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Year In Review: Adults Engaged In Go Kart Brawl

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "Rhome Police confirm robber shot in house, Wise County Sheriff investigating"
  • An armed robbery of a convenience store in Bridgeport? 
  • I'm not sure Wise Countians have a grasp of the true meaning of Christmas.  
  • Our living room looks like a disaster area. It has nothing to do with a robbery/burglary, but it looks like it. 
  • I've battled sickness all month long it seems. And I'm normally pretty healthy. Throw in Mrs. LL on Tamiflu and were close to being a M*A*S*H* unit.
  • It's the 10 year anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami. Almost a quarter of a million dead is still mind-boggling.  Just by chance, I watched The Impossible the other day -- which was gut wrenching. 
  • I think Best Buy has changed its policy of salesman trying to get you to upgrade your purchase or buy something else.  I had a great get in/get out experience on Christmas Eve.
  • Fox News keeps showing commercials that they might be dropped by the Dish Network. (Insert joke here.)  But stuff like that happens all the time, and an agreement is always reached.
  • The Longhorn Network showed four hours of a grazing Bevo on Christmas morning.
  • Odd recruiting news: Tech had a five star quarterback decommit and then, within days, announce he was going to Baylor.  Baylor already had a highly touted quarterback recruit, but he then immediately decommitted and announced he was going to Tulsa. Tulsa? He had offers from both Tech and Texas. But Tulsa had just hired Baylor's offensive coordinator as its head coach.  I'll admit it: This is weird.
  • I bet I may be the only husband who bought his wife a "Trapped In A Room With A Zombie" adventure.  I bet I may have the only wife who reacted like she had just received a new Lexus. 
  • I watched most of A Christmas Story yesterday.  I still laugh when the "old man" receives the lamp in a wooden box, sees "Fragile" written on the outside, and says, "Aaah! "Fra-GEE-leh!" It must be Italian!" (Side note: I saw the movie in a theater when it was first released.)
  • "Baby Jesus stolen, replaced with real pig's head".  I thought that was the craziest Christmas headline ever until I read, "Topless woman snatches baby Jesus from Nativity scene at St. Peter's Square in pro-choice demonstration."
  • Is this the most under the radar place in Wise County: "The Center for Animal Research and Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education, research, rescue, and long-term care for exotic animals. Located on 20 acres in Bridgeport, TX. CARE currently provides a permanent home to over 50 animals including snow leopards, mountain lions, African lions, tigers, black and spotted leopards, ring-tail lemurs and a coati."
  • It's GIF city!!!!!


Boat Accident 1953

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Christmas seemed to come early this year. Or, maybe, the older you get, time flies faster. 
  • I received some vintage looking Ray-Bans and a vintage (authentic) LBJ bumper sticker for Christmas. Both are beyond fantastic 
  • I've always thought a movie could be made about the "woman caught in adultery" from the Bible. Take a little poetic license about the back story, and then end with a big finish of Jesus writing something in the dust. 
  • 38 dead in a suicide bombing in Baghdad. 
  • The Interview is now going to be shown on Christmas Day. I'm not prepared to believe it, but was all of this controversy just a publicity stunt? 
  • For some reason I ended up watching Deliverance in the middle of the night. It's beyond fantastic, isn't it?
  • Mrs. LL caught me watching Deliverance in the middle of the night. She didn't say anything but she did release the dogs on me. 
  • But after watching the movie,  I couldn't stop thinking about Smokey and the Bandit or the Seinfeld episode of Jon Voight's pencil.
  • BagOfNothing went on a pro-Obama rant this morning. Go get him!!!!
  • The economy under a President is nothing but luck, and it had no where to go but up when he took office. But I wanted President Obama to do three things: Get out of Iraq, get out of Afghanistan, and close Gitmo.  I'll take two out of three. But I might get all three by the time everything is said and done. 
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been confined for over 10 years without a trial. We are so better than that. 
  • I got hooked into a Lifetime movie yesterday about babies getting switched at birth. I need to learn to just walk away. (But it had the kid from Little House In The Prairie in it. And she played the uppity rich mom! How you gonna walk away from that?) 
  • Mrs. LL isn't a crier. Seriously. She can experience deep emotions but she'll never cry. (Her words, not mine.) 
  • Heck, I'll cry during a Charlie Brown's Christmas.
  • I've always loved Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. As with anything, the anticipation is more fun than the moment. Oh ....... Merry Christmas. 


Get Me This Dog Who Chases The Ambulance Which Is Carrying His Owner!!!!!

Worst People of 2014 List

  • Ray Rice (Wife beater)
  • Joe Jamail (UT embarrassment, Yep, I'm obsessed as of late.)
  • Mark Cuban (His promotion of his stupid app is driving me insane)
  • Sean Hannity (How is he still on the air?)
  • Jodi Arias (Hey, even I know she's guilty)
  • Roger Goodell (Incompetent NFL commissioner who makes millions)
  • Joel Osteen (Snake oil salesman)
  • Ed Young (Pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine and also a snake oil salesman)
  • Mark Davis (Talk show host who is a shadow of his former self because he's gone all Sean Hannity on us.)
  • Gary Patterson (TCU coach. He really didn't do anything this year but I'm not going to leave him off this list because of spite.)
  • Nick Saban (Alabama coach who might actually be Satan.)
  • The Blade Runner (Stop crying, buddy.)
  • Ferguson cops.
  • Ted Cruz (I think people are beginning to realize what a nut case he is)
  • Peter King (Sports writer who has nothing to offer). 
  • Pete Delkus (That crying wolf will get someone killed some day)
  • Jonathan Stickland (A Texas legislator who loves cheeseburgers as much as starring in his own Idiocracy)
  • Jerry Jones' grandson Spalding.
  • Chris Christie (Crooked Governor and fake Cowboys fan)
  • Justice Don Willett (Twitter goofball who is doing damage to the bench)
  • Wendy Davis (What a horrible campaign)
  • David Dewhurst (A worse campaigner than Wendy Davis)
  • Greg Abbott (Get ready, people. This is going to be bad.)
  • Dan Patrick (Lt. Gov. elect. This is going to be triple bad.)
  • The Texas Tech cheerleader who loves to kill animals.
  • Brian Estridge (WBAP talk show host who gets away with shocking right wing comments only because no one listens)
  • Ed Bark (Angry TV critic with thin skin who thinks he is an expert of every subject.)
  • Jean Jacques Taylor (Local sportswriter for EPSN who hasd become an afterthought. Unless you think of chicken wings.) 

Your nominations?

Dallas Cowboy's House Burns

Christmas Items In Bridgeport - 1967

Mormons Gone Crazy!

Edit: The greatest slow mo of a punch ever? . . . .

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Mrs. LL is sick but was smart enough to go to the doctor immediately.  But now I'm not feeling very well. Maybe just sympathy pains? Naaaaaa.
  • Christians are fatter than atheists? There would be nothing more ironic if that is true.
  • Cowboys are in the playoffs and gas is under $2.00. Hello, 1990s!
  • The Sixth Grader in the House was dressed so crazy for church on Sunday that I told her she looked like Cindy Lauper.   I shouldn't have been surprised when I got a confused look in return.
  • The Wise County Courthouse is closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Huh?
  • If anyone disagrees with my hatred of Joe Jamail, watch this. And to think the University of Texas has his statue side by side with the great Darrell Royal.
  • Former Bridgeport resident Allen Vaught is in the Dallas Morning News.
  • I'm so conflicted about that goofy Texas Supreme Court Justice.  He's no idiot. Yet he's not that smart. But he's definitely a nerd on Twitter. And then he upped his game on Friday when he dissented in a decision by quoting Ferris Bueller (in a decision saying that the court should interpret how much protection bloggers have.) He did it only to get publicity and it worked. Crazy like a fox?
  • The Dow just broke 18,000 this morning. It was 7,949 when the President took office. 
  • If the U.S. knocked out North Korea's internet access for a few hours, I'm pleased we can actually carry out something out successfully.
  • I failed to mention it yesterday, but the fact that one of the Wise County Sheriff's Office's servers was crippled by a hacker is the story of the year. A $500 ransom? In Bitcoin? You're kidding me!
  • I'd like to have an accounting from the Salvation Army.
  • This is my 17,924th post. That's insane. 


This Could Be A Christmas Card Nightmare

The great Roger Staubach. Jordan Speith. And, uh, some goofy Dynasty guy. 

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • We had Mrs. LL's side of the family over for the weekend for Christmas. One of them hates me beyond belief and just bludgeons me with passive aggressiveness. I spent most of the time trying to do the facial expression of, "Oh, no, you didn't!"
  • I finally got around to reading the article in Texas Monthly about Joe Jamail.  I have a very short list of people who I think are miserable human beings but he's close to the top of it.  The University of Texas should be embarrassed to be associated with him.
  • I almost want to see American Sniper but I'm afraid it does nothing but glorify the guy. I think everyone now agrees, after having lied about Jesse Ventura and lying about shooting two guys to death in a gas station in Texas, that he had a little trouble with telling the truth. 
  • I just looked up and saw Madonna on the news (she's releasing a new album). At 56 . . . dare I say it . . .  still pretty hot. 
  • I've convinced the Sixth Grader in the House that upon my death I should be cremated, my ashes mixed with glitter, and then shot out of a cannon from the Wise County Courthouse bell tower. She gives me a look and a smile of, "That is so weird but, between me and you,  I'm keeping this in the back of my mind because it's insanely funny." 
  • Shout out to Messenger sports editor Richard Greene. I had noticed that he ran the Dallas Marathon and finished at four hours and a few seconds. As much as I respected the guy for finishing the race, I wondered how he didn't gut it up and finish under four hours. I got my answer: In a column this week in the Messenger he revealed it was a malfunctioning running watch. 
  • I've finished 11 half marathons but cannot comprehend turning around at the finish line and going back to do it again.
  • Cowboys. Cowboys. Cowboys. But the game could have been completely different if that guy would have caught that fake punt pass in the first quarter. A crazy gamble that should have worked.
  • That field goal block by a Rams' player was crazy. He jumps over the center and then jumps again to block the kick. 
  • Mrs. LL wakes up with an alarm that plays weird Zen music which slowly gets louder. 
  • Mrs. LL got mad at me this weekend for watching the 30 for 30 episode on The University of Miami Part 2 without her. That's so weird. That's so hot. 


Someone Blew Up Aggieland!!!!

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Or maybe they are just doing renovations which will cost more than Baylor's new stadium.

My First Bowling Green Post

Because they look like thugs . . .

And then they win with a little over a minute to play . . .

Crazy Story

Link.  (And using the word "executed" is not hyperbole.)