Super Bowl Greatness

U2 gave the first Super Bowl Halftime performance after 9/11 and it was absolutely great. I just think it was too soon for us to embrace the tragedy. Looking back on it, it was very moving.

BigBagOfNothing.com had the video up tonight. I watched it all the way through.

We Interrupt This Broadcast

Comment moderation slow the rest of the day . . . errands to run.

Arch-Conservative State Sen. Jane Nelson . . .

. . . "introduced legislation Thursday that would require 'moderate or vigorous' daily physical activity for students in kindergarten through eighth grade."

I don't think its by chance that the Star-Telegram decided to run a picture with this story.

Rights Over Content

This one drives me crazy. On one hand, I've always hated the Confederate Flag and really cringe whenever I see anyone display it. But it's more important to me that the government not be able to censor anyone who wishes to flaunt it. Even if it is on a silly purse.

I'll vote, begrudingly, for the girls on this one. (But "patriots"? Uh, no.)

Star Telegram story here.


"Jesus Camp" . . .

. . . is a fascinating documentary. It raises the question of how quickly and how intensely children should be indoctrinated into the religion of their parents. For all of you that ever attended a Baptist church camp, you'll have some flashbacks.

And it made me recall a conversation I had with a female friend [Edit: who was Baptist] while I was in college. For whatever reason, I had said to her in a passing conversation, "Isn't it weird that if my parents had been Catholic that I'd be a Catholic?"

"Not me," she said. "I'd still be a Baptist."

I didn't have much to do with her after that.

"Hard Candy" . . .

. . . is one bizarre film. Summary: A guy wishes Chris Hansen of "To Catch A Predator" would walk into the room to stop his nightmare inflicted by a Molly Ringwald type of character. Good stuff. And the movie poster is great.

Sissie vs. Lady Eagle - Round 3 - This Time It's More Personal Than The Last Time When It Was Personal

I'm not that interested, but somebody post the score tonight of the Bridgeport/Decatur girls basketball pseudo-playoff game. I think tip off is at 6:00 p.m. at Northwest. Sweat like ladies and godspeed.

More Anna Nicole News

There's news that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband is making a claim that he might be the father of Anna Nicole's six month old baby. That got me thinking, so I put this list of potential fathers that DNA needs to exclude: 1. Rex Hoskins (Decatur Police Chief and current TV star) 2. Pseudonym (uses secret Canadian Love Moves) 3. Rook Ramsey (former Sheriff but could hold a cigar in exotic manner) 4. Skip Nichols (Messenger editor in chief or something like that - oozes power) 5. Trevor Brazile (Famous Decatur cowboy. Women love that stuff.) 6. Allen Williamson (alleged super lawyer - claims he had an affair with Anna last fall) 7. Andrew Rottner (Pres. North Texas Bank - probably has had picture taken with Anna) 8. Ed Winfrey (Decatur City Judge - claims he has "dirt" on Anna) 9. Sheriff David Walker (odds on favorite) 10. Kyle Story (Decatur coach - also capable of turning water into wine) Edit: Yeah, I know I've rejected a handful of comments.

Friday Afternoon Smackdown

All I know is that it is some amateur fight somewhere with a ref who has a violent streak. But after watching it a couple of times, the boxer without the shirt is a little &^%&) [<----self censorship] for taking a swing at his opponent after said opponent had been hurled to the ground. Hard. Good times. [Edit: Well that didn't last long. YouTube.com has taken down the video. I'm never watching anything on YouTube again. Ever.]


The MySpace Death Threat Case of 2007 has now reached the Dallas Morning News.

I Am Not . . .

. . . linking to these pics of the daughter of the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Me At My 7th Wedding

Mena Suvari . . .

. . .turns a sweet and wonderful 28 in four days.


Rosie trashed Anna Nicole yesterday morning hours before . . . well . . . you know. Obviously, this caused the death of the starlet.

Don't Worry About The Christmas Credit Card Bill

The Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy has some restaurant suggestions for Valentines. Some are . . . uh . . . pricey.


(Grammatical) Terror Threat

Fox 4 has a story on a Decatur High School student being arrested for a "terroristic threat" on his myspace page. YouTube.com clip is here. Edit: The Fox 4 web site also has the video on it.

Anna Nicole

TrimSpa is handling the death with class (see its homepage). Others are not. And it's good to knows MSNBC covered the moving of the body to the corner.

Stop Everything!!!!!!

Anna Nicole found unconscious!!! Edit: ABC News just reported she has died!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me Loves Me . . .

. . . some Wise County church signs.

Lookin' Good, Sweetheart

This very bizarre weekend picture of Britney Spears is everywhere.

Now This Looks Horrible

But I can't turn on my television invention without seeing an ad for it. Edit & Update: Oh, my.

Green On "Search And Seizure"

Edit: Actual courtroom Someone asked me about my lost Motion to Suppress hearing, so here's a rundown. (And let me know if this crap is boring or entertaining.) I have a client charged with possession of marijuana less than two ounces - a Class B misdemeanor. I filed a Motion to Suppress in the county court at law here in Decatur (where the case is pending) because I thought there was a chance that he was illegally detained. Here is the basic law: The cops cannot violate the constitution or a statute when they detain someone. If they do so, any evidence that is found as a result of the illegal detention cannot be used by the prosecutor at his trial. This is known as the "exclusionary rule" (which the Supreme Court has indicated may not be long for this world.) When, for example, the evidence that is suppressed is, say, marijuana, it makes it impossible for the State to prosecute someone for, say, marijuana possession. So we have a hearing. The players are me, County Attorney Greg Lowery representing the State, and Judge Melton Cude presiding. (Amberly is the court reporter who will simply make a face at me every time I say something crazy.) So the following facts came out in the public hearing. My client is sitting in his car in the parking lot of Red's in Bridgeport. For the uninitiated, Red's is one of the few places you can find a beer in a bar in Bridgeport. It is also a place that the cops constantly patrol because they want to jack with folks who visit Red's. (Sorry, I digressed.) The cops, in this case, drive by Red's parking lot and see my client sitting in his car. Horror of horrors, my client looks down and away from the officers' stare. This, one of the cops will testify, causes him to wonder if my client might be sick or otherwise in distress. (Kill me.) So they do a U-turn and pull into the parking lot to "check on him." (I did not realize the cops in Bridgeport were so sensitive. ) My client, as soon as the cops drive by, moves his car a few feet into a parking slot. He gets out of his car and then begins walking normally (not hurriedly) to the side door of Red's. The cops pull up. One of them jumps out right behind my client's bumper and yells, "Come here"at my client who is probably 15 feet away. My client stops and (allegedly) a small amount of marijuana was later found on him. Here is the issue: The cops have absolutely no right to detain a citizen simply because he looks down when the cops look at him. Nor do they have the right to stop someone who then gets out of his car and heads towards a bar. If those are all the facts, then I'm going to win the Motion to Suppress. It is the "my client was jacked with by The Man" defense. But wait. Apparently there is more. The cop testifies that as soon as he got out of the car he immediately smelled the "strong odor"of marijuana and one second later he tells my client to "come here." I asked him if he intended to stop my client even had he not smelled the marijuana. His answer was "yes, just to make sure he was OK." So this is what it boils down to: If the facts are (1) cop gets out of the car, (2) yells at my client to "come here", and (3) then smells marijuana, we have an illegal detention. He stopped my client for no valid reason and the fact that he smelled marijuana after the fact won't save the illegal detention. But if the facts are (1) cop gets out of car, (2) he smells marijuana, and (3) he then tells my client to "come here" THEN we have a valid detention because the cop has a "reasonable suspicion" that my client might be associated with the marijuana smell. But, as stated above, the cop says that he smelled the odor of marijuana before he said "come here." So although he was in the act of making an illegal detention, his testimony of the odor of alcohol makes the detention legal. The judge overruled my Motion and ruled that the State could use the marijuana. What else is he supposed to do? Hey, these facts are fishy. Something, pardon the pun, doesn't smell right. But the only way I win that Motion would be for the judge to essentially say, "I don't believe that crap about the odor of marijuana." That, dear reader, is never going to happen. Do I believe the cop? I'm skeptical but he was pretty smooth and seemed earnest. Another fear most people in my position would worry about is that the cop was coached by the prosecutor before the hearing. You know, a little pre-gram prep of, "Listen, cop, if you were to have smelled marijuana before you said anything to the defendant, then you're home free." Trust me, prosecutors do this all the time. But, trust me again, the prosecutor in this case, Greg Lowery, wouldn't do this. There have been times when he has met with a cop behind closed doors before a Motion to Suppress and then walked out and said, "After talking to the cop, I agree with your motion." So, I'm stuck with the judge's ruling. There is no reason to appeal it because the appellate court would say Judge Cude has every right to believe the cop. The only other option is having a trial where, amazingly, a jury could be asked, in addition to my client's guilt or innocence, whether they believe there was an illegal detention. That, in Wise County, is one dicey proposition. But probably the most disturbing thing is that all this time and energy is wasted on freakin' marijuana possession. [As for comments, don't bad mouth Judge Cude or Greg Lowery, I'm not an idiot - I'm not going to post them. Everything else is probably fair game.]

Big Bag . . .

. . . of nothing on the news this morning. Wade Phillips will be the new Cowboys head coach. (Yawn.) But I'm mildly interested in a new fat blocking drug that has gained over-the-counter FDA approval - it looks like it will actually work - not in a "quit eating a hundred cheeseburgers" kind of way - but it does seem intriguing. And the Today Show is running a segment on Costco (a story that makes Wade Phillips seem interesting.) And I just saw a commercial for the treatment of "restless leg syndrome." I shake my head every time.


Crazy Astronaut Who Drove To Florida In A Diaper . . .

. . . with a Jon Stewart haircut. Heck, is that Jon Stewart?

Super Bowl Corporate Jet Exodus

I've seen this graphic all day long. I assume it's true but can't vouch for it. (One of the many sources.)

Some People . . .

. . . aren't mature enough to handle the news.

PETA Nude Protest

PETA, a good friend of Wise County deer hunters, promised a Nude Protest today in downtown Dallas. Despite having very racy ads in the past, this Nude Protest was "as advertised" with the exception of the very important "nude" part. This camera phone pic (not mine) is the only evidence of the protest so far. Them there girls ain't nude. I'm so mad that I'm off to eat a steak. And I hate steak.

Brain Numbing

As I sit here, I'm watching a Motion to Suppress hearing in the County Court at Law. James Stainton is questioning a TABC Officer regarding the circumstances surrounding an arrest. Thomas Aaberg is here for the State.

This ain't anything like Law and Order.

Abilene Progressive?

The Abilene PD has announced that it will videotape every single confession. Tremendous. There is no reason why every law enforcement agency in Wise County shouldn't do the same. Every now and then Ive seen an agency at least audio record a confession (but I haven't seen a video confession except in two or three cases over the years.)

Tori? Kelly?

What in the heck is going on out there?

It's National Signing Day . . .

. . . the first day that high school kids can sign letters of intent to play college football. Baylor's only recruit is a 5'7" 145 lb. linebacker out of Muleshoe, but he may have changed his commitment to Prairie View A&M.

Honoring The Sabbath

Sex Does Sell

If I owned a company named Rick's Cabaret, I wonder if I would pay $4.9 million for a topless bar in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Well, yes, I would? No name yet of the soon to be bought out club. You can even own a part of the company.

Don't Hit The Snooze

The Star Telegram had a story for new start times in Keller ISD next year. Tell me Wise County doesn't start at 8:00 a.m. or 7:45.


Indiana Jones IV

Release date: May 22, 2008. Real date. Funny photo.

You Know, Science Can Cure Anything


God's Lawgivers

I think I figured out why Phil King is popular in Wise County. Today, a group called Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has just issued its latest report on the religious right’s influence on Texas government called "God’s Lawgivers? Carrying the Water for the Religious Right in Texas Government." King made the very elite list. If you want to read the full report, it is here (warning: It's a 67 page .pdf file.) The screenshot above is good enough. Suffice it to say, King is big on the restriction of abortion rights and now moving into the area of limiting stem cell research.

I Bet The Corruption Is Unreal

ABC World News tonight had a story on $12 billion dollars IN CASH sent to Iraq between May 2003 and June 2004 to help with the reconstruction of the country is missing. And no one know where it went.

I'm Telling You All I Know

A faithful reader emailed me this pic today with this note: "A friend sent me this picture that was captured from a trailcam at their deer lease over this last weekend. They are asking me to help determine what this is -- I told them to find a new lease immediately??? It is a little eerie. I thought your loyal bloggers could offer some suggestions on the beast." Edit: Being a huge skeptic, I'm not convinced the pic is real. But the guy that sent it to me thought it was legit.

I Can Wear One Of My Eight Wedding Rings Instead

With the passing of football until fall (and the beginning of my annual February & March depression), I try to think of positive things. For example. I played fantasy football but I don't deserve to be banished to Nerdville, U.S.A. like any guy that would order one of these.

I Am . . .

. . . absolutely insane now.

"I'm the F to the E, R, G the I the E"

Part of the most confusing lyrics in the history of . . . .

Hey, Now


More HPV Flying Around

This HPV vaccine debate is really heating up - Jeff Crilley of Fox 4 is even on the story!!!! Jeff Crilley!!! And I learned Sen. Jane Nelson is against the executive order so God must be in favor of the vaccine. But Gov. Perry might want to get a spokesperson who looks old enough to actually get the vaccine without parental consent.


As I tuned in (for a few brief minutes, at least) to the A&M / UT basketball game tonight, I think I saw Gov. Rick Perry engaging in some satanic aggie ritual.

I Wonder . . .

. . . if a crazed American astronaut would make a good 7th wife? (After all, she did drive all the way from Texas.) Edit: I learned this morning she wore a diaper from on her journey from Texas to Florida so she wouldn't have to stop and go to bathroom. I love this woman. Edit #2: And if you wonder why I like Wikipedia so much, this lady's entry is already up to date.

Chico Supports Salma

Or at least you think they would.

The Craziest Question In The History Of Ever

I was asked a moment ago at the courthouse, "Can the parents of a sixteen year old girl consent to the marriage of their daughter to a 61 year old registered sex offender?" That's not one that I know the answer to the top of my head. But if I had to guess, I'd guess the answer is "yes". Edit: Apparently the question had arisen when someone was trying to obtain a marriage license from the county clerk's office.

Jenny McCarthy Went To A Super Bowl Party

Jay-Z Made A Wise County Court Appearance

I was in a protective order hearing this morning at the courthouse when someone's phone went off. Always a tense scene. But this one was pretty funny since the ring tone fired off, "Show me what you got lil' mama. Show me what you got lil' lady."

What R U Wearing?

Cyber-sex with a minor through text messaging? While I was pondering that, I stumbled across the alleged victim in this case. A person who happens to go to a Wise County high school that starts with a "B". (Call that a cyber-tease.) Story Edit: Completely ignore the Wise County reference. It's McKinney Boyd High School. But you would never know it from just reading the story.


The late psychic Jeanne Dixon proclaimed that the Anti-Christ would be born on February 5, 1962 by saying: " "A child, born somewhere . . . shortly after 7 a.m. (EST) on February 5, 1962, will revolutionize the world. Before the close of the century he will bring together all mankind in one all-embracing faith. This will be the foundation of a new Christianity, with every sect and creed united through this man who will walk among the people to spread the wisdom of the Almighty Power. " It's down to me and Jennifer Jason Leigh. (But I left out the "Middle East" birthplace in the quote - it kinda ruined it. )


The Heck With All This Super Bowl Talk

Let's talk about genital warts. Gov. Rick Perry on Friday issued an executive order calling for all girls entering sixth grade in Texas, starting in September 2008, to receive a vaccine against a sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer. While Texas parents will be allowed to opt out of having their daughters get the vaccine, conservative groups are protesting. I can't believe it, but Perry deserves credit on this one. And I think I'll label those against the idea as "Pro-Cervical Cancer."

The Colts Should Be Winning Big

Peyton Manning Bad Karma? Edit: I forgot that Rex Grossman was the Bears cornerback quarterback [edit: I'm losing it] and that he would throw an interception that would be returned for a touchdown. And speaking of Bad Karma, he was trying to compete the pass to his receiver named Muhsin Muhammad. Not in America, Rex. Not in America.

Super Bowl Halftime

Hey, Prince is wearing my teal colored suit!!! And I don't know who those two back up dancers are, but I'm a big fan at this moment.

The Two Head Coaches Are Black?

I wouldn't have know that if it hadn't been mentioned five krillion times already.

Beating Purple Rain?

How would you like to spend a couple of thousand bucks for a ticket and then get rained on. Hard. --------------- Best Commercial So Far: Fat guys, skinny guys, ugly guys taking their shirts off around a bunch of girls in a car in a downtown area. (Chevy HHR - whatever that means.) Edit: "The slap" replacing the "fist to fist" move was probably funnier.

Random Superbowl Thought

Thank god that Chevy probably won't pay $3 gazillion to air that "This Is Our Country" commercial. I Am Blessed.