Decatur Getting All Christmas-ee-eey Tonight

A Reader . . .

. . . says he took this picture yesterday in "north Decatur."

"Ice" At The Gaylord Texasn

I went to the "everything is made of ice" exhibit at the Gaylord Texas last night. I went about three years ago and I will sweat swear there was a whole lot more to it back then. Although what you see is amazing, there didn't seem to be much of it. When I was at the end, I actually retraced my steps to make sure I didn't take a wrong turn. I didn't.

At $20 a ticket, it's getting close to being overrated. (But getting to see the inside of the Gaylord Texas this time of year makes it all better.)


Evil Knievel Has Died

Nothing would make me stop down more as a kid than seeing Evil Knievel on Wild World of Sports. It was absolute gold.

And he once jumped a bunch of buses at North Richland Hills at some drag strip called Green Valley Raceway and I remember waiting for over an hour and half as ABC, carrying it live, hyped the thing. I also remember Evil saying, "I broke my back when I landed." It's not his most spectacular jump but, like most everything else, youtube has it. Howard Cosell and Don Meredith had the call.

The Black KKK

The Internets are aflame as the link to the writings of a black columist from Fox Sports begins to place the blame for the death of Washington Redskins' Sean Taylor. An excerpt:

You're damn straight I blame hip hop for playing a role in the genocide of American black men. When your leading causes of death and dysfunction are murder, ignorance and incarceration, there's no reason to give a free pass to a culture that celebrates murder, ignorance and incarceration.

Of course there are other catalysts, but until we recapture the minds of black youth, convince them that it's not OK to "super man dat ho" and end any and every dispute by "cocking on your bitch," nothing will change.

Does a Soulja Boy want an education?

True dat, my nizzle. Link.

I Should Make This My Logo

(Reader submitted. Thanks.)


There is a street in Dallas called Waggoner Drive. I really don't know much about it other than it seems to a little bit above Highland Park and well within the LBJ loop. This is a screenshot of a few random homes I got of Google Maps.

I was curious. Why? Because a lady was mugged in her garage on the street yesterday and her wedding ring was stolen. The value of that ring? $350,000.00

Edit: Channel 5 tracked down a duplicate:

I Think Katie Holmes Is Gettin' Hot

Saw This Over At Frontburner

From the Dallas Morning News today about the downtown area and the club Purgatory:


And then Google revealed this image with the caption, "After we left the Purgatory Club."

Wisconsin Papers

I was curious about what the front pages of the Wisconsin papers looked like today after a Packers loss, but the biggest story up there is s crazy one: A guy is accused of spiking his girlfriend's drink with the "abortion pill" thereby causing a miscarriage.

Another Day. Another Overturned 18 Wheeler at 287 & 380

Although I may be more fascinated with Victory Church's new billboard.

Edit: The aftermath

The Today Show . . .

. . . is obsessed with the story about missing wife of this guy. Everyday they've got someone remotely related to the case on the show who has a big bag of nothing to add.

Oh, wait. Ann Curry just dramatically told me about an upcoming segment that will teach me "the truth about salt!" Gotta go.


A Thursday Night Cowboy Game

Is odd.

Edit @ 6:34 p.m.: I just checked in on the NFL Network (whose pre-grame show is so Wheels Off) and noticed the Cowboys are wearing the "throw back" uniforms. I hates me some Throw Back uniforms.

Edit: Funny bit

Crazy Email?

In part, it read:
A friend . . . said there is an airplane upside down on the B'port runway with the identification covered up on it . . . . Something seems to be "hush", "hush" about it. Inquiring minds want to know.

Question Of The Night

Motorcycle . . .

. . . update. (Support for my continuing belief that there is about one motorcycle death a week in the metroplex.)

I Call It . . .

"Fake Birds In A Decatur Front Lawn."


I Don't Know

All I know it has something to do with the United Way, a pig, Bridgeport, and Flick'r. And that it was part of a set uploaded today.

We Had Our Own Gridlock This Afternoon/Evening

Not exactly sure what happened on FM 51 tonight before 6:00 p.m.but it had traffic backed up for a long way.

Just Like . . ..

, , , my seventh grade science class in Bridgeport. The story behind the picture is here (but, be warned, it's written like a seventh grader. I'm still trying to figure out if the photo is from a week after the punishment or if it took a week before the punishment was handed out. And I still don't know if the father consented to the punishment or was never notified.)

Baylor Hires New Exorcist

A few people have asked me what I think about the hiring of new Baylor head coach Art Briles. My answer: I dunno.

He took a 0-10 Houston team to four bowl games over the last five years, but I don't think Houston had to routinely play Tech, OU, the Ag, and the Evil Empire. One of two things will happen: (1) he'll be a bust like the last three coaches, or (2) he brings Baylor up to six wins and bowl eligible thereby making him the hottest commodity in the country as a miracle worker. He doesn't have to make Baylor great. He just has to make them average.

After years of Horrible, I'll take Average.

Edit: Tap the brakes there, hoss.

When Exactly Did The World Go Crazy?

So I'm roaming around some reputable (but irreverent) Boston sports blog when I come across a youtube video. I quote the blogger:
As far as the chick getting work done on her stomach, I don’t even know what I think about that. All I know is that I didn’t want to watch the whole thing but I couldn’t turn away either. If that was a 6 hour video of the chick just taking body blows I would have been forced to watch the entire thing. It was like I lost control of my body or something. Weird.
You're not curious. Are you?

Headline That Sucks The Life Force Out Of Me

Porn Solves Crime

At least it helped in apprehending this guy wanted in Dallas for "over 200 burglaries."

But at 11:00 a.m.? Sir!

I Just Got Tired Of Looking At Phil King's Mug

Hold On To Your Wallet

Look out, Rep. Phil King is in town to raise money.

He needs it. In the first half of 2007, he reported candidate expenses of $116,440.80. (To see the 100 page disclosure form, click here.) The man likes deli sandwiches, cable TV, and CuffLinks.com ($633 expenditure.)


I'll Still Watch Fox 4

But this hire . . .

. . . is famous for this.

Uh, Oh

The Messenger is at it again. Tomorrow's front page, above the fold, will have a photo of the mangled car that was involved in the wreck that killed Candace Richardson and her son. They always catch a lot of grief when they do so. Edit: To the commenter that had the hot opinion, I would have printed it but you've got hold back on the S bombs and F bombs. But it was a good rant.

Love Field To Littlle Rock

The Story.

Random Memory Burn

There's no reason to post this picture other than to tell you I can't get it out of my mind. I first saw it in September. It's (former) Arkansas coach Houston Nutt with a crazy look on his face. And then there's the quality of the TV screen - perfect. And then when you look closer and you realize it's a photo of a TV screen.

Lots going on there.


Ms. Sorrell

While scanning the obituaries today (don't ask), I came across this sentence in the listing for Jennifer Sorrell:
Upon retiring, Jenny worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the need for [ovarian cancer] early detection, including . . . sharing her story of the life-saving foul ball off Soriano's bat.
That was it. No explanation. But The Google led me to the story.

Uh . . . I Be Fine Good

I get the craziest junk email.

Good Allen Hunting

Says here that former Bridgeport resident Allen Vaught (and current state legislator from Dallas) is going to be in Matt Damon's new movie.

Follow Up

The Star Telegram has a follow-up story on Candace Richardson, 54, and her son Shane Eichthaler, 15, who were killed this week in an auto accident in Decatur. Here.

Time Waste

I posted this before, but it's cool. Drag a state (it will appear at the top) to its proper place.




After a wild couple of days in Wise County, I can only take time out to note the Hulk Hogan's wife filed for divorce. Although it might be a publicity stunt for their "reality" TV show, we should all keep daughter Brooke in mind who spent the weekend by the pool in Malibu.

I refuse to post this picture.

I Think . . .

. . . every female State Trooper was at the OU/Tech game arresting students for rushing the field. Or about 1% of the fans that rushed the field. Youtube has it here.

More Info - And History

"We did recover . . . what is thought to be a suicide note from his residence - where he was staying. And he made some indications that he was going to come over here and take his own life."

And the shooter and the victim were in the news back in August. Link.

Channel 8's Report

From Channel 8

From Fox 4

Maybe A Dog Attacking An Auburn Player Will Cheer Us All Up

From Saturday night. Another view here (with a flashback to another infamous dog attack.)

Bridgeport News

Getting a very sketchy report of "a man in a house in Bridgeport who is shooting." Police are there.


Edit: The Update says one woman has been shot and police are searching for the suspect.

Edit: Sheesh. The lack of info is killing me. But I'm out of touch for a couple of hours as I run to Fort Worth. Someone tell The Messenger to give us new info.

Edit: The Star Telegram is on it.

Edit: It appears the injured woman is Mary Boyd.

Edit: Getting reports the man has been found dead in the home. This is consistent with officers earlier hearing what were possibly gunshots from the house.

NFL Player Near Death? Dead

Details are sketchy. He was shot in the leg at his home last night but apparently lost a ton of blood. WBAP made is sound like he was in bad shape. Very bad shape.

Edit: ESPN is reporting he was shot in the groin. Ouch. But I don't think his condition is near fatal.

Edit: Shot where?

Edit: Taylor died Tuesday morning.