Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's the Monday after Christmas, and once again I prove I'm the hardest working man in show business
  • Random tweet:

  • Fox News' puppet Sheriff Clarke tried to be cute over the weekend by using an old photo of President Obama with a tear rolling down his face. He might want to check his attempted cuteness. Colin Jones set him straight.
  • After Tiger Woods posted his crazy shirtless Santa picture (see post below), we got to see this. (Tiger's bleached beard can still be seen.)
  • So let me get this straight, Ivanka Trump was verbally harassed last week as she prepared to fly in coach on Jet Blue? She's flying commercial with the common man? She's rich. Her daddy's rich. And her husband's family could buy and sell the Trump family many times over. That was a stunt. No way she's flying in coach on Jet Blue. #TheBigCon
  • Mrs. LL and I watched the Christmas movie Scarface on Christmas eve'e eve. (She giggles so much at it you would think it's a comedy.)
  • International banks, including Deutsche Bank, have agreed to pay $12.5 billion in fines in connection with the mortgage crisis. (Cue the goofballs who think the mortgage crisis was caused by banks being "forced" to give mortgages to low income people. Note to those people: Look up "credit default swap" (I explained it years ago in that link). And if you aren't willing to do that at least read the book The Big Short. Or any book.).
  • Credit default swaps brought down Bear, Stearns and Lehman, Brothers. Something so shocking at the end of the Bush Administration that I still can't believe it.  Goldman, Sachs weathered the storm and is now in perfect position under Trump to become the richest Wall Street firm in history. 
  • George Michael, too? Heck, none of us are safe from 2016.
  • That Fort Worth throat slashing case has gotten weird.  There seems to be a very real possibility that his anti-anxiety medication really, really messed him up. He certainly gave off the early warning signs. Something's not right. 
  • I've said to invest in drones, virtual reality, and legal edible marijuana. I think I might add one: The ton of hard plastic that comes around basically every Christmas gift that needs protection. 
  • Every one of you need to be educated on the power and the reoccurring problem of the unethical, deceitful and arrogant prosecutor who does not care about the truth. If you are interested in criminal justice, I beg you to track down ESPN's 30 for 30 on the Duke Lacrosse scandal, Fantastic Lies.  I almost threw up. 
  • And now we have some very sad news . . . 

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