Early Edition Of "Let's Get Outta Here" (Although I'm Still Here)

Hey, What are you guys looking at?


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

What is going on here?

  • Fox's Charles Krauthammer is the biggest Power Down guy on TV.  What a miserable and unhappy human being.
  • Man, that Republican debate last night was crazy. Trump is a genius. He wasn't there yet he was mentioned several times in the first 10 minutes. (And Cruz needs to not try to be a comedian.)
  • Ted Cruz challenged Trump to a "mano a mano" debate (nice touch for a guy who is Hispanic - but I still can't believe that he is Hispanic -- He was born in Canada and acts whiter than me.) And he wants the person moderating the debate to be Mark Levin or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. (Good lord. Talk about pandering to the far right wing) Trump responded “Even though I beat him in the first six debates, especially the last one, Ted Cruz wants to debate me again . . . .Can we do it in Canada?" Genius.
  • I teased Mrs. LL yesterday about the Senior in the House about to leave for college in the Fall. Note to self: Don't do that again. 
  • When my brother left for college, I was in the car and saw my mother cry all the way back home from Waco. When I left for college, my girlfriend drove back with my parents as a passenger. I asked her later, "Did mom cry the whole way home?" Her response: "Not at all."  I still laugh about that. 
  • I want you to pay attention to the commercials on Fox News and the radio station "660 The Answer". They are scamming on the elderly. 
  • Mrs. LL broke our tiny drone. Then fixed it. Then flew it next to my head. 
  • I don't believe this incredibly warm weather is any evidence of Global Warming, but I was hoping the goofy guy who used to comment on here when we had a cold day in the spring about Global Warming would comment again.
  • Fox's post-debate "Focus Group" conducted by Frank Luntz is comically ridiculous. Let's get a group of white people together and prepare them on what to say and act like it is authentic? It is scripted beyond belief.
  • How much do you think Google paid to sponsor that debate last night and have their name always on the screen. $5 million? $10 million? More?
  • Zika virus . . . ?


Speaking Of Idiocracy

I'm not sure how this is possible.


Releasing air from the tires? Yo! Science!

Is This Real?

I guess it is because if the guy is truly that smart he would know there is no way the bullet would reach him.


(And for Breaking Bad fans, you must be thinking this.)

Random Scene Outside My Office This Morning

But I'm a 9 1/2!!!!

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • This Fox News vs. Donald Trump war is the craziest thing I've ever seen in politics. It's like a married couple who should love each other came to the realization they actually hate each other. And his appearance on O'Reilly last night was fantastic TV. The guy is a master politician.
  • Trump, if you don't know, is boycotting the Republican Debate tonight. Why? One reason is this insane official statement from Fox News: "We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president — a nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings." We are living in Idiocracy.
  • A cop killed himself possibly to avoid prosecution and then his wife tried to make money off of it. She has been indicted.
  • There appears to be a shooting on I-30 in Arlington that was part of road rage. I don't jack with people on the highway because oftentimes you can tell if you are dealing with a nut. And I don't want to find out too late. 
  • I stepped on my shoe lace and face-planted in the front lawn yesterday afternoon. It dawned on me I didn't break my fall (even if I could) because I knew my shoulder would pop out if I tried. (I have shoulder issues, and I fear some day I'll end up looking like Larry King.) Anyway, I had a little bit of blood on my face and tried to sneak past Mrs. LL by putting my hood up as I went into the house to clean up. It didn't work. She gave me that look of, "What am I going to do with you?"
  • "DALLAS - A Texas father who was accused of theft after he confiscated his 12-year-old daughter's cellphone over an inappropriate text has been acquitted of the misdemeanor charge."  Read that again. Too many cops? Too many prosecutors?
  • Speaking of: "LEAGUE CITY, Texas — A recent prostitution investigation in Southeast Texas has led to the closure of six massage parlors in League City and nine arrests."
  • Mrs. LL will not walk on a sidewalk grate when we are in any city. She fears the collapse. 
  • Troy Aikman's appearances on The Ticket over the years have gone from boring to fascinating.
  • It's amazing to think 30 years has gone by since the Challenger disaster. I still remember being in my apartment in Waco listening to the news on the radio (I was even a nerd back then), and had KRLD break in late to the already breaking national news feed. I can still remember Christopher Glenn's voice (host of the short In The News segments between cartoons on Saturday): "Something has gone horribly wrong here." I picked up the phone and called home. And then I went to the TV to wait for the "breaking news" caption.
  • A lot going on in the front page below: (1) The first headline is not news, (2) Baylor and diversity is like TCU and diversity. It's whiter than white. (3) But look at the headline regarding the Twin Peaks biker shootings. The DA wants a continuance and the defense attorney says, "No. Let's go." Love it.


Wow: A Sheriff In Oregon May Have Just Called Out The FBI

How did he die?

Police state?


Edit: OK, I may be wrong. I thought he was referring to how his agency tried to use restraint but the crazy Feds went guns blazing. "We don't arm and rebel . . . This can't happen in America." The fact that I thought that he was referring to the federal government makes me stupid . . .  but proud.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I have CenturyLink internet issues this morning in Decatur. It's down. Edit: Back up at 8:45 a.m. Edit: An earlier version of this bullet point referred to CenturyLink as CenturyKink -- which is actually kind of funny.
  • Name that location in the photo.
  • Hot Republican Opinion: Keep your eye on Marco Rubio. He might end up the Republican nominee once Trump and Cruz go down. And he could win it all.
  • I had a man ask me about "reverse mortgages" the other day. My only response was, "Honestly, I know nothing about them but the number of commercials promoting them makes me feel very uneasy about them. It feels sleaszy." I might be wrong but I'd rather be safe than sorry.
  • I want to know the background behind an "accelerated appeal" in the Fort Worth Court of Appeals case named "The Carmichael Family Trust by and through Michael G. Carmichael and Jeanette C. Carmichael, Husband and Wife v. Krone Medical Properties, LP and its General Partner Krone Property Management, LLC" out of Hood County
  • Look I have no opinion on the indictment of the two people investigating Planned Parenthood. But for those of you out there that say, "the law is the law", you might want to sit down and think a bit. "It ain't so fun when the rabbit got the gun."
  •  That indictment could be because of the new grand jury selection process. The "good ol' boys system is gone." 
  • Hey, for the one Dennis Prager fan out there: He is now doing commercials for personal loans. Fraud. An absolute fraud.
  • Round up of Texas bad cops and Wise County gets a mention
  • Weird moment last night: I was handed the Senior in the House's phone with a picture of two guys. All three Ladies In The House asked me which one was hotter. And I answered. (My life is over.)
  • The guy currently on The Bachelor looks like Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch. Mrs. LL: "You just ruined it for me!" (Did I mention my life is over?)
  • 76 on Sunday?
  • Rick Perry is being Ted Cruz's lapdog in Iowa but in this photo he looks a little sick.
  • The crazy Oregon standoff with the Bundy's has ended in a death?
  • On ESPN at 6:47 this morning they were interviewing Mexican wrestlers in masks.


Well, The Official Liberally Lean Girl Is Out There Killing It Again

Austin Traffic

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • If you watch Fox News and you'll see them attack Trump. I've been preaching for the last three months that the Republican Party is going to implode because of Trump and I might be right.
  • I can still see Trump running as an Independent, and yesterday Bloomberg hinted he might do it. Game. Changer.
  • An arrogant Dallas lawyer was sanctioned $133,000 in Lubbock.
  • Is it just me. or there a lot of hawks in the air. (Maybe the craziest thing I've ever written.)
  • This is abbreviated because I feel sick again. I've been told that that there is a virus going around in Wise County that simply won't go away. Is that true? Mine is a weird pain.


I'm Guessing No Will Have An Opinion About This

Get Me This Dog Who Ran A Half Marathon On His Own For Fun!


Get Me This Horned Toad Which Lives In Burleson!

And check out those high tone fingernails!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Sports:That Denver/New England game was great there at the end. but I couldn't get over DeMarcus Ware not being blocked (ever) and Wade Phillips being on the sideline.

  • I almost watched all of Narcos on Netflix. Two  points: (1) TV is changing, and (2) Pablo Escobar is one fascinating character.

  • That show made me research Augusto Pinochet.

  • Mrs. LL: "I'm going to Sam's. Do you want anything?" Me: "I don't even know what is in a Sam's". Her:" It's like a Walmart with bulk items." Me (sarcastically) : "Get me a barrel of beans." The fact that she didn't bring home a barrel of beans out of spite is amazing.

  • I posted about a JFK auction and then in the mail I received an amazing catalog of sports auction memorabilia that ends at the same time on January 30th. Coincidence?

  • Bridgeport's Colin Jones is going to the Super Bowl. 

  • I finished Making a Murder and my head did explode: Especially in the last episode (spoiler alert): "In 2010, [the prosecutor] resigned from his position as Calumet County district attorney following a scandal involving sexually-charged text messages he sent to to a domestic abuse victim. Kratz was the prosecutor in the case against the victim’s ex-boyfriend." And told Mrs. LL after the last episode that my dream of retiring to the jungle may now go on hold because now I want to stay and fight. 

  • BagOfNothing emailed with this New Yorker article about Texas criminal justice corruption that was published last week. 

  • Why do you get sucked in when Donald Trump speaks? The Dallas Morning News explains and it is spot on. 

  • The Family Pups love to go to sleep with their heads on my laptop keyboard causing a cascade of crazy images to appear on the screen.

  • Rick Perry has endorsed Ted Cruz. That's a game changer!!!!!!!!! (Sarcasm.)

  • Sports (again): In the early game yesterday, a punt returner tried to field the punt on the run and fumbled it. It might have been 20 years ago, but there is an NFL film of Bill Parcells in practice yelling at a punt returner that you "must set your feet" before you catch it." I don't like the guy, but he is dead right.