On The Top Of My Christmas Wish List

A nine inch Notorious B.I.G. action figure. Now that says "Christmas" and it kinda reminds me of me.

Geek Humor

For those of you that don't know, today 5 megabytes is slightly more than a standard song in a the MP3 format. Makes you wonder what people in 50 years will be laughing at us about.

Random Thought While Reading The Sports Page

"The last time [new Cowboy's kicker] Martin Gramatica kicked at Texas Stadium was the 2001 season . . . . He did not venture over to the stadium this week to get accustomed to the surroundings." I would.

Before High School Football Season Slips Away

I propose that Decatur adopt the "Devil Walk" to get them over the hump. (That's Tift County High School in Georgia that plays for the state championship this weekend.)

I Hope He Doesn't Make It Past The Iowa Caucus

If you want to know why probable 2008 presidential candidate Sen. Sam Brownback spent last night in prison (voluntarily) click here. I normally wouldn't mention such trivial media grandstanding had he not caught my attention about a month ago when he was on ABC's This Week. There I learned that the senator had blocked the nomination of Janet T. Neff to the federal bench because she had attended a gay wedding. Hey, she didn't get married to a woman, she just showed up to watch it. Sheesh. He's from Kansas. And I bet he is very uncomfortable once he leaves Kansas.

Uh Oh

I signed up today to run the White Rock HALF Marathon tomorrow. As a consequence, this could be my last day of posting. Let's have a big turn out at the funeral, OK? But the late registration was pretty cool in that I had to wait (briefly) for an open Macintosh laptop and from there had to walk about 30 feet and pay a cashier. It was the first time I'd ever used a Mac in my life.

Gwen Stefani on MTV's TRL (12/07/06)

I'm strangely turned on.


All These Problems, And A Hog Gets The Ink

It's not as exciting as a Church Funding or the City of Rhome, but I noticed that one of the Star-Telegram blogs stole my picture and text of the big old dead hog that I posted earlier this week. I guess that's fair considering how much I steal from them. But a shout out would have been nice. I have feelings, too. Edit: Not worthy of its own post, but if you want to see (or remember) what DFW television news looked like in the 80s, check this out.

Ticket Schtick

Voted Off The Island

Get ready to go back to the future as Rhome PD cars will now be lurking all around 287. And just when you thought it was safe to go to Fort Worth.

A Very Unhappy 45th Birthday . . .

. . . to one of the most hateful people in the world.


Somebody Sent This To Me . . .

. . . which is from Grace Fellowship Church in Wise County. I'm not making a single comment. Not a one. I promise. Really. Well, at least they aren't asking for a jet like Benny Hinn. Ok, just one comment. Now I'm done.

I've Never Watched "Grey's Anatomy"

But I think I might. (Katherine Heigl who plays somebody named Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens.)

Let's All Feel Old Together

The last great White and American born NBA player turns 50 today.

High Tone Legal Stuff

So I'm reading an article about a divorce case being argued before the Texas Supreme Court yesterday and I just had to share (although it's hard not to take my eyes off of her very strange outfit):

AUSTIN — David and Suzanne Saperstein aren't the first couple to take a fight about alimony to the Texas Supreme Court. But they definitely are one of the richest . . . .

David, 66, became a billionaire building a company that reported on traffic snarls. [Edit: Huh? You can get rich off of that?]

Suzanne, 45, [Edit: 22 years younger? Hey, now!] loves haute couture [Edit: I don't even know what that is] and lives in Los Angeles, where the couple's 45,000-square-foot French-style chateau was the subject of a seven-page spread in the April 2002 issue of Vanity Fair. [Edit: That, my friends, is one big house.]

In her legal brief, Suzanne said she was surprised in July 2005 when David lured her out of the family's Gulfstream jet [Edit: Kill me] when it landed in Houston for a stopover on the way to Europe [Edit: Double kill me]. He said he wanted to talk about some serious issues regarding the children; once outside the plane he had her served with divorce papers.

Shania, We've Missed You

10 Bible Verses That Are Never The Subject Of Sermons

Link. And that guy did what to Moses?

If Interested

Amazing maps (using Google Maps - some in 3D) that show the path of James Kim (see blog from yesterday). Be sure to click on the links at the bottom.

Sounds Like My Future 8th Wife

A 47-year-old man was in critical condition Wednesday night after a woman "accidentally shot him in the head," a police officer said. The woman, who was not identified, "playfully pointed the gun at the man" and fired, but no bullet discharged, Lt. S.E. Conn said. However, the second time, the weapon discharged. The shooting occurred in the 3200 block of Todd Avenue. The woman had not been arrested late Wednesday, Conn said. The man was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital. Star-Telegram Link.

What A Beating

So I have to go to Jacksboro this morning for a hearing on a court appointment client. My guy hasn't paid child support for quite some time, the AG's office is after him, and the judge had given him 60 days to make a good faith effort on his past due balance. She had threatened him with jail time if he didn't. So what happens? He hasn't paid a single penny and gets thrown in jail in jail for contempt for 90 days. His defense was that he couldn't find any work any where. So when I stop at the local convenience store to get a coke on the way home, I was met with a handwritten sign of "Now Hiring. Apply Inside" taped to the front door. (I then heard dramatic music as the camera panned back and the credits began to roll.)

Weather Report

It's freakin' cold at the courthouse.


I Love Wikipedia

For some strange reason, I was wondering tonight what ever happened to Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey. And so I learned. And I stumbled across the Wikipedia list of #1 singles on Billboard's Top 100 chart for every year on record. Here is 1990 but there's a link to every other year. (Go ahead, reminisce.)


I've been following, perhaps as you have, the story of the lost James Kim family in Oregon. They disappeared on a family getaway in a remote part of the state shortly after Thanksgiving. Two days ago, his wife and two young children were found alive but James wasn't with them as he had decided to go for help some time earlier. Today his body was discovered. James Kim worked for CNET, a technology information company, which has a great web site. Over the last six months, they have been at the forefront of video and Kim's last video about "what I want for Christmas" is here. Stuff like this just stops me down. Life is no guarantee. There are no promises for tomorrow.

The "War On Drugs" Gets Sillier

So Keller ISD gets its own drug czar who manages to have this answer to the Star-Telegram.

Q: And the slang terms are…?

A: Ecstasy is called a disco biscuit. GHB is called Georgia Home Boy or Liquid E. Candy flippin’ is when they use ecstasy and LSD together. And Suicide Tuesday refers to the depression that follows Ecstasy. Those are just a few.

I think I can hear the kids laughing all the way from here.


Yes, it is. I would provide a link but the comments on it make you guys look like choir boys.

She sings . . .

. . . "Jesus, Pull The Emergency Brake" or something like that. But she is smokin' hot.

The Picture Isn't Available on The 'Net But . . .

. . . the caption below it in the Dallas Morning News today reads, "Terrell Owens shows off his new $45,000 watch, a [birthday] gift from the owners of the Sacramento Kings." You think the dear Lord is pleased with what our society has become?

What the Dahli?

You can barely see it in the photo, but I saw a guy with a llama on the streets of Decatur today at lunch. A llama! Followed by two people with two ponies.



The Idiot Test . . .

. . . can make you kind of nervous. Waste your time here. The "Press the smallest red button" screen threw my wheels off.

From The Update

Does the "crossing U.S. 81/287 on foot" jump out at you, too?

Now, I Can't Get . . . .

. . . "It's A Cruel, Cruel Summer" out of my head. Thank you. I'll be here all week.

13 Degrees Of Seperation



The Top Six Cheap Shots Of The Year . . .

. . . in college football. TCU , Tech and A&M should be soooo ashamed.

I Triple Don't Know

I Don't Know

I Like This Guy Already

Asked point-blank by Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., during the confirmation hearing today whether the U.S. is winning in Iraq, Secretary of Defense nominee Robert Gates replied, "No, sir." Gig 'em.


Bush #41 breaks down as he talks about his son, Jeb, on the floor of the Florida legislature. It's a video from USA Today so it's not as fast loading as youtube.com. But it's worth the brief wait. I've never seen him this emotional, and it seems like the last few years have taken a toll of him.

Janet Jackson At The Billboard Awards Last Night

I've suddenly have the desire to break out into Rhythm Nation.

Funny Seinfeld Recut

If your a fan of Seinfeld and are aware of "Kramer's" outburst a couple of weeks ago, you'll probably get a chuckle out of this.


Just had the joy of watching a young mother dart across Main St (across from Dennis Hudson's gas station) with her five year old son in tow - only to have a car screech to a halt to avoid hitting them. Not good parenting.

Denise Richards Last Night

In Light Of The Dead Pig . . .

. . . that appeared in The Spin this week, one faithful reader sent me this pic with the note: "Supposed to have been killed in Wise County and weighed in at 630 lbs. If you have this on your computer you probably qualify for the 'might be a redneck if' label..."


Hey, Now

Winner Of "That's Not My Job" Award

I Didn't Know The Lord Listened

Rihanna won "Best Female Artist" tonight on the Billboard Music Awards. I did a doubletake when she said, "I want to thank all my fans . . . and I want to thank my biggest fan, Jesus Christ."


Fox (or, more specifically, its parent News Corp) caught a lot of flak recently when it almost published O.J. Simpson's new book "If I Did It" and almost aired a television interview with the acquitted killer. But check out this "bit" from Chris Rock in 1997. Wait until the 1:01 mark for one heck of a coincidence. (I put this screen shot up for you impatient ones out there.)

"It was an obsession-type thing,"

Since we have at least three Wise Countians playing football at Sam Houston State, this deserves a note. Story.

My Fifth Wife Always Had That Look For Some Reason

I'm Making This My Christmas Card

Canada Must Have Border Control Issues

The High Sheriff reports that he has crossed the US/Canadian Border (and sends this pic as proof). The formation of the Royal Wise County Mounted Police can't be too far behind when he gets back.

The Cowboys Almost Have Me Interested Again

But, man, that Martin Gramatica is a little guy.

Help Evangelist Benny Hinn . . .

. . . finish off the down payment on his Gulfstream G4SP jet called Dove One. He is seeking 6,000 of you to pledge $1,000. Really. Edit: You know, the more I look at this, the more astonished I am. Jesus would have washed the feet of those that checked the tire pressure on the jet, but he never would have stepped foot in it.

Racist, Bigot, Anti-Semite

If you ever wanted to see President Jimmy Carter called those words on live TV, here ya go. I think the caller was voicing compassionate conservatism, but I'm not sure.


Rome Is Burning

I'm not sure, but I think that "pie" was made of shaving cream. That will burn the eyes. The man is in pain. Good times.

"Bitter Blast"

Our High Sheriff, David Walker, is at a speaking engagement in Minnesota. He sends a couple of pics of the "Wintry Mix."