UCLA Loses

And their goes my chance of the grand prize of a gift certificate to an All You Can Eat Meat Restaurant (that I probably wouldn't have cashed in anyway.)

Crash Yesterday At The Texas Motor Speedway

Of course, he wasn't hurt.


Wise County Jail Visitation

I Officially Distance

Well, even though she worked at an Assembly of God church (the congregation of which, I'm sure, is none to happy), I'm sure those bond conditions of "no contact with the victim" will at least let everyone calm down.

Oh. No.

On second thought, I wonder if she likes Chinese food?

(Thanks emailer.)

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- Mena Suvari still hasn't put her britches on.
- Is Fox 4's Heather Hayes pregnant? (And, if not, I want to extend my apologies for that thought.)
- I've had car problems. It's been diagnosed, but not fixed. That'll happen on Monday after Fort Knox makes a UPS delivery to me.
- And another (I don't have time this morning to break it down. My justice system is overloaded.)
- It's NASCAR week but I really haven't heard much about it. But, rest assured, people will by buying beer at 8:00 a.m. this morning.
- I spent about five minutes in a room full of 8 inmates yesterday (Some of whom - uncomfortably - knew me by name.) Best moment of conversation among them: "Man, I can handle probation. I'll even stop smoking pot if I have to."
- Michael Irvin has a talk show now on ESPN radio locally. I need subtitles.
- I've begun to watch Gone. Baby, Gone. So far: Outstanding.
- Random Wise County morning pic submitted by reader.
- Mike Modano's wife is still a "Hey, Now." (He's the hockey guy that you used to hear about when the metroplex cared about hockey for 15 minutes in the 1990s.)
- Jamie Lynn Spears and her pregnant belly are 17 today.
- It's a Jacksboro trip this morning. Second this week. Ugh. I'll finish my Steve Martin book which is good but, overall, disappointing. (But it was interesting to learn that after 10 appearances on The Tonight Show, he was still not making any real money.)

Middle Of The Night Entry

It's 3:44 a.m. and WFAA's Pete Delkus just said, "It's not like the softball size hail reported in Wise County a little while ago . . . . " Anyone? Pics? blog2[at]wisecounty.com


My Head . . .

. . . just exploded.

And Another

Meet: Stephanie Ann Stein, 31

Former Occupation: Teacher at Plymouth Christian Academy

Alleged "victim's" sex and age: Male/15

How caught: Text messages

Blog Verdict: I'm not sure how some jails get the good cameras for book in photos, but this one is really great. Heck. put an off the shoulder fluffy collared top on her and she'd look like a 1980s high school graduate. But I'm a sucker for those eyes. They're hypnotic. If I wasn't such a strong guy, they would even cause me to have impure thoughts. Obviously, it's not her fault she is naturally seductive. And considering she did some extra sinnin' by being employed by a Christian school when the devil took over her body, I think we should leave it to a Higher Power to do the punishing. Fine only by us mortals. Released.

Next case.

Ghostbusters . . . Er . . . Storm Chasers . . .

. . . spotted today at lunch in Decatur.

"When asked if the weather was gonna get bad one said yes up north and another said to listen to the radio!!"

(Thanks emailer.)

A News Finding Reader Submits This . . .

in Aurora cemetery, white male beating a w/female, police show up, male takes off running on foot. Calling in back-ups to look for w/male.......Sounds like female has been beaten pretty badly, also having trouble breathing.

Awful Way To Go

A man committed suicide by, gulp, jumping in front of a train in Krum (which used to have one heck of a restaurant, by the way). But a quote in the story could have been a poem or lyrics. Or I'm just crazy:

"As the train approached,
they saw him walking,
then running toward the tracks.
Then he stopped and they thought
he was playing games,
as people often do."

I'm Cancelling My Subscription to OK

They lied to me.

But the sad partis that this is the best Britney news we have. How I long for the good old days where she'd go crazy on a daily basis and parade around with darn near nothing on. I'm all for good mental health but not at the expense of depriving me of material.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- You have to almost shed a tear after reading about the couple married for 75 years then dying within 5 hours of each other from natural causes.
- Tim Matthews on NBC is irritating.
- People have told me about the guy with the tie beside FM 51 in Decatur who begs for money. I've finally saw him. I really would like to talk to him and report back, but I haven't built up the guts to do it.
- Dallas DA Craig Watkins, who is ill-qualified for the job, sure hates criticism. Every time the DMN or some big time blog in Dallas dogs him, he fires off a multi-paragraph rebuttal.
- I've refrained from posting this size 16 England beauty pageant hopeful.
- I'm watching Ann Curry on The Today Show faking concern during an interview - complete with "Oh, my gosh!" and ending with the throw-away comment of, "I'm sure we haven't heard the last of this." Worst. Reporter. Ever.
- Random "Hey, Now"
- Thanks to faithful reader Tony for sending in the above photo last night.


What Else Is Out There?

Someone gave me a copy of EndTime magazine. I didn't even know there was an Endtime magazine.

Wednesday Afternoon (Confusing) Pick Me Up

And I think this is the same girl in the LeBron magazine cover below.

The guy rubbing oil on her reminds me that they oil change place just told me I had a leaky gasket. A very bad leaky gasket. Ugh. Reaching for wallet.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Wise County tells Mena Suvari (pictured above from last weekend - uh, on the right) to "put on some britches."
- The Rangers won last night bringing them to .500. The last time they were at .500 was on April 13, 2007 (5-5),
- My review of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward of Robert Ford: Over 2 1/2 hours of Ford and James sitting around looking at each other, followed by the killing, followed by 15 minutes at warp speed of the very interesting post-assassination life of Ford.
- Robert Ford settled in Creede, CO after the assassination. Take a look at this incredible picture of the town in its current state.
- Query: I wonder if those that spew the incredible venom in the comments of the "gay Teen Court guy" below are also racists?
- Odd moment on Fox 4 a second ago from traffic guy Chip as he was reporting about an accident in Grapevine: "And the reports are that the driver has died. You're watching Good Day."
- I'm off to Jacksboro this morning. Listening to Steve Martin's new book, Born Standing Up.
- The Messenger has a story today about a gun incident on the Weatherford College campus in Weatherford (not the Decatur branch). I don't think it had anything in the world to do with Wise County. It even had the sub-headline of "Weatherford" above it. Just odd.

Oh, Maybe They Were Right

Over the last two weeks, there has been a controversy over whether this magazine cover depicting LeBron James was racist. I didn't get it. At All.

Until this was revealed yesterday.


If You're Not First, You're Last

A faithful reader sends along this pic of Dale Jr's car at Decatur High School today. Somebody needs to take that thing to the Sonic.

Edit: Make that another reader pic sent in which is pure gold . . .

Gay Man May Lose His Job Of Running Teen Court In Collin County?


"It's my fundamental belief that your public life and your private life are separate," Mr. Nichols said. "It's amazing that we're having this debate in 2008."

I agree with ya, bruther. (In a non-gay way, of course.)

Edit: The quote from Ricky Bobby comes to mind: "
The room's startin' to spin . . . cause of all the . . . gayness."

I've Been Begging For This Here For Years

From San Antonio:

Hoping to ease clogged court dockets and put more drunken drivers under the state's watch, Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed today will begin making a new pitch to people facing a first-time DWI charge.

The deal would allow drivers to avoid a formal DWI conviction — and some of the hefty financial penalties that come with it — in exchange for a quick guilty plea to a different charge and an agreement to abide by a raft of conditions that are far more rigid than the rules of probation typical for such cases.

I don't know if either of the Wise County Attorney candidates (who are in a run-off) would support such a policy.

Not A Joke

Learned that on April 1, 1934, Bonnie and Clyde (or part of their gang) killed two troopers at 114 and Dove Road in what is now Southlake. I'm not sure I knew that.

Baseball News

Greatest first pitch person in the history of ever:

Look who is in last place:

24 Hour Spam Update

Edit: After 55 hours . . .


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

-Motorcycle death in Fort Worth this morning.
-Madonna could hurt me, and Paris goes down.
-My dad and I were talking about my iPhone which has this nifty application that pulls up a Google map of your current location (no matter where you are.) If that technology could do it for my phone, we thought, it certainly has the capability of letting me know where my friends phones were currently located. So, yesterday, this article came as no surprise.
- I really like LifeHacker.com
- It was announced yesterday that Kathie Lee Gifford will host the fourth hour of the Today Show. If you watch four hours of the show, you deserve that misery.
-A faithful reader sent me this youtube video of young people in Palestine supporting Obama because they think he can bring peace to the region. I'm not sure I understand the emailer's point. But I do know those guys, with their thick accents, calling Bubbas in the U.S. before each primary are doing Obama no favors.
- Heard a radio ad for UTD's Master's Program this morning where they proclaim you'll get to mingle with "movers and shakers." Is this 1990? Do they get to meet Gordon Gekko?
- I'm guessing this is Google's April Fool's Day joke.

Tampa Bay Mascot Is Crazy

But funny.

Wise Demo (oxy) Caucus

A faithful reader sends along this email

Have you heard how the Democrat Party convention went in Wise Co.? I attended the disorganized, painfully slow and boring event.

When voting was finally conducted, the various precincts were grouped by their vote in the past governor's election. These groups then by majority vote selected 1 or 2 delegates to the Austin convention. Because Clinton won precincts across the county by about 2 to 1 margin, this pattern was reflected in the precinct votes resulting in Clinton winning ALL the delegates from Wise Co. So even tho Obama won about 35% of the vote, he received about 0% of the delegates.

Where this format was very unfair to Obama here, he had the same advantage in the really big precincts statewide. My summary is that it was a real mess; Wise Co Democrats are a weird looking, very old agglomeration of folks with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning and afternoon. Will Rogers would recognize this as not an organized party, it was a Democrat party.

What A Coincidence

Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart and I had the exact same weekend. Without the hot tub. And the four girls.

Why Don't I Get Cases Like This?

Hot college chicks charged with assault. Assistant football coach, who was probably just sitting on his couch at the time, loses job.



Two things:

(1) I've switched over to Gmail and love it. The "labeling" as opposed to "folders" takes a moment to get used to, but it's tremendous. (Its custom filtering is also great.)

(2) And as far as spam is concerned, it has a tremendous spam blocker: The best I've seen (puts Yahoo Mail to shame.) I also believe that I get more spam than anyone. I just cleared out my Junk Mail - which had over 5,000 in it - and there's the fresh and clean screenshot above. I'll post another at the end of the day and week to let you know how much it catches. (I just looked and it has already captured 3 in the last couple of minutes.)

Man Arrested. Might Be Hispanic.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

- It looks like an alleged drunk driver smashed into a trailer carrying a huge replica of the Ten Commandments overnight. Fortunately for him, alcohol is not mentioned among them.
- If North Carolina and UCLA win next weekend and then UCLA wins it all, I've won a $200 gift certificate in this pool. (Sidenote: Hypnotic tourney pic here. Edit: Great companion pic.)
- The great Christopher Walken (65) and Al Gore (60) have birthdays today.
- "HOUSTON -- Rusty Yates - the father of five slain children - has a son with his new wife."
- It's the first day of Ranger baseball. It's the last day of hope for Ranger baseball.
- I've worn a tie to work for 22 years.
- I don't have a pic of it, but Channel 8 has the goofiest graphics for its traffic reports. Cars, if to scale, would be 50 feet long.
- I've been watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. The movie is almost as long as its title.