Fort Worth Cop Allegedly Drunk -- Decides to Ignore Pavement Ending

This seems to happen a lot at Fort Worth PD. They need to get control of their scene over there. (Story.)

From The Update This Morning: Major Accident! Not So Much!

"Think this is going to end well?" -- Tweet by KTCK's Gordon Keith.


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Cowboys drafted WR Dez Bryant last night. Hey, that guy's not smart enough to remember to run a 15 yard out. I don't have a good feeling about this. At all.
  • I've been looking everywhere for a 13 year old document, and I finally found it in the back of my closet last night. I had put it in a secret hiding place so I'd always have it. It was so secret that I almost lost it.
  • I also found a bunch of girlfriend letters from the 1980s. Oddly, I wasn't that interesting in reading them. That's kinda sad.
  • In this day and time of "get tough on DWI" is 30 days work release (show up on weekends and work from 9 to 5 and get 3 days for 1 credit), tough enough for a DWI-Second?
  • Determing the minimum allowable age of your mate: Take the oldest person's age, divide by 2, and add 7. Whew.
  • A wave of bombings in Iraq this morning -- at least 61 dead. Dubya's legacy continues.
  • Anyone remember the huge record store in Fort Worth in the 1970s called "Peaches"?
  • Fox and Friends this morning (you have to watch that silliness some day) was basically a full time commercial for Huddle House. (I think Decatur had one but it went belly up in about a year.)
  • And Tim Tebow went on the 25th pick to the Denver Broncos? Reeeeaaaaaccccchhhh.
  • Lots of emergency sirens in Decatur this morning at 8:13 a.m.
  • Yesterday I went down to the DPS office to replace my license that was lost/stolen five months ago. A surprisingly smooth experience.

Chico Newborn and Mom Featured In The Dallas Morning News

(Thanks Christine.)


A Lady Just Stopped By My Office And Invited Me To Get Neeked

And gave me a free T-Shirt.
It looks like our local nudist resort is having it's annual Skinnydipper Sun Run 5K this Saturday.
I've got to go stretch.

Seems Like A Dangerous Place

The Update has a pic of a wreck in front of Allsups on 287 in Decatur. I never have liked traffic pulling onto the highway like that (or having to slow down on the highway to get in there.)

Uh, Oh

Hey, I don't care what you do with your private life, but why high profile people do the "park thing" is incomprehensible. Anyone remember Ty Herndon?

Someone At The Wise County SO Sent Me This

And the shocking video can be seen here. Story here.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm declaring today's Update the worst in the history of ever. When your second item is how to submit "your organization's meeting times and dates," you know it's a bad sign.
  • Do not look at this book-in photo of an adult female alleged to have done bad things with an underage male.
  • The Texas Rangers are awful and now the League has taken over control of the team due to the sale of the team being held up by creditors. What a mess.
  • And I'm warming up my "I told you so" about the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Odd: Lawyers agreed in Fort Worth yesterday to use an 11 person jury in a capital murder trial instead of 12. I'm not sure I understand that. From a defense standpoint, that just seems to be one less person that the State has to convince beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Got the family truckster out of the shop. Power. Down.
  • And when I start car shopping online, I can feel a mid-life crisis coming on.
  • Somehow I missed financial advisor Stuart Varney being transformed into a fear mongering talking head for Fox News.
  • Mark Cuban is whining about the NFL Draft going up against the NBA playoffs on TV over the next three days. Hey, when the draft of one sport can compete with the playoffs of another sport, the latter sport is in big trouble.
  • There were appellate arguments in Dallas yesterday regarding the legality of granting a gay divorce in Texas. All the news reports end with words like "the court did not immediately make a decision." Hey, it's an appellate court. They never make a decision right after oral arguments.
  • College football: There's no question that the Big Ten is about to create a tidal wave when it announces that it will expand and who they are taking within three months. I don't know if the Big 12 will survive the ultimate fallout. This is gonna be big.
  • My office remembered Administrative Professionals Day yesterday. We forgot about it last year for the first time ever.


Flip Flop Struggle

And just when he gets it on ..........

How Much? From Who?

Someone sent me the link to check for "unclaimed property" that might possibly be held by the State on my behalf. (You know, you hear about it all the time.) I hadn't checked in a number of years so I filled out the online form for the heck of it.
I found $100! And here's the weird part: It's a Men's Wearhouse gift certificate. They handle gift certificates?
Edit (15 minutes later): What the heck!!!! They sent me a claim form by email (already prepared) with an attachment setting forth the needed items for proof of verification. This is item #4: "Attach the original unredeemed gift certificate/card issued by the Reporting Company"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My car's air conditioning compressor went out. You guy's might want to hang around me since I'm bleeding money right now.
  • Despite spending a fortune on legal fees in defense of it's anti illegal immigrant ordinances, the City of Farmer's Branch city council voted last night to appeal a federal district judge's adverse ruling to the Fifth Circuit. They've lost every step of the way. Dumb, dumb people.
  • Blogger Denny Crane claims to have pictures of a guy "roughed up" during a Wise County arrest.
  • Being in the criminal defense business is weird. I have lots of clients wrap up with the relationship with, "Thanks so much. I hope I never see you again."
  • There was a crazy shooting rampage in public in Wichita Falls last night. Six shot. Two dead (including shooter.) And one report on the radio this morning claimed the guy was yelling, "White power!"
  • Cowboys and Washington open up their season on a Sunday night with McNabb as 'skins new QB. Pretty good stuff.
  • The Evil Empire had another football player arrested for DWI over the weekend.
  • The Supreme Court ruling yesterday throwing out a statute designed to outlaw "fetish videos depicting animal cruelty" wasn't very important. The statute was simply written so poorly that in some circumstances it would have made it a federal crime to possess a deer hunting video in Texas. But it'll make news because we've got the weird combination of "fetish" and "animal cruelty" appearing in the same sentence.


Bad Trooper / Acquitted Trooper

Today in South Texas:
A few years back in Denton:

Assuming No Foul Play . . .

. . . a 48 year old dying suddenly in his sleep creeps me out to no end.
You never know. You just never know.
(CNN Breaking News.)
Edit: News reports are now saying the death is from "natural causes."

Hey, The Bridgeport Index Called Me A "Future World Builder" One Time

So you guys better start paying attention to what I say! I've got to start working on my New World Order.
(Thanks, emailer.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It smelled smokey in Decatur this morning.
  • The family truckster is back in the shop. It wouldn't surprise me if the mechanic doesn't tell me to remove life support.
  • That volcano in Iceland, which has caused so many airport closings, is bizarre. And did you know the last time it erupted in the 1800s it lasted for two years?
  • With all the lakes full, if we had another two day hard rain it would be Flood City. But we'd get to see the big flood gates at Lake Bridgeport fully opened which is a heck of sight.
  • It's 4/20. For most of my life I had no idea about the hidden meaning of those numbers.
  • The Space Shuttle landed moments ago (8:08 a.m.) And there was a time when that was news. But, thankfully, there are only three more missions left.
  • The news out of Fort Worth yesterday was that the Tarrant County DA's office hadn't decided whether to certify as adults the two 16 year olds charged in the murder of the honor student in Fort Worth. Let me answer that: There's a 100% chance they will.
  • But I hope the cops got it right this time.
  • Found my mom and dad's picture in the yearbooks posted yesterday. That's great. (And thanks to an old high school friend for pointing them out to me.)
  • A Tarrant County jury, in a completely different case, rejected the prosecutor's plea for a Capital Murder conviction last week (although they still convicted him of a lesser crime and sentenced him to life in prison.) Still, you never used to see a Capital Murder case lost.
  • I've got close friends that say it's crazy to buy a new car -- always go used. I've got close friends who have never bought a used car -- always go new.
  • "State legislators told of HOA fines, threats of foreclosure." Hey, here's an idea to prevent being hassled by HOAs: Don't buy a home within a Home Owner's Association. (Although I personally think they are fantastic for keeping a neighborhood in great shape.)


We Are Country

Pic snapped in Chico this afternoon.

Wouldn't It Be Great If Every Yearbook Were To Be Scanned

But for now we've got four "old" ones from Bridgeport.

If You Tried To Travel West on 380 This Weekend . . .

. . . this is what you saw. Near Haskell.
(Thanks, Brock.)

The Rick Perry Train Is A Rollin'

First on the cover of Texas Monthly as it considers his presidential chances. And now he's on the cover of Newsweek this week. With no realistic Republican presidential candidate to emerge yet, don't rule him out -- and I know that sounds crazy. For now.

15th Anniversary Of The Bombing

Don't you remember how stunned you were when you saw the images?
And one thing I can't find on the Internet, but I swore I read, was that during one of the memorial services a baby began to cry in the audience. The pastor, instead of ignoring the crying child, simple said, "That's OK. It sounds like the voice of angel right now."

Yep, Lake Bridgeport Is Full

That's a whopping two foot increase over the weekend. Enjoy it -- when it stops raining. This doesn't happen very often.
(Thank for the email, David)
Edit: You can see updates of the level here. And it's rising at a pretty good clip from the runoff.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I got sick again this weekend. One second I'm fine and then the next I can't hardly walk. And then it does away within a day. Weird.
  • Had an ultimate movie fail this weekend: Bought tickets to Date Night and then walked in and couldn't find two seats even remotely close together. But it was our fault for getting there so late.
  • Now the family truckster is making a very weird sound. It's on its last legs.
  • Last night a fight breaks out at the XTC Strip Club at Regal Row and I-35 in Dallas. Two guys then get into a taxi and leave only to get hit by gunfire from a car that followed them. One of them then removes the taxi cab driver, who was also hit, from the cab and they drive to the hospital. The cab driver then dies. And this all started about 5:00 a.m. Good grief.
  • I feel bad for the NASCAR fans that camped out all weekend without seeing a single race. I'm sure they made the best of it, but that had to be a beating. Mud ain't good.
  • And traffic sure seems like it would be a hassle today for Northwest High School.
  • Monday morning pick me up: USC Song Girls go swimming.
  • Before I got sick, I had lunch at the relatively new Pour House in Fort Worth. Not bad. Quick service. And there was a live acoustic performance going on by two gals in the middle of the afternoon who were really good.
  • You see brawls after fights in Fake Wrestling but one occurred on Saturday night on CBS after an MMA fight.
  • I wonder if the Lake Bridgeport "watershed" got a bunch of rain this weekend? I noticed Jacksboro got over 6".
  • There's a Star Telegram story referencing the emerging "restaurant row" in Roanoke.
  • I'm still recovering.