First Down

I spent the day officiating at the The Spirit of Christmas flag football tournament sponsored by the Bridgeport Police Department. I saw two fights, two ejections (one occurring at 8:35 a.m.), one horrific looking dislocated shoulder, Phillip Daugherty, a terrific catch by Joey Christian, a limping Joey Christian, some confused officials (me included), a black guy running fifty yards for a touchdown with his shorts falling off to his knees - and still no one could catch him, a disgruntled DPS team that didn't make the playoffs, a very elusive Andrew Rottner catching a million passes (but I was curious why the Messenger wasn't there to take his picture) and a bunch of money raised for a good cause. And I learned it's kinda fun to blow a whistle.

Kinda Cool #2

Kinda Cool


Justice Denied

That plea bargain between the prosecution and the hottest teacher in the world has been rejected by the judge. A trial now looms. Maybe the judge just wanted to spend more time with her.

Business Talk

This business blurb was buried in the Dallas Morning News: "Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst Inc. said Thursday it has sold Aster, a media and communications company in Poland, to Mid Europa Partners, a buyout firm . . . . The deal, worth $490 million, gives Hicks Muse a return of 4.8 times its invested capital, said a spokesperson for the Dallas-based buyout firm. Hicks Muse made its initial investment in Aster in March 2003." Think about that. The Hicks, Muse group bought some Poland business for just under $100 million and sold it less than two years later for almost $500 million. Gordon Geeko lives. (The "Hicks", of course, is Tom Hicks - owner of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars. )

Worst Christmas Gift Ever


Today In NYC's Central Park

I Wonder . . .

. . . if there is a website that collects photographs of hot females who are amputees? Don't click here. (Although "ES" stands for "electronic surgery" which means the pictures have been photoshopped). (And I wonder if BigCatDaddy would?)

Tongan Chant

Euless Trinity is playing for the state championship this weekend. A couple of weeks ago I saw them in a playoff game at Texas Stadium and was very entertained by a Chant the players engaged in before the game. I love crazy stuff and the team, which is made up of a great number of Tongans, certainly delivers. Here's my picture of it. Here's a short video of the chant performed at another game.


Hot Girl / Bad Nose

Scarlett Johansen has tricked up her nose.

Fake, But Funny

So . . .

. . . wrong.

The Greatest Gift . . .

. . . . of all time for beer lovers.

Batman Begins . . .

. . . is really good. (Although I couldn't help but having flashbacks to lead actor Christian Bale's* prior movie, American Psycho.) [*Edited. Patrick Bateman was originally identified as the actor. That was the character's name in American Psycho portrayed by Bale. I screwed up.]

"It's Burning. It's Burning Good."

At least that was the description of a Channel 11 reporter this morning while covering a jack-knifed 18 wheeler that burst into flames. In all seriousness, watch Channel 11 news today because they actually videotaped live (from a helicopter) an incredible crash on I-20 today. (For those who have a high speed connection and are interested, it's worth seeing on the news channel's web site as well).

Now This Is Cold

Yeah, yeah, it was 80 degrees last Saturday but if I hear someone say "You know what they say about Texas weather, if you don't like it just wait ten minutes" I think I'll go cuddle up in a snow bank.


Death Trap

After driving the sheet of ice that is highway 287 between Fort Worth and Decatur this afternoon (and witnessing an 18 wheeler go into the median and disintegrating), I have only five words of advice: SLOW DOWN!

School/Daycare Closings?

It looks like it a crazy combo of early closings out there. (I don't think I've ever seen so many young mothers scramble out of the courthouse).


CHICO FIRE KILLS TWO – A pre-dawn fire today killed two persons trapped inside their small home on Texas 101 north of Chico. (More . . . )

Blizzard Of The Century Headed Our Way?

Predictions? Anyone? Anyone?



I saw an article on Yahoo about how many of the new Mega-Churches are closing on Christmas Day because they were "anticipating low attendance on what they call a family day." Uh, yeah, you read that correctly. I didn't think much about it until I saw that the ridiculously large "Fellowship Church" in Grapevine is joining in the shut down. Maybe the Purpose Driven Life doesn't include church on Christmas. And, you know what? Christmas Day falls on a Sunday. More proof that the sign of the Apocalypse is upon us.

Saddam's Trial

It's odd that the first witness in the Sadam Hussein trial testified behind a curtain and with a voice synthesizer. Ironically, that would never fly in an American courtroom where, thank goodness, there is something called the Confrontation Clause that would prohibit such a thing. Think about it: If someone accused you of a crime, how could your lawyer cross examine him or her if they it could not be determined who they were? And this is a death penalty case! And another disturbing thing was this report: "The most compelling testimony came from the woman identified only as 'Witness A,' who was a 16-year-old girl at the time of the crackdown. Her voice breaking with emotion, she told the court of beatings and electric shocks by the former president's agents." Agents? Certainly we wouldn't put President Bush on trial for the actions of soldier Lindy England at Abu Ghraib prison.

It's Marital Carnage

Another one down in flames.

And You Wonder Why ....

....I make all of those football trips. (Answer). I've got to go to Florida State.

Good Luck With All Of That

Highland Park is playing for a state championship this weekend. Unfortunately, the game is being played at a 12,000 seat stadium in Tyler (named, oddly, "Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium"). Thus, all tickets were sold in a matter of hours. Those Highland Parkers are now scrambling. But some guy will gladly sell you two tickets off of Craig's List. And I bet some Highland Park nutcase will buy them.

Lindsay Lohan's New Publicity Photo For Her Upcoming Album


"I've Kinda Lost My Appetite"

I laugh every time I see the Geico "caveman commercial".

He's A Born Show Man

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has released a list of the top ten Dead Beat Dads. I was so amazed that Abbott held a press conference in connection with the release of the list. It was like he was acting like ....well....uh .... a politician.

Officer Funeral

It may take a second to load, but if you want to see a moving tribute to fallen Fort Worth Police Officer Hank Nava click on this tribute created by the Star Telegram.


There is a lot of over media-weather-hype going on about the huge cold front coming in but.....I don't mind at all.

For This Blog To ...

...be hosted by Google, it sure has been unreliable today.

"Maam, Have You Seen By Beach Ball?"

Thailand's Tharatip Sridee performs in the ball category of the women's rhythmic gymnastics individual finals at the 23rd Southeast Asian Games in Manila December 4, 2005. Sridee won the gold medal. REUTERS/Cheryl Ravelo

"Judge Cude, You Infidel!!!"


I've Been Working Out Too Much


Christmas Present

There's some breaking news about the indictment against Tom Delay being thrown out. Developing. Edit: Oops. Looks like just some of the charges were dismissed.


I Liked Collateral

Unfortunately, Not To Me

A 20 year old, who inherited and estimated $2.7 billion two years ago, has now married. (And there's just something about that last name).

And Then Depression Set In

Ok, my worst nightmare has come true. The Texas Longhorns are 12-0 and playing for the national championship game against USC in about a month. And I had to spend three hours yesterday looking at very happy 'Horn fans fondling roses during the ridiculous 70-3 win over Colorado in the Big 12 Championship game (and it wasn't that close). My Christmas has been ruined. I think I'll just sit here on the couch with my USC penant until this ugly nightmare is over. And I might have to get our my Dress Blues if UT wins. Edit: USC has opened as a 7 point favorite.

You've Got To See

The ice sculpture exhibit at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine called, well . . . "Ice". It's a bit pricey ($20.00), but worth it. (I went yesterday). And if you are the least bit interested, click here to see a picture from inside the exhibit.

Heck of A Fire Yesterday In Wise County

Dallas Morning News story. Star Telegram story. Channel 11 story.