Friday Night Lights

Whitewright at
Boyd at26
Decatur at33
Burkburnett at14
Allen at46
Henrietta at7


Verdict In A Case I Mentioned In Random Thoughts

(story continued.)

The range was a maximum of 20 years and a minimum of probation.

Although she is eligible for parole in 2 years, trust me, she'll serve the whole thing.

It's TCU Day At Love Field

And a faithful reader sends along this pic as proof.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday. It's a three day weekend. It's the opening week of college football. A cool front has blown through and it may be in the upper 50s tomorrow morning to compliment this morning's 70. Everybody happy?
  • Bad texting Fort Worth bailiff
  • I'm writing this sentence at 6:00 a.m. and I think I hear someone practicing the flute. What?
  • The media's coverage of your typical spare hurricane goes from intense to apathetic the moment it hits.
  • The new national unemployment rate was announced this morning: Went from 9.5% to 9.6%. Is it ever going to start coming down?
  • A "jayhawk" is a mythical bird? I would have sworn I heard people point them out to me when I was a kid.
  • Great moment in the Pitt/Utah game last night: Coach tries the stupid call-timeout-the-second-before-opposing-kicker-attempts-a-field-goal trick only to see the kick sail off to the right and be no good as the ref calls the play dead. The kicker's do over sailed through the uprights.
  • Old guy/young guy New Yorker fight in the stands of the U.S. Open. Waiting for it is half the fun. 
  • Had the always uncomfortable moment yesterday when  I was recognized by an old high school friend outside of Wise County and drew a blank when I looked at her. (I'm awful about that.) I issued my standard response of, "I'm sorry. Help me." She did and my memories came rushing back. 
  • More bad Fort Worth PD: An officer was fired over excessive force in an incident that no one had ever heard of. (When I saw the headline, I expected it to be the cop that face planted the handcuffed guy in the jail a couple of weeks ago.) 
  • Mormon porn
  • Didn't watch a second of the Cowboys' preseason game last night. 
  • How many would have bet that 10 years after 9/11 that Ground Zero would remain vacant?
  • Fox and Friends resident simpleton, Brian Kilmeade, is in Texas this morning playing with former President Bush. Fair and balanced. 


Double Rainbow Guy Got A Windows Commercial Gig?

(I debated between this or a sneaky cat or a kid in a wheelchair being hypnotized and having things not go well. It's stuff being all things to all people.)

"My Daddy Taught Me Good"

The only way this lady survived is by keeping her mouth shut.  If she had started babbling like that, even her co-victims would have demanded she be shot.

But now I've got "Backing up. Backing up. Backing up." stuck in my head.

Uh oh. This sounds familiar.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dove season has to be a game warden's favorite time of year. So many people to detain on just a whim. Or maybe not even a whim. 
  • Worst job in the world: Being a broadcaster on the Cowboys' super meaningless preseason game tonight.
  • There was an overturned car in Rhome this morning.
  • Fox 4 spent an inordinate amount of time on a story that wasn't a story last night: An American Airlines flight was delayed at DFW after a pilot was accused of drinking although it turned out he hadn't been drinking. 
  • A Vanity Fair reporter was on CNN this morning and said about Sarah Palin, "There is no topic that is too small for her to lie about." And "the only time she treats other people well are when other people are watching." Apparently the magazine has a new article about her.
  • I tried to help with subtracting negative integers last night. I'm not smarter than a seventh grader. 
  • Before 8:00 a.m. this morning there looked like a pretty big fire somewhere in the middle of the Decatur/Paradise/Bridgeport triangle. 
  • That was a heck of a fight last night in the Marlins/Florida game last night. 
  • Nothing like being awaken by a lightening blast. 
  • Rick Perry doesn't like gay people.
  • One of those many wrong way drivers on the tollway that happened last year went to trial this week in Collin County on charges of Intoxication Manslaughter. Punishment verdict probably today. 


Rainbow In Southern Wise County Tonight


It's not a double rainbow across the sky but pretty darn good.

Environmental Nut Case Holding Hostages at . . . . The Discovery Channel Headquarters?

Mr. Tree Hugger has a list of demands of the channel which are available here.

Sheesh, if when I ever go crazy, I'm singling out Cinemax. Now there you could get some television programming gold with a little hostage situation. And I'd become a national hero.

Scary Moment At U.S. Open (That's Tennis) This Morning

She was OK, but was taken off a little later in a wheelchair.

(Not sure what's up with the odd heartbeat audio on clip.)

Decatur Connection.

Victim's mom lives in Decatur.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I went to a school open house yesterday and spent an hour studying something I hadn't thought much about in years: our public school system. For the first time in my life, I appreciated The Motivated Teacher.
  • Being a motivated teacher with a roomful of kids that want to learn would be a great job. But I bet that combo doesn't come along very often.
  • On the school bulletin board they had a crimestoppers scale of rewards. Top prize? $1,000 for murder. Sheesh.
  • The Dallas Court of Appeals yesterday held that Texas courts could not divorce a gay couple. Yeah, I understand but it's kind of ironic: If you consider yourself gay and married in Texas, we'll make sure you stay that way.
  • I lost interest in music somewhere over the last few years, but I was taken back in time yesterday when I actually stopped and listened to, Simple Minds' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World."  Edit: Ooops. Wrong band. 
  • Don't want to start a riot, but those that think it's a slam dunk that Steven York will get the death penalty are sadly mistaken. I'm not saying it won't happen, but that case isn't the perfect death penalty case. 
  • I wonder if Wise County law enforcement is having a Vampire Weekend over Labor Day? 
  • I hate the DPS Public Information Officer's twitter feed. There's something about the government paying someone to type things like "Turn around! Don't drown!" and "Don't drink and drive" really gets to me. 
  • A college football player on a motorcycle was hit head on by a truck and suffered only "scrapes and bruises." And a four second video clip caught the collision. 
  • Channel 8 is after the Euless Trinity football program now? Anything important going on in this area?
  • Good bye August. I hated you.
  • You worried about Cliff Lee now? (He got shelled last night).


Good Grief


Messenger with big news

That'll Impact Tourism

It's one thing for drug lords to be killing people in remote parts of Mexico, but when you see "Cancun" in the name, that get's your attention. (This may not be drug related, but no one will care.)


Public Scorn? Yes. But Arrested?

Hey, everyone knows that a 58 (53?) year old man shouldn't be using binoculars to check out teenagers at a car wash. That's Don't-Act-Like-A-Perve 101 (even in New Hampshire.) But getting arrested for "loitering" and "causing public alarm" for doing so?


Maybe it was the mustache.

One quote I'm using more and more is "you can get arrested for anything these days."

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a report yesterday that the Dallas Morning News was on the verge of charging for its online content.  (And I noticed the Waco paper has given official notice that it was going to do so.) That will not work. 
  • Extreme parking fail
  • Hurricane Earl is in no hurry. And, although it's now huge, I'm predicting it turns out to be nothing.
  • The Hangover continues to be funny. Just might be a comedy classic.
  • The Ticket made reference to some kid sensation on the Internet named "Fred". I have no idea who that is (and I spend a lot of time on the Internet.)
  • I changed a brake light and a license plate light last night. Trust me, that's an accomplishment.
  • Mark Cuban was back on Entourage this week -- sandwiched in between a couple of scenes of shocking language. I wonder if the NBA had any issues with him doing the show? (That show is full of shock value.)
  • Had a guy approach me at a gas station on Sunday holding a gas can and asking for a dollar for gas. (I truly didn't have one --- I'm cashless). But I'm mad I wasn't smart enough to tell him I'd be glad to fill up his container once my car was full. (I watched him a while longer and began to think he was scamming people.)
  • I'm looking forward to my Saturday early morning run: It's a three day weekend, the official start of college football, and temperatures in the 60s. Good times. 
  • Upset alert: Texas Tech might want to be careful with SMU on Sunday.
  • The woman found dead along 183 has been identified. Just. Gets. Weirder. The attractive mother of two from Watauga (photo in link) was seen on video footage walking towards the highway and seems to intentional abandon her purse when a cop drives by. 
  • Jennifer Grey, most famous for Dirty Dancing, will be on Dancing With The Stars. Check out these "before and after" pics that highlight her nose job from several years back.


Random Silliness

Grab The Press When You Can, Gal

. . . more.

Cha Ching

Some guy from Decatur won some money yesterday during the Ranger's game.

(Thanks, Eric.)

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The female found along 183 in a bathing suit on Saturday night is one weird story
  • The Glenn Beck rally at the Lincoln Memorial was surprisingly free of crazy rhetoric. (I think the heat he took for scheduling on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's speech made him have more of a tone of inclusiveness.) 
  • Ate at the Sushi place off Western Center Boulevard across from the BSNF headquarters on Friday. (There's another one down the street closer to I-35). Verdict: Not bad but the service was very wheels off. 
  • And the Emmy's last night was surprisingly funny. (And you would have loved the opening number if you are a Glee fan.)
  • But, sheesh, there are a lot of TV shows out there. 
  • I'm now in possession of the dumbest dog alive. 
  • The pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas says Islam promotes pedophilia? Well, that should reduce tension.
  • MzChief tweaked my banner. Thanks.
  • Southlake lost to Copperas Cove on Saturday. But a 346 round trip for a high school football game?
  • That was easy money: The Bengals signed Antonio Bryant during the off season and gave him a $7 million signing bonus. Then the cut him over the weekend.
  • There are rumors that the TCU/Oregan State game at Cowboys Stadium is having trouble selling tickets. Under 30,000? Based upon the number of radio commercials, it sounds like it.