I Love This Moment

But having "Bevo" (a longhorn) and "Boomer" (a horse) introduce the starting lineups cheapens the whole thing.

Edit: I take no joy in The Evil Empire starting out conference play at 0-2 or losing their last 4 conference games. Really. Ok, maybe a little. But this game was much closer that I thought - and Texas might want to bench Jamaal Charles until he learns to hang onto the ball.

Quick Hit

OK, maybe baseball can be a little cool. The game winning home run by Manny Ramirez last night was a monster. And him posing after the fact was just gold.

And did you see the crazy bugs attack the players in the Yankee game?

On This . . .

. . . my favorite football weekend of the year, I'm up before dawn to take place in something called the "Wellness Challenge" sponsored by the local hospital. There are such events as "obstacle course" and "track relay". My goal is to not get hurt. My dream is to go back to bed right now.

Edit: I almost died on an obstacle course. And some of the events were a bit odd:

Edit: I forgot my promise. Photo is copyrighted by Allen Williamson. All rights reserved.

August Fatal Wreck Update

94 mph with a .12 blood alcohol concentration is a very bad combination.



Helpful Hint For Latoisha

If you want to defend yourself against "Compelling Prostitution" charges on Fox 4 News, try not to wear a very low cut top with a hand print on the front. I'm just saying.

I Know . . .

. . . this will interest maybe five people (if that), but if you want an MP3 of the Foo Fighters covering "Band On The Run" by Paul McCartney and Wings, here ya go. Good stuff.

And Another

Story. One of these days we'll have a teacher sex scandal and a motorcycle crash all in one story. I'd probably post that.

You Have As Many Questions As I Do

I'd heard and written about this before but saw the newest info over at bagofnothing.com:
America's first year-round outdoor ski and snowboard park is scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. The project is located within close proximity to the Dallas and Fort Worth area within easy access to the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, between the Alliance Airport and Texas Motor Speedway.
More here and a promotional video on youtube here.

Cheesy . . .

. . . but not bad. Someone combines footage of Tony Romo's mad scramble last week with a song by Fountains of Wayne. Link.

I Hate . . .

. . . when things happen I don't understand. Especially magic. I'm pretty sure that magic has something to do with the Devil. Like a Ouija Board (that my dear mother banned me from playing as a child.)

Anyway ( stay with me here), last night I'm watching Lou Holtz on ESPN do one of his weekly "pep talks" to a random team he picks. The speeches are silly and uninspiring. But the guy is so crazy, that I can't take my eyes off of him.

At the end of the speech Lou pulled out a newspaper, tore it up, and then .......... see it for yourself.

(Sidenote - He did have this funny line: "Happiness is nothing more than having a poor memory. If you can't remember what happened yesterday, you feel pretty good today.")

Predictable "Justice"

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals releases its opinions every Thursday. Yesterday the criminal defendants went 0-9. It's like that every week. If you think the appellate process favors defendants, you are very wrong.

My Obsession Continues

Was in Jacksboro all morning. But a faithful reader emailed me the story of yet another motorcycle death last night.


Kelly Clarkson . . .

. . . will beat us down on Thanksgiving at halftime during the Cowboys' game. If she sings, "Since You Been Gone" one more time, I'll throw up my turkey. But the Cowboys put her in front of the cameras today at Valley Ranch to promote the performance. That's her on the right in case you were confused.

Source: Star Telegram.

Hey, Now

Texas AG Is Pimpin' Himself

News has come out that 14 sex offenders have been arrested for "illegally" using MySpace.com. But the Texas AG's office is using it as a campaign commercial by (1) sending out a press release, (2) having the arrests made by his investigators and then taking full credit as the headline - above - from his state web site shows, and shockingly (3) putting up the video of the arrest of all 14 people on the web site.

His Your taxpayer funded web site showing this shameless self promotion at your expense is here.


The Update is reporting 114 being shut down at 51 due to a fatality. WBAP as referred to it as a Semi/Automobile wreck. Anybody know anything? I'd send my news crew out to cover it if I had a news crew. Edit: WBAP reports the highway was reopened around noon.

Want To Rethink That?

This dealership got in a little bit of trouble for this ad.

Thursday Morning Pick Me Up

And I almost got killed in a traffic accident this morning. My heart is still racing.


Fox 4 . . . . . . .Pause . . . . . News

Fox 4 led with the crazy janitor story in Rhome. Frankly, I can't believe this hasn't been picked up by the national wire.

And Lari Barager is looking pretty, pretty good.

Random Baseball Thought

I didn't watch any off the baseball playoff games today, but I just saw that the Boston Red Sox won. You know what their starting pitcher did? He went the complete 9 innings, gave up only 4 hits, no runs were scored, he didn't walk a soul, and struck out 8.

After a krillion years of bad Texas Ranger baseball, I know this: It's pitching. It's always pitching.

Craziest Statute Ever

I was up at the courthouse this afternoon and was confronted with "did you know this was against the law?" scenario. Then the guy showed me the statute.

There has to be a law against this?

I Don't Think That Is Part Of The Sentencing Guidelines

And, uh, the allegations concern the spanking of male inmates.

Oh, my.

Public Service Announcement

Since I know the probation departments of Wise and Jack Counties are faithful readers, I thought I'd pass this story along.

Be careful out there.

Mom Should Be Banned From Watching "Dodgeball"

Kinda amusing video of mom beaning her kid in the front lawn.

That Guy Is So Odd

Heck, it's Mark Cuban's team and he can do whatever he wants, but I think it's strange that the official Dallas Mavericks site spends so much space on its home page promoting Cuban's Dancing With The Starts gig.

Mid Week Slump

After the shocking "what happened in the middle school closet?" story yesterday, the news has slowed down considerably.

Fox 4 had a story about how Waxahachie ISD banned a kid from wearing a John Edwards T-shirt since it violated the rules about shirts "with words" on them. Silly.

And I just heard that President Bush vetoed (a rarity) legislation that would have expanded a children's health insurance program by $35 billion over five years. I've got too much Tired Head to figure out if that's good or bad. But since when does he care about spending your money?

Finally, I really haven't given it much thought, but the Hard Line Conservatives are thinking about creating a third political party. It'll never happen.


Like Looking In A Mirror

Meet newly crowned Mr. Olympia 2007: Jay Cutler (not from the Denver Broncos.) He won this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Now That Makes Us Speculate

So we have a guy found dead in closet in a Rhome middle school. The Messenger says he had a bag over his head, and the Star-Telegram says it appears to be "accidental." If I had to guess, I would. But I'm not. Know what I'm saying? Edit: Shocking - The Messenger will report tomorrow that the guy was a registered sex offender. (Oddly, they left it out of the Update but made it a front page story in the paper.)

Top 10 Reasons Everyone Hates Texas

I'm still trying to decide if this is funny, but I think it is. And a lot of work went into creating it (it starts of with the David Letterman logo but it's clearly not a David Letterman production.)

Just Curious

Saw this elsewhere:
I've been lucky enough to drive to Houston 4 times over the last 6 weeks. On all 4 trips, I've passed flat-bed trucks heading north on 45 carrying long, white, metal objects that I can best describe as looking like airplane wings. Does anyone know what I'm seeing?
I've seen the same thing coming through Decatur - but have never been quick enough to snap a picture. I think they are the blades for a wind turbine used for electricity purposes. But I could be wrong.

Missed Cuban Last Night

Decatur's Gone Festive

Real hay and real pumpkins around the square this morning? It's enough to make a guy think it's fall if it weren't 90+ degrees outside.


Decatur Census Data

Enter your zip code here.

I'm Telling Ya . . .

. . . there is a motorcycle death every week.

Made Me Laugh

One Of My Law Enforcement . . .

. . . buddies (yep, I do have some) sent me this video of a DWI/Lawnmower/Take Down. It's worth a look.

Location. Location. Location.

Missed this in the Star Telegram this morning.

Edit: As a reader pointed out, there was also a story about the closing of K-Bobs.

As A Fort Worth Hearing Awaits Me . . .

. . . enjoy some Frisbee football carnage. Good times.

Running Man

I started watching Roots this weekend (and at 40 minute intervals on my treadmill, this is going to take a while.)

As I was beginning to question the historical accuracy of the opening scenes, I was more surprised by the appearance of one O.J. Simpson. Yep, there he was running after 15 year old Kunta Kinte.

On Mondays . . .

. . . we can all use some cheering up.


More Chaos

I know nothing about kids or what kids like. But even a guy like me keeps hearing about "Hannah Montana", and I also hear she is coming to Fort Worth. I looked at Stubhub to see the price of tickets on the scalper marker. (Random screenshot above.) Oh, my.


I'm getting bombarded with emails about the long-time manager of the Decatur Walmart leaving his position.

That's news because Wise County revolves around Walmart. After all, it is our Vatican.

(Be nice with the comments.)

Someone Sends Me A Cool Decatur Pic

I like it. I post it.

Strange Little Cars Invade Decatur

Residents panic.

I'm Not Talking About College Football

Baylor gets killed. Expected. But The Evil Empire loses. OU gets beat. And the world may not be on its axis.