Denton Christian Campus Center Has "Dumpster Diving" Event

It's a little hard to see, but the green sign specifically says "Dumpster Diving."

(Thanks to the photo provider.)

It's Friday and Football Season. Let's Get Out Of Here.

Still one of the craziest post game moments ever.
Future Mrs. Green?
Pull nacho boy's man card. (I bet the guy on far left is funny.)
"I thought we were friends"
Charlie, did you know you are on the hot seat?
"Dear Lord, reveal to me what an Aggie is."
Hot chick + Hot chick = Transform into Baptist dance move.

As Far As Art Goes, That's Pretty Good

The Ticket talked about this mural this morning. Then someone remarked "Who would be on the Mount Rushmore" of presidential assassins? (Ok, calm down.  It's just edgy morning radio. We're all adults here.)

But it got me thinking about that question from an historical standpoint. Oswald makes it. John Wilkes Booth is a shoo in.  Presidents Garfield and McKinley were assassinated but does anyone know their killers' names off the top of their heads?  I think I'd place would-be assassin John Hinkley, Jr. where Theodore Roosevelt's face is (Roosevelt shouldn't be on Mount Rushmore anyway.) And then I'd go with Sirhan Sirhan (presidential candidate assassin.)

And that's your dark Friday morning extra random thought.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Headline yesterday: "Uber lost more than $1,000,000,000 in first half of year." There is absolutely no way that is true. No way. 
  • "When you're an adult, no one talks about their favorite color any longer." - Heard at the courthouse yesterday.
  • "Don't blog about this." - Three different people to me in the courthouse jury room before 10:00 a.m. yesterday.
  • I'm working on a new theory: No type of cream or ointment can impact pain that originates beneath the skin. 
  • I referenced the band Boston the other day after the guy was arrested for getting busy with his realtor while wearing a T-shirt sporting the same name. Get this: Boston's first album was released 40 years ago this week. Forty!!!!
  • Boston was the first band I ever saw in concert. Me and my buddies bought tickets from a scalper outside of the Tarrant County Convention Center for, if memory serves me correctly, $8.00 a piece. (I am 100% sure it was under $10.)
  • Tony Romo saying he's fine after his back injury last night means nothing. If he were honest, he'd quote Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction after Butch asks him if he is OK. 
  • More than 50 were treated for messed up K2 in Austin. Once again, K2 was born in an effort to get around Texas outlawing a plant. You won't see that story in states that legalize marijuana. Speaking of . . . 
  • "Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he was not pleased to see a video that appears to show rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott at a marijuana dispensary just hours before Thursday's preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks." In Seattle, that's like walking into a 7-11 that sells beer. 
  • And while we are at it, I'd say throw this dog in the hoosegow. Rehab? You kidding me? We are a "no tolerance" state.:
    (Side note: I'm not falling for the put-on-a-tie-once-a-year routine)
  • There were 26 criminal appeals decided yesterday by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals. The defendant did not win a single one. 
  • Libby's is now producing single serving microwavable sweet whole kernel corn. I'm truly excited. Yes, my life has come to this.


Crowd Surf Gone Wrong

Let's assume this is real since the audio comedy of the crowd going from encouraging to "ooohhhhhh" is almost as good as the visual.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, they finally found the body of the SMU officer who was swept away into Turtle Creek. (Before you jump on me, find once when I wrote that they wouldn't find him. People believe what they want to believe.)
  • While talking to a prosecutor yesterday, I opined that The Poor should be given a greater threshold/leeway to screw up before the criminal justice system crushes them. He, perhaps mockingly, referred to it as my "Ladies' Tee Theory."
  • Shout out to the Wise County JP who dropped by a copy of Skip Hollandsworth's The Midnight Assassin
  • An internal email from a suspended fraternity at TCU says, "We had a Gulf Shores spring break video produced by members of PC15 that went public on the internet and was posted on TCU fb wall that showed our members and other students raging like no tomorrow."  The phrase "like no tomorrow" is a good one. By the way, anyone have a link to that video?
  • That Burning Man event is about to fire up in the dusty Nevada desert. When I retire and go full hippy mode, I think I'll go to that. (I hope they accept me if I pull up in a Zephyr motor home.)
  • I made a reference to Lone Star Law two days ago and The Ticket had a game warden on this morning from the show.
  • It really is amazing that Trump is going to be crushed when Fox News gives him free advertising 24/7.  The "town hall" meeting with Hannity last night was comical.
  • The Surgeon General is sending this letter to every doctor warning of the "opioid epidemic." If a doctor needed a letter to inform him of this, he probably doesn't need to be a doctor.  
  • Courthouse trivia the other day: What was the name of Jan Brady's fake boyfriend?
  • The BagOfNothing.com guy asked yesterday why there aren't "speeding cams" like "red light cams". He must not have been a faithful reader during 2007 when I launched a campaign against Rhome who was using them. (The term "Nazi Cam" was born.) The State outlawed them shortly thereafter. Fighting for the common man can get tiring, but I persevere.
  • I'll admit it, the Dancing Pokemons are funny. Couple of versions by creative folks here.
  • I'm working on a Hot Sports Opinion regarding the very rare contract stalemate between the Chargers and third overall rookie pick Joey Bosa. And Bosa may be my new hero.
  • The "toy protest" against open carry at UT was pretty genius. How crazy is it that we all freak out to the nth degree over the "device" being seen in public but we are absolutely fine with a guy carrying a load AR-15 into the Waffle Hut?


Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • At least sixty-three dead in an earthquake near Rome, Italy this morning. My vision of Italy makes me think that place isn't exactly earthquake-proof. I guess I'm right.
  • Kids are heading back to school in new middle and high schools in West, Texas. I don't think I ever mentioned what a ruse it was for the ATF to announce the explosion was due to arson but they didn't know who did it. Say what? They did, however, stress how extensive their investigation was (400 interviews!) and how much work they put into it. That is nothing more than job justification. With no "suspect", no one will ever question the arson conclusion and the ATF boys can go around touting about how they were so good they could even determine it was arson from the rubble.
  • Trump is backtracking like no one's business on his deport-them-all stance.  But I doubt it will help him or hurt him.
  • I think the only Texas politicians willing to appear with Trump yesterday were Rick Perry and Dan Patrick. Hey, "speaks volumes" guy: That speaks volumes.
  • The great 538.com this morning puts Hillary's chances of winning at 85.4%.
  • Today: "UT sex-toy protest against campus carry could be largest anti-gun rally in Texas history."  Ok, this will be interesting. I'm just waiting for some one to point out that the, uh, devices aren't even made in America. They were made in Singapore. 
  • "Texas police say it was a late-night realtor rendezvous which landed a real estate agent behind bars." I think I feel sorry for these two (and it was perfect time for the cops to simply say, "Get outta here.") Plus, how can you not support a guy in a vintage 1970s Boston concert shirt? 
  • And if you ever need proof that book-in photos don't do you justice, look what I found in a another story about the couple. Hey, now:
  • Hey Dennis Prager fan: I blew by his program the other day and guess who he was promoting for a new video on his very questionable Prager University: Yakov Smirnoff. Let the modern day relevance sink in. 
  • The Affluenza Teen's Mom is now working as a bartender at Honky Tonk Woman in Azle. 
  • Great Britain thought it would be a good idea to have matching luggage for their Olympic squads. (Mrs. LL makes sure we have a four inch strip of crazily designed duct tape somewhere on our luggage so we can always spot it.)
  • "Bridgeport City Council voted Monday to decrease the speed limit from 30 to 25 mph along Halsell."  Halsell is the town's equivalent of Main Street. At least I won't have to read offense reports that justify a late night stop for a "wide right turn". Now it will be speeding.


All Election Controversies Resolved

(I believe this is an Austin restaurant.)

Trump: From Fort Worth to Austin

Second Amendment On The Streets

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I came across Lone Star Law on the Animal Planet Channel. It was basically Texas Game Wardens acting like Seal Team Six when they arrest someone for shooting from the road.
  • Any show produced for Animal Planet, National Geographic, Travel Channel etc. seems like 55% content and 45% commercials. 
  • "The 17-1 Boyd Lady Yellowjackets entered the TGCA’s 3A volleyball poll at No. 8." Wait a second. School started today in Boyd but they've already had 18 matches?
  • Great line from the documentary Dark Web on the War on Drugs: "It's like the cat and mouse game. The mice will eventually win but the cat will be well fed along the way."
  • The Waco DA's office takes another hit. The office was responsible for the prosecution of four men for rape and murder -- men who a judge has declared  "actually innocent" of crimes that cost them all twenty years of their lives. Current McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna opposed the men's quest for exoneration.
  • Texas, as it must, has always said that it doesn't have "Debtor's Prisons". Nothing has confused me more because people "sit out" their fines every day in county jails in Texas because they can't pay them. This is 100% unconstitutional. However, nothing is ever done about it because a few days in jail resolves "the problem" and those people don't have the money (obviously) to fight it. Every now and then a lawsuit occurs
  • Along those same lines, the Justice Department is now targeting the crazy concept of "if you are too poor to afford bail, tough luck."
  • I woke up this morning bright and early and turned on The Ticket. They were talking about how "weird" it is that the body of the SMU police officer has never been found after he reportedly swept into Turtle Creek. 
  • I can truly say that I cannot conceivable care less: 
  • Eight TWU volleyballers have been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis. I've got my Pulitzer Radar out again: Something is fishy. 
  • Dez Bryant suffered a concussion?
  • I will always be fascinated by Todd Marinovich, 47, who was once the subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 and who was found yesterday naked and allegedly in possession of meth.
  • Raising money or not, Trump hanging out in Texas within weeks before the election is plain dumb. (Unless his goal is now not to win but to make money off the campaign -- which might very well now be true.)


Here's A Twist To "And Another"

"LA Times – A former student who fathered a child with a onetime Redlands school teacher convicted of having sex with him and two other students will receive a $6-million settlement from the school district, officials said . . . . "

The GOP Head In Austin Will Certainly Bring Some Civility To This Race

Well, maybe not.

Political Genius Side Note: I'm not exactly sure that Trump needs to be wasting time in Texas right now.

Edit (the next day):

Let's Check In On The NFL Again

"And Another" Is Under Attack

Call me crazy, but you would think that the current range of punishment for the crime, a second degree felony carrying no less than 2 years and no more than 20 years, would seem to be a deterrent.

Maybe we need to fund a multi-million dollar task force and have them execute "Operation [Fill In The Blank]."

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking this morning: "A federal judge in Fort Worth has blocked Obama administration guidelines directing the nation’s public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and other facilities that align with their gender identity." Red alert! Red alert! All school resource officers to the bathroom stalls! Repeat! To the bathroom stalls!
  • The Messenger went after Tax Assessor Collector Monte Shaw for not allowing the Wise County Appraisal District to collect Wise County taxes saying his refusal costs the county $160,000.  At least three employees in Shaw's office would have to be let go if the change was made.
  • I watched the first season of Stranger Things. I've got a lot of hot sports opinion about it which can be summed up with: "Why does the Internet force good shows to be labeled as great." It was like a Stephen Spielberg movie made back in the day -- cheezily entertaining but has more holes than Bonnie and Clyde's death car. 
  • The AP College Football poll was released yesterday: OU #3 and TCU is #13.
  • News broke on Friday of a Baylor player to be sanctioned for beating his dog. My thoughtful commentary: 
  • The Trump campaign (for some reason) released a two paragraph statement from Rudy Guiliana who actually shoehorns in "my best selling book" in the statement.
  • The Bridgeport city pool used to have an elevated spring board. It had to have been 30 feet in the air. And I don't remember any age or height restrictions. If you were brave enough to go launch yourself, have at it. 
  • Texas has 95 new DPS troopers as of Friday.
  • I think something was wrong with that yellow line in the Cowboy game:
  • Can we tap the brakes on Dak Prescott as the second coming of Staubach?
  • A fraternity student died of an overdose at aTm over the weekend and four of his fraternity brothers were arrested for drug possession when a search warrant was issued for the fraternity house. (I'd love to see the search warrant affidavit if it tried to justify the search of a third person's room. personal belongings, or person. None of the arrests were related to the death.)
  • Also over the weekend, thirteen people were shot at a house party in Bridgeport . . . Connecticut.
  • The Ryan Lochte story became accidentally famous because a Fox Sports Australia reporter just happened to be sitting by Lochte's mom in an early morning shuttle. The mom had hurt her foot and the reporter, not knowing who she was, asked her if she was OK. "She proceeded to tell me how terrible her stay had been. She’d broken her foot and now her son had been held up at gunpoint." And then it was on. 
  • I wouldn't buy a car from Southwest Kia "which includes New World Auto Imports Inc., New World Auto Imports of Rockwall Inc. and Hampton Two Auto Corp." The reason: "Dallas-based Southwest Kia will pay an $85,000 penalty to the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that it violated a 2014 consent order barring it from deceptive advertising."
  • Bud Kennedy had to backtrack on his Friday "Angry White Man" column when it turned out the Angry White Man wasn't white. 
  • Bridgeport ISD installed solar panels a few years back. The company behind them maintains a web site where you can monitor cost savings. They claim $84,326 for Bridgeport. I wonder how accurate that is. 
  • The Liberally Lean crack investigative staff has been referencing Fentanyl lately. Well news over the weekend revealed that's what killed Prince. (The drug -- not the investigative staff.)
  • The legal world is changing when a federal appeals court judge takes a his own camera and snaps a picture (of an inflatable rat, no less) and then publishes it in his opinion in a decided case. 
  • Lake Bridgeport is over conservation level again. And it is late August. That doesn't happen.