JFK and Jackie 0

Actually it's a blurry photo of a upcoming TV mini-series starring Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear. Kinda cool.

Wise County Attorney's Birthday Cake . . .

. . . up at the courthouse. (Made by a person on his staff.) Creative.

It's Al Roker's Birthday

And he continues to spare us to death. Year after year.

(The clip is pretty funny.)

As Seen In Montague County

I had heard about these billboards but had never seen one.

(Thanks, emailer Art.)

Edit: Oops. I'm told it's actually inside Wise County as you enter Montague County.

Fans Rushing Stage Videos

Here are 25 of them. Good stuff.

Here's one of them featuring Michael Jackson, but is there any question he lip synced and is there any question he needed better security?

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Roger Clemens indicted for perjury? Yawn. What a waste of resources. I don't care if he took steroids, and I don't care if he lied about not taking them. But our federal courts apparently have a lot of spare time. 
  • But he's an idiot for bringing it on himself since he lobbied for the Congressional hearing where he allegedly perjured himself. Learn to shut up and he'd be fine. 
  • A high speed chase leads to a car going into Love Field yesterday which is now causing everyone to "second guess" airport security. Please. That can happen any where. 
  • I hung blinds last night. Once I got to the third one, I was pretty good at it. 
  • A horror movie uses Chatroulette to promote itself by scaring the crap out of teenage boys. (Language warning.)
  • Leeann Rimes in a bikini? Meh.
  • The autotune remix of Antoine Dodson's "Hide your wives, hide your daughters, hide your husbands" which was made available on iTunes has cracked the Billboard Hot 100. The future?
  • This Blog used to be mentioned in the Messenger's "Welcome to Wise" special issue, but no longer. 
  • Dumb parents: Punish your Southlake teenage daughter by having her run an ad with her picture offering free babysitting services. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Well, I guess this guy could call her.
  • Funny moment at GoGo Gumbo the other night when my dad ordered a particular piece of pie. The waitress immediately went into a 30 second excited rant of how "wonderful" that pie is and how she even got the recipe and makes it home. Then she wrapped it up with "but we're out of that tonight." 
  • Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit turns 40 today. I mention him only because he famously said at the 2003 Grammy Awards that "I think we are all in agreeance that this war should end as soon as possible." You finally got your wish. 
  • Any one getting nervous about your Texas Rangers? The injury riddled team has dropped four in a row.
  • I still think Tony Romo shouldn't play tomorrow night. If you need proof, you have to see what happened to Giant's QB Eli Manning on Monday night. Click here (the best replays start at around 1:20)


Look Out For That . . .

. . . parked car!!!

Oh, My

But it's good to see a bull finally say "enough."  What a bloodthirsty sport (if it is a sport).

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I finally ate at GoGo Gumbo in Boyd last night. Pretty, pretty good.
  • And they've got some high tone big city deserts. (I saw them, but didn't eat them.)
  • Football earthquake yesterday: BYU announces it will leave the Mountian West (where TCU resides) and then the Moutain West raids the WAC and takes Fresno State and Nevada. All of this within 12 hours. Makes you think the Big 12 is on shaky ground.
  • I think I agree with former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich: His retrial is a colossal waste of taxpayer money and the U.S. Attorney is either incompetent or foolish. Or both.
  • And Blagojevich, if you didn't see it, was only convicted of "lying" to the government this week. (The jury was hung on twenty-something other counts involving him trying to "sell" the Senate seat vacated by President Obama.) I've always thought it was odd that it was a crime to lie to the government. Morally wrong? Sure. A crime? Not so sure about that.
  • ">Video montage of the line, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." Top Gun may have been the first time I ever heard it. 
  • Nothing makes me shake my head more than the "Mosque at Ground Zero" controversy. I'm just dumbfounded. (And the Keith Olbermann commentary the other night is a must see for anyone with an open mind. But, then again, we can't take 12 minutes out of our lives to watch something like that.)
  • I'm really not angry over the last 24 hours.
  • Eva Longoria is distracting.
  • The Cowboys will be playing this week's preseason game with two offensive lineman sidelined with injuries and a couple of spares getting to start. If Tony Romo gets hurt due to a sack, you'll see a firestorm against Wade Phillips of biblical proportions. 
  • There's supposed to be a trial going on in the Wise County Court at Law this morning allegedly involving a sex offender stealing a bag full of probation fees while attending a counseling session at the probation office. I've got to stick my head in on that one. 
  • I still think Obama will be re-elected if the economy will turn around. News: Unemployment claims announced this morning were the highest in nine months. 
  • Rolling Stone has some shocking covers. Case in point: This week's issue featuring True Blood actors(Google it.)
  • I never play games on my iPhone. Then I bought Tiger Woods Golf a couple of weekends back when it went on sale for 99 cents. 
  • Whatever happened to "Jim" who used to grade my Random Thoughts?


Finally, It Is Over

We, for all practical purposes, left Iraq tonight. That idiotic escapade cost 4,415 American soldier's lives and left another 32,000 wounded. And the number of men and women suffering psychological damage cannot be known.


And it you want to tell me it was to bring democracy to those who were oppressed by Saddam Hussein, hold your breath. Freedom for them? They are all Muslims. You don't even want them to have the freedom to build a church in this country. Right?

And in a few years, Iraq will be in more chaos than ever.

Viral Video Of The Day: Federer Trick Shot

Real or fake? Hmmmm. I think the guy's probably good enough to pull that off.

I Think The Man Might Be Right

Ladies, I Give You: Matthias

The description over at youtube before it disappeared:
 Had created this little fight song yesterday for the Dallas Cowboy fans, I’m just having some fun here. Could become serious fun though if indeed 95,000 Cowboy fans would start singing this chant in Cowboy stadium, that would be very cool.  Wishing everybody out there all the best,

Dude. (Shaking head.)

What's that wet stuff?

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dr. Laura, a longtime fraud, has announced she'll end her radio show. I wonder if her "N Word" rant had her bosses wanting to push her out? And I'm pretty sure she hasn't been on DFW Radio in five years or more. 
  • There were three of my high school friends on my jury panel yesterday.
  • Entourage is really good this year.
  • I can get into a 30 minute TV series but not an hour long one.
  • Brett Favre is coming back (shocking, shocking I say.)  I'm officially wishing failure upon him. (And ESPN's coverage of him going to Minnesota yesterday was laughable.)
  • Our annual Attorney/Cop Wise County Fantasy Football Draft is this Friday. Mrs. LL was not happy to learn about this since she's still in Florida. Good times. 
  • Anybody else just a little shocked when a 12 year old and 13 year old are detained in a double shooting (with one fatality) in Garland? Especially when the 12 year old's mother was the fatality and the 13 year old was the girl's "boyfriend." 
  • Our County Court at Law has two new big screens hanging in the courtroom. My trial yesterday was the first one ever to use them (although it can be a little tense having your laptop hooked up to a couple of big screens.)
  • Yep, I lost. It was a tough DWI case but I hated just throwing in the towel and taking a plea. His field sobriety tests really weren't that bad, but he sounded drunk. And the fact that it was 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning didn't help.
  • And what a horrible jury panel. A lot of folks with cops in their families. Three people that were almost in tears because of a past drunk driving accident had impacted them. But it's the luck of the draw.
  • Motorcycle death in Arlington last night. (Hasn't been as many of them lately -- probably simply too hot to ride.)
  • I heard an ad this morning for Jeff Foxworthy, the Cable Guy, and someone else who are having a show at the AA Center. They actually played Foxworthy saying, "You might be a redneck . . . "  It took all I had to recover my life force that had been sucked out of me. 
  • The McKinney shooter from yesterday (headline below) had this odd quote on his myspace page: "I love guns more than toothpaste." Hmmm. Never really made that comparison.


Former Sheriff News

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Trophy Club overly-excited city council meeting (something to do with the mere suggestion of disbanding the police force) did not exactly look like the melting pot of society.
  • That Badu chick that got naked at the site of the Kennedy assassination agreed to the maximum fine of $500 and six months probation on her Disorderly Conduct charge? Why in the world would you do that? Publicity opportunity fail.
  • Edit: Link fixed. The crowd at the NY v. NY football game last night reminded me why I wouldn't want to live in NY.
  • "2 boys found dead in car in SC river; mom charged." Anybody else having a Susan Smith flashback?
  • Whatever happened to gypsies? 
  • Heard on radio: Is the term "I'm going to start cracking the whip" (to motivate others) a reference to slavery? Is that also the origin of the term "Cracker?"
  • Is there anyone who caters to the masses more than Texas Sen. John Cornyn?
  • Got home from work and saw a broken beer bottle in the street in front of my home. Couldn't stand it: I swept it up while still in a long sleeved shirt and tie. 
  • I here the example some times of a guy who went to bathroom in public and ended up having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I've never seen a case even remotely close to that factual scenario. 
  • Denise Richards still has it
  • Might be a little slow here today -- a DWI trial is calling. 
  • Saw on the news that Pakistan is 20% under water due to flooding? Great. The most unstable place in the world becomes more unstable. Anybody watching the nukes?
  • Edit @ 12:21 pm: Yep that trial is going to occupy my time today. 


Decatur Connection


(Thanks, Gina.)

I Can't Take It. Ugh.


Star-Telegram: Copy Editor Wanted

Within the story.:
"The Star-Telegram is not identifying the parents or the child to protect the identity of the boy, who is now 13."

That is, until you click on the photo next to the story and the mom's name is within the caption.

(Thanks, Kevin.)

Little Kid Denied

Listen, son, you've got to take control of the dance floor! Get back in there, toss that mean little girl to the side, and get those little feet a movin'.

Jesse In Bridgeport

If I heard it right, "Jesse in Bridgeport" owns a Bible that was autographed by Hitler.
At least that's what Greg "The Hammer" Williams just said on The Fan (as they discuss the value of odd items in "Greggo's Junk" segment.)

Jenny McCarthy Still Has It

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Heard this weekend: Pain and despair are completely different
  • I'm on my own this week -- the Family Unit is at Walt Disney World. (Planned months ago.)
  • And I had to take them to the airport at around 4:00 in the morning yesterday. I was kind of paranoid about the wrong way, late night driver you always hear about.
  • Also heard this weekend: Life is a series of deaths and births. Whether it be relationships, experiences, jobs, or people.
  • Fiona is following me on Twitter!
  • Craig's List killer found dead. (I actually saw the "Craig" of Craig's List on TV the other day. He was older and frumpier than I thought he'd be.)
  • In high school, we had 35 minutes for lunch and we didn't have a cafeteria on campus. How insane was that?
  • The new ownership group of the Rangers actually has 18 investors, but we don't know their names. I want to know.
  • You'd have to have been crazy to attend the Rangers game yesterday afternoon.
  • I was in charge of four girls at a pool over the weekend. Survived a nosebleed and an emotional meltdown (one of the girls, not me.)
  • Jerry Jones had surgery last month but won't tell us what kind it was.
  • Shocking Dallas Cowboy tattoo seen yesterday at training camp.
  • Israel is buying twenty F-35l fighter jets (I don't even know what that means) from us for $4 billion. But I do know that's why no Arab country messes with them. They always retaliate tenfold.