It's A Great Day For Spelling -- Let's Do Two

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Above The Fold

What's Going On By The Decatur Post Office?


Oregon Taking You Into The Weekend

Fleeing Car vs Two Trains: Utah Chapter


Some Rivalries . . .

. . . are defined by classic games or memorable plays.

We have different standards around here.

Edit: Here's the old Star-Telegram story about the paintball incident (as reprinted, for some reason, in the Victoria Advocate.)

This One Is Not For Everyone

Saw a handful of tweets on my Twitter time line this morning saying things like, "Thanks, NPR for making me cry."  There were enough of them to get me to explore what they were talking about.

It was a 4:53 radio segment.

A transcript with text is here. BUT if you're interested in this, you have to hear it.

Just being kind to one another can solve a lot of problems.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • If you are under the impression that an arrest only occurs after a complete and thorough investigation, you need to read about the wrongful arrest of (not by) a Fort Worth deputy city marshal. 
  • "I will not yield to this monkey court" - Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) yesterday during the Congressional hearing on the trouble with the Obamacare web site. Funny.
  • When's the last time Bridgeport went into the Decatur game winless? 
  • Yesterday the Dallas chief of police fired the cop who almost murdered the mentally ill guy buy shooting him in the abdomen. We've seen the footage from a surveillance camera but was the a dashcam on the cop's car? It was right behind the cop and was at the perfect angle. 
  • And the chief announced the cop would be charged with Aggravated Assault but later said he wasn't arrested because "the judge" wouldn't sign the warrant. That's just one of I'd bet 50 judges who have the authority to sign the warrant in Dallas and the Chief could present it to everyone of them until he found someone who would sign it. 
  • I don't consider "Do you believe in ghosts?" to even be a serious question. 
  • "This is the biggest parade of knuckleheads I've ever seen." - Decatur attorney Paul Belew in closing arguments in Jacksboro regarding the government's witnesses who had testified in a criminal trial. (Although Paul's court appointed client might have been the biggest knucklehead of all.)
  • "NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas woman was handcuffed, stripped down and booked into jail – all because of an overdue traffic ticket."  That Channel 11 story even made The Drudge Report today. I'm not sure why. Getting arrested for an outstanding traffic ticket and booked into jail following standard book-in procedures happens every day. 
  • Watch Cam Newton and Steve Mariucci almost have heart attacks when a cannon went off in Tampa Bay's stadium last night.


DPS Has Confused Me Again

So DPS ratcheted up police presence for about three weeks and they were able to take back the border? It's that easy?

And check out these strange numbers from the press release:

This increased patrol presence resulted in the following activity reported by law enforcement, which compares the three-week operation to the three weeks prior, in Cameron, Hidalgo, Kenedy, Starr and Willacy counties:
  • 49 percent decrease in marijuana seizures
  • 42 percent decrease in cocaine seizures
  • 95 percent decrease in methamphetamine seizures
  • 185 percent increase in U.S. currency seizures
  • 67 percent increase in recovery of stolen vehicles
  • 74 percent decrease in felony pursuits
So they found less marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine? Sounds like their presence was so obvious that the drug runners decided to wait them out or simply go through other Texas counties.

In Romanian Bull News

allowscriptaccess="always" allownetworking="all" allowfullscreen="true" src="http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/static/flash/embeddedPlayer/swf/otvEmLoader.swf?version=fw1000&station=wpvi&section=&mediaId=9299302&cdnRoot=http://cdn.abclocal.go.com&webRoot=http://abclocal.go.com&configPath=/util/&site=">

Being a traffic cop in Romania seems like a dicey proposition to start with. And I didn't even consider the loose livestock factor.

(I think it's kind of funny the way he just takes off after he launches the cop. It's like he was overcome with Romanian bull guilt.)


Edit: Shooting. When the U.S. Navy announces an "incident" that could have meant a lot of things.

Hold That Pose

This photo was everywhere yesterday with captions like "Ridiculously Photogenic Football Player."

It happened last week when this Notre Dame running back lost his helmet during a run only to reveal him to be a GQ model.

But there's a slight local tie with a sad note. The kid's name is Cam McDaniel from Coppell. His little brother and a kid named Jacob Logan jumped off a cliff into Possum Kingdom lake last summer. His little brother came up.  Logan never did.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Jon Stewart really went after the Obamacare website a couple of nights ago. And it was very funny. It made me think of those who won't watch him because he's so "liberal." I've never understood how some people take themselves so seriously. 
  • Moneypit update: It was a minor thing, but I had to go up in the attic a couple of nights ago. When I pulled on the cord to have the door drop down it snapped and came off into my hand. Mrs. LL saw it happen so I stood their dramatically with the cord dangling from my fingers. 
  • Troy Aikman and Daryl Johnston both declined to join the concussion lawsuit against the NFL. Both probably opted out because they enjoy their job as Fox analysts. Had they sued that probably wouldn't have lasted too long once the NFL mafia put pressure on Fox. 
  • Wise County TxDOT District Engineer Bill Nelson is retiring. There was a time on here that he was regularly dogged in the comments, but that stopped once most of the road death traps have been eliminated. 
  • If you're a college football fan, there is a weekly show on ESPNU called Crunch Time, and it is fantastic.  It will take the best finishes of five close games and then replays the last 10 minutes of real time of each of them. 
  • I watched A Football Life about Pat Summerall. That was a pretty strained relationship he had with his family. (And the show glossed over the fact that Fox basically fired him.) 
  • Dennis Miller, like Hannity and Limbaugh, has to be doing a bit right? (And I loved this scathing review of his recent performance in Allen. "When Miller started in on illegal immigrants and how 'Pancho' is taking over, I was done.")
  • I've said that I don't really mind Bill O'Reilly but his new line of "killing" books makes me suspicious. I mean, Killing Lincoln (2011) sounds like Manhunt: The 12 Day Chase For Lincoln's Killer (2006) and Killing Jesus (2013) sounds almost identical to The Day Christ Died (1957).
  • Modern Family still makes me laugh.
  • What if your obituary began, "He tried to provide affordable health care to even the poorest of Americans"? Would you be proud of that? 
  • I know of at least two Wise County people who have received a call from a fake DEA agent "investigating" online drug purchases and seeking a quick resolution by a fine. This scheme works because there are apparently a lot of people who have bought medication online. Note: Don't worry. Medication issued by a doctor online is still medication issued with a prescription. 
  • I was listening the It's Just Banter podcast while jogging yesterday and they replayed the Ali G - Newt Gingrich "interview."  That made me think: (1) How could that have possibly happened, and (2) Every short Ali G bit has made me laugh out loud. 
  • Didn't watch a second of the World Series last night. Probably won't watch any of it.


"Fake Faint"

I don't know who is behind "Lady Patriots", but I promise you they also believe the President's birth certificate was fake, that 9/11 was an inside job, that the CIA killed Kennedy, the moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio, and that the Earth is shaped like a burrito.

Wednesday Pick Me Up

That Is Full Throttle

Puppy Dog Health Alert

I'm not sure what kind we use. I just know the Family Pup goes crazy when she hears, "You wanna cookie?"

And Another - Christ Classical Academy in Dyersburg, Tenn


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • We learned yesterday you can be an average major league pitcher and still get a deal for $35 million for two years. 
  • The Keller Youth Football League is doing away with the "everyone gets a trophy" concept. Mankind is making a comeback! 
  • I saw most of This Is 40 last night. Verdict: Very, very funny. It'll make you think your marriage isn't quite as wheels off as it is. Or at least you'll feel like you have company. 
  • Mrs. LL went all Bob Vela yesterday and fixed the microwave, the front door lock, and the microwave.  But she almost got pushed to the limit when the Sophomore in the House decided to clean out the turtle aquarium last night (which means she pretty much had to clean out the turtle aquarium, too.)
  • And Mrs. LL kept making everyone wash their hands because, "You'll get salmonella!!" 
  • Did Sean Hannity voluntarily move his Fox show to 9:00 p.m. central or was that a forced move? And with his afternoon talk show, when does he see his kids?
  • Saw some of this last night and couldn't believe I had never heard of the story: "ESPN's 30 for 30's Big Shot tells a bizarre, real-life story about one of the biggest scams in the history of professional sports. The film profiles John Spano, a businessman from Dallas who briefly purchased control of the Islanders in the late 1990s before being exposed as a fraud."
  • Everyone is worried about concussions in football, but how does boxing still exist? Especially when it causes death like over the weekend. 
  • "Ello guvnah" - Fifth Grader in the House as she greeted me for the first time yesterday. 
  • From the Update:  "To be eligible to vote early by mail in Texas, you must: be 65 years or older; be disabled; be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible." I truly didn't know this. You have to have an excuse to vote early by mail but early voting in person is purely discretionary?
  • Also from the Update: There will be a historical tour of Wise County which includes a stop at "the site of Draco." I had never heard of that
  • The Dallas teacher fired for posing in Playboy before she became a teacher is moving to Hawaii. That's a heck of a consolation prize. 


Above The Fold

New Fox 4 Reporter

Per Facebook:
"Public Figure
Fox4 Dallas anchor Saturday 7-9 AM, Sunday 6-8 AM, reporter 4:30-9 M/T/W. Host. Public Speaker. Literacy advocate. Philanthropist."

Warning To Fox 4's Good Day: Step Up Your Game

NY Post - Jenna Jameson’s “Good Day New York” segment was cut short Monday when the former porn star struggled her way though an interview with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. She seemed to slur her words, and we’re told Jameson even needed help getting on and off the set. “We thought it was her heels, until she started talking,” says the source. “After the interview, she went and laid down on the couch in the green room.”

There has to be no better way to start off your day than watching a drunk/high ex-porn star promoting a book, right?" Not passing judgment or anything like that."

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Founder of Liberty Christian School in Argyle motorcycle death.
  • Mrs. LL was explaining the meaning of the word "shrubbery" to the Fifth Grader in The House last night. I thought she was trying to explain "chivalry". Confusion ensued.
  • Sports: (1) Sean Salisbury was on Fox 4 last night and looked to be in poor health -- or drunk, (2) I'm very nervous about Baylor - look up the San Jose State game in 1980 -  but I relax by looking at these Baylor gifs. The one of Antonio Banderas realizing Baylor is in the Top Ten was absolutely me on Sunday if I just happen to look like Antonio Banderas, (3) the Grambling State players boycotting last week's game is a bizarre story, (4) Saturday's Texas vs. TCU sure doesn't have the luster we thought it would, (5) I told you to bet the house that the Cowboys would win eight games or less. Sheesh. Make no mistake about it: They are horrible. I just had no idea the rest of the NFC East would be worse than horrible. (6) Peter King's segment on The Ticket is a cure for insomnia. (7) Three Houston Texan rookies were released after being found to be smoking weed in a hotel. What year is this? 
  • Mrs. LL and I caught most of Closer last night. Still one of my favorite movies.
  • The movie that I thought was so funny over the weekend was called Drop Dead Gorgeous. Am I on an island of appreciation on this one? But look at this cast!: Kirsten Dunst, Ellen Barkin, Denise Richards, Kirstie Alley, Sam McMurray (the Raising Arizona guy), Amy Adams, Brittany Murphy, Adam West (Batman!!!), and more.
  • Money Pit Update: The front door lock jammed last night. Absolutely wouldn't open. (And that's the one that was replaced three months ago.)
  • And we might have learned that Conn's has the worst customer service in the history of ever. 
  • I finally watched the 60 Minutes segment on Dick Cheney. (1) Has there ever been a more arrogant man on the planet? (2) And his response when asked about a doctor giving him an obviously fraudulent clean bill of health to be the Vice President: "Well, I'm not responsible for that". A perfect epithet.  (3) Is there any question he pushed George W around?, (4) And I wondered for about two seconds how he could afford all the health care he received. That was dumb: Halliburton War Money. 
  • Had an elderly gentleman look at me in a checkout line yesterday and say, "I wish my wife would let me cut my hair like yours." I have no idea what to say. I could only mutter, "Just do it." He replied with, "You don't know my wife." I left with a question mark over my head. 
  • I was by myself briefly last night and the back door came open after I went out the front for a second (before the lock malfunctioned, by the way). When I came back in and saw the back door opened I worried about where The Family Cat was. An hour later when the Family Unit came home the Sophomore in The House yelled, "The cat's outside!"  I slumped in my chair. I didn't get away with it. 


Aledo Beats Western Hills 91-0. Insanity Ensues.

Star-Telegram: Despite his efforts to slow his own team down, criticism still found its way to [Coach Tim] Buchanan. He said he received notice Saturday morning that a bullying report had been filed against him by a Western Hills parent.

(But someone over in Bridgeport is thinking "Bullying Report?" We can do that?)

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2013/10/21/5264501/was-aledos-91-0-football-win-last.html?rh=1#storylink=cpy

Haven't watched this yet. Is it super hero like?

Slate (@Slate)
Watch Obama catch a woman who nearly fainted during today's #Obamacare rally--VIDEO: slate.me/1aA0W0j #FerrisBuellerYoureMyHero


Monday Morning In A Nutshell

(And this is also in retaliation for the guy who told me to stop posting animated GIFs.)

Vandy Kicker Warming Up For Big Kick

The fact that he disappears behind the ref almost makes it funnier.  (And you just know the coach looked over at him after that and thought, "Maybe we'll just go for it instead.")


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure why Wise County on the Web is down this morning. But that's par for the weekend that I had.
  • "The Dallas Morning News has part two of its eight-part series on Lauren Kavanaugh, a young woman who was locked in a closet and physically abused by her parents until the age of 8." Tragic story but eight parts?
  • Mrs. LL was watching a movie this weekend that I found to be very, very funny. I mean, how-is-this-not-a-cult-classic funny.  Sam McMurray (Glen from Raising Arizona was in it) but I can't find the name of it for the life of me. 
  • After every college semester, I would pack up all my notes from all my classes and then write a summary of the experience, what I was concerned about, and where I expected to be in the future. I've never read a single one of those summaries but I know exactly where they are stored.
  • Can we please get rid of, "I'm just sayin'"?
  • Someone driving a Clay County ambulance almost hit me by straying into my lane twice this morning on 287. 
  • I agree, the Obamacare's failed web site is shocking.  If they wanted to hand ammunition to his opponents he did so in with gift wrap bow. 
  • Facebook page of the guy from Boyd who was arrested in the 45 year old cold case. Seems like a pretty normal life. 
  • Who would have thought: Baylor and Texas Tech broke into the Top Ten this weekend.
  • I finally watched the 30 for 30 No Mas about Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. The first 75% was fantastic. The last 25% was incredibly hokey as the director had both men reunite in a boxing ring in Panama. 
  • I don't know if @bridgeportbulls is the school's official twitter feed, but it's surprising, in a couple of ways, to use the hashtag of #wda and taunt Decatur
  • Rick Perry is in Israel. I presume we are paying for it. 
  • How many videos of the Kennedy assassination would exist if it had happened today instead of 1963?
  • Polish hot chick group with the worst fake instrumental performance ever.