I'm So Depressed . . .

. . . that I started thinking about Baylor Women's Basketball - the only sport, sadly, of which we do not suck. But then I became distracted with the coach's shoes. Back to traffic.

And It's Not Even Halftime!

We are inept, uninspired, poorly coached, poorly conditioned, and have made little progress from the laughingstock we have been over the past few years. I'll be walking around in traffic the rest of the day - in my dress blues.

Negative Pre-School Campaign Ad

Here. Funny stuff.

Oh, My

I don't think I've ever heard of such a thing happening. (Messenger is the source here).


Wal-Mart Getting All Gayed Out?

Read the story, a boycott urged by the American Family Association, here. To determine if the story is true, click here. (Basically: Yeah, kinda." Less than careful readers might miss that the 5% donation applies only to sales made through the Metro DC [Gay and Lesbian] web site — that is, purchases made at Wal-Mart stores or through Wal-Mart.com are not part of the'5% donation' scheme." And if you boycott, be sure to boycott in Christian Love.

Again and Again

Hey, Now

The "new" Britney is gonna work out just fine.

Letter to Editor in Today's DMN

Friday Morning Police Brutality

In the news, here.

I've Got A Question

Who in the heck is this guy and why is he making more appearances than Ann Coulter trying to pimp a book? Edit: Some answers here and here.

Brittany Murphy Is 29 Today

I think this is from "Sin City."

"I'm 100% Sure That's The One Who Did It."

Mistaken identity leads to a week in jail before things got cleared up. You think there are a few people down in Huntsville that weren't quite so lucky?

Not Shocked Here

The mental health system is woefully inadequate. A running joke around the courthouse is "If someone is crazy, send them to Vernon - they'll cure 'em." (Vernon is where one of the state mental health facilities is located.) That's based upon the experience that no matter how many people are found incompetent prior to trial, they will magically be found competent after a few weeks of treatment some state expert.


Statue: Jesus And The Twin Towers


Interesting To Me

Story. Man, there are some long term prosecutors that got the axe (by letter, no less.) I have always refused to take cases out of Denton County because its simply a horrible place to work. Prosecutors, with a Nazi attitude, didn't seem to have any discretion , while the courts seemed to enjoy making you show up every two or three weeks for another docket call. And you want a jury trial? Get ready for your jury panel to look like a Republican Party meeting. No thanks.

There Is Some Stuff In Life That Only I Like

And the British version of The Office is one of them. 45 second clip here where the the group is having a motivational meeting.

I'm Stunned This Doesn't Happen All The Time

This kid was hit by a car. I don't know why there aren't more reports of death or serious injuries just from head injuries. Story.

If You Win An Election As A Democrat

The Dallas party leaders will tell you what to say. Source.

The New Mrs. Jeff Gordon



William R. Brown, 30

. . . died Monday in Afghanistan. His mother is Anita Walton of Boyd. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Our hearts, as I speak for all of you out there, go out to the family.

Who Would Have Thought

In light of the ongoing success of the Borat movie, MTV has been replaying old episodes of "Da Ali G Show". I watched a couple of them two nights ago - I had never seen one before - and I (literally) laughed out loud. If you like uncomfortable humor, you'll love it. This week's issue of Newsweek has a very short article on the actor behind Borat, a guy named Sacha Baron Cohen. I learned that he is engaged to Isla Fisher who was the very hot love interest of Vince Vaughn in The Wedding Crashers. It is nice. I like.

Adios, Macaca

Amazingly, the Democrats took Virginia tonight (or at least the AP says so) and now will control both houses of Congress. I know George W. is a lame duck but, man, the Republicans are sooooo going to blame him for this disaster. He might as well have leprosy because no one will want to be near him. It's been a long fall from grabbing that bullhorn shortly after 9/11.

And As We Bid Rumsfeld a Not So Fond Farewell . . .

. . . let's not forget this moment in history.

Enough of That Election Silliness

Let's get back to things that are important in America.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld Is Out . . .

. . . and Robert Gates, the President of A&M, is to take his place. Yep, the same guy that appears on the cover of this month's Texas Monthly. From "Save the Aggies" to "Save the War."


D I've already moaned about the Dallas Morning News rack always being empty by noon. So what happens today? Now we have two empty Dallas Morning News racks.

Former DFW Weatherman Scott Chesner . . .

. . . fires off the most violent of F Bombs. Warning: Uh, there's an F Bomb.

"Ma'am, could you describe the suspect?"


Straight Ticket In Wise County

Thanks to a prompt return phone call from County Clerk Sherry Parker-Lemon, here are the "straight ticket" votes for Wise County: Republican: 3,228 (25.7% of all votes cast) Democrat: 1,571 (12.5% of all votes case) Libertarian: 112 Total votes cast: 12,541 Percentage of all votes cast that were straight ticket: 39.1% (That's my math, not Sherry's, in case I'm wrong.)

Wise County Registered Voters and Turnout

Stolen from the local Republican Party web site. (Click to enlarge.) Edit: Something seems wrong. In the current election we had 8,917 vote early and 3,624 vote on election day? I bet those numbers are reversed.

Great Pic From Last Night


I Guess We Did Decide

How the Republicans were able to screw up the biggest strangle hold of power in the history of ever is simply amazing. (The second headline is from the parody site, The Onion.)

Political Junkies Only

Dallas County looks like it has officially turned Democratic. Results here. If you look at the gazillion of county wide judicial elections, the margin of victory in race after race is 50.5% (Democrat) to 49.5% (Republican). It is an absolute Republican Judge Blood Bath. Edit: It changed to 52% to 48% when all votes were counted. This is truly the big news tonight. (Although the local media spends most of its time on the Governor's race which was never a race at all).

Britney Is Back On The Market

And looking pretty good.

Local Interest Of A Dallas Election (Updated)

Vaught is a former Bridgeport resident.

Local Election Results

Are here on the Messenger's site. Write this down: Since Wise County runs about 15 years behind the times politically, JP Mark Autry has pulled off the amazing feat of winning as a Democrat. As more and more newcomers move into the county who do not know who they are voting for, that may be the last contested Democratic win we will ever see in the foreseeable future. And I like Mark, I just think it's crazy to run as a Democrat in this crazy county. Incumbent JP Kay Swaim lost for one reason: She ran as a Democrat.

I'm Strangely Turned On

Hot girl does Creed impersonation. Here.

Kirstie Alley On Oprah

Faith Hill: Angry or Joking?

No Way To Run A Judiciary

If you voted in Dallas today, you would be faced (by my count) with 41 contested judicial races at the local level and 8 more at the state level. So you would get to ask yourself, "Who is the better judge for this court?" a whopping 49 times. Do you think anyone can cast an educated vote in such a situation?

From Last Night

Hint: That's Butch and Sundance

Oh, My

From last night's Monday Night Football. #91 has apparently been to a "Self Defense For Girls" course.

Space Shuttle

Snopes.com says it is real.

I Never Watch "Ugly Betty"

That might change.

Election Day "Hey, Now"

That has nothing to do with elections. (Scarlett)

Judgment Day

Edit: Check this out.


You....Not So Much

There's a chance that Decatur might make an appearance in the Borat movie that is getting rave reviews. Over a year ago, I mentioned that the Dallas Morning News had reported that "Ali G" (Borat's alter ego) was seen "trying to hitch a ride to Decatur". A commenter today claimed to have seen the movie and that Borat was holding a sign that had "Decatur" on it. I hope so. I found this tiny picture from the movie, but it doesn't look like Decatur is on the sign (although it's hard to tell.)

Carrie Underwood at the CMA's tonight

As I look out my front door to make sure Dateline isn't about to knock.

One Final "To Catch A Predator Post"

Some neighbors of the prosecutor, Bill Conradt, that killed himself, instead of being exposed for being caught in an Internet Sting operation, snapped the top photo shortly before it happened. If I had to guess, that looks like Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC's "To Catch A Predator" in the first picture in the black shirt and brown pants. (That's him in the second photo from the show.) And the final picture is of a man who probably would be alive today if the police had simply gone to his office and said, "we need to talk to you." Fox 4 reported that the cops and Dateline only went to the prosecutor's house after he failed to show up at the bait house in Murphy, Texas. Nice. Edit: And the Murphy Police Department issues a press release regarding the sting operation and, while pounding its collective chests, lists the name of all of those implicated. So how do they handle the delicate issue of the suicide? They put Conradt's name on the list without any reference to his needless death. Once again, nice.

"We'll Look For You On YouTube There, Janey!"

And I thought Fox News was stuffy.

As I Blew Past The Country Music Awards . . .

. . . I saw that Brooks & Dunn won for "best country duo." Uh, you might want to breath some new life into country music there, buddy. I haven't listed to C&W in the past 15 years and when I last left it, Brooks & Dunn was the big act. (And, as a side note, they are playing that John Mellencamp commercial again. Losing . . . life . . . force . . . . )

I Miss Bill

Clinton campaigned last night as the mid-term elections are finally here. This quick blurb is how he summarizes the Republican "politics of fear". Spot on, bruther. Spot on.

Pamela Anderson On Saturday

I don't remember ever seeing something like that at Walmarts.

I Really Don't Know

More Stumbling As I Ponder The Size Of Schools

I thought Mansfield was a small town. Three monster high schools? When did that happen?