I'm Glad Jerry's Back In Charge

I love NFL draft day. I'll love it more next year when the Cowboys have two #1 picks.

"Better than the moment. Better than the memory. The moment of . . . anticipation." - The Simpsons.

Slow Posting Day

I kinda slept in late today (a rarity) and then spent most of the afternoon watching the NFL draft while waiting for an A/C repair guy to arrive. I had already looked inside the unit and saw that a cable had burnt away from the compressor - the same thing that happened last year which caused me to replace the compressor. Why the cable was burnt away again was a mystery. So I'm all prepared to hear that my compressor was fried only to have the a/c guy simply repair the cable and tell me to fire up the unit. Success! After recharging both units, I got out of the deal for $127. I had never been so happy to write a $127 check. And then I went back to the Internet and watched AFL cheerleaders. Good times.


Wife Swap

Well, the Alvord episode of ABC's "Wife Swap" was on tonight. I would put video clips up of the best parts but that would require there to be some good parts. That didn't happen. The show was gawd awful.

Other thoughts:
- For some reason, "Alvord" or "Wise County" were never uttered.
- Not once did they go to any part of Wise County that I could recognize.
- Some cops showed up in one scene. It looked like Decatur cops, but the police car had the "Decatur" blurred and the show also blurred all the faces of the cops. What gives?
- This isn't a reality show, it's a bad acting show.
- The Alvord husband and his new wife went "to the city" to some near empty dance club, but I have no idea where it was.
- No Walmart. No Swap Meet. No Dairy Queen. No joy.
- The Alvord Browne family was cooooooooountry, but it might have been a lot of bad acting.

Miss December, 2006

Gets her picture taken by folks that don't care about makeup and airbrushing. That would be a book-in photo.

Why Don't We Make News?

I was talking to a police officer today who told me he had seized the exact same amount in Newark over the last couple of days.

I told him he ruined somebody's weekend.

Stay Classy, New York

This is a short clip of a Boston Red Sox fan making his way to his seat in Yankee Stadium. He decided to video the harrassment with his cell phone. Warning: Extreme language (actually, it is just on word but you'll hear that word about a million times.)

Rodney: The Cross Dressing Teen

For anyone that saw the story on Fox 4 last night, it was pure gold. This kid, who happens to be African-America, cross dresses while in attendance at a Fort Worth high school (including red pumps. )

But nothing was as funny as Jeff Crilley saying, "And he [Rodney] says, 'it takes a real man to admit he's a woman.'"

Another Brit Sighting

I think I'm falling in love with her all over again. (Edit: Found a better pic so I replaced the old one.)

Jacksboro Politics

And who amongst us doesn't love Jacksboro politics?

Well, if you do, you'll appreciate this flyer being put up around town. (PDF format.)

Edit: His response here. (Sheesh, the Jacksboro paper might as well endorse the guy. That "news" article can't possibly be more one sided.)

This Shouldn't Amaze Me, But It Does

I know you could track commercial airlines over the Internet, but I didn't know you could track a private jet so long as you know the tail number. Say, Phil Mickelson's jet. (He got stuck in Arkansas and missed the pro-am at the Byron Nelson._


Man, I Feel Old

A 20 year old was the starting pitcher today for the New York Yankees.


I understand 20 year old female swimsuit models, but a pitcher? For the Yankees?

(His wikipedia entry here. His personal web site, which is gawd-awful, is here.)

Abortion Clinic Bomb Found In Austin

Somebody was trying to defend the sanctity of life. Wait. That doesn't make sense.


I Rented A Documentary . . .

. . . a couple of weeks ago about the movie ratings system. It was OK, but it spent alot of time blasting this guy (above) who was in charged of the ratings board for years. He died today.

You may or may not recognize him. What you might not know is that he was in one of the most famous photos in U.S. history. Take a look in the background and to the left (or at around the 9:00 o'clock position) here.

Speaking Of Pistons

This is Milka Duno. She drives Indy cars. She will drive an Indy car in this year's Indianapolis 500. Me likes me some Milka.

I Like Those DirecTV Ads . . .

. . . where you see a clip from a movie and then the actor turns and starts talking about satellite TV. They've done it for Austin Powers, Major League, and a couple of others I cant think of.

Now they are filming one with Pamela Anderson recreating her Baywatch roll. That's where this pic is from.

Hey, now. (More here.)

As The Very Shallow Legislature . . .

. . . votes to slap down Gov. Rick Perry on his optional HPV vaccine for young girls, I couldn't help but notice this ad in the Dallas Morning News today.

Maybe some of our school kids today will get to join this study someday because our legislature was too stupid to care about the prevention of cancer.

Edit: In light of one of the most bizarre comments I've ever seen (summary: only sluts get cervical cancer caused by HPV), you might want to check here.

"Several people?"

"Believed to be" trapped? In Turkey? And that's "breaking news?"

Hey, there's more carnage than that on the roads of DFW today.

(Click to enlarge.)

Cover of the DMN This Morning

And Dallas' Josh Howard was called for the foul.

Can I Have Some Money, Too?

I'm not exactly sure why a private company gets a "grant" (that is free money that is taxpayer money, isn't it?) when other private companies have to compete without that benefit. Then again, I suppose its similar to a tax abatement.

U Want 2 Do What 2 Me 4-Eva?

It's a crazy world. The Boston College girls hockey coach was fired after allegedly sending "filthy" text messages to one of his freshman players (that's her on the right) with a bio here. (He probably would have just been suspended if they were sent to the girl on the left.)

I would like to give my professional opinion as to whether or not they were indeed "filthy" but they haven't been released yet. Developing. . .


I'm Getting Out My Dress Blues . . .

. . . if I see one more commercial for the DVD release of "A Night At The Museum." I haven't seen it, but it looks like a movie that would beat me down.

Mavs Try To Bounce Back Tonight

I'm seriously concentrating on the game. Maybe.

Rangers Announcers Go Insane

It was 41 degrees in Cleveland tonight as the camera panned to these shirtless Cleveland Indian fans in a game against the Texas Rangers:

Then the camera cuts to the TV booth and we see Tom Grieve and Josh Lewin:

Grieve is 59 years old.

News You Can Use

BENTONVILLE -- A Bentonville man asked the city to pay his two sons $20,000 and to fire the library director for including what he called "pornography" in the Bentonville Public Library collection.

"The Whole Lesbian Sex Book" by Felice Newman was removed from the library shelf after Earl Adams of Bentonville complained it is "patently offensive and lacks any artistic, literary or scientific value," according to a letter he wrote and faxed Feb. 16 to Mayor Bob McCaslin.

Adams said his 14- and 16-year-old sons, Kyle and Ryan, looked at the book while the 14-year-old was browsing for material on military academies. He requested the city pay him $10,000 per child, the maximum allowed under the Arkansas obscenity law.

"My sons were greatly disturbed by viewing this material and this matter has caused many sleepless nights in our house," he said in another e-mail to McCaslin earlier in February.

Story. Those poor boys. How will they ever recover?

Edit: Youtube even has an educational video here which I refuse to link to.

Before I Forget

Happy Administrative Assistant's Day

Hey, Now . . . . .. Oh, Wait

Political Junkies Of The Local Persuasion

There is not a link to it yet, but check out local Republican guru D.A. Sharpe's editorial in the Messenger today.

Random Thought

I watched the first two seasons of "Lost" on DVD and went from loving it to being bored with it. There's more freakin' people on that deserted island than there are in the Decatur Walmart on Saturday afternoon. And that's a lot of people.


Mobile Blog

Northbound 287 between Rhome and Decatur shut down due to flooding. Pics coming. Traffic backed up for miles.

Edit (click to enlarge):

This pic taken as I was coming up on the flooding (taken while heading southbound). That's the northbound lanes completely under water:
Taken directly from southbound lane looking east to the northbound lanes:
Doesn't even begin to depict the traffic backup:

Crazy Does A Body Good

Hot Britney is slowing returning. Rejoice.

A Little Creepy, But Effective

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

The Boys At The Courthouse Were Griping About The Stars Loss Last Night

Oh, Canada!

Northwest's New Trophy Club High School . . .

. . . to be named after a guy who hit little white ball at affluent country clubs.


I Can't Believe This Kid Wasn't Killed

Saw this on Fox 4 News tonight. (21 second Youtube clip here.)

Jaime Pressly of . . .

My Name Is Earl is hot and pregnant. I saw her the other night on Cinemax (make that very late at night) in an old 1997 flick called Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. Oh, baby.

College Football Season Begins In . . .

Baylor will visit TCU to start things off.

"The Last Kiss"

I'm 75% through this movie and it's great. I think I'm a sucker for any movie that involves wheels off relationships. And it had a great line from the father figure: "What you feel only matters to you. It's what you do to the people you love. That's what matters. That's the only thing that counts."

Even With An Acquittal,

. . . would you think your life has gone terribly wrong if you were associated with that headline?

I Wonder . . .

. . . if there are any pics of Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood at the Ghostbar in Dallas this weekend? Well, I'll be. (Although it would be nice if the Kidd Kraddick logo wasn't plastered all over them.)

He Was Crazy

The Virginia Tech gunman bought what on E-Bay?

Snakes On A Courthouse

Actually it was a dead snake on the lawn of the courthouse this morning.

An Alabama Scrimmage And How Many Showed Up?

Who Amongst Us Does Not Punch Out During Commercials?

As of today, KZPS in Dallas — on the dial at 92.5 FM or online at lonestar925.com — will no longer run traditional 30- or 60-second advertisements. Instead, advertisers sponsor an hour of programming, during which a D.J. will promote its product conversationally in what the company calls integration. >Story


My Hot Sports Opinion

Long term readers of this blog will remember that last year at this time I demonstrated how I was a sports genius.

This year's prediction: The Mavs will win this series but not only will they not with the NBA championship, but they won't even make the finals. Bet the rent money. Bet your kid's lunch money. Bet your social security check.

Track And Field

Gratuitous Violence

Boxing has slowly been in decline over the last 20 years, but s sport called "ultimate fighting" has been on the rise. I think it will replace boxing in popularity over the next 10 years (if it hasn't already.) Call it the the downfall of society, but last night Spike TV broadcast a series of ultimate fighting matches called "UFC 70" for free (they are normally PPV.) The above video, which you have to see if you are a fan of the roundhouse kick to the head, tells you all you need to know.

Sunday Political Cartoon

Jack Ohman/The Oregonian