It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten about Obama and McKayla Maroney.

  • All county offices are closed, the courthouse is closed, the Messenger is closed, but here I am. THWMISB™.
  • The Washington Post has a long article (link here as my gift to you since I have a subscription) about Jerry Jones and race, but most of the attention is about a photograph it included. It shows a 14 year old Jerry in a crowd blocking a small group of young black men trying to go to school at North Little Rock High School in 1957.  From my sense of the current reaction, it sounds like the vast majority of people are cutting him a break on this. After all, he was a white kid raised in the South in the 1950s. 

  • Now this kid, on the other hand, makes you want to punch him regardless of his circumstances. 

  • Oh, hell no.

  • Didn't see this on any of the local news channels.

  • This really is incredible. 

  • Senator John Cornyn had a very odd sign-off to a tweet last night. 

  • The team's protest was in response to the "One Love" rainbow armbands being prohibit. I respect the gesture, but then they went out and were upset by Japan 2-1. You gotta win after something like that.

  • In crazy Kanye news, he posted a video last night saying that Trump yelled at him at Mar-a-Lago during dinner. But, more importantly to me, he also said Trump was "most impressed" with Nick Fuentes who also dined with them. (Fuentes is a neo-Nazi and is a Holocaust denier and marched in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. It's 1930s Germany all over again, folks.)

  • OK, that's funny.

  • An image captured by Fox yesterday showed that Dak's phone has an image of himself for the wallpaper. I think I would, too. 

  • Very, very legal nerdy alert: The Court of Criminal Appeals gave the defense bar a rare victory on Wednesday on an issue which comes up quite a bit. It decided that a consensual encounter morphed into an investigative detention.   And they also did something in the opinion which I've started doing in recent years in motions -- including video screenshots. 

    • But it wasn't a total win -- they didn't rule on whether there was no reasonable suspicion to justify the detention. That would make the stop illegal. Instead they remanded the case back to the lower court to make that determination.
    • And I always shake my head when the facts laid out by a court include a description of an area as they did here: "an area of southwest Houston purportedly associated with gang violence and narcotics trafficking" in describing where the cops stopped someone walking down the street. Whenever you see words like "a high crime neighborhood", it's just coded language.
  • World Cup: In the group that the U.S. is in, Iran upset Wales by a score of 2-0 early this morning with two goals after the 8th minute of added time (something I have never understood.). That first goal was even appreciated by my untrained eyes. Video. England (1-0) and the U.S. (0-0-1) play at 1:00 p.m. today although, hopefully, I'll still be interested in Baylor vs. The Evil Empire at that point. That game starts at 11:00 a.m. 

    • Jared Kushner looked on. I'm sure he is not talking about how a Qatar firm bailed out his $1.8 billion troubled investment in his 666 5th Avenue property, or discussing how to invest  the $2 billion he got from the Saudis after he left his White House job. 
      "Hey, have you heard about crooked Hunter Biden?"

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 143 days.
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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Story. I was curious what the lawyer was doing these days, and I saw one article where he was still at it.

  • While you were sleeping: America reaffirmed you cannot even go to Walmart during the holidays without fear of being gunned down. 

  • Star-Telegram reporters are becoming more and more vocal about low wages. They are now protesting during their lunch hour as they threaten to strike.

  • I honestly haven't been able to keep up with what's going on with the D.A. in charge of the El Paso Walmart shooting, but it seems to be an absolutely chaotic situation.

  • He's been promising to turn over his tax returns for years, but the Supreme Court is finally making him do it. He threw a tantrum in response. (They are going to drive that Hunter Biden bus and Big Lie bus right off the cliff into an abyss of oblivion. They'll never learn.)

  • Meanwhile, they've got other battles to fight, too.

  • Random fun (?) facts: Cowboy's Thanksgiving game halftime performers over the years:

  • Business news: It really is a weird economy. I saw both headlines this morning.

  • Very random price of silver discussion. When I was a senior in high school (1980), I remember the strange occurrence of more than one outfit coming to Bridgeport and setting up shop at a local motel for the sole reason of buying your silver. And townspeople flocked there -- most in possession of real silver half-dollars that were still fairly common back then. They were rewarded with a handful of cash for their efforts.  Why? There was a silver rush at that moment brought on the the Hunt Brother "trying to corner the market" in silver.  It turns out, those simple townsfolk were the brilliant ones. The price was never higher than for a few days in February of 1980. I think $49/oz (or $177/oz in today's dollars) was the peak price. It currently sells for around $20 an ounce. Look at the price of silver over the years and that crazy peak:

  • Kanye, fresh off his anti-Semitic controversy, is hanging out with Trump before the holidays.

  • Monday Night Football in Mexico City fallout. Oh, my. 

  • Random college football nugget:

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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Continuation from yesterday.

  • For some reason a constable was chasing a guy through heavy traffic at a 100 mph through Dallas yesterday. But the ending was interesting when a police dog actually found the guy after he bailed out of his car and was hiding in between some houses. He fled and then jumped up on a car to avoid the dog at the end. And the dog, who was the very good boy, immediately backed off on command of his handler. Video of final moments.

  • Update in the LGBTQ club shooting in Colorado Springs.
    • The Victims:

    • This is the guy who disarmed the shooter. He's a 15 year Army vet and quite the character.

    • This isn't a real New York Times front page, but it should have been.

  • Oh, my.

  • An SUV went through the front of an Apple store in Massachusetts.

  • We might have a railroad strike after all beginning on or about December 9th. The tentative deal reached in September has now been rejected by four of the twelve unions voting on it, and one of the four has a quarter of the total workers. More importantly, all the unions would join in on a strike. That solidarity thing has a lot of power. 

  • I'm sorry, how much

  • I mentioned that former Gov. Perry has been enlisted to persuade the legislature to approve mobile sports gambling. There are 31 states which have legalized it.  I "bet" there are a ton of guys losing a ton of money across the country.

  • This morning 59 years ago.

  • The Supreme Court yesterday agreed yesterday to hear a case as to whether the dog toy on the right violates the trademark held by the company on the left or whether it is "parody" protected by the First Amendment. 

  • A TCU fan's overlaying the theme song to Titanic to the final 22 seconds of the Baylor/TCU game is a funny bit. Link. As is this video of the game winning kick taken from the end zone berm by a group of TCU kids.

  • I know absolutely nothing about soccer, but a penalty kick seems to be an over-the-top draconian type of sanction. In football, it would be like spotting the ball at the six inch line and making the defense play with nine guys. 
  • Nothing new on the Idaho quadruple murder case. So weird.