Aggies and Sooners Taking You Into The Weekend

Go Sell Crazy Somewhere Else. We're All Stocked Up Here.

In the ever increasing wasteland of what is Facebook, the above graphic is beginning to catch on fire.  Yesterday, only the part below "Sand Hook Actors" was circulating advising that Sandy Hook parents in news interviews weren't parents at all. Instead they were actors from Florida brought in by President Obama to beef up sympathy for gun control.

Today the graphic is expanded and we learn that the same lady also posed as the lawyer for the shooter in the Aurora Massacre.

This conspiracy runs deep!

President Obama Being Informed Of Sandy Hook Shooting

Official White House Photo.

I just knew when I saw this that his haters would go unjustifiably crazy.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A "Hey, Now" K-State fan from the game last night after the opening kickoff was returned against them.
  • Also from the game last night: What happens in the bizarre situation of a blocked PAT that ends up in safety? Nothing? 2 points for kicking team? Answer. I had no idea.
  • We've got a little girl in the house for a couple of days who apparently hasn't warmed up to me. When I came in last night in my suit and overcoat and hung around in the kitchen for a few minutes, a cute little voice asked Mrs. LL, "Why is that weird guy still here?"
  • The Cowboy who was the victim in the Intoxication Manslaughter case against Cowboy Josh Brent had an alcohol concentration of .056.  That's much lower than I expected. 
  • Former partner of Hal Jay at WBAP, Dick Siegel, died yesterday. I really didn't listen to them back in the day but apparently Siegel would broadcast as both partner and helicopter traffic guy. And get this: He flew the helicopter at the same time.
  • Man, their are a lot of people catching the flu out there. Edit: OK, I screwed it up. I talk to my editor and copyright people.
  • Wonder how my goat is doing. 
  • The Navy's anti-bath salts video is Reefer Madness for 2013.
  • For you hard core political fans, check out this article about the "Hastert Rule" and how Speaker Boehner decided to ignore it in order to get the Fiscal Cliff to a vote. 
  • If there was ever an example of First World Problems, it was the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in Southlake last night where a bunch of rich white people were arguing about whether high tone lights should be installed in a high tone high school baseball stadium next to a high tone neighborhood.
  • I don't understand that first item in the Update.
  • (Personal note: Many close friends of mine are also friends with attorney Robert Wagstaff out of Abilene. He's apparently fine, but I got a heck of a message last night about an incident he was involved in yesterday. You might want to check on him today.)
  • Edit: No way I'm watching this: Prosper senior Torii Hunter Jr. and Notre Dame commit snaps his leg in an all-star game practice. Everyone says it's beyond horrible.


Texas Government Won't Offer Directions To Gun Shows


Countdown to Perry, Dewhurst and Corning coming over the hill to stomp out communists at TxDot in three, two, . . .

Ted Cruz Off To A Roaring Start

Introducing legislation that has no chance of passing.

We Are Getting A New Channel

Heard someone on the radio host ranting about this story this morning (fake laughing with a "I thought this was a joke!!!" diatribe) followed by crazy right wing callers saying that America will be infiltrated with a message from those who want to kill us.

Hey, goofballs. Al-Jazeera is owned by the country of Qatar which may be the most progressive (and richest) country in the Middle East. Now that may not be saying much, but it understands that it is surrounded by instability and has been a generous host to the U.S. Military. Hillary Clinton has said this about Al-Jazeera: "Viewership of Al Jazeera is going up in the United States because it's real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel like you're getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials and, you know, arguments between talking heads and the kind of stuff that we do on our news which, you know, is not particularly informative to us, let alone foreigners."

I think it'll be interesting to get a different perspective.

Dallas Church Will Buy Your Guns This Weekend

On January 19 from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m., the The First Presbyterian Church of Dallas will swap cash for weapons: up to $50 for working handguns and shotguns, and up to $200 for semi-automatics rifles. Story.

Kind of gives a whole new meaning to clinging to your "guns and religion."

What RG3 Said To Tony Romo After Redskins Game

After the Cowboys beat down during the final game of the year, the cameras caught RG3 grabbing Tony Romo and saying something to him. It was odd because if lasted longer than a casual "good game". So much so that I turned to Mrs. LL and said, "I'd love to know what he just said."

Well, it turns out RG3 was mic'd up for the game for Showtime and the channel aired the footage yesterday.

What did he say? “Hey Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything. Do you hear me?”

Hey, everyone knows I love RG3, but if I had been Romo I think I'd of gone off on him. "Don't listen to what anybody else is saying?" Heck, the game had just ended. Robert been checking the Internet during the 4th quarter? And what do you mean the game doesn't mean anything? The Redskins were going to the playoffs. The Cowboys were going home.

I think his intentions were good, but that was poorly executed. (You can watch it here.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The in-laws gave me a goat for Christmas. Well, actually a goat which will be delivered to a family in Africa. If that organization is a legit, that's actually a fantastic gift. 
  • The Republican Party was almost bi-polar yesterday on whether the vote on the fiscal cliff was a good or a bad thing.
  • Another Fort Worth Police Officer was arrested for DWI (but it's a little confusing that he was stopped in Westlake on 114 by a Keller officer.)
  • Fox 4 had a story last night that Medstar was experimenting with a program where a person would be treated by health care professionals but there wouldn't necessarily be an ambulance ride. The shocking thing was they featured a woman who had taken 44 ambulance rides last year alone.
  • Fox 4 also did a story on the Decatur house fire from yesterday.
  • I had a dream last night that I was hanging out of the back of Mrs. LL's car and she wouldn't start. I started yelling at her in the dream. The yelling turned real and she had to wake me up with an, "It's ok. It's ok."
  • A lady died on an airliner bound for Dallas from Brazil yesterday. How bizarre and shocking would that be. They unloaded the body in Houston. 
  • Mrs. LL left with two kids yesterday afternoon and came back that evening with two more for the night.  I was suddenly sleepy when I saw that. 
  • A former pastor at the high profile Broadway Baptist Church is taking 30 days off to get treatment for anxiety and depression.  He admits to trying to control the issues with alcohol and prescription medication. 
  • Sports: (1) Florida had no desire to play in the Sugar Bowl last night against Louisville, (2) but they were playing like thugs with cheap shots left and right, (3) coach Will Muschamp didn't seem to care, and (4) it was the lowest attended Sugar Bowl since 1939.  Oh, and Britney Griner and the Baylor women were in Fort Worth last night and beat TCU, 74-35.
  • Chris Christie just beat Speaker Boehner to a pulp yesterday in order to get a vote on the relief bill for Sandy victims.


Fire In Decatur Today

The Messenger has the story of a home burning today belonging to a Decatur Reserve Police Officer and Grapevine firefighter.

The Final Total: 2012 Box Office Winners

It would appear that fantasy films are a big player.  This is not your father's Hollywood any more.

Complete list.

Worst Rescue In The History Of Ever

And that chick filming this debacle sure does have a lot of opinions on how the rescue should go down. But everyone getting physically involved didn't seem to the best idea either.

World's Tallest Teenage Dating Short Guy

Daily Mail - The world’s tallest teenage girl walks hands in hands with her boyfriend, the picture of young love despite a staggering 1ft 6in height difference. Elisany da Cruz Silva, 17, measures an unbelievable 6ft 8in tall and has to bend down to plant a kiss on her 5ft 4in lover Francinaldo da Silva Carvalho, 22. The youngster, from Salinopolis in Brazil, has a form of gigantism because of a tumour on her pituitary gland, which regulates growth. Doctors have since removed the tumour. The aspiring model told Vietnam-based broadcaster BTV: ‘What really attracted me was his personality, the way he acts with people and the way he acts with me.  ’

That's what I feel like when Mrs. LL breaks out the high heels.

Above The Fold

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, I was right about the resolution of the "fiscal cliff". I just didn't expect the dog and pony show in the House to go a few hours past the deadline.
  • Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin's coverage of NYE on CNN is pretty funny and pretty shocking. His giggle makes me laugh.
  • Went back and watched and old Twilight Zone episode of William Shatner playing a recovering mental patient on an airplane: Terror At 20,000 Feet. Verdict: Still fantastic.
  • I got blocked by Brian Cuban (Mark's brother) over the weekend on Twitter. I had only followed him for two days and he was making the most inane and boring tweets. I simply responded when he fired off some Texas Supreme Court "news" that was four months old.  I think that guy is a spare (I heard him on the radio once and was stunned at how shallow he seemed.)
  • Had my "education dream" again last night. Missed classes. Couldn't find my schedule. Realizing I flunked two classes last semester because I quit going after one week.   It is so bizarre that it is a recurring dream because I'm not sure I ever cut a single class at college or law school.
  • Had a crazy two-fer on New Year's Day: A guy smashes into a stopped patrol car (I think we set a record for that last year) then when a firetruck shows up to provide warning/protection someone smashes into it. 
  • Saw on the news last night that "Soul 73" had been sold and had switched to a Korean format. I had never heard of the station before. But I'm more amazed at the Korean change. 
  • I got to experiment with an X-Box with the Kinect "control the screen with your body" device over the holidays. Amazing.
  • The dog sneezed yesterday morning beside the bed and the groggy Mrs. LL said, "Bless you." 
  • Mrs. LL and I are experimenting with a stew. She does all the work and I do a lot of suggesting. Good stuff. 
  • Sports: (1) Someone said RG3 could never be a drop back passer. Sheesh. He's a drop back passer that just happens to be able to run the option-read flawlessly, (2) The Mavericks are horrible, and Dirk can't do much to help, (3) Baylor's sling-it-around offense had the weirdest stat over UCLA:  Baylor had 80 offensive plays and ran the ball on 63 or them, (4) Oklahoma will beat the Aggies on Friday, and (5) Someone said in the comments a couple of days ago that my "Cowboys prediction" was wrong. Huh? What one?
  • I've had no interest in the Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit.
  • And what's up with all the long movies these days? Lincoln. Django Unchained. This Is 40.


Afternoon Pick Me Up?

Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant Again

Funny Photoshop Of The Day

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What a horrible interception by Tony Romo.  Unless something changes, and I doubt that it will, he'll be ranked behind Danny White. 
  • I was describing the long haired guy on TV as "Dallas' defensive coordinator" to Mrs. LL who then said, "Rob Ryan? And doesn't he have a twin brother? And doesn't the brother have some sort of fetish?" I don't even know her anymore.
  • I started the Cowboys/Redskins game by saying, "No NFL team should have a band." By the end of the game I decided it wasn't a bad bit.
  • I'm already seeing some rumblings that RG3's stats aren't all that good if you really looked at them. Uh, he just wins.
  • If Bridesmaids comes on, it's hard to get Mrs. LL to move.
  • We watched most of the 1970s classic Love Story yesterday. I didn't remember it being so horrible and contrived. And what's with the gratuitous cussing?
  • Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, which has been featured on 60 Minutes, is a big of nothing. And the way KissingSuzyKolber.com dissects it each week is a must read.
  • I haven't seen it yet, but some news organization will warn me against about firing bullets into the air at midnight tonight.
  • It seems like the calendar changing form 1999 to 2000 wasn't that long ago.
  • There's some new Billy Crystal movie where the trailer shows him being kicked in the crotch. That's comedy? In 2012?
  • I just learned that Sean Hannity and I were born 36 days apart. Maybe that's why I'm convinced he should know better.
  • I learned from the BagofNothing.com guy that the Cowboys have a CT Scan machine at Valley Ranch and he even got scanned in it. 
  • Hot prediction without knowing hardly any of the facts: There will be no indictment against UT players Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks arising out of the sexual assault story.
  • Remember the female Dallas cop who made the video proclaiming herself "Lucille Baller". (Funny, by the way.) Well, she's back in the news.
  • I was mentioned in a favorable way in a Letter to the Editor this weekend in the Messenger written by a Bridgeport man who has spent a ridiculous 18 years in federal prison for drugs. He, obviously, is not in favor of the "lock 'em up" mentality.

Above The Fold