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I rarely do this (and this is not a paid ad). Go buy the Messenger and read the story on the JP appointment. Delicious. Wise County politics. Williamson. Lamance. Manning. Sosa. Clark.

Edit: This story has bothered me all day. If you are a county employee who works hard and has been told if you will work hard you will be rewarded, you need to be seriously concerned. 

Edit: Here's the link to the full story. Read every word if you care about Wise County.  (Credit: Kristen Tribe for a fantastic job of seeing what was really going on.)


It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Full gangsta.
I'll diagnosis it as an L4/L5 fracture and rupture.

"Momma! I don't want no stepdad!

Just when you think you know who you need to be worried about. 
Someone in that house is a comedic mastermind.

Special extra post below because it gives rise to a number of questions.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • All last weekend I was all over new White House spokesman Anthony Scaramucci because he was a train wreck waiting to happen. Yesterday he called the New Yorker and fired off the most profane (recorded) interview that has ever occurred in modern day politics if not ever. When you think things can't get anymore insane, they do. This is not normal. (And the New Yorker printed it without edits.)
  • And he actually called himself "The Mooch." I love this man.
  • He tried to explain his profane comments later. Dude, you called a reporter for an on the record discussion!
  • Back when America was great, Lenny Bruce was put in jail for that kind of language. 
  • Very random thought: Back in 1996 I decided to finally go back to a Bridgeport football game and saw "the spread" offense for the first time. It was a playoff game in Graham. I was fascinated. But this also occurred: During the game I heard someone behind me talking about the Internet. I remember turning around and asking, "How do you get on that?"
  • How did I get on? I went to the one company in Decatur providing service who lent me multiple discs to install a Netscape browser. I couldn't figure it out. I finally had to take the whole home computer to them and they installed it for me. 
  • The Messenger post yesterday regarding the appointment of an interim JP has some golden nuggets of tension and insight in there if you know what you're looking for. It's even better if you know Wise County politics at this moment in time. 
  • People who were arrested on Wednesday/Early Morning Thursday in Wise County weren't "arraigned" and allowed to post bond until after 4:00 p.m. on Thursday. It all is based upon when the judge decides to show up.
  • Mrs. LL put out humming bird feeders which has led to the most fascinating visuals ever. I never believed I'd see a humming bird fight. 
  • A fake twitter account duped Sports Illustrated:
  • This is insane. A cop stops a city council person for DWI and lets him go.The cop was fired. And now this: "A Tom Bean city councilman who was let go after a Saturday evening traffic stop in which he appeared to be intoxicated was involved in a head-on collision Thursday morning." He was charged with Intoxication Assault.
  • Going back to The Mooch, last weekend I made fun of him bragging that Trump could "sink three foot putts." The following, however, is disturbing. The official released White House transcript has changed "three" to "thirty."  Modern day Pravda.

And The Emmy For Best TV Drama Goes To

"Skinny repeal" of Obamacare failed in the Senate late last night by one vote.

And this video shows John McCain, walking up in the middle of roll call in front of Mitch McConnell, who is smiling. McCain holds his hand out and then gives the "thumbs down" sign. McConnell's face go from smiling to shock.


I Know Why Trump's Base Is Slow To Leave Him: Art Briles

Stay with me here.

I've come to the conclusion there is nothing that Trump can do to alienate his hard core base. At least for now. Polls show his approval rating is around 37%. It moved there pretty quickly. Having it move lower than that will be very, very slow. Why?

This was almost an epiphany to me last night. Baylor football, Art Briles, and me.

As a metaphor, Baylor football was down, really down, for a long, long time. Then a savior came along in the name of Art Briles. You know what he said in his opening press conference about arguably the worst team in the nation? "We will win the Big 12." That was like Trump initially saying, "I will win the Presidency." Yeah, sure you will.

Both were right.

I was ecstatic about Baylor's later success. We were, in the words of Trump, "winning."

And then the scandal happened. And here we come to the point of this post. You know what my reaction was? Denial. My leader could not be anything other than who I thought he was. If Baylor gives up on him the team might go back to where it was: Being a "loser" and not a "winner"! We could not let that happen! It was a long road to get where we were. We weren't going back.

Then the Board of Regents fired the greatest coach in Baylor history. The news reports kept pouring in.

But I defended him in person and on Liberally Lean. The firing and the awful news reports didn't mean anything, right?! He was being mistreated, I said. This had to be an ESPN conspiracy.  (I didn't know to use the term "Fake News" at the time.)

I took heat from everyone. BagOfNothing torched me every week. Commentors killed me. Finally, Mrs. LL actually took me aside one night and told me, "You are in denial about this and you need to stop. You have never looked at this from the perspective of those girls." (She doesn't do things like that.)

And they were all right. I was wrong. It just took me a year to realize it because it was so hard to do.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A funny moment occurred in a DPS video that I was watching yesterday of a traffic stop in Wise County. The trooper, frustrated when a person wasn't following instructions, said, "Do you not understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?" The guy being spoken to was black. But by the end of the video they were almost best friends. 
  • The insured Chico church that burned started a an effort to raise $50,000 on GoFundMe. It will fall a bit short. They seemed to have stalled at $4,500. 
  • At the same moment the Decatur Reunion is going on there was a death and injuries at a ride at the Ohio State Fair.
  • A teen was indicted for making up a kidnapping story. Back in the 1990s,  a false story was told in Wise County by a teenager which caused law enforcement to scramble. In the aftermath, law enforcement was not pleased. I was D.A. at the time. You know what I did? Wrote her, told her to give the letter to her parents, told her to consult with a lawyer if they wished, and then said she could avoid an arrest, indictment, and conviction if she would enter into a pre-trial diversion program and stay out of trouble for a year. She did it. She avoided embarrassment and a criminal record. It was the right thing to do. She was a good kid.
  • Justin Bieber hit someone leaving his weird new church (which is believed to be behind his decision to cancel his world tour) and it was caught on tape.
  • The Tarrant County D.A.'s office has indicted a former Southlake swim teacher after a 13 year old girl on the swim team drowned in the school pool a many months back. The charge is Endangering a Child By Criminal Negligence.  Prediction: There will never be a conviction. (Remember when I said a few weeks ago that very few criminal practitioners understand the definition of "criminal negligence."?) And if you are in the Tarrant County D.A.'s office, pray you aren't assigned to that case because you might be being set up for failure. Extra reason to fear: Dan Hagood is her lawyer.  
  • The Wise County Sheriff was making the DFW news last night for taking on DPS.
  • Weirdest headline of the morning: "Attorney General Jeff Sessions flies to El Salvador to talk about gang violence."  Huh?
  • White House Chaos: Late last evening the bombastic, take-no-prisoners new White House spokesman amazingly identified the White House Chief of Staff as the leaker. He then deleted the tweet. Drudge immediately jumped on it. Preibus will be gone. Bannon will be gone.  You are watching history.
    Screen shot
  • In a bizarre moment, Sarah Huckabee at the White House Press Conference yesterday read the following letter from "Dylan" and then released the letter.  There are so many questions. (And a Fourth Grade boy embracing the name of "Pickle" is one of them.)
  • And to think it was even part of a prostitution police sting
  • Lucky Whitehead was claimed by the Jets. 


This May Be My New Favorite Sports Moment

  • Wrong basket.
  • A complete organized team effort to put it in the wrong basket.
  • A three pointer at that.
  • The PA guy just yelling out the scorer's name like nothing was wrong. 
  • The refs initially not realizing anything was amiss.
  • The refs trying to figure out "Who gets possession and where do they throw it in?" after it happens.
  • In the background, we've got the woman with a kid too big to be sitting on her.
  • (Did this all begin when the Russian girl touched the ball out of bounds but somehow the Russian team ended up throwing it in?)
Edit: Great job from the commentor. That was a back court violation (assuming that exists in international rules) and the whistle should have blown when the Russians crossed half court going the wrong way. 

This Is Interesting

Note that the Sheriff is a former DPS Trooper and Texas Ranger.

Did He Just Call A.G. Sessions Part Of "The Swamp"?

And that's his hand-picked Attorney General.

He is on quite the roll this morning.

Edit: Oh, my. Sessions just got chewed out.

Now I'm Worried About People In Canada Acting Crazy On The Road

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a fascinating reaction to the bizarre Jason Garrett press conference yesterday. The Millennials seemed to have a reaction of, "Why doesn't the press just ask football questions!?" Others are interested in so much more than that. 
  • I both love and hate docket calls at the Wise County courthouse. But it is perfect for a guy like me who loves observing the human condition. The defendant who walks in for the first time and is scared to death (or the other who might be defiant.) The bailiff who does a second glance at someone causing his/her mind to race. The out of town attorney who has to ask around for "who is the prosecutor?" or "how does this all work?" The dramatic differences among prosecutor/defense lawyer conversations. Those being brought in from jail who anxiously look into the gallery for family members who are there just to support them. 
  • The Dallas Observer will post a series of picks from time to time of "pool parties" normally featuring a hotel in Uptown. They generally feature people you wouldn't want to hang out with. But this one in the series got my attention. A baby?
  • And in case Mrs. LL has any nefarious thoughts, let this me a lesson to her! (Thanks emailer.)
  • Trump held another bizarre "political rally" last night in Ohio. Make no mistake, he does it because he needs to be loved.  But this was gold: “Sometimes, they say, ‘He doesn’t act presidential,’” Trump said of his critics. “And I say, ’Hey look ― great schools, smart guy ― it’s so easy to act presidential. But that’s not going to get it done. ... With the exception of the late, great Abraham Lincoln, I can be more presidential than any president that’s ever held this office. That I can tell you. It’s real easy.”
  • The Texas Association of Business is running a massive radio ad campaign against the Bathroom Bill. The one on The Ticket features a very bad actor getting very angry when he learns it might cause major sporting events to avoid Texas. (Good intention. Bad execution.)
  • This just broke. He loves fights. He knows his base.: 
(I got real nervous at this moment)
  • Medical costs?
  • Remember this during the campaign?:
  • Per today's Messenger, the Wise County Sheriff's Office wishes to apply for "an impaired driving mobilization grant." 


Today This Feels Like The Most Famous Photo Of A Texas Congressman Ever

He's been in the news.

This Is Astonishing

The current headlines from two of the most conservative sites there are.

As far as Breitbart is concerned, it can be explained. Back in April This American Life's podcast dedicated almost an entire hour to how that organization, and especially Steve Bannon, are truly political geniuses. Look at this excerpt:

He Tried To Tell Them . . .

. . . and everyone assumed he was guilty.

Edit: The Jason Garrett Press Conference is fantastic. So short. So robotic. It is class. Audio.

This Is Fascinating

(But I'm also a guy who talks with hand motions. I probably have done all of that except for the last one.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is a bizarre early morning Tweet. He's now completely turned on Sessions. (And the new spokesman said this morning that Trump probably wants the AG gone):
  • There was a guy yesterday that commented that the pic of the "Turkey Vulture" was actually a common "buzzard". He cannot possibly be from Texas. 
  • Through the discovery process, I received an offense report yesterday from DPS of a different Wise County law enforcement agency entitled "Confidential Supplement Narrative Continuation". I've never seen the word "confidential" in the title of a police report before. 
  • Let's take a look at the White House interns:
  • The Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead after a warrant was issued in connection with his petty shoplifting charge. They finally take a strong stance -- against shoplifting. 
  • We have Justin Bieber news! He cancelled the remainder of his tour that I didn't even know was going on. (Something has to be seriously wrong.)
  • Did there used to be blood tests before a marriage could take place. What was the point?
  • Rick Perry was checking his phone as Trump spoke yesterday. 
  • "The Texas legislature just passed a law that would allow counties in the state to create 'diversion courts' for police officers and other first-responders who are charged with crimes but can plausibly argue that job-related mental illness contributed to their misconduct." 
  • This is odd: The local Lubbock paper has in its possession a police report where a Tech football player is alleged to have assaulted several people in a bar -- including a woman via an uppercut. But the police redacted the player's name from the report because he "hasn't been charged." 
  • I got into a Ticket fight with one of their personalities because I believe that they are promoting Dunkirk as an ad by dedicating full segments to it. They did it again at least once yesterday. And morning boys talked about it this morning. And every single time they make specific reference to Harry Styles.  
  • There's some "painted rock challenge" going on in Decatur. (And maybe other places.)
  • Uh, what?: There was a monkey attack in a Buc-ee's in Terrell?
  • Wise County is mentioned in this Star-Telegram story: 


The Expression On Those Faces In The Background

And those eyebrows!

Hadn't Thought Of This Is A While

The Hill County Courthouse fire of 1993.  The Houston Chronicle has a story on it today (which really isn't that interesting.) Not a bad history of the place here.

It was an "electrical fire", and I thought I remembered it was a coffee pot left on in the D.A.'s office, However, I can't find any reference to that after a quick search.

Love This Cop At Tour De France

Gave him the Heisman right into the ditch.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Nine people were found dead and at least 39 were found packed into a trailer in San Antonio in a "human trafficking" incident. Here's something I've heard no one mention: In 1987, eighteen undocumented aliens were found in a boxcar in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Dallas based KLIF conservative talk show host David Gold said at the time, which caused a firestorm, “I don’t know if your mind works like mine, but those people got what they deserved.”
  • Mrs. LL went to Roswell, NM with a friend. She was giddy. She sent this. 

  • One of our two U.S. senators, who I thought was the non-crazy one, thought this would be a good idea over the weekend: 
  • I had to have help identifying this bird at Lake Bridgeport. It's a Turkey Vulture. And, trust me, it was as big as a turkey. (And those white feathers are very close to a map of the U.S.)
  • The Cowboys' opening press conference was a train wreck. Jason way lying as usual, Jerry talked even crazier than usual, Stephen tried to keep it on track, and PR man Rich was tense. 
  • He's hard to keep up with. He was in full panic mode yesterday: 
  • And remember on Friday when I said the Times and the Post will bring him down?: 
  • And this morning he sent a message that Jeff Sessions days are numbered (they are) and that he continues to practice "whataboutism". This is not normal.:
  • Someone suggested this Cowboy's Lucky Whitehead "abducted dog" story was nothing but a publicity stunt for the Fort Worth rapper "Boogotti Kasino".  Love that name.  And The Ticket had him on for a segment on Friday and didn't lay a glove on him as they allowed him to promote his new "album". It was weird.
  • I had a Ticket personality, who I've done nothing but promote and speak fondly of over the years, go off on me online for my "that was a commercial disguised as a segment" position. (And then on his Sunday show, after years of trying to distance from saying, "I think space is super gay" said, regarding the current space program, "There's something selfish about space.")
  • It's going to be in the 100s this week. And that soaking rain last night, on and already saturated ground, in going to make is miserable. 
  • We built a $13 billion war ship? Yep. The USS Ford.
  • Jordan Speith: Good guy or spoiled brat?
  • I bet Yu Darvish ends up with the Dodgers.
  • If you are an employer and one of your employees is a member of "Proud Boys", you might want to re-think it. (I had no idea they existed.)