It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Look, I don't care about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but the "shocking" video of her released yesterday by an alleged crazy Q group conspirator of her dancing in high school might be the biggest backfire of all time. (The Q account has since been deleted but you can watch the video here.)
  • The winner of the AOC video "scandal" is the person who created this video of her dance footage intertwined with the group dancing in The Breakfast Club. And this remark also was a crowd pleaser:
  • Well I would hope so.
  • Not only is this a picture of a bunch of guys staring at a sink hole in Fort Worth, it's a bunch of guys standing way too close to a sink hole in Fort Worth.
  • One of the most thought provoking shows I watched over the holidays was The Push premised on whether a person can be persuaded in about an hour to kill someone. It's not as crazy as it sounds. 
  • Trump made a surprise appearance in the Press Room yesterday afternoon but took no questions as he continues to rant about The Wall. Apparently, the dress code was skin-head semi-formal.
  • He seems to be stable this morning: 
  • He should have just waited to tweet out fairly good job numbers that were just released. (And, as President, he always knows what those numbers are going to be the night before.)
  • Southwest founder Herb Kelleher has died. He was truly the first time I realized on a large scale that employees didn't always hate their bosses and visa-versa.
  • This is fairly mind boggling: The organizational chart of the Dallas DA's office. 
  • "Plans are underway for a Wisconsin company to build a $300 million indoor water park and hotel complex near Grapevine Mills mall." Considering they already have a water park at the Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf, the market up there seems a little "saturated."
  • Quite the odd third story below. (Side note: The grand jury which was empaneled turned around and manage to indict 49 people on the same day.)


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Delkus warned you of 1" to 3" of snow this morning. I told you yesterday, without qualification, that we would be in the clear. This isn't hard. 
  • Odd trio of 76 year old deaths yesterday: Bob Einstein (Super Dave Osborne/Marty Funkhouser), the Captain of the Captain and Tennille, and WWE's broadcaster "Mean" Gene Okerlund (who I might have watched twice in my life.)
  • A couple of years back I mentioned some great Captain and Tennille trivia: Muskrat Love, perhaps one of the worst songs of all time, was a cover of the song performed by the band America who covered it from someone else. 
  • Speaking of bad, I caught the last seven minutes of The Masked Singer last night. It is far, far worse than I expected, and I expected it to be gawd-awful.
  • I see Fox News was fair and balanced last night:
  • The University of North Texas Law School over in Dallas was finally "provisionally accredited" in 2017. In the last bar exam, its pass rate was 61.16%.  Baylor, at 92.71%, edged UT for the lead. 
  • Last year I mentioned an opinion piece in the New York Times where an author with street cred compared the West Texas fracking boom to the past mortgage crisis or dot com bust -- that is, it wasn't as it seemed.  Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a warning article as well. Trouble is coming.
  • Two security guards at XTC strip club in Dallas (which always seems to be in the news) have been charged with murder after gunning down a guy in the parking lot.  It was broadcast on Facebook Live.  WFAA has the video.
  • Good lord:
  • Seems like a good deal. 
  • Another phrase I'd like to see retired: "I'd run through a brick wall for that guy."
  • Trump made the mistake of getting in front of microphones yesterday. (Video -- which is worse that the printed text.)
  • And in addition to praising the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan (??!!), what was up with that poster and empty binder?
  • Dark hypothetical: If BEVO would have killed someone during his crazy incident with the bulldog at the Sugar Bowl, would they have played the game? I bet they would have. 
  • By the way, PETA has weighed in on the BEVO/Uga incident. That organization is a master at getting free press. 
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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • My weather team has been locked in the basement all night monitoring the situation: If there's any severe ice, it's over the next three hours. From there, they think were safe. Even for tomorrow.
  • BEVO going after Georgia's mascot pre-game was high entertainment. Hear are a couple of good looks at it here and here.
  • That was a big win for the Evil Empire. I really thought Georgia would crush them. I suppose Georgia was still "down" after losing to Alabama and not making the Final Four, but that analysis is easy to make once the game is played. 
  • New Republican Senator Mitt Romney comes out swinging:
  • The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had some not-so-happy new year's headlines yesterday. (And this doesn't include the story of the bullet coming through the roof during a church service -- although that was one pristine bullet.)
  • I would have thought people would be just a little offended of cops clowning on a wrecked and burnt donut truck, but they weren't. 
  • In one morning over the holidays, I got my oil change, car inspected, hair cut, and bought and spread top soil. Other than that, I did nothing for a couple of weeks. 
  • Most large DA's office, when a new DA is sworn in, also have every assistant DA and investigator show up to be sworn in as well. Dallas did that yesterday morning, January 1st. That would be a beating. 
  • I don't think he's familiar with the woman with two coins (and that doesn't surprise me one bit.)
  • Uh . . . 


Random Tuesday Morning Tweets

  • Hardest working man in 2019 show business.
  • America couldn't even wait until the new year to threaten to gleefully drop bombs. They pulled the tweet and apologized.
  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a print/radio ad campaign like that for Juul. They are spending a fortune to dominate the vaping market.
  • Most Failed NYE Kiss (video).
  • Most Failed NYE Fake Kick (video):
  • Ronald Reagan reminded us "Where we're going, we don't need roads."  Trump gives us Walls and Wheels as his New Year's Eve message. Sheesh.
  • Bridgeport PD has a new facial hair and tattoo policy. I have no problem with this whatsoever. 
  • Here's a pie chart as to how DPS spends its astronomical budget. The Texas Sunset Commission says it needs more information from DPS as to "what the tax payer is getting from the massive spending":
  • The Liberally Lean First Warn Triple Alert Winning Weather Forecast: I don't like what I'm seeing tomorrow morning until midday Thursday. My best projection for Wise County is a thin layer of ice. (I would call it "black ice" but, of course, I don't see color.)
  • Random weather location today: Fargo, ND. 
  • This has made a few "best of" lists of 2018, but I'm almost scared to read it
  • I hope at least one person asked the guy on the right about a plethora . . . . 


    Random Monday Morning Thoughts

    • The most entertaining part of the Clemson/Notre Dame game was the eagle landing on at least two people during pre-game. 
    • Jerry's sleeve length is as bad as Trump's tie lengths. (Trump could fix his problem without a tailor, though.)
    • The Alabama/OU game wasn't much to watch because Alabama, all of them, came willing to play through the pain.  (Oh, and with the win, Nick Saban's earnings so far this year have reached $9,025,000.  The players still get nothing.)
    • There's a case on appeal which involves Wise County which is moving as fast as I've ever seen. A Notice of Appeal was filed on November 20th and both sides had their briefs filed by December 30th. And it's complicated. (I know of at least one criminal case on appeal in Wise County where the defendant hasn't even filed his brief yet and it's been almost a year.)
    • It's plain weird that the University of Houston fired Major Applewhite after just two seasons --two seasons that weren't that bad.  (Baylor was the last Texas DI school to pull the trigger so quickly when it canned Dave Roberts in 1998.) Some think that West Virginia's coach will take the job. Noteworthy: His buy out goes from $2.5 million to $1 million tomorrow.
    • That "Masked Singer" show looks dumb. Just dumb. 
    • Trump is still crying about the dumb Wall, and the government shut down continues. Democrats have an easy retort if they were smart enough to do it: "You promised Mexico would pay for it." Just say that again and again.
    • Coulter is harder on Trump than I am -- just from the opposite direction:
    • So do I . . .
    • The man's got two pretty strong points here:
    • How in the world did State Farm decide it was worth millions to pay an ad agency to come up with that goofy Aaron Rodgers and his two agents campaign? 
    • Delkus has already gone into cartoon mode for Wednesday: 
    • Seriously, look at this "forecast" that he is making. With the "and/or" stuck in there he is predicting rain -OR- sleet -OR- freezing rain -OR- rain and sleet -OR- rain and freezing rain     -OR- sleet and freezing rain -OR- all three. Then he qualifies all of that with "not much snow." 
    • I don't know anything about the federal district judge in Tarrant County who struck down Obamacare (other than he was behind me when we were both at the Tarrant County DA's office), but he put his decision on hold yesterday. Oddly, he used this language: "[B]ecause everyday Americans would otherwise face great uncertainty . . . . " What exactly is the difference between an "American" and an "everyday American"? 
    • Take a couple of minutes and read this thread. It's well worth the chuckle.
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