I'm Leaving A Note

I'll be in Fort Worth this early-afternoon so everybody don't get pissy if Comments don't appear promptly. (Sheesh, I hate this process.) But I did see a funny sight on Monday at one of these driver's license hearings that I am going to. The whole process, which isn't fair, is to have an Administrative Law Judge determine whether someone's license should be suspended after a DWI arrest. (Trust me, it's like watching paint dry.) Nevermind that this hearing occurs BEFORE the criminal case ever gets filed in Decatur, but I digress. Anyway, on Monday there was a guy down there who had been arrested and was now representing himself. I understand why he was doing it, but that place is a field of land mines if you don't know what your doing. Anyway, there he was waiting for his case to be called before the judge. I noticed that he seemed neatly dressed until I looked more closely at his button down shirt: On the front left were the words "Jack Daniels." I am not making this up. Sir!