Saw This In A Fort Worth Grocery Store Today

And, after looking around, I'm still not sure what a "New Age Drink" is.

A Man Can Get Stabbed Anywhere These Days

You kind of hear about you occasional killing at a downtown Dallas Hip Hop bar or some rundown place off of Harry Hines, but you don't hear about many stabbings that get started in an Uptown bar. (That's normally where I roll with my entourage.) But we have a new entry of getting-killed-in-a-club-where-you-don't-expect-to-be-killed: Tribeca. (And, for Ticket fans, it looks like a place where a bunch of Chris Chris's hang out.) Remember kids, no one got stabbed at Frilly's last night. And, tip number two: Leave your boxcutters at home. Edit: The Dallas Morning News began allowing comments on its stories this week. And, man, they let quite a bit go through. Much more than I thought. The story on this incident is here.


Opening Ceremony

I'm a little in awe . . . you must watch the opening drum ceremony of the Olympics. That was 2,008 Chinese drummers. Bob Costas put it best: "It is both awe inspiring and intimidating." Boy, is it. I had chills. Pics later. I'm rolling TIVO on it.

Decatur Begged To Go To Ranger Game

So odd. Had a guy come in our offices to try and sell Texas Ranger tickets at a discount. Had a pretty good spiel and acted "official." (But I've got him locked in the basement right now dressed up as The Gimp because he violated our "no solicitation" sign.) Then I go up to the courthouse and two nicely dress girls come in the County Attorney's office doing the same thing: Selling Ranger tickets. We have Baseball Chaos breaking out.

That Would Be Some Gold

Just got a call from a Wise County resident (and buddy of mine) who some how, some way is a judge tonight in a Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest in Shreveport. He tells me he has his digital camera with him and hopes to send a few along a few pictures "to post under that DQ logo." (Uh, sir. That is not a DQ logo.) Developing . . . Edit: That didn't last. I just got a call that a "massive thunderstorm" has caused sponsor ESPN to cancel the event. ESPN was involved? And a "thunderstorm" and "girls in bikinis" are mutually exclusive? What in the wide world of sports is going on?

Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up

That's Paz Vega who I'm pretty sure was in a quasi-serious Adam Sandler movie. But for Wise County Park standards, I think she needs a little bit more material in her britches. More from that beach outing here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Saw three women in a VW Bug convertible on College Street this morning. And it was drizzling. Ladies, sometimes you just have to give it up. (But the driver, who looked fairly young, had a scarf on over her head - made me think of Jackie Onassis. Which made me think of Elaine from a Seinfeld episode.)
  • The Cowboys are taking a train to San Diego tomorrow. I've never ridden on a train (except that one that used to go around Six Flags when I was a kid - but that can't possibly count.)
  • Horrible bus crash this morning in Sherman that killed at least 13. But I've always thought that the bus fire near Dallas that killed 24 during the Hurricane Rita evacuation never got the press it deserved.
  • Back to this morning's bus crash: The passengers were from the Vietnamese Martyrs Church of Houston on their way to a mission trip in Carthage, MO. Let the philosophical discussion begin.
  • Two unrelated things: The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics in China are going on right now, and Dustin Hoffman is 71 today.
  • The singer Jewel (who I really haven't heard anything about in years) has a 2.200 ranch in Stephenville with now husband Ty Murray.
  • What do you do with 2,200 acres?
  • I can sew on a button in a way that it's supposed to be done.
  • That Osteen trial in Houston really has my attention. And I think she's hot.
  • Also about the trial: Heard one of the flight attendant witnesses interviewed yesterday and, is it just me, or do most flight attendants seem a little angry?
  • One more thing: In addition to the "victim" claiming that she got hemorrhoids from being elbowed in the breast (the most confusing claim ever), she is also now claiming that the incident caused her to "lose her faith." I'll lose my faith in the justice system if she gets a dime.
  • I haven't done one of my "football trips" in a couple of years, and I found a weekend where I could go to the college stadium in Wisconsin (vs. Ohio State) and then go to the stadium in Green Bay (vs. Atlanta) the next day. Debating myself about it.
  • The Ticket was talking this morning about one of the local newspapers having a listing of "Best Burgers." For the life of me, I can't find it online. Edit: A reader found it for me.
  • Speaking of burgers, someone mentioned this name yesterday that I hadn't heard in years: Mister Buster's.
  • I laugh every time I watch Reno 911.
  • As good as the Cowboys should be, the team is absolutely doomed if Tony Romo goes down because there is absolutely no back up whatsoever.
  • I was listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show yesterday (financial show) and a lady called in with a question about ownership of a condo that was in her mom's name - a mom, according to the caller, who had died the day before. I think I would have called her greedy and hung up.
  • Why has Fox 4 traffic guy Chip Waggoner been in studio and not been in the helicopter this week? (Maybe faithful reader and ex-Fox guy Todd Carruth can let us know.)
  • Speaking of Fox 4, everyone is making fun of Shaun Rabb for issuing this statement on a story about AIDS earlier this week: "If you've had sex with anyone other than yourself in the last 10 years, you need to be tested."
  • A guy died earlier this week in a firey crash on I-30 in Fort Worth which, according to news reports, was horrific (I guess that was self-evident.) Anyway. I drove by it yesterday - it was easy to spot due to all the scorching of the median. Creepy. But I have to admit I was looking for it.
  • I have to use a shoehorn to put my dress shoes on.
  • It's 08/08/08. I've never really gotten too excited about stuff like that. But this is guaranteed to bring out the comment from the nut case who always writes that the world will end on a particular date
  • That outdoor theater at Fair Park is now the Superpages.com Center. I can't begin to recall all the names it has gone by. (Obscure note: The last concert I saw there was New Order.)
  • I hope O. Michael Rinke has a bad day.
  • Edit: I have no idea what is going on with the "Approved Inferior Blogs" sidebar. They just randomly disappear sometimes.

And Another

Story. (Texas connection.)


Thursday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Whose Who's Working For Runaway Bay PD? Spielberg?

I'm not going to do this justice but here goes. All DWI videos come on DVDs these days. Assuming you can get them to play in a regular DVD player and not just on a computer (no small feat), you really don't have a lot of technological options available. I mean, you're not going to have "scene selection", "alternative audio", or a "director's commentary." Normally the thing just fires up and starts playing. But I just popped one in from Runaway Bay which caused me to waste 10 minutes of my life because it's so freakin' awesome. It immediately fired up and I see a truck with its hazards flashing in front of the cop's car . No problem, I think. I presume the cop is running my guy's DL and we'll see him on the screen in a second. I turned up the volume and started doing other stuff. After a while a take a second look at the screen and see no cop. Man this is taking a long time, I thought. Upon closer inspection I see, down at the bottom (in small letters), the words "Play" and "Scene Selection." Yep, I was just watching an opening menu screen BUT the opening screen was a ten second loop of the first part of the video. So I hadn't been watching a truck sit there in front of the cop car for ten minutes, I had been watching a ten second loop of a truck in front of the cop car. Frustrated yet impressed, I hit "scene selection" just to see what I'd get. I'll be dang, it works. But get this: It popped up six windows and in all six windows there isn't a still shot but part of that scene actually playing. It's like sensory overload. I feel like I'm in Best Buy. I don't know what type of program they have out there at Runaway Bay, but Homeland Security must be throwing a lot of money their way. Edit: Upon reflection, this probably wasn't worth the long post. That O. Michael Rinke has thrown me off my game.

Testing posting pic via phone

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I could have sworn I was coming down with the flu last night, but then it left me. Weird. Maybe just allergies
  • I haven't mentioned the Republicans meeting in the House while its not in session because it is a silly publicity stunt. (And that Rep. Jeb Hensarling, who replaced Charles Stenholm, is a Rush Limbaugh starter kit. He actually said, "Americans can't afford to go on vacation so I don't think it's right that Nancy Pelosi gets to go on vacation." Incredible.)
  • I had a craving for Ranch Style Bean last night and went to the store to get some.
  • I got to meet Greg "The Hammer" Williams yesterday. What a nice guy.
  • Man, I don't understand the "controversy" over the pic of the new Decatur High School Elementary School principal that appeared in the Messenger. I thought it was great and just fun.
  • Joel Osteen's wife is being sued in a silly lawsuit after she got a little snippy on an airplane. A flight attendant claims she was pushed which caused, and I'm not making this up, anxiety and hemorrhoids. And the story also says she wants 10% of Olsteen's net worth in punitive damages. I hope she doesn't get a dime.
  • I was involved in a funny bit yesterday at the courthouse as we tried to recreate what it will be like if Joel Osteen is called as a witness. We could just see an enthralled and smiling jury as Joel testifies (and you have to do this with a Joel voice), "Yes my wife can have a temper but God didn't make us sheep, now did He? He gave us emotions and wants us to express them. Now my dear wife, who has the patience of Job after putting up with me all these years, might get a little angry when I don't take out the trash or won't turn off the television, but she wouldn't raise a hand to another soul. God doesn't work within us like that. Does He?"
  • Thank goodness our long National Nightmare is over since Brett Favre signed with the Jets last night. (But I always pronounce his name as Fafffraaaa ever since I saw Something About Mary.)
  • Speaking of that movie, that "Seven Minute Abs" scene makes me laugh every time
  • I wonder if that pic above will enlarge?
  • I actually heard the AOL alert at the courthouse yesterday when the words, "You've got mail!" came over a computer speaker. Hadn't heard that in years.
  • Overnight news: "Police said it appears a 44-year-old man killed his wife and their 14-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself this week in their North Fort Worth home."Man, there are a lot of murder-suicides these days.
  • I haven't been to downtown Fort Worth in a while. I used to go all the time.
  • I feel sorry for people that have to hire me to defend them against a simple marijuana possession charge.
  • I always thought there was a greater chance of Speedo Man whipping my arse than getting a letter from a Dairy Queen lawyer.
  • I once prosecuted a guy for robbing the Dairy Queen in Rhome. He actually went to prison. He was not a criminal mastermind.
  • Remember when Dallas tried to get the rights to the 2012 Olympics? Yep, a marathon in 104 degree temperature would be swell.
  • Twenty-six cheerleaders (yep, 26) got stuck in the same elevator in Austin yesterday. I'm pretty sure I saw that in a movie on Cinemax last weekend.


He Hates Us For Our Freedom - Blog Under Attack!

From the email bag (and I am not making this up):

Barry, Your blog has come to our attention, and we have concerns about your use of our trademarks in your heading. American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ) is the owner of the federally registered marks Dairy Queen and the ellipse shaped logo. These trademarks are very important and valuable assets within the Dairy Queen system. You are using our marks in a way that may lead some to believe there is an association or endorsement or similar arrangement with our company. We are flattered that you had Dairy Queen in mind when creating your site, but we do have a responsibility to limit and control the use of these trademarks. As an author, we hope you will understand our situation and respect the intellectual property owned by another. We request that you remove these two marks from your blog. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you.


 O. Michael Rinke President and Assistant General Counsel
952/***-**** (Fax)

I'm probably responsible for more free advertising and the sale of more Hungr' Busters (which is probably a registered trademark) than any guy in the history of Dairy Queen. And this is the thanks I get? Would O. Michael Rinke rather me go on an anti-Dairy Queen rant every single day (which, the last time I checked, would be protected speech under one of those amendment thingies to the U.S. Constitution?) It's a dark day in the America, folks. I've called an emergency meeting with myself at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to discuss this matter with myself. But I can see a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case coming: American Dairy Queen Corporation v. Liberally Lean From The Land Of Dairy Queen. I'm even working on my oral argument: "Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! But I'm not gonna stand here and let O. Michael Rinke bad mouth the United States of America!" (But that may be the nicest "lawyer letter" I've ever received.)

I Can't Tell You How Good This Is

HBO premiered its series tonight which follows the Cowboys in training camp in Oxnard, CA. If you even have a passing interest in the team, you have to see this show. I pretty much put the NFL on the back burner about 10 years ago, but this thing even excited me. Good. Stuff. (Extreme sidenote: That tight end from Texas A&M might be a bust.)

Now This Is News

We've got a confirmed sighting of the Google Street View Van going up and down the streets of Decatur taking pictures. (If anybody grabs a pic of the van taking pics then send me that pic.)

Rumor and Speculation

This is the hotel under construction behind the Decatur McDonald's which I think is going to be a Four Seasons or Anatole or Motel 6. Not sure. But someone made a comment the other day asking whether anyone had noticed that "construction had suddenly stopped." I really hadn't noticed it, but when I drove by it a second ago there sure wasn't any activity. Any validity to this? What a mess it would be if it became an eyesore or all eyesores.

And Another

It's been a while since I've gone back to the well of the "And Another" teacher scandal bit, but this one gets me back on track. It actually involved only text messaging but, trust me, it has a couple of "oh, my" factors that make it worthy of its own post. Once again, its just a situation of a hot teacher temporarily having her moral compass malfunction. So what if she taught in a Christian school, tried to seduce a female, and had her husband involved. [Insert sound effect of needle scraping across a playing record.] Wait. Let me reassess this.

Can You Say "Oscar"?

My day just got a little bit better. Story

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • For those that enjoyed the book Into Thin Air, there could now be a Part 2 based upon what just took place on the second highest mountain in the world, K2. Of all the ways I've contemplated my death, freezing is not at the top of the list.
  • When did all businesses start using the phrase, "we'll do our due diligence"? It's a legal term which has been thrown around left and right over the last five years. But it's being used as a replacement for, "we'll check out all the facts and see if it's a good deal."
  • The Ticket had "towel talk" this morning. Question on the table: Do you reuse your shower towel and, if so, how often? Most of the boys said they use only one or two different towels per week.
  • Speaking of talk radio, I hate the phrase, "well let's agree to disagree."
  • Paris Hilton spoof commercial in response to the silly John McCain ad. Not that funny.
  • With yet another exoneration out of Dallas County yesterday, former DA Henry Wade's legacy continues to take a hit. My footnote: My dad actually pointed him out in downtown Dallas when we ate at the Holiday Inn restaurant (about 25 years ago.)
  • D. R. Horton, which continues to bleed money, had to be reckless with its expansion during the "good times." Did they do their due diligence?
  • Hot baseball opinion: I wouldn't let C.J. Wilson come in as a closer for the Alvord Bulldogs.
  • I bought some Coke Zero yesterday in those squatty little cans.
  • I always have to drive into the heart of Fort Worth for driver's license hearings and have done so for years. But I've noticed something: There's less traffic lately (which my team of scientists attribute to higher gas prices.)
  • It was about two months ago when I finally figured out what the acronym "DIY" meant
  • I've almost gone debit card exclusive. I went for two weeks with not a single dollar in my wallet and got along just fine.
  • President Bush holds the record for presidential vacation days: 506 and counting. I'm all for it - preferably without any type of communication devices.
  • Some of you guys dogged Bill Clinton yesterday. Time will tell: One of the best Presidents ever. (Those without sin think otherwise - and, man, there's a bunch of them.)
  • I like the way these girls look.
  • I love The Ticket's fake Nolan Ryan.
  • I downloaded 4,213 KB of data to view the Internet over my iPhone at the Cancun airport ( that would be the equivalent of one song) and it cost me $83.16 due to international charges.
  • I've downloaded, but haven't listed to, The Shack.
  • The guy who will threaten to jump off of an overpass in front of a bunch of cops never does
  • Terrell Owens is selling T-shirts which seem to infringe on Apple's "i" thingy.
  • Cowboys coach Wade Phillips' cap is about three sizes too small.
  • The Brett Favre saga is a beating. He and his coach yesterday had a closed door meeting yesterday that lasted over five hours. I couldn't talk to anyone for five hours.
  • I above picture, if the Flickr description was correct, was taken on Lake Lewisville.
  • Edit: An emailer points out that there are no deaths or funerals reported in today's Update which is probably a record.


Oh, My

A couple of weeks ago there was a news story of a very expensive boat burning on Lake Lewisville. So, as I tend to do, I was browsing around Flickr (which is a great site) and looked for pics from that lake taken in the last two weeks. That search led me to the above pics found here. (And if you've never looked at Flickr, when you click on a photo it will give the option to view "all sizes" of that photo.)

For No Reason Other . . .

. . . than the kid made me laugh.


Thanks emailer.


Not quite.

I was walkimg to the courthouse this morning and came across this on a fine Decatur street. So odd. It was a ton of broken glass shattered into the smallest of pieces - - with wrapped and unwrapped cheese slices scattered amongst it.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Some DFW girl won the "Nashville Star" competition. I've never heard of it. But WBAP's Hal Jay (who drives me nuts) asked in all sincerity this morning whether "Nashville Star" was as big as "American Idol."
  • Man, we get excited over any storm that forms in the gulf. And I'm still laughing about the video below.
  • I like George Will on "This Week" but he drives me nuts with his column. Last week he threw in the word "tautological" after casually mentioning the "Franco-Prussian War ". George, you don't have to try to impress us anymore.
  • I had another person tell me yesterday I was crazy for not liking the Batman movie.
  • You can't drive down 287 without seeing three or four tires that have blown apart.
  • Since I screwed up my netflix mailings (somehow I've got four in transit right now), I had to watch Memento (which I own) last night while I jogged. Man, I forgot how much I liked that.
  • I wonder if anyone is at Walmart right now with a "#1 Dad" t-shirt on?
  • I had to eat at Sweetie Pie Ribeyes yesterday. Two notes: (1) could we please have something on the menu that is remotely healthy and (2) what's up with the waitresses that line up at the back and stare at you until the lunchtime crowd arrives?
  • When I lived on the lake, I was bitten on the chest by a scorpion in the middle of the night. I don't think I've slept well since then.
  • I saw Bill Clinton, sans make-up, interviewed on "World News Tonight" yesterday. He looked really old and tired. And, man, he won't say it but he can't stand Obama.
  • I didn't know there was a "web site that connects would-be cheaters with potential mates" nor did I know it ran advertisements on ESPN radio (before it pulled the ads.)
  • I never watch the Rangers but I had the game on last night when they won with a bottom of the ninth, two out grand slam. When you see something like that live, you feel like you've seen something special that no one else witnessed. (Unlike with the Cowboys where you feel like you've seen it along with a krillion other people.)
  • My neighbor left his sprinkler on all night long. Made me giggle.
  • He waved at me last evening while I was outside listening to my iPod. I'm always afraid he tries to start a conversation with me but I don't know about it due to my earphones.
  • Grandstander AG Greg Abbott is fighting for the "moment of silence" at the 5th Circuit in New Orleans. In other news, he's fighting for the state's ban on sex toys.
  • As of today, Marilyn Monroe has been dead for 46 years. She never really jazzed me.
  • I use fat free butter - the liquefied version.
  • You think I post pics of scantily clad women? Hey, yell at NBC.
  • Edit: Watch the aforementioned Ranger walk-off home run here.



I love Fox 4 News. Heck, I was married to Lari Barager until I had that "incident" with Megan Henderson at the Christmas party that caused a messy breakup. But that's old news that was well documented by People magazine. Anyway, I'm watching that fine news show tonight when Steve Eagar throws it to some guy named "Foti" (a sure sign that trouble was ahead) who is on the beach at Galveston. Why? Because it is certain to be completely destroyed by a thunderhead that's out there in the gulf right now. People, it's a pain to record these videos and upload them to youtube, so watch this. The key word is that the beach is getting "pounded" by the waves. That's all you need to know. Roll the tape.

Monday Afternoon PIck Me Up

The Evil Empire Must Be Shaking

Saw this pic from a slide show of Baylor's fall practice. For some reason, it does not instill confidence.

Monday Morning Random Thoughts

  • I've said it before, NFL Films' America's Game is good stuff. And I think Hard Knocks with the Cowboys starts on HBO on Wednesday.
  • I caught the last part of the Lifetime movie on Saturday which was based upon the McKinney cheerleader scandal from a couple of years ago. It was bad. Really bad. Sample dialogue: "You're completely out of line." Response:"This whole school is out of line!" (Al Pacino would have been proud.)
  • Dale Hansen turned 60 over the weekend.
  • I know its wrong to water the lawn in the middle of the day, but I briefly do it every now and then because it just looks so, well, hot.
  • I haven't received an electric bill in about a month. Man, it'll be ugly.
  • You don't hear much about priceline.com anymore. (Captain Kirk used to promote it every minute.)
  • I hate unloading a dishwasher.
  • I'm not sure I've heard much of former Bridgeport football great Colin Jones since he signed with TCU.
  • One final sports thought: Former Cowboy Tony Dixon was on with Fox 4's Mike Doocey last night. I don't remember Tony Dixon. And one incredinbly random Cowboy thought: Anyone remember Chad Hutchinson?
  • The Star Telegram today belatedly gets around to the Newark story of the proposed limit of five cats and five dogs per household. I wouldn't go near a house with 10 animals.
  • I'm still mad at President Bush for his skit in 2004 at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner when he showed photos of him "looking" for WMDs in the Oval Office. And for the life of me, I don't understand how his advisors didn't tell him not to do it.
  • Edouard is a goofy name for a Tropical Storm/Hurricane
  • I like sandwiches. I always forget that I like sandwiches.
  • According to the Update of Friday, some kid made up the story about being robbed by two men in the southern part of the county when he actually just snuck out to hook up with his girlfriend. Whenever someone makes up a crime story, he is always assaulted by two, not one, men.
  • I thought this would be bigger news: The convictions of two border patrol agents (who were the darlings of the The Right over the last couple of years) were upheld last week.
  • WBAP's Mark Davis made the oddest statement last week. He said he would no long use the term "radical Muslims" because all Muslims, if they are followers of the religon, want to kill us. Really?
  • I think I heard this issue of Texas Monthly has an article of the "25 Best Swimming Holes." I looked for it yesterday but its hard to find at the grocery store. Edit: Just found the story online.
  • Gangs of New York was outstanding. And, honestly, I had never seen anything that Daniel Day-Lewis had starred in other than There Will Be Blood which I saw two months ago. Man, he's great.


I Bow In The Direction Of Jarhead

A few weeks ago, crazy ol' Jarhead pointed out that the above book was available for free as an audible book on iTunes. I'll be honest, I had never heard of it. But as much as I'll throw money at problems to make them go away, I also love free crap. So I clicked on the link.

I listened to it on Friday and Saturday. That's all it took to complete it.

I'm still thinking about it. I'm still bugged by it. I may be falling in love with it.

It's about a Spanish shepherd boy who basically throws everything away to follow his dreams to get the Egyptian pyramids - because his instincts have told him to go there. It has its flaws, but it has its gold. A lot of gold.

Some selected quotes:

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself," the alchemist replies. "And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second's encounter with God and with eternity."

"The world's greatest lie is that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate."

And the book's undying theme: "When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream."

I See This Guy On Infomercials All The Time

If you see him, run away. Quickly. He's a scam artist.

For years, he was a weight loss guru. But now I just saw him on television being a financial expert (with a former Playboy bunny on his five person panel.) He even said that his new information is so secret that he has received "death threats" from financial institutions.

Decatur Teacher Asked To Drop Out Of Race

Decatur teacher Jason Jordan is running for the Texas House. An emailer points out that that a former Texas representative has asked Jordan (and two other Libertarians) to drop out so as to not take away votes from the Republicans (which could possibly lead to a Democratic victory.)

Sidenote: I think this would be a bigger story if the head of the Texas Republicans had made the call.

Sidenote #2: I think there would be a lot more Libertarians out there if people simply knew what the party stood for.