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Random News Story In Morning News

Now 16, Catherine is one of 142 students from Arlington's 2,693-student [Arlington] Sam Houston High School who are either new or expecting parents. More than half are Hispanic.

Let's say half of the 2693 students are female and, we'll assume, capable of being pregnant. That leaves 142/1347 or 10.5% of the female population. (Edit: I wished I had thought about calling it a "
government educational compound" and wondering if CPS will raid it.)

Edit: Heck with that, just saw that Jim McKay has passed away. As a kid, that's a voice I heard every Saturday afternoon.

Edit #2: Man, this is turning into random thoughts as I just ran across the following. I had that toy as a kid. It'd go about six feet and fall over.


Greatest Masthead Ever

Thanks to Todd who fired up his Flux Capacitor Commodore 64 and created the above masthead today. Well done, sir.

Life Of Its Own

I got an email today attaching a pdf file of an Original Answer "filed" a couple of days ago in Harris County. It was shocking because it contain an F Bomb, so I immediately showed it to a couple of lawyers in the Jack County Courthouse. Now back at the office, I did a quick check to see if someone had already blogged about it. Yep, they had. But it turns out that the pleading was a practical joke although now the "pleading" has already taken on a life of its own. The story here.


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- Regarding the guy in Dallas that was convicted of capital murder of an officer yesterday, Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley said, "we'll learn next when the judge will hand down the sentence." Uh, it's a death penalty case. The last time a judge handed down a sentence, and not the jury, in a death penalty case was . . . never.
- But, sheesh, the penalty phase won't resume until June 23rd. Crazy. Not sure I've ever heard of that long of a delay.
- And we had the steroid couple found dead of death in Dallas. See her here. Or her myspace here.One oddity was the news footage of the cops hauling "evidence" out of the garage. They all had these dark masks on. So strange. It was like they were "playing cops". (More shocking is the steroid dead guy's myspace page and his unfortunate nickname - as pointed out by Frontburner blog.)
- I have never looked at one myspace page that I didn't think, "Does anyone really think you can read that crap with that background?"
- New stuff for Gmail users.
- Looked at airline prices yesterday. Oh, my.
- Usher, who just released a new album and whose last hit "Yeah" will always get my attention, is married to a lady seven years his senior and who already had three kids.
- Creepy public service announcement.
- I'm halfway through the Pat Tillman book I keep referencing. Man, that thing is great. And, to add to the drama, the audiobook I'm listening to is read by the author: His mom. I'm not sure how she made it through the recording. ( AndI feel bad for being a little hard on her yesterday.)
- I'm about 75% through The Savages. I might hang myself.
- Pussycat Dolls at MTV Movie Awards. I don't know if like them or not, but they sure give it the What For when they perform.
- Someone decided to have a fireworks display for the public last night at Gateway Park in Fort Worth. Uh, fire without the works, ensued. And I used to make errors in a lawyer's softball league at that park about two decades ago. That's some good trivia right there.
- Before the fireworks display, there was a softball game with this girl pitching. Holy moley.
- I drink way too many diet cokes in a day.
- Robbie Knievel is supposed to jump a bunch of Hummers tomorrow at the Speedway. Now if he had done it yesterday in the wind, I'd pay to see it.
- And Robbie told a joke on The Ticket yesterday: "I rear-ended a guy outside of the Marriott last week. He got out and said, 'I'm not happy.' I said, 'Well which one are you?'" Kinda funny.
- I think I hit on this lady at Cassidy's last Wednesday.
- $1.3 million condo for sale at Texas Motor Speedway. Keystone Light not included. Pics.
- The fact that Ed McMahon's home is up for foreclosure is mindboggling. He apparently took out a $4.8 million mortgage from Countrywide (he needed a mortgage?). I'm not sure how much he made off of standing around on the Tonight Show, but throw in Star Search, a couple of books, and general appearance fees, and that guy should be rolling in dough. Something is going on.
- Gotta go to Jacksboro this morning.
- Had a guy tell me yesterday that the font on my Liberally Lean graphic above looked "cheap." I agree. I'll work on it. Unless there's some graphic artist out there that wants to throw a little graphic love this way. Uh, you know what I mean.


Based upon a comment, I have verified that we've got a pretty big fire north of Runaway Bay near the Boy Scout Ranch. Not many structures, but a pretty area.

And, man, in this wind.

Allow Me To Retort

I know I shouldn't speculate, but allow me to speculate.

The Keller police released this drawing today of a suspect in a rape case. Here's what's weird: (1) The attack allegedly occurred in broad daylight near noon* near midnight on a Friday, (2) in fairly upscale Keller, (3) in a public park (4) with no witnesses, (5) while an accomplice stood as look-out for almost 30 minutes, and (6) and the victim didn't report it until the 5:00 p.m. the next day.

I'm not saying it didn't happen, I just saying that before we haul in some poor Hank Hill looking guy, convict him, and lock him up for 20 years before some Star Trek-like science clears him, we might want to tap the brakes on this one.
*OK, I've now learned the difference between "AM" and "PM". The victim just happened to be sitting in the grass by herself around midnight.

Edit: Two weeks later it was determined that the report was false.

Probably From The CNN "Situation Room"


And I can end this debate right now. Hot girls? Ok and probably part of nature's plan that we are only now just discovering - scientifically speaking, that is. Ugly girls? They should stop their sinning immediately.

But the girl reprimanded in this case was actually a contestant of Tila Tequila's A Shot At Love 2. I don't know how that changes things, but it does.

(Thanks emailer.)

Edit: On a related note, we bring you the next Installment of "And Another."


Someone told me the NBA Championship starts tonight althoug I really don't care. But, since it involves the Lakers (who the last time I watched had some guy named Abdul-Jabbar on the roster), I will provide this link so you can peruse every single Laker girl. Me loves me some Laker Girls.

And here is some old man trivia: Back when L.A. Law was on (which was a silly show because they would have partner meetings at 8:00 a.m. where one guy would casually say "Jury selection in my very complicated murder case starts in 15 minutes" ), I could have sworn there was an episode where one of the lawyers was dating a Laker Girl. And I could have sworn it was Courtney Thorne-Smith (sp). Or it may be just a dream I had last night. I'm too lazy to look it up.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- Double motorcycle death in Fort Worth where the two riders came to a rest in the drive through of Taco Bueno on Camp Bowie.
- "Gas saving" tips like "slowly depressing the accelerator" beat me down. It's kind of like "drink lots of fluids" to avoid dehydration in the summer.
- Haven't really had to water my lawn this year but that's about to change.
- This is the 40th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's assassination. As a kid, I just remember how odd the killer's name was to me: Sirhan Sirhan.
- I'm trying to schedule a vacation for August but scared to look at airline flight prices. I've got a ton of Advantage Miles but they never seem to work like I want.
- Saw that Michelle Obama is to be a guest host on "The View." Seems like a greater chance for disaster than for benefit.
- Odd moment: Yesterday evening in Decatur a bunch of young military guys were kind of hitting on the clerk at a convenience store (the one that houses the Quizno's and Burger King.) She tells them she doesn't date military guys. "Why?" they ask. "Because the last one hit me in the face." Awkward silence ensued.
- Thing you already know: It's amazingly windy outside.
- John McCain threw down a challenge yesterday for Obama to join him in ten "town hall debates." Careful there, hoss.
- On the cover of People this week is the headline, "From Meth Addict To Mom" in connection with a story about some girl that used to be on "Full House." I'm so confused. Aren't we supposed to lock people like her up in cages for drug use?
- Marky Mark turns 37 today. I thought about him when I looked in the mirror this morning.
- Worst business timing: Owning Hummer dealership right now.
- Asian worker meltdown is like me by 11:00 a.m.
- Danica Patrick puts me in a bad mood every time I see her. Personality challenged - Big time. And as long as she has her helmet on, I kind of want someone to deck her next time she goes into "confrontation mode."
- Very random thought. "Big Media" trying to act like "New Media" is a failed bit. Take for example the Dallas Morning News "blog" featuring entries by Steve Blow, Jacquielynn Floyd, and Ed Housewright et. al. Yesterday the spent some time discussing the merits of tomatoes. Not salmonella poisoning. Just whether tomatoes are good to eat. Riveting.
- I've still got HBO's "Recount" saved on my TIVO but haven't watched it yet.
- Still working on my Pat Tillman book "written" by his mother. Man, if you want to hear some George Bush hating bitterness, listen to her for a while. And, with all due respect, she's not that smart.
- Blurb in the Update about Rep. Phil King being concerned about the high energy rates. The quote from a Few Good Men comes to mind: "I strenuously object?" Is that how it works? Hmm? "Objection." "Overruled." "Oh, no, no, no. No, I STRENUOUSLY object." "Oh. Well, if you strenuously object then I should take some time to reconsider."


Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Uuuuu.....Wait A Second

Federal Judge Losing Mind

It's probably more worthy of a Random Thought post, but the Texas Lawyer blog just posted a copy of an Order by a federal judge which contains some cRAzY tALk involving The Evil Empire. Edit: Pic of courthouse steps which are actually split between the two states.

Star Telegram Story On Wise County Growth

Here. I would have never have found it on the web site had I not bought a hard copy of the paper.

Say What?

A faithful reader emails "Breaking news: Horse drawn carriage hit by mini-van in Bridgeport."

Edit: Even mentioned on WBAP a second ago.

Edit #2: A Joe Duty speeding alert has been issued.

Edit #3: As one of the commentors reminded me, didn't someone post a comment under an earlier post expressing "surprise" that the horse drawn carriage hadn't been hit at that site before? I'll track it down later. (Update to edit: Found it. What follows was posted on 5/21/08).

Edit #4: An emailer sends in a pic of the way the carriage looked before the Incident of June, 2008.

Edit: I'll be dang, it made the Dallas Morning News.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

- Who is this Rebecca Flores who is doing morning traffic for Fox 4? She's appeared, the best I can tell, after faithful blog reader (really) Todd Carruth resigned. I can't find her on the website but she is hawt.
- This morning we've got a black man who will be the Democratic nominee for the president of the good 'ol USA. Just think how long it would have taken if the South had won the Civil War?
- And Obama might not win it all (the right wingers call him "unelectable"), but his supporters care far more about him than the Republicans care about McCain. You never see that kind of enthusiasm at a McCain rally. And you never will.
- This is from the 3A state championship game in Georgia. It sure looks like the pitcher and the catcher conspired to bean the umpire.
- The Best Buy in North Fort Worth is open. But haven't been there yet. I'm guessing it looks like any other Best Buy.
- You've probably seen the "bait car" story that lead to the death of the elderly lady in Dallas. (Guy steals a car the police own and are watching, crook flees, crook hits and kills lady.) Yeah, the bad guy deserves 99% of the blame, but the bait car idea - just like fake prostitutes - is stupid. Why not put a bag of money out in the Walmart parking lot and then arrest those that attempt to walk off with it?
- I've begun watching The Savages (which I had never heard of until that girl over at Incidental Smirkings mentioned she had watched it.) Incredibly depressing. Incredibly good.
- No, wise guys, I didn't go see Barry Manilow.
- Ironically, I can't remember the last time I ate at Dairy Queen.
- Still one of my favorite videos at the 1;14 mark.
- After about four years, I finally found an old remote control to my bedroom TV and discovered it had a sleep timer. Yahooty! For most of the past decade (or more), I've fallen asleep with the TV on. Will still do that, but at least it'll go off on its own now.
- There was a guy who failed to show up for his felony trial in Decatur yesterday.
- Who says the Cotton Bowl is going downhill? They just announced that Texas A&M-Commerce will play East Central University of Ada, Okla., on October 18th. Now where did I put my East Central pennant?
- Speaking of sportzzz, watched a little of the Aggie girls lose in the softball world series last night. Based upon the end of the game, there is lots of crying in softball.
- Never before have there been so many lawyers in Texas not knowing what they are doing.
- Singer John Mayer has a car that could be in Death Proof one day.
- Houston vice is still picking on strip clubs and The Smoking Gun has the mug shots of the ladies recently arrested. That first one looks like she could be Mrs. Green #9.
- Another reason boat owning is a beating: It was incredibly windy on Memorial Day. Incredibly windy last weekend. Suppossed to be the same next weekend. Considering that boating is basically a May through August recreation, that's quite a chunk of the season already ruined.
- I once paid $5,000 to have my 200 hp outboard motor rebuilt for my now ex-boat. Perhaps that's why I'm bitter.
- I don't mind the Miranda chick from Sex And The City being gay. Wait, I do mind!
- How there is not a wreck on FM 51 within Decatur every day is beyond me.
- I've always thought that Maggie Gyllenhaal was smoking hot (and could she be any more sexy than in SherryBaby?), and this new pic doesn't change that.
- Somewhat homeless guy kisses reporter during live spot.


Jumper On I-30. Or, Potential Jumper

A faithful reader just emailed me that he had taken this pic and sent it into the D Magazine blog, FrontBurner. Apparently this guy is thinking about jumping off the I-30 overpass in Dallas.

Thanks, David.

Fox and (Not My) Friends

Since I live for rumors, within the next 24 hours there is supposed to be a bombshell videotape of Obama's wife released*. That would explain why Hillary had stuck around all this time. The rumor has her going off on "Whitey" at the infamous church she and Obama used to belong to while seated next to Louis Farrakhan. *So says Bob Beckel on Fox & Friends this morning. (Per the Mark Davis Show on WBAP.) I think this has been floating around for quite some time. But the "chatter" on the subject has really heated up today. We'll see. Could be a big bag of nothing. Edit: Mark Davis on Wednesday morning now backs down from this story. Fine job, Mark.


From the MSNBC home page this morning: Car plows into bicycle race in Mexico on Sunday. (Largest pic I could find so far.)

Edit: Picture somewhat larger here.

Edit: And my buddy Keith over at bagofnothing.com emails this link which is the best of all.


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

- In watching one of the million stories on the capture of the very sillily (sp?) named "Scarecrow Bandits" last night, Fox 4's Shaun Rabb actually said, in regards to the capture of one of them, "Police made him eat asphalt until they had him handcuffed."
- I'm about an hour and half into the Mary Tillman's book: Boots On The Ground By Dusk. It started a little slowly (didn't really care about her three years as a soccer coach), but it has really picked up.
- Music podcast I might like
- Man I tossed and turned last night with the craziest dreams. I have this vague recollection of every rooftop on the Decatur courthouse square being a functioning piano bar.
- Steve Eager does a segment every night on Fox 4 News called the "The News Edge." It's so odd because he quickly covers three stories but abandons his "neutral" anchorman position and fires off some hot sports opinions. Well, opinions.
- I was surprised to learn yesterday that kids were still in school in Wise County.
- I normally get a Morning News on Sunday but last weekend I picked up a Star-Telegram. You know, I think it might be better. (But I'll give the edge to the first one that abandons Parade magazine.)
- 82 year old "Racehorse" Haynes had 11 jury trials last year and he's at it again.
- I never mind having to enter my zip code when I'm making a gasoline purchase by credit card. And for the first time in my life this morning, a fill up cost me over $60.
- Saw on the news that media outlets are offering up to $15 million for the first pics of the soon to be born twins of Angelina and Brad Pitt. Heck, I'd sell my twins for $15 million.
- The Indy cars are out at the Texas Motor Speedway this week. A few years back I went and watched qualifying for the event and the sound was deafening.
- I've never cared who Nolan Ryan recommended for foundation repair.
- The very absent Paul Harvey's "News and Comment" was sponsored this morning by Greenwood/Mount Olive Funeral Homes. Dark?
- Apparently there was a hockey game on NBC last night that went into triple overtime and didn't end until midnight. Can you imagine Jane and Mike sitting there at their anchor desks waiting to go on the air for two hours? I bet they just stared at the teleprompter waiting for the red light to go on.
- My StumbleUpon button took me to a collection of weird photos called "Childhood Fears." Uh, very weird.
- I remember when Jessica Alba was a stripper in Sin City. Now she has a basketball in her belly.
- If you are interested in legal stuff. relationships, and the federal government (quite the trifecta), you'll enjoy this read. And the biggest shocker comes at the end.
- Finished There Will Be Blood. Verdict: Incomplete. What's up with all these movies that are artistically pleasing to look at, have a fairly decent story line, and then just end in the middle of nothing? (See e.g. No Country For Old Men) A and someone told me Daniel Day-Lewis played the same part that he did in Gangs of New York (which I've never seen.)
- Executions begin again tonight in Texas. How did we survive without them? But I noted one guy refer to them as "Texecutions."

Did I Miss This?

A guy jumped off of 287 in Fort Worth onto I-30 last Friday. Was this on the news this weekend? (And it's a crazy story, by the way.)

That's a Google Street View pic of I-30 with the 287 overpass.

"Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream"

And 40 year old Sarah Ann McLachlan doesn't look like she's eaten much ice cream.

Just When I Think I'm Smmwarrrrt

I rarely read all the way through the A section of the DMN or ST because it's mostly full of world AP stories that don't interest me or I've already seen. But I did look at one story last weekend that began with the sentence above. I felt kind of toopid (as one of my friends calls me) when I ran across a word that I didn't understand. And I'm not talking about "foreigners" (pronounced locally as "fur-nirs")

Expand your mind here.

What's this country coming to when a man like this can't sneak under a table in a library and spray women's feet with an unknown substance from a syringe just so he can try out his new camera?

America, I don't even know you any more.


Something New

So I was looking at another DWI videotape when I noticed something different on the screen . . . Latitude and Longitude coordinates. I'll be dang. There they were:

33n12'56 and 97w45'83

I checked them out on Mapquest and Google maps and found out that Bridgeport police had arrested the guy in China. Yep, right there where the red star is (which is fitting.)

By luck, I figured out that a negative sign went in front of the 97.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts - On A Slow Moving Blogger Website Today

- Watched the MTV Movie Awards last night. Other than a very funny bit by Jack Black, Robert Downey, Jr. and Ben Stiller that is hard to explain, it wasn't very good.
- Host Mike Myers hyped his new movie, The Love Guru, all night long. It looks awful.
- Only 17,661 at the Ballpark in Arlington yesterday. I had it on for some reason and I think the 7th inning lasted two hours.
- 100 greatest movie posters.
- The Becky Simpson murder-for-hire story was on Dateline Friday night but I missed it. I don't know if it was an original or a repeat. Edit: Here's the web page which includes a book in photo I've never seen before.
- I wear only one contact. Put a new one in yesterday. Put it in it's case last night. And it wasn't there this morning.
- Pete Delkus is filling in on WBAP this morning. That guy's not as near as charming as he thinks he is.
- Texas A&M is playing in the softball world series tonight which I'm guessing is on ESPN.
- Northwest is going to host a Student Council Convention will will bring in 2,000 people. In school, I always thought the Student Council was silly because it truly had no authority which seemed very hypocritical to me.
- If it doesn't get to 77 degrees this morning (it's 78 at 5:30 a.m.), that will set a record for the highest low for June 2nd.
- I bet I haven't used a toaster in 20 years.
- Ted Kennedy is having brain surgery this morning (just got a blurb about it, I think.) That can't be good.
- Ever since I became proficient at podcast syncing and audiobooks, I've listened to less and less radio. It just seems silly to have to listen through seven minutes of commercials for ten minutes of content.
- I want to drive by the new Cowboy's stadium but I bet I haven't been down I-30 in over a year. But, man, is it going to be a show place.
- There was another kid-ran-over-in-the-driveway story in Dallas yesterday.
- There was a fire this weekend at Universal Studios in Los Angeles which destroyed some old movie sets. I've been there - at the demand of an old girlfriend when I visited the city a few years back. But I went begrudgingly because of all the things to see in the city we were going to a Six Flags like movie park.
- I always struggle with The Spin, and I was worried today that my Major Award reference would be lost on most people. (And I've written 427 of those things - maybe more since a few have been lost to the accidental delete button.)
- We live in one of the windiest areas in the United States.
- Third best month ever for viewership on Liberally Lean last month but the numbers have leveled off. Maybe more scantily clad women would help.
- Watch a Boston Red Sox fan meet the business end of security after running onto the field over the weekend.
- Update on the lady rowing across the Pacific. Girl doesn't get very far in a week.


Grex And The City

So I went yesterday to see Sex And The City at the Movie Tavern off of Hulen. (But allow me to digress for a second. To H.B. Zachry & Company: Your company is run by morons who decided to needlessly take I-35 southbound to one lane all day Saturday. But I'm not bitter.) So on with the review:

- Overall: Very good. But it's just odd that this was a "movie" since it really wasn't any different than what you would see on HBO. But it was all you would hope for. But if you had never seen the TV series, there's no way you'd be interested in it.
- Man, there were a bunch of women there. I'm guessing a 9:1 ratio, and I might be underestimating the female population
- At one point in the picture, a male character admits to his love interest that he has had an affair. At that moment, I heard the loudest "gasp" ever to come from a movie audience. I wanted to stand up and say, "Hold on, ladies! He's probably got a good explanation! Hear him out!"
- The other big crowd reaction came when Samantha told a generic obnoxious-friend-of-the-groom to, uh, shut up at the rehearsal dinner. It was like this female crowd had been wanting to do that all their lives.
- The four stars are getting a little old. And as the final scene ran with some random twenty something female foursomes roaming the streets of New York - in a message that there will always be other other Carrie Bradshaws & Company to take their place - I felt a little old myself.
- I've always wanted to be like Mr. Big.
- Carrie Bradshaw's written excerpts makes makes me think she is a horrible writer.
- Sidenote: Seeing a film at the Movie Tavern (there's also on one in the Bedford area) is great. It's about the only way I'll see a movie in theaters anymore.

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