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For The Second Time In A Week, An OKC Fan Has Hit A Halfcourt Shot to Win $20,000


And it gave rise to one great photo:

40th Anniversary Photos

I went down to Dealey Plaza on the 40th Anniversary. Dallas had shut down a couple of streets but there was no city sponsored program. But this is a look at the crowd. For some reason Jesse Ventura was there who made some crazy speech into a make shift audio system.

The Magazine Cover That Trumped Another

After the assassination of Kennedy, JFK was placed on the cover of Life. But it was Roger Staubach who had been planned to be used on the cover and a few issues were printed before it was yanked for the special Kennedy issue.

But the subheadings on the Staubach cover make it clear that was a different time in America.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox News was not happy with the change in the Senate filibuster rule that will now make it next to impossible for the minority Republicans to block judicial candidates. Now a simple majority rules on the issue. What a concept. 
  • Just when I thought it was dead, Slate.com picked up the Judge Jerry Ray chastising the Tarrant County jury story.  They called the judge "dyspeptic." (I admit I had to look it up.)
  • And the incident also became a full story in the Texas Lawyer trade publication (paywall?) as of yesterday (where it's pseudo viral status was attributed to everyone and their dog except me.)
  • For all the hubbub about the JFK 50th Anniversary Celebration(?) at Dealey Plaza, the timing with the weather could not have been worse. It is miserable out there. (Check out Gordon Keith's set up where he is reporting live from there, and under a tarp, this morning. It is beyond funny and beyond beaten.)
  • David McCullough will speak at the Dallas ceremony today. I fell in love with his voice as the narrator of Ken Burns' The Civil War and on an audiobook where I listened to him read his 1776.
  • Fox 4 News showed the sand trucks last night and said they were "standing by." Seriously. 
  • JFK tidbit: Dallas federal district judge Sarah T. Hughes swore in LBJ on Air Force One that day but beforehand the whole federal courthouse was scrambling to find the text of the Oath of Office. It is Hughes understanding that someone actually called the Attorney General to get the text. But it's actually right there in the Constitution. You could win a Jeopardy answer with that trivia someday. 
  • I watched a program last night on the two hours immediately after the assassination. It said that most believed LBJ hurried to be sworn in so that AG Bobby Kennedy couldn't come up with a way to keep him from being President. I scoffed. Then later in the program they played audio from years later of LBJ saying he basically couldn't get in the oval office for three days and he had thought Bobby was trying to figure a way to keep him from assuming the role of the President. 
  • They also had audio of LBJ calling Rose Kennedy, JFK's mom, from Air Force One as it flew back to Washington. Her first words were, "Hello, Mr. President." 
  • There is a guy tweeting historic photos of Kennedy in Fort Worth and Dallas and he appears to be trying to post them at the moment they happened 50 years ago. Fort Worth photos are being posted right now. 
  • Some of the protesters were not being nice to Republicans yesterday at Dealey Plaza.
  • Yesterday a Boeing 747 cargo plan landed at the wrong airport in Kansas described as "rural" (surprise!) For awhile they were concerned that the runway might not be long enough for takeoff but the engineers and slide-rulers did the calculations and said it was OK. It took off a few hours later -- with new pilots.
  • I know I rile up only one commenter when I dog Dennis Prager, but if you want a taste of what Prager is about read his recent column on five ways to "ensure your child won't" be a liberal. I can summarize it for you: Brainwash him so he won't have the ability to make his own decisions. Incredible. (But, man, he can fire up the masses -- that thing had over a 1,000 comments when I looked yesterday.)
  • Speaking of riling people up, Mark Davis' column in the Dallas Morning News on the Cheney sisters gay marriage controversy got people riled up as well. (Davis has been writing there for years but the News interestingly doesn't list him on their "columnists" page.)
  • Jerry Jones saying yesterday that head coach Jason Garrett will return as the Cowboys coach in 2014 is like a politician saying he won't run for President. If they later do the opposite, they will just say, "I believed that then but circumstances changed."
  • Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon is on Twitter and is full of self-promotion with a "lock 'em all up" attitude.  So I don't know why I was stunned yesterday to read a new case, In Re Ligon, 408 S.W.3d 888 (Tex.App.-Beaumont 2013, no pet. h.) where he tried to prosecute a trespass case where he was the victim! When a judge threw him off the case and appointed the equivalent of a special prosecutor so the defendant could receive a fair trial, Ligon amazingly appealed the decision. There's a word for that: Hubris. As anyone could guess, he lost the appeal. And to think he is responsible for exercising judgment in other cases that can destroy lives. 
  • Baylor/OSU Nerd Stat Thought that makes me feel better: Of the all-time offensive Top 10 teams based upon yards per game, Baylor has a shocking three teams on the list: Teams from 2011, 2012, and 2013. And most of those teams are just high flying air-raid teams but not Baylor. Of those teams on the list, Baylor has three of the top four rushing offenses. 


That New Brand Of Attorney And Their Advertising

Obtained from Above The Law which thinks it is worthy of a caption contest.

Newest Hoax Via Text Message

HOUSTON -- It's a new twist on an old scam. Instead of promising wealth over e-mail, scammers are sending death threats to cell phones. Diana Hendrix got an unsettling message via text on Saturday. More.

Man, this world is getting crazy. Back in the day all we had to worry about was holding $10 million for some Nigerian for a $2 million fee.

Simpler times.

JFK Memorabilia Up For Auction

Lee Harvey Oswald's last paycheck for the half day of work* on November 22, 1963.

Yep, they paid him.

Opening bid is $3,000.

*Edit: "4 1/2 Days/ Lee Harvey Oswald/ for Nov. '63". That's what's written in the corner.

Base Running Skills - Who Ya Got? Old Ranger Ian Kinsler or New Ranger Prince Fielder

Reporter Face Plant In Ice Of The Day

Ouch. But she's quite the trooper.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I think I dodged the onset of the flu yesterday.  Incredible chills, weakness, no appetite and the like. I forced down soup in the evening and buried myself in bed under a ton of covers. Based on the way I feel this morning, I think I might be lucky.
  • Mrs. LL took a nap earlier because her neck was still killing her. She started talking gibberish so I asked her if she had taken anything. "Muscle relaxers" she mumbled. Oh, boy. I figured she would be out for the evening but in an hour she was up and acting completely normal. The gibberish might have been because she was dozing off.  I was almost responsible for making tacos for the Kids In The House!
  • And the Fifth Grader in the House told me how all the kids in school are getting sick.
  • And then the Family Pup threw up. (It's always pathetic if she ever does that because I'll rush over to clean it up and comfort her and she just sits there with the saddest eyes thinking she is in trouble.)
  • It was an odd commercial for ESPN three years ago, but it had Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder sitting on a couch talking about being traded. (For the non-sports fans out there, Texas traded Kinsler for Fielder last night.)
  • I knew about the oil boom in East Texas but the recent issue of Texas Monthly taught me about an equally productive oil find in South Texas called the Eagle Ford Shale (sounds like a car dealership.) Anyway, yesterday Devon announced it would invest $6 billion into it. Edit: This is in the Update. Didn't think they would see it. 
  • Billy Graham, 95, is in the hospital again, but is expected to be released. It was 20 years ago this month that Time magazine put him on the cover with the headline of "A Christian In Winter" -- that is, the last season of his life. 
  • I probably should have covered the Bell County trial of C.J. Grisham more because it was fascinating. Did he commit an offense when he objected to turning over his rifle (which can legally be carried out in the open) when an officer, who may or may not have had a reasonable suspicion to detain him, asked to inspect it. After refusing, he was arrested and charged with Interference with a Police Officer. He was found guilty two days ago and sentenced to a $2,000 fine with no jail time yesterday. Gun rights people were, needless to say, up in arms. 
  • I've got a bad feeling about Baylor/OSU. It's to the point where I don't want to read anything else about it, and I kind of wish it was over and someone would just tell me the score. 
  • Baylor has chosen some outfit named SMG to manage its new stadium and, shockingly, alcohol will be sold at non-Baylor events. 
  • I spent 10 minutes scanning the TV guide for any show on JFK last night and couldn't find a single one. That seems impossible. But if I'm wrong, I can blame it on "flu like symptoms."
  • Pete Delkus says the "Artic Front" is 12 hours ahead of schedule and will be in DFW around 10:00 p.m. tonight. 


Random Case Of The Day

That guy received 20 years this morning out of Williamson County under facts which seem unusual. It looks like the case got a ton of coverage in the Austin area:

A jury convicted Yazdi in October of murder for the death of 23-year-old Recio in 2012. Recio crashed his car on Avery Ranch Boulevard and fled from the scene about 3 a.m. Feb. 3, 2012 in order to avoid being charged with driving while intoxicated, prosecutors have said.

Recio ended up in Yazdi’s front yard and Yazdi came outside and shot him three times as Recio was climbing over a fence to get away from Yazdi, prosecutors said. Recio died on the sidewalk outside Yazdi’s home on Staked Plains Drive.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • An outfit called GeezerTunes.com is now advertising on the right wing talk radio station 660 AM - The Answer. (That's the home of Mark Davis and Dennis Prager and soon to be the home of Sean Hannity.) Speaks volu..... oh, nevermind.
  • And I know I only have one Dennis Prager listener/defender but I gave Prager another chance. No one says the most obvious things and considers them to be profound than that guy. It is mind boggling that he considers himself some kind of life and relationship expert.
  • Mrs. LL is down with a sore upper back and I've got the strangest severe chills this morning. We're falling apart. 
  • I'd like the Dallas Cowboys serving food at the Salvation Army center yesterday a lot more if the cameras weren't invited. 
  • Texas Monthly is now onto Judge Jerry Ray calling his attack on a Tarrant County jury a "bizarre outburst."  I guess the Star-Telegram is going to ignore it. 
  • Decatur schools have early release on Friday because of volleyball and football playoff games. Is that commonplace? 
  • A Flower Mound police officer participated in a marathon in San Antonio over the weekend then disappeared. Edit: Just found (but no explanation yet.) Edit #2: He was found in Florida.
  • A Florida Republican congressman was charged with cocaine possession and, you know what, I don't care. 
  • I'm backing off thinking about going to Stillwater on Saturday. Temperatures in the 20s with possible icy roads along the way. 
  • I went down to Dealey Plaza ten years ago for the 40th JFK anniversary. It was a peaceful crowd but a handful of conspiracy guys got agitated when Dallas cops started putting on riot gear for no apparent reason. Someone in charge told them to take that stuff off, they did, and everything went back to normal. 
  • The "checkpoint" in Fort Worth where drivers were forced to stop and then asked to volunteer saliva, blood or breath was insane. 


Cause the walls start shaking. The earth was quaking.

I'm A Reasonable Guy

You know, peace, love and understanding and all that stuff.

But I wanted to see the security guy beat that punk senseless.

Ok, I feel better.

Random Question: Who Is Pictured On His Shirt?

If I don't have a correct answer from you guys within an hour, I'll be disappointed. Get on it.  I've gone from Madonna to Kurt Cobain to David Lee Roth. Not a clue.


Even If He Was Trying To Shoot Out The Tires (Debatable), You Can't Fire Shots There Can You?


Worst Paint Job In The History Of Ever

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I promise I saw a sticker on the back windshield of a truck in Wise County this morning that said, "Jesus doesn't tap out."
  • Speaking of, in this era of the fear of concussions how does MMA/Ultimate Fighting exist?
  • College sports: (1) The Auburn crowd reaction to that amazing last play on Saturday is, well, amazing.  (2) I thought UT caught a big break when "coach in waiting" Will Muschamp went to Florida. I think the guy is a meat head. And he proved it again. (3) I re-watched the first quarter of Baylor/Tech last night. It is beyond entertaining. And Gus Johnson, whom I have never heard broadcast a football game, was fantastic. (4) That catch by Texas Tech receiver Eric Ward was incredible. (5) Stolen for the Ticket this morning: What purpose do the pylons in the back of the end zone serve?
  • I've been livid about retired judge Jerry Ray chastising a jury in Tarrant County for finding a guy not guilty in a DWI case. I was excited when Grits For Breakfast picked up the story yesterday morning and ecstatic last night when I saw the Dallas Observer was on it. If Fox 4 or the Star-Telegram (Bud Kennedy, I'm looking at you) doesn't jump on it, I'll be sorely disappointed.
  • And the Dallas Observer had the news that the guy blew a .095.  I understand that the general public would assume the guy is guilty, but there is not a prosecutor with half a brain who would tell you that such a case is a slam dunk. In fact, if the guy looked good on video then the case is a train wreck waiting to happen for the State. 
  • He was a visiting judge which means he only fills in by appointment. I'm guessing those gigs are about to dry up. 
  • One of the oddest things about the Kennedy assassination site is the white "X" painted on the street at the location where the President was shot. As of yesterday, it is gone
  • I'll flip over to WBAP in the mornings every now and then and for some reason Brian Estridge drives me insane. They had a guest on this morning -- some guy named Eubanks promoting a book -- who spoke of the Richie Incognito bullying incident. Eubanks said, "Don't judge someone on what the say. Judge them on their actions." Really? Seriously? How dumb is that? Estridge, with excitement in his voice, said, "That's a really great point!" 
  • It has been revealed that Jackie Kennedy's pink blood-stained dress is in the National Archives and, based upon the request of Caroline Kennedy, will not be displayed until the year 2103. (Why that year?)
  • I may be the fastest self-check out grocery buyer in the history of ever. 
  • "North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood." Is this Russia, Danny?
  • I've been a critic of Dallas lawyer Lisa Blue for years (she was married to asbestos king Fred Baron who funded the cover up of the paramour of presidential wannabe John Edwards). This is complicated, but it was interesting to see her name in the story: "Dallas County’s fee dispute with lawyers sinks settlement of federal lawsuit." And DA Craig Watkins is involved. Something ain't right. 
  • Up until three years ago (besides when I was a kid), I had not had a dog. The Family Pup is a Yorkie who costs too much, has destroyed floors, and barks at the worst time. And I'm not sure I've loved anything more. (Except you, Mrs. LL -- That disclaimer will keep me out of trouble). 


Toronto Mayor Is So Full Throttle. So Chris Farely.


Over the weekend:

The Room Is Spinning Because Of The Cuteness


The "I'm A Man. I'm Forty" Guy

How in the world can we beat that?


Trying to find the back story on this.

Edit: Hey, guys. When Greg Abbott distances from you, you've really crossed the line.

Trooper Tackle Of The Week

He was actually assigned to Bob Stoops.

How In The World Is Jane McGarry Still Smokin' Hot?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL went to the Oswald play at Casa Manana with a neighbor on Saturday night. She described it enthusiastically when she came home.
  • I took a walk in the park with the Fifth Grader in House yesterday. It was fantastic especially with all the leaves turning. But she thought it was odd, as she tried to cross a creek, that I told her, "I don't care if you fall in but just don't hurt yourself."
  • Everyone on Facebook is doing a list of 6 to 10 things that "you didn't know about me." If those lists were based on complete honesty, we'd all be both shocked and wildly entertained.
  • My interest in the NFL has plummeted to an all time low. The only thing I think I watched was the last RG3 interception which was beyond stupid. Robert!!!!
  • We hired a guy to hang the Christmas lights over the weekend. One day later the string of lights which were supported by the use of glue gun were on the ground. 
  • I made a conscious decision to be more affectionate this weekend. I think Mrs. LL thought I was on drugs.
  • Mrs. LL made a reference to "if these walls could talk" on Saturday which is something I thought deeply about the night before. It was beyond weird and a stop down moment. Then I mentioned the Amy Grant song to her which, amazingly, she had never heard. Later I came across this live version of the song where she seems, at least to me, to be incredibly troubled. 
  • I've loved that song and thought about it as I walked out of the first house I ever owned and sold. Back then I was honest enough to admit to myself that those walls really wouldn't have much to say. 
  • College football: (1) How in the world did Oklahoma State lose to West Virginia? (2) I'm thinking about going to Stillwater this weekend -- Baylor plays there on Saturday. Never been there. But I did own an Eskimo Joe's t-shirt once, (3) With Baylor down 14-0 to Texas Tech on Saturday night, I was amazingly calm but pacing furiously if that makes any sense. (4) I told Mrs. LL this weekend that even if Baylor lost the last three games, I would be eternally grateful for having the greatest Fall football season of my life. (5) I love the BagOfNothing guy but man he hates Baylor for some reason.  (6) I think I may be the only one who likes my observation that Baylor is like Walter White with a machine gun in the trunk tracking down old enemies. (7) I've watched the end of the Auburn game a million times with clicker in hand. 
  • I think volleyball in an underrated sport. And the Decatur girls who are one match away from playing of the state championship have to be having the times of their lives. And they will remember it forever. 
  • How can a person have so much hatred in his heart that he posts anti-Obama comments on my post about Batkid on Friday?
  • I watched Joel Osteen yesterday because I've become fascinated with the guy. And I discovered exactly what he does: He will constantly rattle off a list to connect with his audience. Example: "You may have been laid off, you may have trouble in your marriage, you may have a loved one suffering with illness." It's a simple trick to connect with his audience, and it is genius. I have no problem with what he says but make no mistake: It is not religion. It's therapy. 
  • I got mentioned in Grits for Breakfast!