. class:

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It was "And Another" city in the metroplex on Friday. Trophy Club and Mansfield.

  • The Republicans failure to change Obamacare proves they have no idea what they are doing. 
  • I don't know the Hicks brothers or their parents from Decatur, but they get my attention. I noted a while back that Parker put up 60 in a basketball, and I saw this weekend that Wilson threw a perfect games against Bridgeport.
  • An amazing and stunning video of a Tulsa police officer running over lady who pulled a gun on them. 
  • What's up with the graphics going on with local news organization tweets? We really need that?

  • Sometimes, after a very hard and difficult day, you just need someone to talk to. It gets harder when there is no one. 
  • I'm giving this guy a pass just because of the make-up. 
  • I get sucked into The Rifleman every time it comes on. I think the entry scene does it. Nothing but a guy firing a rifle a crazy rifle, then the twirl of the rifle, followed by the camera panning out with Chuck Conners just staring you down. 
  • If you listen to talk radio on the weekend (KRLD, WBAP, etc.) there is nothing other than financial infomercials. And they are beyond stupid and border on fraud. 
  • TCU's Trevone Boykin was arrested last night after his girlfriend(?) drove up onto a sidewalk in Uptown. 
  • Larry, Moe, and Curly: 
  • One of my greatest attributes is that I don't care about food. I eat only because I know I have to.