In Honor of Tech v. OU . . .

. . . and multiple requests, here's the "Texas Tech hot girl" link. But let me warn you, it takes forever to load. And on a programming note: I've off to NYC this afternoon but I'll try to throw a few observations this way over the next two or three days (and I can keep your comments rolling via the iPhone). And I'll also try to put up some pics through that Twitter link over there to the right. If I don't freeze:

The Rest Of The Story

This isn't worthy of a post, but it's bugging me. Paul Harvey is a guy who is paid a krillion dollars to do a 10 minute syndicated show where he reads stories off the AP Wire. It used to be really interesting when the only way to get news was from the newspaper thrown on your lawn (twice a day - a morning and evening edition) since he'd report on some pretty obscure stuff. These days, the Internets has made him pretty much irrelevant. Anyway, he comes on WBAP on Tuesday and tells the craziest story about actor Jack Black tying up his next door neighbor. I don't remember all the details, but it was insane. So I immediately go to the gossip sites thinking this will be huge news but there's nothing there. So I blow it off. Today, Ron Chapman is filling in for Paul Harvey and at the end of the segment he issues a retraction on the Jack Black story. "The information came from a source we now deem unreliable and have removed him from our Rolodex." Sheesh. But you know what's odd? (And this is really what's a little amazing.) If you use The Google and search "Paul Harvey" and "Jack Black" together you get nothing. Nada. You can even search under "news" or "blogs" and not a single mention of the whole mess. So what have I learned? Anyone who listens to Paul Harvey doesn't use the Internet but does use a Rolodex. The End.

Now This, I'm Interested In

The trial is about to begin where the federal government is prosecuting Lori Drew for allegedly making up a fake identity of a boy, and then befriending and breaking up with a teenage neighbor, Megan Meier, on Myspace. Megan then hung herself. First, the feds have no business being involved in this. If the State authorities didn't want to take the case, butt out. This is your federal government trying to imprison this lady. We're going to blame Lori Drew because Megan decided to hang herself because she was rejected online? That's the reason to kill yourself? Finally, Megan's mom is a nutcase who can't keep away from a television camera. Her hatred of Lori Drew is perhaps understandable, but she is completely over the top. And she might want to look in the mirror and consider her parenting skills since she raised a daughter which couldn't handle simply being a teenager.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The Final Four coming to the Cowboys new stadium? I can't imagine a worse place to watch a basketball game than in a football stadium.
  • I'm kind of intimidated by the museums in Fort Worth
  • I dreamed Texas Stadium was flooded and I had to scuba dive under the benches to pick up loose pens and pencils. I showed what I had recovered to Jerry Jones who confusingly said, "Can you imagine if we would have had three more minutes in those games we lost?" I don't know what it means, either.
  • Music I like: Girl Talk's Feed The Animals. It's almost impossible to explain (a song will include 10 seconds of the Carpenter's overlayed with Nelly which morphs into T-Pain and then the Eagles). Download the album for free or pay what you want here.
  • If a lunch includes more than three people, you will learn nothing of interest. And three people is pushing it.
  • I hit my snooze button three times this morning. Odd for me. But I positioned myself where the clock would be in arm reach when it went off again.
  • My Netflix rentals have come to a screeching halt for the last three months. Jogging outside is the problem.
  • Last week I tried to sign up the White Rock Half Marathon but it was sold out. That depressed me. Is it really that much more trouble to open up a race to a few thousand more people?
  • Paris Hilton hasn't done anything crazy in a while.
  • Do they still sell cigarettes in vending machines?
  • Carbonated drinks burn my mouth, but I still drink them.
  • I know a handful of people that graduated from Bridgeport and Texas Tech. This is a heck of a football weekend for them. Both schools are unbeaten with everything on the line this weekend.
  • You always hear the advice of: Find out what you love and then get a job in that area. I wonder how many people actually do that? One percent?
  • I found some high tone silky pajama bottoms that I hadn't seen in three years last night.
  • Read in the Star Telegram that Tiger Woods was in town this week for two days shooting a commercial at Colonial. He stayed in the Ashton Hotel (place looks nice) but the article also said he took a "jog downtown." Not so sure I believe the last part.
  • CNN just had a news flash that oil dropped below $50 a barrel this morning. It was $147 in July. Remember when they were telling us it was just "supply and demand"? Riiiiighttttt.
  • Someone sent me a link with about 200 pictures of Texas Tech girls. The one above is from that collection.
  • Someone used www.letmegooglethatforyou.com in a response below. That's funny.


Made Me Sweat For A Second

This headline was sent to me and for a second I thought, "Oh, no. I'm busted." Fortunately, it's just some guy that threatens to sell all his possessions and walk into the wild (so to speak). Hey, not a bad idea.

Hottie and The Hot Opinion

Let me steal the text from the place that I stole the picture from:
Remember Shoshanna Lonstein? There’s no reason you should but if you do you know she became famous in 1993 when she started dating Jerry Seinfeld. Which was a big deal at the time because she was 17 and he was 38.
Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Picture taken last week). But I'm completely distracted by my hot opinion that I have on the Seinfeld series: For the first three or four years, it may have been the funniest thing on TV. Maybe ever. After that, it got silly. And stupid. The Contest? Funny. Pez dispenser on leg? Funny. "Jimmy is sweet on you?" Funny. "I can't spare a square?" Funny. Shrinkage (an episode that includes the very underrated line of "Boutros, Boutros, golly") ? Funny But Kramer installing a garbage disposal in his shower, George faking he is crippled to get a job, Kramer getting a personal assistant intern, Puerto Rico day? Not funny. Wait a second. Where are my priorities? Shoshanna = Hey, now.

Come On, Commerical Is For Suckers


Would You Have Taken That Bet?

Heard this on The Ticket this morning: The last playoff win of the Dallas Cowboys was on December 28, 1996. If someone had come to you the very next day and said, "I'll bet you a million dollars that the U.S. will have a black president before the Cowboys win another playoff game", would you have taken the bet? Oh, yeah.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Ok, let's try this: Insider trading. Got it. (But I promise my fingers wanted to type training. I've found a brain to finger flaw inside of me.)
  • Saw where Southlake is going to have another "town square" shopping center which is bigger than the current one and this one will be right off 114. (Saw the story on Channel 8.)
  • You can't turn on the news without hearing the word "vetting."
  • Since I started practicing law in Wise County exclusively since 1993, I've never heard of a rumor of a public official in the criminal justice system attempting to be bribed. (This Morning News story made me think of it.) Yeah, it's had its flaws, but dishonesty is not one of them.
  • I can't imagine wearing a dress shirt and tie without a T-shirt.
  • Steve Doocy of Fox's Fox and Friends is one goofy guy.
  • The more I think about it, that cross country runner video from yesterday (below) was really weird. (Pretty good photo of the incident here.)
  • It will now cost you $28,250 a year to be a full time student at TCU.
  • If arrested, you don't have to have your Miranda rights read to you unless the police intend to question you. (I hear that complaint/question more than any other.)
  • I just saw my breath in the cold weather but it is supposed to be 80 degrees today.
  • I've never been sure of Darlie Routier's guilt. (And I somehow ended up representing one of her extended family members on a traffic ticket in Wise County. )
  • The automakers asking for $25 billion from the government is mind-boggling. Can we just scrap this whole system and start over?
  • Retiring to Mexico doesn't sound like a bad idea.
  • On my jog outside yesterday, I saw a guy that looked like Jason Bateman at the exact same location that I normally see the Fake John Kerry. It's kind of like my own Field of Dreams on the jogging trail.
  • One out of 5 people if DFW don't have cable or satellite.
  • Heard an "expert" on The Ticket yesterday tell Norm Hitzges that Mark Cuban will be entitled to a jury of his peers and "although he doesn't have many peers, they'll try to do the best they can" to have a jury composed as such. What an idiot.
  • The Evil Empire announced yesterday that first year defensive coordinator Will Muschamp will be the head coach once the current head coach, Mack Brown, steps down. But Brown intends to coach into the foreseeable future. That's just weird.
  • I had a crazy dream last night. Woke up at 2:00 a.m. exhausted and thought about it. Then I woke up this morning and can't remember what it was about.
  • "McALLEN, Texas – Vice President Dick Cheney and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales have been indicted on state charges." I thought that headline was a joke, but it wasn't. That's just a crazy grand jury. Cheney and Gonzales don't have anything to worry about.
  • In a country that values good sportsmanship, why do we find it acceptable for a wide receiver to argue that he caught a ball when he knows he did not?
  • Edit: And Ann Curry is celebrating 52 years on this earth today. Boycott in effect.


You Got Fight . . . For Your Right . . . . To, You Know

I've seen this book-in photo for about two days now, and I keep strangely being drawn back to it it. I don't know who this chick is but apparently she was the winner on The Bachelor a few years back (a show I don't watch because it makes me realize how far removed I am from being in my 20s, tall, good looking, rich, and surrounded by young women). Anyway, I finally checked into the story and found out she was arrested last weekend in the great state of Texas after refusing to leave a bar. Specifically, the charges were public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct which, collectively, I like to refer to in legal terms as "a fun date." And the best part was that media standard TMZ reported she yelled that it was her "constitutional right" to stay in the bar. She's right about that. Hot, drunk chicks do have a constitutional right to stay at any bar. Look it up. It's next to the Commerce Clause.


The Weatherford Democrat has an unfortunate headline up right now. The guy, Shane Davis, pled guilty to child porn in front of federal judge John McBryde. (Thanks, Bud.)

Inspirational Finish To Cross Country Race

Video here. Watch it. You are ordered. Since I think the Decatur girls just won the National Championship for the Western Hemisphere or something like that in cross country, it's fitting that this video had just debuted on the Internets. But I'm confused.
  • Do that many people turn out for a Cross Country race?
  • What is wrong with this kid? It's a 5K. I'm an old man with short legs and I can run a 5K without breaking a sweat.
  • Is it proper form for your teammate to slap you on the back when you're dying?
  • Why does the guy drop an SOB bomb at the end?
  • Do you have to cross the entire finish line or can just part of your body cross it?
  • And what's with the stretcher? They'd let him die one foot from the finish line if need be, but as soon as he's finished we're prepared to do everything in our power to save him?

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Mark Cuban insider training (Edit: Why do I keep typing "training"? Ugh. Trading. Trading. Trading.) thing doesn't sound like a big deal. And compared to what those have done to cause the mortgage crisis, he looks as innocent as a school board.
  • And I like the way he called the government out: “I am disappointed that the Commission chose to bring this case based upon its Enforcement staff’s win-at-any-cost ambitions. The staff’s process was result-oriented, facts be damned. The government’s claims are false and they will be proven to be so.”
  • The elimination of mass purchases of Sudafed, etc. have really cut down on the cases of homemade meth in Wise County.
  • Preliminary weather forecast for OU/Tech: Temperature in the 50s with no rain.
  • Today is the 30 year anniversary of of the Jim Jones / Kool Aid / Dead Congressman /Mass Suicide. My award winning review of the leading documentary of that crazy incident is here.
  • I haven't had Kool Aid in 20 years.
  • And I have never lead a congregation in a mass suicide.
  • The print media continues to receive blow after blow: D Magazine laid off 19% of its staff.
  • There are too many types of orange juice
  • I wouldn't want to be in the business of collecting on credit card debt right now. I bet that's the next industry to take a hit
  • I had an American Express card at age 18. My dad told me not to be an idiot with it. That was good advice.
  • I've never seen The Big Lebowski although everyone tells me I'd love it.
  • I slept through the whole night last night. I can't remember the last time that happened.
  • No one missed an opportunity to cash out more than Yahoo! About six months ago, Microsoft offered to buy the company for $33 a share. Yahoo! said no. Yesterday Yahoo!'s stock closed at $10.63
  • Ted Kennedy returned to the Senate yesterday accompanied by his wife. In more important news, I discovered his wife is pretty hot.
  • The Dallas DA, Craig Watkins, is one weird guy. From the Star Telegram this weekend: "Every night at 3 o’clock in the morning I wake up, and I wake [my wife] up and I say, 'You’ve got to make me feel better about all this.’ And so she talks to me and says it’s going to be all right. But it’s every night."
  • Woah, I was waking up at 3:00 a.m. for most of the summer



I got all worked up earlier this year over the arrest for DWI of this State Rep. who authored some insane DWI laws. Well, the case has come to a conclusion. Place your bets before clicking on this link. And if you're a cynic, bet the house.

Favorite Headlines Of The Day

"I love you. You love me. I'm the king of hell and damnation." This guy a blog reader? Triple bottom?

Monday Afternoon Pick Me Up

The one of the right (or left) is Kim Kardashian --- I tried to watch a documentary about her family the other day but other than her mom marrying a man 23 years her senior, there wasn't much to it.

Mark Cuban Accused Of Something Other Than Being Goofy?

Got a comment that said that Cuban had been charged with "insider training." Edit: trading (obviously) On the Inkernet, I found a story in the Wall Street Journal saying the same thing (published 12 minutes ago), but I can't read it because it a pay-real-money site. Developing . . . But a google search for Blogs sure does cover it. It looks like a "civil action" which I presume means they can only fine him. Edit: The Smoking Gun has the paperwork. Edit: It just seems wrong to say he's been "charged" --- that makes it sound like he could go to jail over this. Which he can't.

Open For Bids

The Cowboys are auctioning off stuff from Texas Stadium. And I mean all sorts of stuff.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Tony Romo was sporting a tricked up hat during the post game interviews. Kind of like he was channeling Payne Stewart.
  • Ended up at Pete's Piano bar in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday night. When I left before midnight the place was packed and there was a line about a half a block long to get in.
  • A girls night out bachelorette party is always fun to watch. There's always the bride to be acting like a queen, then there's two or three of her friends who are triple drunk, and then there's always the girl that looks like she is ready to kill every other girl in the party.
  • Meanwhile, over in Dallas after midnight, there was a shooting and death at a club in the Uptown area. Remember kids, nothing good happens after midnight.
  • And I could have been at the World's Best Bottom contest.
  • Barack Obama was on 60 Minutes but really didn't say much. But when asked how his life had changed since the election he said he is finally sleeping in his own bed. I bet he hadn't done that in months.
  • Skirt with boots is a good look.
  • Every girl I know seems to love The Notebook. And I've never seen it. I wonder if it's a Dell or Hewlett Packard?
  • Every NASCAR driver seems to have a hot blonde wife -- just like in Talladega Nights.
  • Whenever I get stuck in a long line at a convenience store, I want to say, "This is a convenience store, right?" But I never would.
  • I'll be in Manhattan this weekend and OU/Tech are playing on Saturday night. I didn't really plan on that being the game of the year when the trip was planned.
  • I ate at Enrique's, a new Mexican restaurant at Basswood and Beach in north Fort Worth on Friday. And Enrique himself sent some free stuff over to our table.
  • I haven't watched Nip/Tuck in forever. But, the best I recall, it jumped the shark pretty early.
  • Everything you wanted to know about Bridgeport's first playoff opponent.
  • Kept seeing the names of Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar on Sunday. I learned it had something to do with an octagon.
  • Edit: As part of my economy implosion watch, Citigroup just announced it is cutting 50,000 jobs.


Gambling --- Another Reason Not To Do It

Kind of an obscure topic here, but I just watched the end of the Pittsburgh/San Diego came. Pittsburgh was a 4 point favorite, and they were ahead 11-10 on the last play of the game when San Diego had the ball. Yeah, they would win the game but wouldn't cover the spread. But on that screwy last play, Pittsburgh returned a fumble and scored a TD. As far as the game is concerned, the touchdown was meaningless. For those betting on Pittsburgh, it meant everything. Then the officials reviewed the play (and the only reason they did so had to be that millions of dollars were wagered on the game) and took the TD off the board. But I'm not sure why. In Vegas, there are people still staring at the big screen. Edit: Here's a story about it along with video.

Jarhead's Neverland