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Big College Football Weekend Taking You Into The Same Weekend

Bonus unrelated Christmas GIF:

Rolling Stone Tried To Destroy The U. of Virginia Last Month. Now Says They Were Completely Wrong.

The magazine backtracked this morning with a "Note to Readers" and using the language, "In the face of new information, there now appear to be discrepancies in Jackie's [the alleged victim's] account, and we have come to the conclusion that our trust in her was misplaced."

That's a fancy way of saying, "She lied. We bought it. Big time. And this is so bad we have to publically admit we were wrong."

Less than a week after the original story came out, UVA suspended every single fraternity on campus until the next semester pending an investigation.

Guy vs. Icicle: Who Ya Got?

Man, I would have put that hard hat back on pronto.

I Thought State Politicians Were Warning Us ISIS, The Taliban, and al Qaeda Were Coming Across In Droves


Oh, The Humanity Indeed

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That wasn't as near as strong a case against the ex-JP accused of killing the DA, wife, and ADA.  But he was tried on a change of venue in the very conservative Rockwall County. That's the danger of asking for a change of venue: They'll grant the request and then send you into a snake pit. (Ask Darlie Routier whose case was transferred to notoriously conservative Kerr County.) 
  • Dallas County reported a flu death this week. Why isn't there a silly Ebola-like panic? 
  • It's Kids Jeopardy week.  A week which confirms how little I know. 
  • "With today's report, 2014 is on track to be the best year for U.S. jobs gains since 1999." Blame Obama. 
  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed a conviction out of Jack County late yesterday with facts about a party that will give you Tired Head. 
  • The Cowboys went for it on 4th and goal last night. Before 3rd down, the official incorrectly announced over the PA that is was 2nd down. The camera then went to Jason Garrett who had no reaction. You would think he would want a clarification at that point. Is is possible Garrett didn't realize after the next play that it was actually 4th down when they went for it?  Hey, that exact thing happened in the Baylor/UT game where the official also announced the wrong down. Baylor ended up going for it on 4th and goal, didn't get it, and then the game stopped down because Art Briles was arguing that it had only been 3rd down. 
  • There's a case about a 12 year old kid named Tamir Rice, while holding a toy pistol, being shot by a cop in Cleveland. They were describing the video on The Ticket this morning and it sounds really shocking. I've heard almost nothing about it. 
  • I saw a Sheriff's Deputy running code red (or whatever its called these days) down College Street in Decatur this morning. 


I Present The Most Bizarre Texas Lawyer Video In The History Of Ever

A couple of guys at the courthouse couldn't wait to tell me about this video this morning. And when they tried to describe it, it gave me Confused Head.

But I had no idea.

I can't explain the first part. (It is borderline NSFW unless a guy wearing underwear and getting oiled up is acceptable in your work place.)

The second part is the guy on the phone with the State Bar of Texas which won't approve his phone number of DWI-KING. (Uh, that would have to be approved?)  His anger is what prompted the video.

Side note: He's done bits before.  And he's a 2001 graduate of the University of Texas Law School.

Second side note: When can I retire from this "profession"?

Bridgeport's Solar Plant That Never Was

In the 1970s, Bridgeport "flirted" with converting to 100% solar energy. Yep, you read that correctly. I know there was an article in Texas Monthly about it back in the day, and I'm almost 100% sure it was even a segment about it on 60 Minutes. So far, the only thing I found is this UPI article in a California paper.

The reason that this came up is that a loyal reader saw this news item from yesterday: "A federal district judge has ordered Waco-based Life Partners Holdings and two top executives to pay $46.9 million in fines for misleading investors about life insurance policies they had purchased from clients who were terminally ill, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission confirmed Wednesday . . . . Chief executive and founder Brian Pardo was ordered to pay a $6.2 million civil penalty . . . . "

It was Pardo who was the head of "Solar King" and the guy who tried to convince Bridgeport into believing that a solar energy plant was possible. Of course, it was not.

Mugshot Girl Liked Her Mugshot


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I really have no idea if the cop should have been indicted for the "choke hold" in New York, but I'm leaning "no." He's probably a lousy cop who exercises poor judgment, but he probably didn't commit a crime. 
  • But if there was anything that gives credence to my "Too Many Cops" rant, it's that video. How many cops do you need to enforce a silly don't-sell-cigarettes-without-collecting-tax law? How many was that? Six? Seven? Eight? Good lord. 
  • If you say, "He'd be alive if he hadn't broken the law", you are pretty shallow. That belief could be used to justify a cop shooting someone for speeding. 
  • The cops did a good job of handling the protests in New York. The crowds wanted to peacefully march in protest so the cops just calmly walked beside them. All went well.  In Ferguson, the cops would have put on riot gear and try to block the street. 
  • When it comes to getting indicted, it must be conceded that cops and prosecutors generally get a pass for illegal conduct. 
  • Fort Worth motorcycle death
  • There's some crazy/cool artwork behind the Decatur Visitor's Center which now has Christmas decorations. I'm not sure who decided to build that display there because no one ever sees it because of its obscure location. 
  • Watched some of one hour special for the Christmas tree lighting last night at Rockefeller Center. Mrs. LL said that all Mariah Carey needed for Christmas was a bra. 
  • I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street.
  • Heard from a very reliable source that Dallas DA Craig Watkins fired an assistant DA during a trial a couple of weeks ago for supporting Watkins' opponent, Susan Hawk, in the recent election. 
  • A man decapitated himself in public in Dallas.


Oh, My: Northwest ISD Bus

I'm sure the kids got out (if there were any on the bus), but that's a disturbing visual.

Edit: Make that a Disturbing Visual X 1,000.

Update On The Case About the JP Allegedly Killing Prosecutors

That was quick. And, honestly, what was the most incriminating evidence? I kept waiting for some bombshell piece of evidence. And I thought his wife was going to testify against him. Did I miss that?

(A quick Google search told me the O.J. Simpson trial took 135 days. We move more quickly in Texas.)

Gal From the 2014 Margarita Ball In Dallas

I was talking to a Wise County lawyer earlier this week who said he almost went to this thing. My only reply was, "Isn't that pretty high tone?"

Slideshow from the Dallas Observer.  (There's actually one photo which is more risque that this one.)

The Headline Alone Makes My Brain Hurt


And Charles Whitman's brain is gone!!!!

Get Me This Dog Who Loves Weather Broadcasters!!!

But what the heck was all that background sound at about 26 seconds in?

Whatever Happened To The Days Of Proper Angel Wing Wearing Etiquette?

Index 1975

  • Note that they listed the hospital room number for the kid hurt in the rodeo.
  • Shootin' Blind doing "comedy".
  • I don't remember Barton as a head coach of Bridgeport. And I definitely don't remember Henderson coaching the Middle School. (He looks incredibly "old school", doesn't he?)  I'm sure it was Andy Anderson who came in after V.M. Hill stepped down. Did something happen? 

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fort Worth police killed a guy last night because he charged at them with a "baseball bat and screwdriver." I use to track motorcycle deaths. I may have to switch to cop shootings since they seem to be more prevalent. 
  • TCU jumps Florida State to go to #3? Baylor is at #5 #6 ? They have the same record. And Baylor beat TCU, right? Or was that just a dream? This is making me insane.
  • "DALLAS - A man was hit by a pickup truck early Wednesday morning on Stemmons Freeway in northwest Dallas. Police said the victim had just been released from jail and had gone to a topless bar." #YOLO.
  • Last night Fox 4 had a story about the death of the daughter of a former Dallas Cowboys player and referred to him as "Cowboy Legend Pettis Norman" in a graphic.  I'll admit it: I had never heard the name of Pettis Norman in my life. 
  • Deion Sanders has filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. Here's an idea: Let it go. 
  • 660AM's Mark Davis spent five minutes this morning talking about how the taxpayer funded Omni Hotel in Dallas has been a financial success. But less than a week ago there was a story about how the hotel was having financial problems. How did I know that but he didn't? 
  • From the Update: The City of Bridgeport is shutting off the water for three hours this morning. Residents are not expected to have a water interruption. Wait. What? 
  • I dreamed last night I was walking around London with Family Pup #2. I took a picture of three buildings that looked like they had just been bombed by the Germans in WWII. I have no idea what prompted this. 
  • Kansas State coach Bill Synder does a great job, comes across as a grandfather, and sends handwritten notes to players of other teams.  I love that guy. 
  • I think I saw a story last night that the reasons for gas prices dropping is that OPEC is so mad about the dramatic increase in U.S. oil production over the last few years that the organization is flooding the oil market in retaliation to drive prices down. That actually makes sense. 
  • There's a story in the news of a family in Canada not burying a family member's body because they were praying for a resurrection. Few people remember the same thing happened in Wise County in 2001.
  • Hey, look: A global warming story on the front page of the Morning News . . . 


Above The Fold

Texas? Is One Of The Representatives From Wise County's District?*

*You guys accuse me of trolling? Now this is trolling.

Kim Kardashian Visits Troops

I've got a hand it to the Commander In Chief.  Send that gal over there to distract ISIS and when their eyes glaze over --- Boom!  Sure that plan is crazy, but it's just so crazy that it might work. Shock, Booty, and Awe.  Don't mess with America.

Actually, The Brief Story Says "Ran Off"


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • In between breaks at The Ticket in the morning, I jump over to WBAP or 660AM. So what did I hear today in light of Ferguson?  WBAP's Hal Jay said that there will "never" be "mutual respect" between races, and Mark Davis said that St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher was "idiotic" and "moronic" for not disciplining his players for doing a "hands up, don't shoot" sign last Sunday. It made me feel like I listening to a secret Klan rally in code. 
  • White, privileged people over 50 having hot opinions about how black people "need to act" probably might want to throttle it back a bit. 
  • Mrs. LL claimed last night that I took her to Taco Cabana on "date night" a few years back.  I'm worried she might be right. Side note: Taco Cabana is not that bad.
  • The Elf on the Shelf decided to toilet paper the Christmas Tree last night.
  • "Police say Austin shooter McQuilliams was in a violent white Christian terrorist movement, the Phineas Priesthood.' (Credit: Bud Kennedy).
  • A GOP staffer was forced to resign after criticizing the President's children appearance during a photo op. She said they showed a lack of “class” and dressing as if they were angling for a “spot at a bar”. The staffer, by the way, was once arrested for larceny during her own “awful teen years.”
  • Anyone see Bruce Springsteen fill in for Bono as U2 performed two songs in Times Square last night on ESPN? The guy needs to slow down his cadence. I thought I saw The Edge trying to reel him in and Mrs. LL later confirmed it. #AmIAlsoAMusicGenious?
  • Sports: (1) Either Baylor or TCU will get into the final four. But for the life of me, I don't know which one. (2) The Big 12's "One True Champion" motto, which they have been promoting since the summer, is embarrassing considering the conference will not take a position if Baylor and TCU win out. (3) Odd twist of events: What if Baylor beats K-State with a backup quarterback? Does that launch them into the Final Four because they accomplished that without Bryce Petty? (3A) Everyone is dogging Baylor this morning for hiring a PR firm for this final football regular season week. Why?  It's just advertising your brand. (4) My seven wins or less for the Cowboys was probably closer than what I originally believed. (5) Tried to watch Mark Cuban on Real Sports while everyone was still awake but the classless guy kept dropping F Bombs. But at least I got to see them make fun of him for doing pre-game press conferences on a Stair Master. 
  • Cuban, by the way, is doing "Low-T" radio commercials these days. My snake oil theory has been confirmed beyond my wildest dreams.
  • A 15 year old from Chico is mentioned today in the Update's obits. Did I miss something? 
  • I'm always stunned that out-of-town-lawyers have animated and loud conversations with their clients in the hallways of the Wise County Courthouse. And I do a lot of eye-rolling when I hear the substance of those conversations. 
  • I had forgotten that the JP on trial for murdering two prosecutors and one of their wives was a disbarred lawyer


Seriously (follow up from below)

Wise County Courthouse Will Not Tolerate Your Lawlessness

Tedious? With Photos?

The crazy case of the JP who allegedly killed a DA, his wife, and an assistant DA has started this morning.

Never Mess With Satan

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Fantastic article in this weekend's Dallas Morning News about a fake rich guy who committed suicide. (And I know that sounds horrible to call it "fantastic".)
  • Sports: (1) I was so confident that I went back to putting up Christmas lights outside during the second half of the Baylor/Tech game only to come back later to realize Baylor almost got beat, (2) College Game Day is going to Baylor! Really surprising since ESPN seems to have an anti-Baylor bias, (3) Nebraska fires its coach even though he has won at least nine games every year? (4) The NFL has too much parity. (5) No one yells more than Dez Bryant. No one is ignored more than Dez Bryant. 
  • Mrs. LL will watch really disturbing horror movies and never flinch.
  • Speaking of horror, the Elf on the Shelve is back in the house. The guy loves doing bits. 
  • I thought I was kidding about becoming Clark Griswold this weekend, but I seriously became Clark Griswold this weekend. I was connecting extension cords looking up to appreciate my brilliant design only to see half the lights not come on. 
  • BagofNothing got handsy (pic) with a UT cheerleader? He has a UT jacket? 
  • Two things that I think are lies: (1) That this is "Cyber Monday", and (2) that Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest party nights at clubs of the year.
  • Mrs. LL and I have a theory of "pretend consumer product insurance." I exercised it this weekend when I went out to buy stakes for the yard Christmas lights. I was really sure I had enough but I decided to spend $3.95 for an extra box to be absolutely certain. I pretend someone walks buy and ask, "Would you buy a $3.95 insurance policy to make sure you have all you need?"
  • Can a person be convicted of a threat on Facebook when he quotes rap lyrics? The elderly Supreme Court faces that question today.
  • And note that was a federal conviction. For all of you Tea Party constitution loving folks, do you know how far we've gotten from "Congress shall make no law  . . . abridging the freedom of speech"? That is without qualification There is no exception. If a state wants to do so, fine. But the federal government was told to not touch the subject. 
  • Saw a kid riding his bike by the house this weekend who was singing, "Let it go!!!"
  • A lady who just happens to be African America walked by with her dog when I was putting up Christmas lights. The dog was friendly and jumped on me. "What's his name?" I asked. "Snoop," she said. 


Too Many Cops?

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