Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The Mooch just became a father and now he wants a paternity test. Love that man.
  • I loved the comment which said I finished last in my class at Baylor Law School. If "cum laude" means "last", then you are right. 
  • Always view Trump through these lenses: (1) He wants to be loved by the masses. Not by his wife. Not by his kids. But by the masses. (2) He wants to be perceived as a "winner". Once you understand that, you will understand every action he makes.
  • Vince Young is the greatest college football player I've ever seen and that game may be the greatest college game I've ever seen. (Nevertheless, I still hate the Evil Empire.)
  • Serious question: If you knew a guy who was a great high school football kicker and a major college program had expressed concerns about its kicker, how do you go about getting your (kicking) foot in the door?
  • Speaking of the Empire, this was very confusing yesterday: 
  • Once we have a new district judge, I'm going to fire off a hot opinion over what I've seen over the last couple of months. 
  • Sean Hannity's diverse panel on racism. It's like the cast of  blonde Mean Girls with a dumb guy thrown in: 
  • The Tarrant County DA deleted her tweet where she misspelled "scholarship." She has to hate me. 
  • The saddest think about Sheriff Clarke resigning (and "getting the Heisman" when he went for a White House job) is that we never again get to see him in uniform with his fake medals. 
  • My most genius idea for jury selection. Elimiate voir dire. Instead, have all of them show up for two hours the night before trial with an open bar and free food. Tell them they will be recorded but they are free to say and interact with others however they wish. 
  • My normal routine of "It's Friday. Let's get out of here" won't happen because I'm on one of my football trips. But this time I took Mrs. LL with me.  She may divorce me by Monday. 
  • On the plane here I sat by a lady who looked like Queen Latifah.   I fell asleep and then, as I was waking up, put my hands around her arm because I forgot Mrs. LL was not sitting to my right instead of my left. The lady, who was more than sweet, later said to Mrs. LL, "I was about ready to declare him my airplane husband."


Oklahoma Road Rage

I'm convinced that America has gone insane. (There is a ton going on in this video. Why did the fat boy show his belly? What's up with the gal? How does the hillbilly boy in the overalls go from comforter to aggressor?) And I want to place a bet whether the hillbillies have a basement right out of Pulp Fiction.

And I'm not going to mention the race of everyone involved.

This Is Pretty Funny

(Shout out to the courthouse for tipping me off this morning.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • An ESPN reporter called Trump a White Supremacist on Twitter. Yesterday, White House Spokesman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the reporter should be fired. Let that sink in. The government is calling for the firing of a citizen because of something they said.  I'm still trying to figure out whether she is dumber than her daddy. It's a really tough call. 
  • Neo-nazis are "good people" but someone who criticizes Trump should be fired? Ok, got it. 
  • Baylor's back-up Tight End, who was scheduled to start against Duke this weekend, was ruled out yesterday due to "illness." Who gets ruled out of a Saturday game because of an illness on Wednesday? 
  • I'm seriously thinking about doing a daily bullet point on how long each night it takes Fox 4's Steve Eagar to screw up reading from the teleprompter. It truly is incredible.
  • The Cleveland Indians 21 game winning streak is more impressive than winning a World Series. 
  • Los Angeles will get the 2028 Olympic summer games. That seems huge but hasn't made a lot of news.  
  • Northwest ISD has school buses with kids sitting in aisles because of overcrowding. They allow three per seat but it could just be kids are sitting in the aisle because what kid wants to sit three to a seat?
  • Trump cut a deal with Democrats last night on DACA, then denied it this morning, and then followed it up with this 180 implying he did agree to it. 
  • Ann Coulter was not pleased: 
  • I want a Sholarship!
  • There's a weird trend on radio ads (and at least one on TV) where the obviously cuss but it is bleeped out. No thanks. That's not cute. 


Above The Fold

Robert Jeffress Is A Never Ending Stream Of Comedy

Decatur Art

There are a lot of unique things close to the Decatur square.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • DPS has published information about how citizens should interact with troopers during traffic stops. Amazingly, I agree with 99% of it. The really only issue I had was the first sentence of this paragraph regarding how drivers and passengers should "respond with courtesy." That's good advice, but a person has no obligation to do that. It would be wise to use courtesy, but the government has no right to tell people they "should" act a certain way. 
  • Greatest idea ever:
  • Everyone should watch the Steve Bannon 60 Minutes interview. To me, he truly is the most fascinating man in the world. 
  • Tony Romo was amazingly good in his first broadcast. I'm stunned.
  • Note to police officers based upon what I saw yesterday at the courthouse: When the prosecutor starts a question off with "I want you to listen very carefully to this question" he is giving you a warning to not say something you shouldn't. 
  • If Mike Huckabee doesn't go into the "Dad Joke Hall Of Fame", no one should. 
  • I missed ESPN's 30 for 30 on the NFL strike where the NFL used "scabs" to play the game. I actually went to the Cowboys game against the Eagles during the strike. It was almost a sellout. Danny White and Tony Dorsett had crossed the picket line and played. The Cowboys still lost on a very questionable (did-he-throw-the-game?) incompletion into the end zone from close range at the end of the game. 
  • And that strike taught me an important lesson. The North is different from the South. All of those NFL "scab games" were pretty well attended in the south and the west. In Chicago across to the Northeast, where unions and the working man are respected, the stadiums were almost vacant. 
  • Nothing to see here. Don't worry about a conflict of interest or that silly Emoluments Clause: 
  • I watched the original Indiana Jones move the other day, Raiders of the Lost Ark. I had forgotten how great it was. What made Jones endearing was that he was a true bad arse, but he would have those expressions of "I'm really in over my head" from time to time. 
  • Note to BagOfNothing who asked this morning if I would think the news yesterday about the new iPhone and Apple Watch was a "paid ad." There's a world of difference between that news and news of a new Blue Bell flavor. (No offense, buddy.)
  • That Plano mass murder case is beyond bizarre. It kind of goes back to road rage -- people under 30 (35?)years of age seem to "snap" these days when they become enraged and become unglued. 
  • Back in 1984, there was a nightclub shooting in Dallas after a guy got mad and six were killed with a handgun. It was so shocking that it lead to a change in Texas' capital murder laws allowing for the death penalty when two or more are killed during the same incident. I remember it to this day. We will remember the Plano mass shooting? 


Good Grief! Look At Those Government Salaries!

And that doesn't include insurance and retirement.

Edit: The new salaries were passed unanimously this morning.

Assuming Cruz Didn't Do It . . .

. . . and some goofball staff member did, how would like to have been the guy to wake up Cruz this morning and say, "Sir, we have a problem."

And, Cruz, says, ""It was a staffing issue, and it was inadvertent, it was a mistake, it was not a deliberate action."


Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • "IT" at box office this weekend: $123,403,419.
  • I'm not certain football was meant to be played at the Texas 1A Division in the way these scores indicate.
  • A question that came up at the courthouse yesterday: Historically, does the Texas high school team who has a homecoming game normally play away the week before? I truly don't know.
  • I'm not the only one who has discovered that Tucker Carlson has "dumb face." 
  • Sports reporter Mike Leslie of WFAA appears to be less than ideal. In addition to having sports observations of some guy sitting at a bar, he also complained on the 6:00 p.m. newscast yesterday that he had been up since 6:00 a.m. and was "ready to go bed." Buddy, do you know how hard people work?
  • Leslie is a starter kit of ESPN's Marty Smith who might be the most irritating "I'm so important" guy on that network -- a title which is hard to achieve.
  • There is a movie coming out about the Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King "Battle of the Sexes" match. I explained the history to Mrs. LL last night, who wants to see the movie, and she was not pleased that King got to use the doubles lines and Riggs was limited to the standard singles rules.
  • Got a report of a Greyhound bus passengers having their bags searched by police in the parking lot of a Dairy Queen in Denton this morning. 
  • Ted Cruz is trending on Twitterg. I don't know how to say this tactfully: He "liked" a porn site on that social media forum. And the tweet he "liked" was pretty graphic. For the first time in my life, I'm interested in what he has to say today. 
  • I didn't expect to wake up this morning to find out that ESPN's Sergio Dipp became an online sensation last night. And his explanation was inadvertently funny.


Watch A Guy School A Reporter On The Hurricane

Above The Fold

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Seven people were shot dead (and two more injured) at a Cowboys watching party in Plano. Early reports are that it is domestic dispute related. The shooter was killed by police. Insane.
  • Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, but I've seen few photos from the Florida Keys after the hurricane. (Assuming it is still there.) But Key West may have no power, no cell phone service, no water, and no way out. But I keep seeing conflicting reports.
  • If you are rich enough to have a big boat in Florida, how do you not hire someone to get that thing out of there a week ago? 
  • Harvey seems like a distant memory but those people are still suffering. And, as a side note, it sounds like the Harris County Court's Building is now useless. (That place sounds like a dump -- no offense to my friends down there.)
  • This is real: The second half kickoff from the 49ers' game. I didn't know there were as many people that don't care about the NFL as me. 
  • Bizarre: The driver of an 18 wheeler was killed last night after colliding with a crane that was on its way to remove the Robert E. Lee statute in Dallas.
  • Feel his power. He can unilaterally do that? 
  • The Messenger had an editorial this week criticizing the local United Way for allowing Texas legislature Rep. Pat Fallon to be the featured speaker. He is running against our incumbent State Senator but, as directed, stuck to his script and gave a speech about his giving and fund raising (and talking about running seven marathons, on seven continents, in seven days.) I'm completely torn on the issue of using that forum for not-so-subtle self-promotion. 
  • If you have any doubt that we are now at full Idiocracy, this is an official tweet from a Florida sheriff's account.
  • Speaking of Idiocracy, I can't stop staring at these two: 

  • Yes, I know Baylor lost to UTSA. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Texas looked much better even with a freshman QB, TCU looked really good, and OU looked great.
  • Trump and Danica Patrick the First Lady.
  • I'll never forget a pre-game prayer that our Bridgeport high school football team held. It began, and I won't tell you which coach led it, "Dear Lord, we need a win, and we need a win bad." I was 17 years old and rose my head up to look around and made eye contact with one teammate. It was all we could do to keep from busting out laughing.  
  • I almost made Mrs. LL a fan of Southpark. (At least she thinks Cartman is funny.)
  • Great. You went to the moon. The country is grateful. But don't dress like a fool the rest of your life to remind everyone about it, Buzz Aldrin. (Last night at Cowboy game.)
  • Football pet peeve: Why bring over the sticks to measure for a first down when it clearly is one in some situation? Perfect example: Say the first down marker is exactly on the 30 yard line. A play is run and the ball is marked one inch over the 30 yard line. Yet, I've seen them stop the game to measure in those situations. It was over the 30!