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Random Thought Girls!

That Old Rodeo Bit Did Not Go Well

And for you two guys sitting at the table at the end: You didn't realize this bull was straight out of Compton?

Louisiana Law Enforcement Is Seriously Insane

h/t BagofNothing

How much taxpayer money was spent on that? Production costs? Time waste of guys standing around? And if that guy has an elected position, he just had the taxpayers pay for an over the top ad.

Note to self: Be careful when you go to Louisiana.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like law enforcement in the metroplex is engaging in their fake pay-your-fine-or-we-will-arrest-you ruse this weekend. Do the math. Do you have any idea what it takes to process one person? It's a bluff. (And, once again, I'm not saying to not pay your fines. I'm saying law enforcement is lying to you.)
  • Nothing makes me giggle more than Texas political ads and now they are coming fast and furious. If someone had trademarked the word "conservative" he would have made a fortune. 
  • My allergies may kill me. 
  • Baylor reported no sexual assaults between 2008 and 2011. Not one. Not a single date rape? For a school I adore let me say this: You are lying. And it is getting very close for an apparently clueless and naive President Kenneth Starr (who got really worked up about a consensual relationship between a President and an intern) to be fired. And if I'm this worked up, trust me, the other uptight Baylor natives are even more restless.
  • Update on the Rhome situation: The Chief of Police disputes that he is on administrate leave. This is right out of Idiocracy. Mayor: "Yes, you are". Chief: "No, I'm not". 
  • Touching: John Kasich hugs a college student at a campaign rally who is obviously upset. Disgusting: They immediately turned it into a campaign ad.
  • Two dead after a shooting this morning at a high tone Las Vegas hotel. 
  • Ethan Couch's case will be heard today as to whether he will be transferred to adult court. Once again, if there was a Vegas line on this I'd bet the house. (And MADD is already there for a press conference. They are the equivalent of PETA in looking for press. And money.)
  • There was a tour helicopter crash in Hawaii. One of the craziest declarations my mother ever had was "Never take a helicopter ride in Hawaii!!! They always crash!" She might have been right. 
  • Police have shot and killed a man in Parker County after a "stand off". Do we not have enough officers to go in shifts and simply wait him out? He has to eventually sleep. Or, after hunger, just give up.


Forget About Trump v. Cruz, We Now Have Pope v. Trump!!!! It's On!

And Trump responds! We have the craziest GOP race in history.

Oh, My

Is It Possible We Could Round Up A Wise County Posse Right Now?

Daily MailA young dolphin has died of suspected dehydration after being paraded around like a trophy and stroked by a crowd of sunbathers who then abandoned it on the sand. The group of people huddled around the mammal taking selfies after it was found on the Argentine beach resort of Santa Teresita in the north-eastern Buenos Aires Province.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Uncle Hank of Breaking Bad is in the old movie The Firm. 
  • I watched the new episode of Better Call Saul last night. That episode was creepily believable. A sole practitioner who would never work for a big law law firm despite the salary offer and an idiot who doesn't understand he needs a body guard. 
  • Mrs. LL reads John Grisham books and yells about how awful the story line is but she still can't put them down. She's right. They are so ridiculous yet so good.
  • Grisham wrote one non-fiction book, The Innocent Man, about a guy wrongfully convicted out of Ada, Oklahoma. It was fantastic and haunting. (When Grisham was asked if he liked writing fiction or non-fiction he said fiction because he just gets to make things up instead of researching and having to get everything right.)
  • Three of the four People In The House have been sick --- something that never happens. And the 7th Grader In The House is running a high fever. Something is going around. 
  • The Cruz v. Trump fight is so fun.
  • The Rhome Police Chief has been placed on "paid administrative leave" following some incident on Tuesday.  (He's running for Sheriff. Is there a Vegas line on that because I'd bet every single dime I have?)  Can that city get its act together? It embarrasses the county.
  • “Will I be an S.O.B., I think he said?” Jeb Bush said, turning to the crowd. “I will be tough, I will be resolute, I will be firm, I will be clear, I will be determined.”
  • I don't understand how Texas judges can tweet when they should be working. And I bet they are using government phones using a government paid phone account. People have been indicted for far less. (I'm thinking of a Wise County example.)
  • One of the many odd things about me: I detest restaurants. I think it is the biggest ripoff in the country. Bang vs. Buck.
  • Ticket fans: They replayed the Nolan Ryan snow monkey interview this morning. I bet I've listened to that twenty times over the years, and I laugh out loud every time. 
  • My laptop got screwed up somehow, and I couldn't access the LL comments section. I finally just handed it to Mrs. LL. Five minutes later she hands it back to me and says, "Boom! Problem fixed."  Technology is no longer my friend. (The problem was some Chrome add-on that I had downloaded. I would have never figured that out.) 


Random Movie Clip With A Twist: Django

And you know who is playing the U.S. Marshall? Tom Wopat -- one of the  The Dukes of Hazzard boys. (He was on The Ticket last week and darn near sounded drunk or high). And we have references to Austin and Lubbock in the clip. (Language warning.)

Love this movie by the way.

This Is Not Good For Wise County

“Devon’s top priority in 2016 is to protect the balance sheet,” Chief Executive David Hager said in the statement.

Full story.

Hillary Barking Like A Dog -- I'm Hypnotized

Above The Fold

Even The Pope Has His Limits

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Donald Trump has blamed George W. Bush for 9/11. That's a little over the top, but this really angered radio guy Mark Davis this morning who said "No one saw 9/11 coming!" Good lord, man. Do you not remember Condolezza Rice testimony before Congress where she said a month before there was a presidential briefing of a document entitled 'Bin Laden Determined To Attack Within The United States'?
  • Many years back weren't there some guys who just happened to be from the Middle East using the Bridgeport airport for pilot training?
  • The FBI is after Apple for not agreeing to turn over information on how to break the encryption of the iPhone. Good for Apple. They didn't commit the crime. Fight the Man!
  • Early voting turnout in Tarrant County broke records. Something is going on out there with the electorate. 
  • A funny Twitter bit happened when someone told me over the weekend I should have been at an event shaking hands for political reasons. Referencing the great movie O' Brother Where Art Thou, I responded with "I'm mass communicating here!"  Then someone chimed in with "You don't tell your Pappy how to court the electorate!" Funny. Here's the scene if you are so inclined. 
  • DPS Press Release: "Weslaco –The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) seized over 100 pounds of marijuana on Sunday, February 14 after a Texas Highway Patrol Trooper stopped a vehicle in Brooks County." But you can go to Colorado a few hundred miles away and it is not a crime. Idiocracy.
  • My assistant has told me she reads Random Thoughts just to determine what kind of mood I'm in.
  • Every time I hear a commercial about "house flipping" I think of the phrase, "There's a sucker born every minute."
  • I'd  love to see RG3 in Dallas. And if they had an offensive coordinator who knew what he is doing and RG3 got back to full health it would be at least a perfect stop gap measure. 
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made $34.1 million last year. Think about that the next time you see some spare NFL player unconscious on the field. 
  • I've forgot to mention this for over a year: On one of my football trips I was in Morgantown, West Virginia. During warm-ups they showed a video regarding the travel of the team and the logistics. They pointed out that the equipment unit had to drive shortly under 1,500 miles for a game against Texas Tech in Lubbock. 


Parents Got Weed! School Does Not Approve!

LONDON — The deputy head teacher of a primary school in Greater Manchester has sent a note to parents asking them to stop smoking cannabis on the school run. Deborah Binns wrote the letter for parents at St John’s primary school in Radcliffe asking them to “set an appropriate example.” Community police will be monitoring the situation to make sure no-one’s toking as they drop their kids off, she warned . . . .

High Schools Now Cutting Deals With Companies?

I'm not saying I'm against it, I just don't know it I'm stunned or disappointed it took this long.

Very Random Movie Clip

I post this only because of an email I received pointing out that Diane Sawyer had an interview with Dylan Kelbold's (Columbine killer's) mother. There was a reference to Charles Whitman which the emailer believes, correctly, I'm fascinated with.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Girls In The House went fishing yesterday, and I was trying to tell them they were doing it wrong. Mrs. LL sternly said, "Leave them alone. They are having fun." For once in my life I decided just to shut up. They were having fun. 
  • Donald Trump is crazy. Donald Trump is going to win South Carolina. And he is still threatening to run as an Independent. Delicious.
  • I don't care about the NBA but did I hear yesterday about an outrageous score in the All Star Game? Why play it?
  • Mark Cuban was on The Ticket this morning. I've always said he is a snake oil salesman and his appearance today did nothing to change my mind. And you Mav's fans realize that he has simply ridden on Dirk all these years, right? And he didn't even draft Dirk. 
  • Nothing  makes me laugh more than when WBAP's Hal Jay says, "That guy is an idiot!" 
  • The 7th Grader In The House was looking at someone through a telescope this weekend. When she first looked she said, "This is creepy [to do this]". One minute later she said, "This is cool!"
  • FBC of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress has a new book? Between writing and his Fox News appearances how does he have time to be a pastor. Seriously: When is the last time he went to a hospital to visit someone in need?
  • Since I'm the chief meteorologist of the Liberally Lean Weather Center I do declare* I've never seen warm weather like this. (*Read that again with a southern accent.)
  • I went 48 hours this weekend without watching TV. But I did have the Internet to mess with so I won't call it a total victory.
  • "ROCHESTER, N.Y. (CBS) – Authorities say a Rochester judge has been arrested on a drunken driving charge after being pulled over on her way to court."
  • "Texas School Teacher Linked to Drug Gang Allegedly Running from Justice." And, by the way, pretty, pretty hot. 


Above The Fold

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The courthouse is closed but I'm here for Random Thoughts. Once again, the hardest working man in show business
  • The death of Justice Scalia was shocking. I'm almost scared to mention that less than two weeks ago I was on the steps of the Supreme Court and tweeted out a picture with the caption that Scalia refused to talk to me. The Liberally Lean curse continues.
  • True story: I once shook Scalia's hand at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth.
  • Before he died, the Austin American Statesman had already sent to press a story about the high tone Texas resort he was staying at.
  • His death will also draw attention to the goofy Texas law requiring a Justice of the Peace to "declare" someone dead.
  • Conspiracy theories are already floating. And this is right out of The Pelicon Brief.
  • His body is not cold yet, but his death just caused the greatest twist in the presidential race.
  • Ted Cruz said the Senate shouldn't approve any nomination until we have a new president. And he is a "lover of the Constitution?"
  • I spent a ton of time this weekend going through old issues of Texas Monthly. My appreciation of that magazine grows by the day.
  • Man, that magazine makes want to visit Big Bend.
  • Mrs. LL almost tore off the front bumper of the Gangsta Mobile again. I spent Saturday morning performing my zip tie magic.
  • Over the last few weeks I've learned you don't walk two city dogs through Twin Hills where there are other country dogs behind backyard fences. As someone told me, "Those other dogs are straight out of Compton."  That's funny.
  • Mrs LL doesn't think I can fish. I told her I just happen to listen to the Honey Hole. A question mark formed over her head. 
  • What's the easiest way to find/replace window screens?
  • There was a good Messenger editorial this week dogging the local Republicans for not having one single forum or debate. Come on! WWDD? (What would Donald do?)
  • I had a probation officer catch me off guard last week when she asked me "What is your platform? What do stand for?"  I'll admit that I paused a few seconds to think. And then I thanked her because moments like that are great practice, and then said, "To treat people fairly". I should have added "and not like cattle" but I didn't.
  • I'm researching buying a kayak which has prompted Mrs. LL to tell me this will be a disaster. (Ticket fans are thinking of the Wolf Blitzer drop)