Redskins Cheerleaders Taking You Into The Weekend

Oh, Man

The Meteor This Morning

Credit Fox 4 News. (Via Facebook)

Aggie OSU Fight In Dallas

Published on Nov 30, 2012
Out-of-town Oklahoma State fans walk into a bar where some local Aggies are watching the football game. The Cowboys fans began taunting after the game, then demanded a cigarette from one of the friends of the Aggies who refused. A brawl ensued.

Can we have a better description than that? There has to be more to it than that. Did someone say something negative about Johnny Football? The Corp? Reveille? There has to be more. 

Hey, if idiots want to brawl, I say knock yourself out. But the face stomp when someone is down might be the most cowardly act you can perform. I wonder if that was an Aggie or an OSU guy. I'm guessing OSU.

P.S. If I were one of the Aggies about to land a haymaker to an OSU boy, I couldn't help but say, "I'm a man! I'm 40!" (Pow!)

And Later They All Sat Around And Listened to Larry The Cable Guy

Go ahead and make fun of me for being fearful of working on geometry homework last night. You see, I know my limitations.  These guys (and I'm taking a wild guess here) do not.

Now if only Honey Boo Boo's mom had been holding that ball.

Good Grief

All part of a wacky radio bit. Story.

Edit: Here is the audio of the prank.

Renaissance Man: The Mayor Of Chico

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: Oops. I was debating with RTG to post and forgot to make a decision.
  • It sounds like a funny bit: There is talk of Cowboys Stadium hosting four college basketball games to be played simultaneously.  But, logistically speaking, wouldn't the multiple buzzers and whistles drive all the players crazy?
  • There's something that makes me uncomfortable about the Salvation Army bell-ringing campaign. 
  • Pictures of Decatur guys shooting deer, a coyote, and a bobcat(?). 
  • Unemployment rate news this morning: It has fallen to 7.7%.  I guess America will survive the presidential election after all!
  • Mrs. LL last night: "Help her with geometry." Me: "You're kidding, right?"  Her: "It's only geometry."  I felt like Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes was bearing down on me as I picked up the homework page with a shaking hand. 
  • There's a whistleblower lawsuit involving an assistant principal in Fort Worth which is filed in Wise County and was mentioned in the Fort Worth Weekly this week after a recent ruling. 
  • A three year old from Decatur was listed in the Update's death notices.
  • I mentioned this from time to time: More than a decade ago the Update used to list the names of individuals who were admitted to the local hospital. That sounds insane now. 
  • There were reports from the metroplex of a huge meteor around 6:45 a.m. this morning. 
  • News video of people smoking pot under the Space Needle in Seattle yesterday was just plain weird. (It was the first day Washington's legalization took effect. Oddly, it is still illegal to smoke in public but no one seemed to care.) 
  • The McAfee anti-virus guy who is accused of murdering a man in Belize has been arrested and is blogging from jail.  That man has lost his mind.
  • If murder was legal, how much would it escalate? Twice as much? Ten times? More? 
  • I am so out of the music loop that I have no idea what a song by Mumford & Sons sounds like. I just see their name all over the place. 
  • Professionally, I may have had the greatest emotional experience over the last seven days. I came in contact with a man who was skeptical and suspicious of me who now is concerned I might not be around to help in the future. 
  • Thing I learned this morning: Lee Harvey Oswald was only 24 when he did the deed.
  • It seems like the electrical-poles-catching-fire story would have been bigger than what it was.


Alert: Google Street View Car Is In Wise County

Looks very similar to this one.

Edit: Here's a shot of it in Decatur

Afternoon Pick Me Up: Australian Chick Who Almost Had Her Leg Bitten Off By A Croc


Electrical Pole Fires This Morning: This Is Weird

I heard a news blurb of power outages in Waco and surrounding counties this morning attributable  to of all things, electrical poles catching fire. Now I just heard that I-30 in Rowlett was shut down because a pole caught fire there and might fall on the highway.


"Get Your Daddy On"

I could have soooo made this video. I went through all of that yesterday.

Radio Guy Mark Davis With Two Rockettes This Morning

The Rockettes are performing at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie right now.

(Who knew they wore those outfits even when not working?)


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • How long have there been fuses in Christmas light strings? 
  • The guy behind the failed Rick Perry campaign and the failed David "Chinese Ads" Dewhurst campaign now says that the Republican Party does not need to re-invent itself. That probably means the Republican Party should re-invent itself. 
  • A guy goes through an SMU dorm offering free massages. He was arrested for criminal trespass since it's not illegal to offer free massages. 
  • Here's my favorite sentence from that story: "One student claimed that Kim touched her inappropriately during a massage." So someone took him up on it?
  • I've never watched Homeland but everyone is griping about how horrible the last episode was.
  • Last night everyone began to freak out because Syria was getting extremely close to launching chemical weapons on the rebels. This sounds frighteningly serious.
  • I've got a tiny, tiny chip on a tooth but it is like a magnet for my tongue. 
  • I learned of three marriage/relationship breakups yesterday of people I'm acquainted with. Kind of jarring.
  • I was not allowed by the Freshman In The House  to season hamburger meat (with some package that said add it and water to meat and bring to boil) because she thought I would screw it up.
  • No one is coming to take your guns away. 
  • The murder victim in the murder/suicide by the Kansas City Chief will be buried today in a tiny town in Collin County, Texas. 
  • Bob Sturm on The Ticket yesterday explained how every year he and a group of guys visit a Guatemalan orphanage.  Man, his description makes it sound so shocking. (And he has done more than just visit, he adopted a Honduran child a couple of years ago.) 
  • Johnny Manziel (Aggie quarterback and future Heisman winner) turns 20 today. 20!
  • Ann Coulter was on Hannity last night. I'm convinced she does meth. And I'm serious. 


Penn State Sorority Isn't Helping The School's Image


Viral Video Of The Day

Kids might want to get back to Chess class. This may be the worst high school video ever.

Chick Runs Over Ex-Boyfriends Momma After Break Up

AUSTIN (KXAN) - An Austin woman is in a host of trouble after a less-than-amicable breakup, according to police.
Police said she called her ex-boyfriend hundreds of times a day and severely injured his mother with her car. According to a police affidavit, 22-year-old Elizabeth Segundo McClain is accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and stalking.
Court records indicate McClain texted her ex-boyfriend on Nov. 4 -- which also happened to be her birthday --  126 times in a row. All were blank text messages, except for two that read, "Annoying Uh?"
Police said McClain on Monday sent 50 blank text messages to her 25-year-old ex-boyfriend and then a series of messages suggesting that she was at his home. Less than 30 minutes later, the ex-boyfriend allegedly received a text message from his mother’s boyfriend saying McClain just hit his mother with her car. Two minutes later, police said McClain sent a text message to her ex-boyfriend saying, "How’s Life LOL." (More)

The ex-boyfriend needs to call me because I've got some advice for you: This is just the beginning. Women are crazy. And if you date a hot chick for three years and don't put a ring on her finger, there's going to be consequences. Big consequences. You are lucky if you just get a krillion phone calls and your momma run over --- things can get nuts. Remember when Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez burned down Andre Rison's house? So don't be whining. It's just the price players gotta pay.

Above The Fold

It Was Trooper Breakfast Day At Fuzzy's This Morning

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's just no way to ignore a bomb threat (Decatur ISD received one yesterday if you haven't heard), and I don't see how that will ever change. 
  • The Update says the school is offering a $2,500 reward for an arrest and conviction of the suspect.  I'm not saying that's a bad idea, but I don't know how they have the authority to award tax funds as a reward. We've got a Crimestoppers funds which has to have tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in it. 
  • Breaking Bad fans: I'm all the way to "The Fly" episode. So far, I'm getting close to proclaiming this as the greatest show of all time, but I hope it doesn't jump the shark. 
  • Kate Middleton's firstborn will trump Prince Harry in the succession line to the throne. If she had twins and if they were delivered by Cesarean section, the doctor's choice of which one to remove first trumps his twin sibling for that role. 
  • Had a client charged with forgery out of Boyd who swore to me she didn't do it. I hear that all the time, but I believed her although the victim picked her out of a photo lineup. Yesterday, with the cooperation of the DA's office, we agreed to get the two together so the victim could see my client in person in order to see if the victim would actually be willing to testify in court that it was her who passed the check. He looked at my client for about 10 seconds and boldly said, "That's not her." The case was dismissed. Kudos to the DA's office. They could have declined that interview and offered a "take or leave it" plea bargain and made us risk going to trial to find out if the victim would ID her in court. 
  • Some defense lawyers in other counties will think I'm nuts for agreeing to, in essence, a one person line up. But those guys have never practiced law in the same small town for twenty years. And those guys don't know if they can trust the prosecutor they are dealing with. 
  • Haven't seen a James Wood Motors commercial in a while.
  • Sports columnist Jason Whitlock is getting a lot of press in light of the Bob Costas' rant. That guy constantly brings out a flamethrower with over the top opinions. (He's also the guy who will tweet, "Hey, someone throw me a link to my most recent column" for some ultimate "look at me" attention.)
  • I heard about the capital murder suspect in Dallas grabbing a deputy's gun and escaping from Parkland Hospital last night. I had no idea it was the guy who allegedly sexually assaulted a 16 year old and then tricked her into meeting him off Facebook in order to prevent her from testifying against him.  (He was captured, but I'm stunned he didn't off himself.)
  • Christmas lights are more fragile than newborns.
  • There's a new "viral" video of a kid crying about a sports issue. This time, a kid is told Mike Napoli  is leaving the Rangers to go to the Red Sox. Message to parents: You are a bad parent if you film your kid for the sole purpose of watching him cry on video in order to do a bit. 
  • Now the New York Post is running front pages about its front page. 


Secret Video Of Wise County Toy Run

(Or it might be just some French journalist.)

Count The Errors

Portion of letter sent out by Northlake Municipal Court.

(Thanks PB.)

A Wise County Dog Was Adopted By A Guy Engaging In A Major Sports Violation!

Credit: Mrs. LL

It's Christmas


Our offense continues. Defense? We don't need no stinkin' defense.

Report: Bomb Threat At Decatur High School

Developing . . . .

Edit at 10:51 am: Bomb threat confirmed. School evacuated.

From the school:  "This morning, the high school received a bomb threat. Although we feel that this is a hoax, we have taken the precaution of clearing the building and taking the students to the practice field while the fire department sweeps the building. As soon as we receive the 'all clear,' we will return to the building. Any students checked out will be counted absent. While we wait, students are escorted to Carson Elementary for restroom breaks. Students who are STAAR testing have been moved to Carson to finish their exams. As soon as the "
'all clear' is issued, we will post it on the website."

Bob Costas Double Downs On Gun Control Today

"Why do you need a semi-automatic weapon? What possible use is there for a citizen to have a semi-automatic weapon?"

I'll bet $100 he doesn't know the definition of "semi-automatic weapon."

What's The Deal With This Old Double Decker Deck Bus Sitting Off The Wise County Courthouse Square?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm going to take a pass on the Dallas (Half) Marathon this year. Maybe I'll do the one in Fort Worth in February. 
  • The Family Cat vs. Christmas Tree war has begun. Hey, maybe the cat actually does engage in a "War On Christmas?"
  • The Bob Costas' rant about gun control reminds me of how much of a difference there is between how the North and the South think about guns.  For instance, NFL player Plaxico Burris accidentally shot himself in the leg in a New York club. Down here, he'd probably get probation. Up there, he was sentenced to two years in prison (and that was even after a plea deal.)
  • Brady Quinn on the murder suicide involving the Kansas City Player: "We live in a society of social networks, with Twitter pages and Facebook, and that’s fine, but we have contact with our work associates, our family, our friends, and it seems like half the time we are more preoccupied with our phone and other things going on instead of the actual relationships that we have right in front of us. Hopefully people can learn from this and try to actually help if someone is battling something deeper on the inside than what they are revealing on a day-to-day basis.”
  • Random Thought That Hit Home Yesterday: Criminal law can be a gut wrenching business. 
  • Some guy wrapped his Mercedes around some trees in Turtle Creek last night and was killed. His name was released but really the only thing you could learn about him was that he lived in a half million condo.  Edit: I bet that's him.
  • You would think technology will improve over the next couple of decades to such an extent that with either holograms, glasses, and other technology that you could "experience" a location just like you were there. (I.e. Grand Canyon, Sistine Chapel, the Super Bowl.) I mean it would be an experience that is 99% life-like.
  • If you missed RG3 on Monday Night Football last night, you missed a show. I was hopeful he would be good, but I had no idea he would be this fantastic in NFL.  Then again, he can't be taking that beating that he has. One of these times his shoulder is coming out. 
  • Hey Aggies, if you want a sure fire prediction site as to who will win the Heisman, this is it. My Sports Genius Prediction: It's Johnny Manziel in a landslide. 
  • A 23 year old from Chico is listed in the death notices in the Update.
  • Two San Antonio Spurs have got to get fined for this Halloween picture showing them with fake guns at the head of a fake referee. Oh, my. 
  • Fleetwood Mac has announced a reunion tour including Stevie Nicks. Are all the rest of them still alive?
  • Is the New York Post crossing the line? 


Yesterday In Canada: Speaking of Toys

Often imitated, never duplicated, the WHL's Calgary Hitmen's annual Teddy Bear Toss is the best spectacle in junior hockey, and it's for a good cause. Fans bring stuffed animals to the game, and upon the Hitmen's first goal, they're hurled onto the ice in an orgiastic torrent of plush. The bears are then donated to local hospitals and charities. (via Deadspin.com)

Wise County Toy Ride

That poster from last week caused a small ruckus, but the turnout looks incredible.

Basketball Halftime Promotional Competition

I think I could throw a shot put further.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We babysat of Friday night. Before that night, I had a baby spit up on me maybe once in my life.  I then went through four shirts before 10:00 p.m. I guess there's a reason you see that towel drooped over a mom's shoulder.
  • And we also ended up with two little kids. I had a first: I was offered a french fry dipped in syrup.
  • We started decorating the front lawn with Christmas stuff yesterday. Mrs. LL played Christmas carols which gave rise to a very cheesy setting -- but in a good way.
  • When did the ground get so hard? 
  • Mrs. LL and the girls want me to see some Christmas design a few miles away but I'm a little worried when the Fourth-Grader-In-The-House said, "I'm not sure he should see it because he won't like our decorations after that."
  • I caught parts of The Terminal yesterday with Tom Hanks which I had seen before. It's pretty cheesy -- in a bad way. 
  • Wrong way driver on 635 in Dallas this morning injures six. 
  • Bob Costas has caused quite a stir because he went on a gun control rant during the Cowboys' game last night in light of the murder/suicide by the Kansas City Chiefs' player.  Hey, it was just an opinion of one guy, but all the talk radio shows are acting like he's introduced legislation to ban handguns. (And get ready for crazy Ted Nugent to get all sorts of press today.)
  • And they are already blaming the murder/suicide on NFL concussions? 
  • The "Paradise model" got in a wreck over the weekend.
  • Mrs. LL and the girls went to see the Nutcracker at the Tarrant County Convention Center. All of them said it was very "amateurish" except for about two dancers.
  • Mitt Romney had lunch with the President this weekend at the White House. Free government lunch?
  • It's December of 2012.  That 12/21/12 guy has been posting in here for what I bet is at least three years. Finally that date will arrive.
  • Sports: (1) Baylor beat OSU in football and Kentucky in basketball at the exact same time on Saturday. I was giddy. (2) How UT does not have a quarterback on the roster is a great mystery of the universe. (3) College football hit of the week. (4) The BCS does a good job of putting #1 vs. #2 together, but other than that it is a mess. Northern Illinois is the Orange Bowl? (5) Baylor is going to the Bridgepoint (not Bridgeport) Holiday Bowl which I hate. It's a Thursday and I've been to San Diego and that stadium before. Hard to justify going again. (5) TCU hung tight against OU and is a really good team, but they now have four losses. 
  • There was a Rhome man killed in a wreck this weekend according to the Update. Doesn't it seem a little premature for a trooper to say, "He was likely intoxicated"?