"Uh, Honey, I'm On Top Of A Mailbox"

RIP Spock

I've never been a big sci-fi fan, but as a kid I couldn't get enough of Star Trek.

Full obituary of Leonard Nimoy.

Wow: Fort Worth Traffic at 10:30 a.m.

Taken from Google Maps with live traffic.

I'm not sure I've ever seen anything like that.

We've Got Wise County Winter Wonder Land Chaos!

A look at the worst designed high school entrance in history. 

Schools closing early.  Government offices closing early. Private businesses closing early (including Devon).

Slick roads. Wrecks.

Thanks a lot, Delkus.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I've see a ton of things go viral, but nothing like the "What color is this dress?" yesterday. And it happened because all it took was for you to turn to a co-worker, friend, or family member and ask "You see gold and white don't you?" If you got a different answer, it was on. 
  • Alvord ISD is closed today but was a little slow to pull the trigger on that announcement. Edit: Paradise ISD is closed with an even more of a delayed announcement. 
  • Serious question: Looking out the window a second ago I saw that the snow was really coming down. Is the stuff that we see right now going to be tough to drive on? 
  • DPS is looking to hire officers with two years of experience. You'll go through an eight week course instead of the normal twenty, and after a probationary period you'll earn over $71,000. One caveat: You'll be assigned to the border.
  • Another school project last night: Creating a flute out of a PVC pipe. And I'll be dang if we didn't pull it off. (And it helps if the Junior In The House is a heck of flute player who can compensate for design and construction errors.) But have you ever drilled huge holes into a PVC pipe?
  • There was a paid commercial disguised as an interview last night on Fox 4 News: Steve Eager had an in-studio interview with the head of some dietary supplement company called IDLife. It felt ridiculously like an infomercial. (And, oddly, right beside him was Troy Aikman with the caption underneath him that read "Investor/Company Spokesman.")
  • And there is something wrong with Aikman. He's never been particularly the life of the party, but he seems distant and depressed in almost any interview he gives these days. I bet something is going on.
  • Breaking news: At least nine dead in Missouri in a mass shooting. Oddly, it involves as many as "six crime scenes."
  • I had someone who should know email yesterday to tell me Chad Littlefield's widow is out of sight because "she has put it behind her." Not exactly sure what that means.
  • President Obama did not sign and executive order banning certain bullets for the AR-15. But the ATF is considering doing it on their own.  
  • I sign up for the Cowtown Half Marathon and we get this weather? (It kicks off at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday so it should still go on. But the 10K is tomorrow and I'd bet it gets cancelled.)
  • If Jeb Bush gets heckled at CPAC, he should use it in a campaign ad named, "See, I told you I'm not a nutcase." (And I love those CPAC speeches. Nothing like a politician going just a little too far because he's playing off of a rabid crowd that isn't exactly mainstream.)


America Stopped Down To Watch Llamas On The Run

I stepped out of the office for a while only to come back and find a llama chase in Phoenix has captivated the nation.

The whole thing sped up set to the music of Yakety Sax is here.

Speaking Of Police Chases and Police Shootings

Good grief.

News Conference Regarding Grapevine Officer's Deadly Shooting Of A Motorist

It was actually in Euless after a "short pursuit".

This is a huge difference between a shooting by an officer and a shooting by any Joe on the street. Joe  would be interviewed before he had a chance to consult with anyone, gather his thoughts, or learn what the actual facts are from videos and by talking to other officers who are aware of the facts of the investigation.

I suppose that is a legitimate excuse, but it can't be hidden forever.

Question From The Comment Section: Chad Littlefield's Wife?

Ok, I'll admit I've raised an eyebrow at the conduct of Chris Kyle's wife.  The Oscars appearance. The book.  The storming out of the courtroom during closing arguments.  Maybe that's the way she deals with stress and pain -- who knows. There are no rules regarding how a person is "supposed" to act after their spouse is murdered.

But someone in the comments section today asked: What about Chad Littlefield's wife?  That's a great question. I haven't even thought about that. A quick Google search mentions Littlefield, an almost forgotten man, had a wife who worked in the Midlothian ISD and had a daughter.  (Funeral photo.) And even though Littlefield's parents have appeared on TV after the trial (truly grief stricken), I've never seen his widow throughout this ordeal. That's not a criticism. Heck, I'd probably go into seclusion instead of heading for the Red Carpet.

People are unique. We all respond differently. But what a crazy contrast with these two women.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • How did I miss this and why am I not surprised?: Chris Kyle's widow is writing a book, American Wife
  • Apple has been ordered to pay over a half billion dollars by a jury from (plaintiff friendly) East Texas for patent violations. Apple said, the plaintiff "makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, [and] has no US presence." In essence, they were sued by a patent troll who took advantage of the U.S.'s outdated and vague patent laws.
  • You had to see it, but the Fox 4 newscast at 9:00 last night might have been the most wheels off broadcast I've ever seen. Multiple technical difficulties, a video with one story while the teleprompter had words for another, anchors trying to wing it, and dead air. Steve Eager finally had to laughingly admit at the end that the show had been a trainwreck. 
  • We've got breaking news in the Dez Bryant Is There Or Is There Not A Video case.  Lancaster police confirm they were called in 2011 to a Walmart parking lot based upon a 911 call of a woman being dragged from one vehicle to another. No arrests were made but Dez showed up.  How in the world did the press miss this for four years? And if there is a video of that, who has it? Walmart? The police? A third person who once requested a copy of it? 
  • Josh Hamilton reportedly met with MLB officials about a relapse involving cocaine. I think that guy is as dumb as a box of rocks, but I almost feel sorry for him. 
  • "Wise Co. Commissioners also approved my WISE Plan to encourage & incentivize employees to help eliminate waste in county govt." - County Judge J.D. Clark yesterday. What exactly does "incentivize" in that context mean?
  • Whenever I blow past conservative radio they all seem to be attacking Jeb Bush these days. 
  • The twenty-one year old son of ESPN college football analyst Ivan Maisel is missing. Maisel used to work at the Dallas Morning News and is responsible for that famous first photo of Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones in Dallas. 
  • Police chase in Denton last night ended up in death and injury.  Police chase this morning results in huge crash.
  • There sure hasn't been many updates on the police on police shooting in Montague County that happened a couple of weeks ago.  
  • I wonder if the metroplex media every did an open records request for all reports and videos regarding the Wise County police dog killing which resulted in a man's death. 
  • Mexico sure it upset about that Grapevine shooting by police that I mentioned the other day. I still say this video is going to be bad.
  • And there is another police shooting controversy in Washington as a guy is killed for allegedly throwing rocks at police. Cops fired 17 shots. Photo and story.


Down Goes Madonna! Down Goes Madonna!

She is 56.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me

And to think I was naive enough to think that the process would have been so grueling and stressful that the jurors would want to take a couple of days to decompress. Nope. Let's go on TV less than 12 hours after the verdict.

One of them said several of the jurors might have seen American Sniper. In fact, the guy in the picture said that he had seen it and that it gave him a "better understanding" of Chris Kyle.

I'm speechless.

Even If You Don't Care About The NCAA, Watch This Develop

Stay with me here. Silas Nacita is a spare walk-on player at Baylor. He's lucky to even get in a game during blowout time. But he became sort of a folk hero last year.  Why? His story of going from homeless (really!) to a Baylor benchwarmer was so intriguing and bizarre that even Sports Illustrated did an article on him.

The guy is deeply religious. His twitter feed has more biblical and inspirational thoughts than Joel Osteen's. Honestly, sometimes I have thought it was over the top.

And for a reason not quite clear yet, news broke this morning that the NCAA is going to suspend him. However, all indications point to the allegation  he "accepted" housing from a "close family friend" which somehow is against NCAA rules.  Not drugs. Not an assault. Not cheating.

Edit this afternoon: Uh oh. There may be more to this story than Evil NCAA vs. Good Baylor Boy.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughsts

  • Pete Delkus last night at 10:30: "Snow totals going higher...tomorrow morning looks VERY interesting!!!" and "Looking pretty snowy tomorrow morning!!"  I don't mind him missing on a weather prediction. I mind that he doesn't care about becoming a cartoon.  
  • And it was incredibly funny watching the local stations this morning. They had reporters dispatched all across the metroplex who were forced to talk about weather that did not exist. I'm impressed they can do that. 
  • Decatur ISD is on a normal schedule today as everyone crosses their fingers that the worst-designed-entrance-in-the-history-of-ever doesn't briefly turn into a ski slope as school opens.
  • Well, Routh got convicted in The American Sniper trial and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. After a dinner break, the jury reached its decision. I'm not sure which took longer. 
  • So that's our answer on how to handle someone who everyone agrees is mentally ill (but knew "right from wrong"): We put them in a cage. 
  • And this is an actual tweet from the Governor of Texas late last night: "JUSTICE! Chris Kyle's killer convicted of capital murder. Jury didn't buy insanity defense. #AmericanSniper #ChrisKyletrial".  Man, we are free falling towards Idiocracy. At the end of a trial which should make us heartbroken for everyone involved, our highest elected official is high fiving online and using hashtags.
  • A cop shot a motorist in Grapevine on Friday. From the reports that are trickling out from those who have seen the vide, this is gonna be bad. For the police.
  • I dreamed I was at a court hearing with a trooper who came up and said to me, "Barry, I'm sorry, but I just learned there's a warrant out for you." But he was incredibly nice. 
  • Bill O'Reilly has been dogged by allegations of lying as of late which I really haven't paid attention to. He's not a journalist.  But one report yesterday was of local interest because two icons at Channel 8 said he lied while as a reporter at WFAA. (I didn't know he even worked there.)
  • Good grief, Jimmy Buffet is coming to DFW for the millionth time. How many times can you folks listen to Margariteville?  
  • I bought the book on Mindfulness. I might get sucked into this.
  • The Family Cat mauled The Family Fish last night causing quite a bit of drama.
  • I've signed up for the Cowtown Half Marathon on Sunday. This will be dicey. 
  • I became a big fan of Tim MacMahon last night for standing up to the bully and insufferable Mav's coach Rick Carlisle. That was great. 


Uh, Oh


Place your bets on whether it is true. I'm almost more interested on The Fan's contributor (and increasingly arrogant) Mike Fisher who scoffed at the story the other day because he would certainly have known about the tape: "[H]ow did I miss this most important story of all?"  He is either going to be embarrassed or vindicated.

My Biggest Weather Prediction Ever

Note the time of this post, Delkus.

We've heard predictions of up to 3 to 4 inches of snow. Let me tell you something, ain't gonna happen. This expert prediction is based upon two things. First, the National Weather Service hasn't issued a winter storm warning since 3:30 last night.  I think they are having Prediction Chaos right now as they look at their fancy charts and radars. Secondly, WeatherUnderground.com has this graphic up for Wise County right now:

They are showing a 35% chance of snow that would last for only about an hour early tomorrow morning. They are more focused on Friday.

So the official Liberally Lean Weather Forecast: A dusting of snow.

Edit at 8:18 a.m. the next morning:

Never doubt me.

Oh Come On. How Hard Can That Be?

Uh, my apologies:

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts (Which Didn't Get Published When It Was Supposed ToO

  • For some reason, Mrs. LL bought three heavy plastic sleds as Christmas gifts, and I'll be dang if we didn't get to use them yesterday. (But she went very dark as I prepared to launch myself down a hill which had a few trees on it: "Don't Sonny Bono yourself," she said,)
  • We later asked both kids if they knew who Cher was. Not a clue. 
  • And I was reminded yesterday that a few years back I separated my shoulder while Mrs. LL and I were sledding on the same hill. We got back to the house, I laid down on the couch in pain, and told her "You can pop it back in. Google it!". She did Google it and proclaimed there was no way she was going to do that.
  • And that injury occurred right in the middle of the biggest snow day in the history of DFW. One second I'm having an almost spiritual moment as I surveyed my surroundings, and the next my shoulder is hanging out of its socket as a dog licked my face. 
  • Snow days take you back to your childhood.
  • And it is weird how weathermen refer to the potential for ice, snow or sleet as "bad news" when basically everyone at home is thinking "Please give me an excuse not to go into school or work". 
  • Thanks to all those who sent links to NPR regarding my post yesterday about Wichita Lineman. But I went into Captain Ahab mode last night as I tried to find what I know I heard a few years back: The line "‘I need you more than want you; and I want you for all time" came together because of a mistake or accident. But now I am beginning to believe I'm having a Brian Williams episode. I am 100% sure I was listening to NPR as I pulled into my office parking lot one day, and I remember being captivated by the discussion of that song and that line in particular. But after searching online for way too long and listening to old interviews of songwriter Jimmy Webb, I'm beginning to believe I've lost my mind.
  • I did most of my searching while Mrs. LL was watching The Bachelor. Can I say this: I've got a serious problem with that show, and I don't know why there's not more of an outrage.  The conservative/religious types should be yelling because it is beyond morally bankrupt, and the liberals should be offended about how it reduces women to objects. I almost wanted to yell at the screen last night and go on a rant. (Yes, I know I'm going to be killed in the comment section.) 
  • I'm on the verge of buying a book on "Mindfulness" which is beyond bizarre for me. 
  • American Sniper Trial: "Capital murder defendant Eddie Ray Routh appeared to be faking insanity after his arrest and may have formed wild stories about 'pig assassins' by watching reruns in his jail cell of Seinfeld and the Boss Hog reality show, a mental health expert [Dr. Randall Price] testified Friday." That testimony from Friday disturbs me to no end. We have a man facing life in prison without the possibility of parole, and the judge allows an "expert" to testify about something that has to be nothing more than a guess and conjecture. And a silly one is that.
  • But I am equally incredulous about testimony from experts from both sides that Routh did or did not know "right from wrong" at the time of the shooting. No one can possibly know that. 
  • I get a false sense of satisfaction when the Sixth Grader In The House asks me, "What does that word mean?"  
  • John Legend at the Oscars on Sunday night: "There are more black men under correctional control today than there were under slavery in 1850." I'll be dang, he's right.
  • I've kept away political news for a couple of days. You know, not that bad. 
  • Something seems weird about Fox 4's Steve Eager. It caused Mrs. LL last night to say, as she watched Eager's interaction with Heather Hays, "I think they hate each other."


Jigaboo Music

Loved that guy's reaction. It ... slowly ... sunk ... in.

They Have A Video Of This?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It was probably 10 years ago, but on one snow/ice day Fox 4's morning show just locked onto a TxDot camera showing an overpass in Fort Worth where almost every car would slide or almost slide off the road. So silly. So entertaining. 
  • And what's up with this new technology of trucks spraying some kind of brine solution two days before the ice? I need sand trucks! I need sand trucks on standby!
  • The Messenger posted a "man on the street" video this morning about the weather conditions on Facebook. I follow that guy of Twitter and I was disappointed he didn't do a bit. 
  • New Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson had a case she resided over as a judge reversed on Thursday for the most basic of reasons: She refused to allow an attorney defending his client to speak during a hearing before she sentenced his client to prison. Excerpt: "Defense counsel: Can I make a closing statement when the time comes? The Court: I don't need one." Think about that. After I got over what an amazing basic legal error that was, I became more amazed that she didn't want to listen.  Heck, I wouldn't say that to a waiter who asked, "May I make a suggestion?"
  • A high school student went viral last year when he tried to get his yearbook picture to include his cat. He has now committed suicide
  • We need more laws: A legislator (who has no idea how laws are written) wants to make it a crime to go into the public bathroom designated for the opposite gender. As written, it would include accidentally doing so.
  • I love you NASCAR fans, but I stumbled upon the last laps of the Daytona 500 yesterday and I just don't get it. 
  • I've developed this weird fascination with Glen Campbell's Wichita Lineman over the last few years. So it stopped me down when Dallas music/movie guy Bob Wilonsky said on The Ticket on Friday that it might be his favorite song ever. Paraphrasing, he said, "It is an incredible song about yearning". (I heard on NPR a fantastic background about the writing of the line, "And I need you more than want you, And I want you for all time" but I can't find it for the life of me.)
  • Anyone else have a little uncomfortable with Chris Kyle's widow attending the Academy Awards in the middle of his murder trial? 
  • And the Academy Awards show is a major beating, but I watched almost all of it. Mrs. LL and I were fearful that Lady Gaga was going to butcher her Sound of Music medley but it was great. 
  • I told Mrs. LL that I was going to look like Jared Leto once I retired.
  • I made Mrs. LL watch Hot Tube Time Machine after she proclaimed it to be stupid before ever seeing it. She laughed. Almost too much. 
  • A commercial came on last night which had ELO's song of "Oh Ho Ho It's Magic" and the Junior In The House began singing it. How does she know the lyrics to that? Edit: Dang it. I just thought is was ELO. Wordkyle called me out. 
  • Channel 5 has a "Thunder Truck" right out of Idiocracy.

City Of Dallas Office Of Emergency Management This Morning

It's panic time!!!!


Firing Up The Liberally Lean Radar

It's on!

And Pete Delkus has gone beyond weird.

Waiting to see if Wise County school districts are . . .