It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

 That technology is hard for today's youngsters 
 Hang on, baby! I'm coming to rescue you! 
 Hang on, baby! I'll just stay right here and laugh. 
 And we wonder what our kids do up in their rooms.
Doing a wrestling move to stop a robbery. Genius. 

This Is Right Out Of A Quentin Tarantino Movie

Every Friday I look at opinions handed down by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. Admittedly, most are boring. But the facts of one handed down today involving the Aryan Brotherhood reads like a novel.

And there are some interesting tidbits:

The Official Liberally Lean Girl Just Killed It

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • So Trump's AG admits to lying in front of Congress and recuses himself from any Russian investigations. This Administration is going very well.
  • The lie occurred in response to a question by Sen. Al Fraken. Make no mistake about it, that guy is brilliant. (I first discovered that when I saw him on Celebrity Jeopardy, and he consistently destroys witnesses in a Senate hearings.)
  • But at that critical moment where the AG lied, we've got an intern staring at her phone in the background. 
  • Mrs. LL says I speak with the cadence of Kevin Spacey. 
  • I'll get in Twitter fights from time to time and sometimes I get killed. When that happens, a guy from Bridgeport will post this:
  • This is a crazy story right by the Saginaw cutoff: "James K. Brantley, 24, was killed and Michelle R. Morris, 50, was injured in what deputies called a domestic love-triangle shooting. Her estranged husband, James Lee Morris, 53, then shot himself. He died later Thursday." But another aspect of the story is that Fort Worth has annexed so much land it is hard to get an ambulance to some locations. 
  • "YOUNG PROGRESSIVES – The Wise County Democrats’ Young Progressives Meeting 'First Friday at Fuzzy’s' is 7 tonight at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Decatur. Attendance is limited to progressives in high school and up to age 30." Hey!!!!
  • TCU football has kicked a player off the team for assault. 


Deleted But Not Forgotten

This is the White House Press Secretary. The guy in charge of communicating correct information.

We're doomed.

$30,000 Per Appearance?

How 'bout dat?


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • So AG Jeff Sessions lied to Congress about contacts with Russia and he gets to decide if Trump is investigated for alleged contacts with Russia? Makes perfect sense. 
  • "If you're explaining, you're losing." - Ronald Reagan
  • Pete Delkus has to be the worst weatherman in DFW history, right? 
  • I heard the term "parallel investigation" the other day. Basically, it means the feds are doing something illegal in an investigation and then tip off state authorities to have them make it look legal. I'm 100% convinced I'm in possession of a video where DPS made it look legal. 
  • This is disturbing. Not only do we have 16 police officers who are liars but they miraculously escape prosecution by Tarrant DA Sharen Wilson.
  • If I ever hear a New Order song, I trick myself into believing it is brand new. (I actually saw them at Starplex back in the day - or whatever it is called - and that was one insane dancing crowd.)
  • Man, I do a bullet point that I've heard a political rumor and my phone rings off the hook.
  • There's a guy at the courthouse who hates Matt Lauer. How can you hate Matt Lauer?
  • "Judge issues $11,111 bond for Grand Prairie mom who got 8 years in voter fraud case." What's up with that amount? Are judges starting to do bits? 
  • The Ticket's (Bob and Dan) spent an entire segment yesterday on how great Chick Fil A is. That's an ad. Later in the day the Hardline spent a segment promoting some spare new HBO show. It was an ad. I think Cumulus is trying to kill that station. 


Above The Fold

I Need The Back Story!

This Is Wordkyle's Book!

You can buy it here. (It's cheap!) Buy it.

And if you want to hear his voice, listen here for a radio interview.

Be nice to him in the comments. He may be the most faithful reader I've ever had.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'll say it: Trump was great last night in his speech to a joint session of Congress. The tone was perfect. He was presidential. Let's see is he can keep it up. (Giving up his Twitter account would also help.)
  • But I want to know who wrote that speech. He's hired someone new and someone who could convince him to stick to the script. 
  • Wow: "BREAKING: YouTube to launch  $35/mo. TV streaming service in a few months, which will carry 40+ channels including major broadcast networks."
  • I hated that Trump used the widow of the Navy Seal, who died in a horribly constructed plan, as a prop. 
  • I heard a political rumor yesterday making the rounds in Wise County which is shocking. I'll get back to you on it. 
  • Trump's wife is 46? That's a hot 46. 
  • The older I get, the more I love the Family Pups. One of them sits in the window seal sill in the afternoon waiting for someone to come home. One of life's great joys. 
  • I'm boycotting Fox 4 News since Steve Eagar blocked me on Twitter. I'm checking out Channels 5, 8, and 11 to figure out which one I'll go to. (And I won't link to Fox 4 either. His boss needs to call him in and give him a copy of What Would Google Do?)
  • The Dallas Morning News is ramping it up on there their home page this morning: 
  • I think Wordkyle wrote a fiction book. I'm trying to confirm it and would definitely promote it. (I heard an interview with him from a radio station and he sounds nothing like you would think.)


Johnny Football Back In Court

I'm making an assumption that the guy with him is his lawyer. Let me make some suggestions: (1) Lose the hat unless you are going to film a remake of Lonesome Dove, (2) Lose the belt buckle unless you are going to film a remake of Urban Cowboy. This might have been cool in the 1980s, but unless you are Gerry Spence sporting a ridiculous outfit, you can't get away with that.

(3) What is up with that? You don't own a briefcase? Plus, this is a simple hearing where all you are going to do is beg. You don't need three inches of documents. And even if you did, ever hear of an iPad?

Shout out to Johnny Football. That is a spiffy look.

I'm Very Confused

That is one harsh sentence. Even for threatening people. (The Confederate flag is a side issue.) And I'm stunned a judge in the South would do it.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Now, I have to tell you, it's an unbelievably complex subject," Trump said. "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated." What a moron. 
  • Name these Texans (there are three that I don't know):
  • From Modern Family as Jay spends money wildly: "You can't take it with you!" His younger wife, Gloria, replied: "But we'll still be here!" At that moment as we were watching it together, Mrs. LL looked at me. 
  • Kellyanne!
  • Football season is over which means I no longer have to hear about Peter King. There is no bigger blowhard than that guy. He was on The Ticket every week and would start every sentence with "In my opinion . . ." or "Based upon the facts that have been given to me at this time . . . " Sheesh. Take a stand. 
  • Watch State Sen. Don Huffines disrespecting Richardson ISD 8th graders.
  • At a driver's license hearing in Denton yesterday, I ended up in a room with three Wise County deputies. Funny guys. Good guys. (One of them I've seen numerous times on video and have always been impressed with the way he handles DWI cases. He will actually say to a motorist, "I want you to understand everything that is going on because I want you to understand your constitutional rights. And you don't have to do anything.")
  • Could it be any warmer this morning? And, man, did I use a lot of Round Up this weekend. 
  • The Eighth Grader in the House will have to have minor foot surgery. ("Minor" because it isn't happening to me.)
  • I think people are driving crazier and crazier. And they drive stupidly. I'll see some guy just weave in and out of traffic at a high speed only to end up right beside me at a red light 100 yards ahead. 


The Leader Of The Free World

AP Has A Wise County Story


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I was fast asleep last night when that Oscar screw up for Best Picture took place, but I so wish I had seen it. I love train wrecks. 
  • The presenters were Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway because of the 50 year anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde. (It's still a better movie than anything made last year.)
  • Mrs. LL and I watched Death Proof again this weekend. So dark. So great. 
  • Does the Decatur Booster Club have a bus? I keeping getting comments about it being misused. 
  • Once every few months or so three of my buddies at the courthouse will gang up on me and  beat me down in a political debate to no end. I'm on the ultimate island during those things. I think the office staff even has pity on me. 
  • I could tell the Decatur Swap Meet was happening this weekend by all the broken down cars along 287. 
  • Trump has announced he will not be attending the White House Correspondent's Dinner. That's an evening where everyone makes fun of themselves and everyone else. It occurred to me that Trump cannot possibly ever engage in self-deprecating humor. Ever.
  • The Eighth Grader in The House went on a supervised "date" this weekend. Once I get permission from his crazy mom to identify her, long term readers of the blog will be stunned -- as I was once I learned who she was -- what a bizarre coincidence it is. My head is still spinning. 
  • I don't know anything about high school basketball, but Decatur winning 102-37 in a playoff game seems weird. 
  • At least one judge on the Supreme Court this morning is disturbed about how redneck counties impose the death penalty more than others: 
  • I think my favorite Bill Paxton performance was in True Lies as the used car salesman. 
  • Judge Wapner died this weekend as well.