At first I thought the deceased girl has won it posthumously. Either way, very nice. Story.

Friday Night Wetness: County Teams Are Awful

Alvord 20 Valley View 41 Boyd 7 Glen Rose 21 Prosper 24 Bridgeport 0 Archer City 47 Chico 0 Decatur Argyle Liberty Christian Postponed to today at 5:00 p.m. Canceled. Paradise 0 Aubrey 41


Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up

President Greets Mourners. Gets Suit Wet.

U.S. President Barack Obama greets family members of victims of the 9/11 attack during a remembrance ceremony at the Pentagon September 11, 2009 in Arlington, Virginia.

From The Update

Ok, and I say this with the utmost respect, but does anyone know how Maj. Gen. Gene LaCoste is a "9/11 survivor"? And what exactly is the criteria? I did a quick Google search and came across this article that states, "Brig. Gen. Gene M. LaCoste, and Brig. Gen. Harry B. Axson, director of military personnel management, were traveling and not in their Pentagon offices at the time of the attack."

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I had four people (who weren't clients) contact me yesterday wanting advice. That's a record.
  • I saw the word "dystopia" twice yesterday.
  • Weird: I eat healthy and run all the time but my pants have suddenly become tighter. Time to ratchet it up.
  • Those that always talk about "hating drama" are the ones most likely to be the cause of it.
  • When I see someone driving a fancy car in Decatur, I wonder if they are up to their arse in debt. And I bet they are.
  • Bud Kennedy tweeted yesterday about Kinky Friedman making an appearance in Southlake: "There are Democrats in Southlake?"
  • I dreamed I had forgotten about a kitten in my garage that hadn't fed in days.
  • The "new" Jay Leno shows looks just like the old one I never watched.
  • Wade Phillips is a perfect grand father. A perfect grandfather is exactly what I don't want in an NFL coach.
  • "How To Kiss A Woman By Captain Kirk" - youtube. (19 seconds).
  • It's the "One Arm Dove Hunt" in Olney this weekend. I think I'd like to see that. But doesn't the title imply that it's the doves that only have one arm?
  • Got an email of the increase of day laborers showing up in Decatur. "[There were 14 of them] just sitting or standing on the curb - their faces were hopeless."
  • The County Court at Law Coordinator called me at 7:58 a.m. this morning on routine docket stuff. What's up with that?
  • I saw a bumper sticker yesterday for the Lowery business over in Paradise that said, "Seen enough change, yet?" (Obama reference.)
  • 9/11 was one surreal morning. I remember walking in the office and saying, "I think we are under attack." And we didn't have a single TV in the office which drove me insane.
  • And I still believe we haven't been attacked because they haven't tried. But if you want to credit Bush can I thank Obama for "keeping us safe" this year?
  • Weird comment this morning by Fox 4's Saul Garza interviewing a fireman putting out flags in Plano in memory of 9/11: "Then, of course, you have those that argue - another year - here we go again talking about it. Some people say 'let's move on.'" Who says that?


Train vs. Man News

Getting word that a man was walking on railroad tracks and struck by a train somewhere near Rhome tonight. Developing . . . Edit: One police scanner monitoring commenter says a Justice of the Peace has been called out. In Texas, oddly, that only means one thing.

Remote News

A former Wise County man involved in shooting in Pennsylvania. The word I get is that "Stanfield worked for a company in Decatur. His wife worked for Express out of Bridgeport." And the victim is listed as a Bowie resident.

New Official Tennis Star Of Liberally Lean

Because I'm a true Patriot (the kind without the yellow ribbon stickers on the family truckster), I tuned in last night to watch U.S. Open women's tennis instead of the Obama speech. Specifically, I was going to cheer on red blooded teenage American sensation Melanie Oudin -- especially since it's the only place I can cheer on a teenage girl without getting a visit from those pesky investigators in the DA's office. However, once I saw Oudin couldn't beat the B-team from Alvord, I quickly changed allegiance to Denmark because of her opponent Caroline Wozniacki (pictured above.)

Jarhead In Lock Down Mode!

Frequent readers no doubt often see the comments of "Jarhead", a self-proclaimed right leaning, ex-marine who escaped Wise County for the golden shores of Lake Granbury. He is as rare as Bigfoot, the Lochness, Monster, or lean hamburger meat in a Decatur grocery store. Yep, Jarhead is a funny conservative. But issues are brewing. He also ran his own blog. Well, today I get word that he has shut off the unwashed masses to his musings making it "invitation only." Obviously, this is some type of sign of great distress. (Like that guy in the bathroom in Full Metal Jacket) Maybe this Obama thing has him in a fetal position and he just doesn't want to deal with the public. Whatever it is, we've got a crisis on our hands.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The telephone call from other lawyers that starts off, "Tell me what you think about this issue" = I like. Friendly advice is something we all need.
  • The telephone call from the out of town lawyer that starts off, "I'm from out of town and I've got this plea bargain offer. Is that good? Tell me about the prosecutors and juries up there" = I don't like. Hey, he paid you to know stuff like that.
  • Fort Worth is close to erecting a statue of JFK near his last Fort Worth speech. I'm pretty sure that there is not a single statue of an individual any where in Wise County. Am I wrong?
  • Wow. During Obama's speech last night, Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina yelled out, "You lie!" Absolutely incredible and reprehensible. (Story and quick video here in case you missed it.)
  • That was very close to Idiocracy's "House of Representin'"
  • And Fox and Friends this morning leads the show with, "Was he out of line? We'll report and let you decide." Good grief.
  • With all the "Rangers excitement" going on, I'm pretty sure that their last playoff games against the Yankees in the late 1990s did not sell out at Arlington.
  • A space ship came through downtown Decatur yesterday?
  • I had to fake a conversation yesterday when someone started talking about a subject I was clueless about. That's hard to do.
  • No Beatles on iTunes after all. But VH1 had a 1990s documentary on the group called Anthology last night that I had never seen before. I hit the record button because it looked really good.
  • One of my weird comment rules: Don't submit a shocking assertion of fact anonymously. Ain't gonna happen.
  • And to think the only way you could have heard a Beatles song in the 1970s was to listen to it on the radio or go buy a piece of vinyl. There was no other choice.
  • The story of the 8 year old in Saginaw that snuck out of school and drove a van down Boat Club Road to a gas station yesterday is amazing. Almost more amazing: The keys were left in the van he took. Who leaves keys in the ignition these days?
  • Ellen Degeneres is the new judge on American Idol. As much as I didn't care for her in her early years, she's kind of grown on me. But I still won't watch American Idol.


Something Weird Is Going On

Every year at this time, without exception, Wise County is inundated with millions of crickets. The normally descend upon us like one of the ten plagues that Noah caused to be inflicted upon the Road to Damascus for 40 days and 40 nights. (Wait, I messed that up, didn't I?) Any way, the crickets always come. Until this year. Where are they?

Put "Scandal" And "Video" Together, And I'm There

Article about it here.

Texas Tech Doesn't Like Injuns?

I saw this story this morning but thought it would go away. Now I'm not so sure. Some folks think Texas Tech was insensitive at best and racist at worst in producing this program for last week's game again the North Dakota Fighting Sioux. I'm more offended by the bad drawing of Coach Leach. (Then again, I miss Speedy Gonzalez.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • UFC is more popular than boxing
  • Rann Elementary (and all of Decatur ISD) did not take time out of class to broadcast Obama's speech yesterday. We knew that. I didn't know they had a school-wide assembly to promote the PTO fundraiser of selling cookie dough.
  • Beatles are finally beginning to sell: Beatles Rock Band (the video game) comes out today and rumors are circulating that later today Apple will announce that the Beatles full collection will finally be available on iTunes.
  • But didn't I read that Michael Jackson once bought the rights to the Beatles music collection? So who is getting all the money?
  • I bet most of my readers are voters.
  • The White Man has always been angry about something.
  • Fox 4's local news this morning sure did a lot of "news" stories promoting entertainment shows on Fox ("Glee" and "So You Think You Can Dance" to be exact.)
  • I heard that one of the biggest problems of withdrawing from Iraq is getting all the equipment out of there (evacuating the people is the easy part.)
  • Any sex crime, even if it is consensual, sends us into Crazy Town.
  • Waking up is a weird experience when you think about it.
  • Our Sheriff's Office turns down a tiny raise and makes Channel 8 News because of it. Which gave rise to these thoughts: (1) David Walker is a political genius and (2) is reporter Chris Hawes a "hey, now?", and (3) Lari Barager, where are you?
  • A pre-K kid made a break for it from Seven Hills elementary by Rhome but was returned safe and sound. But momma (who is kinda hot) was mad and called Channel 8. Lari Barager, where are you?
  • The new Sonic commercial featuring a new couple with the line "You're my tater tot" is funny.
  • Sen. Al Franken can draw a map of the U.S. with state borders free hand? I'm not sure I believe what I saw.


Sgt. Friday And President Obama

Man, you've got to be old to enjoy this. I remember as a boy sitting around and watching Dragnet. It always ended the same way, with Detective Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon giving a speech to some guy they had apprehended after spending 30 minutes of tracking him down. It was great television. Since the anti-Obama crowd appears to be older, white, and Joe Friday disciples, I thought they would like this. Heck, even I did. (Alternatively, for you younger readers, I give you the kid that loves bacon.)

Redskin Cheerleaders > Cowboy Cheerleaders?

I Probably Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Mug Shots

But I may be done with it after this one. Seriously, how do you top this? David Alan Lee just created the gold standard in mug shots. And the charge? Aggravated Battery in Florida. Sheesh. That's the easiest defense in the world: Just by looking at him you know he gets picked on 24/7. That man probably has a hair trigger waiting to go off at the slightest of provocations. I'd expect to be his victim by simply saying, "Hi, how ya doin'?" Convict him? I think not.

Did This Really Happen During The BYU/OU Game At Cowboys Stadium?

People say yes. But I'm skeptical.

Constable's Salary Grievance: Denied

Pretty lively hearing this morning when the Wise County Salary Grievance Committee (which looked like a bunch of public officials and two or three private citizens) heard Constable Tom Bishop's Salary Grievance request. Highlights:
  • Bishop made a pretty lengthy presentation since the meeting was set to start at 8:00 and I walked in on it at 9:00 and he was still going.
  • The guy in the blue shirt didn't mind asking the hard questions to Bishop.
  • Bishop remained professional.
  • Tensest moment came from a commenter in the audience who said she there was "a sense of nervousness" from the citizens about Bishop doing things other than serving warrants and being, in her words, a "Super Cop." Bishop handled it well.
  • Bishop kept saying he "didn't need the money" but wanted the raise for the "office" and the other constables.
  • Boldest Bishop statement: When he said that if the County can afford an attorney for the commissioners court, a new assistant DA, and a new judicial software program, the county could afford the raise.
  • An issue arose as to whether Bishop's request was only for him or for all constables. When it was determined that the granting of Bishop's grievance would impact only him, he told them not to do it.
  • The vote was 9-0.
  • Bishop thanked them for their time after the hearing.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • You have to watch it pretty closely, but Dallas DA Craig Watkins and County Commissioner John Wiley Price hate each other.
  • Every time I watch women's tennis, I get sucked in. There were some incredible matches at the U.S. Open yesterday.
  • Now that Obama has released his speech to the kids, the right wingers are already proclaiming he "changed it" because of the outcry. Sheesh. The paranoia is palpable.
  • "Paranoia Is Palpable" would make a good title of a book or a good band name.
  • Chocolate lava crunch cake with Domino's Pizza? How fat can we get?
  • Same thing goes for whoever is promoting the pizza with the extra cheese strip near the crust.
  • How much has Jerry Lewis raised for muscular dystrophy research and what does he have to show for it?
  • And is there any bigger of a loose cannon that Jerry Lewis on Labor Day?
  • Must see for college football fans: Why those Yankees just don't get it.
  • I didn't know that if a Hospital District is formed in Texas that the Texas Constitution requires the district to "provide all necessary hospital and medical care for the needy inhabitants of the District." Then again, I'm not sure how many hospitals are formed under that section. (Hat tip to Bud Kennedy's facebook page.)
  • What is going on in the stands while the Longhorns play? (Credit: TvTanLine.)
  • Kenny Chesney's "This Is Our Moment" was recorded for ESPN to be used during college football season. Good grief, how many times can they play it --- and it's only week #1.
  • Idiocracy: Those silly fry anything contests leading up to the State Fair.


While Looking At The Newest Denton PD Book-In Photos

The most obvious comment in three . . . two . . . one.

Laughing Bride

Part of me believes he is thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Vague News

From an email: Lady from Boyd was killed this weekend near Johnson City when the motorcycle she was riding on swerved to miss a deer. Man friend is in critical condition. 3 grieving children left behind. Edit: A web savvy commentor found this news story.

If Decatur Isn't On There By Next Week, Something Is Wrong

The PeopleOfWalmart.com may become the greatest site on the Internets.

I Can't Resist

Hey, I'm sick of this Should-Schools-Broadcast-The-Obama-Speech controversy as much as you are, but I had a stop down moment this morning. I tuned over to the always awful Fox and Friends morning show and noticed they were about to interview a "father and son in Texas" where the dad is keeping his son out of school on the day of the speech. Then I quickly took this shot of my television. That's the kid on the left, by the way. Good grief. The son is sportin' a mustache but dad doesn't want him to hear Obama? But at least dad was honest about his reasoning: "I don't trust the man," he said.

Random Thoughts: Special Football Edition (Since No One Will Read It)

The gates of the Underworld open for UT's first game
  • I hate it that Oklahoma has lost QB Sam Bradford for what might be a few weeks. I want every team to be at full strength.
  • And with Oklahoma's loss to BYU, the Texas/OU game has just been diminished beyond belief. What would have been #2 vs. #3 is now not even close to that.
  • And despite Texas fans being giddy over OU's loss, it really means nothing to the Longhorns. They better continue to win.
  • How in the world can Texas Tech just stick another quarterback into that system with tremendous results? Taylor Potts starts his first game and throws for 405 yards in Tech's win over North Dakota. Wait. North Dakota?
  • The Aggies manhandled New Mexico which some will say is no big deal. I think it's huge. They rolled up 606 total yards of total offense. Last year, they could have lost that game.
  • TCU is crazy for not scheduling a game on opening weekend.
  • Pro note: Tila Tequila says that her boyfriend, San Diego star linebacker Shawne Merriman, assaulted her. I'd use the insanity defense with proof being that he dates Tila Tequila.
  • Pro note #2: Man, I love HBO's Hard Knocks.
  • I saw that "Peyton Manning will give $1 million to Tennessee for a new athletic training facility." Really? How much of a training facility will that buy?
  • SMU was horrible as they escaped with a win over Stephen F. Austin.
  • Media note: The Dallas Morning News' article on Baylor's game was the same article that appeared in the Waco Tribune Herald. There's a lot of sharing going on these days.
  • Most big time schools won't play anyone worth a dang for their non-conference games. But there's really no reason to. What would Texas have to gain by playing Georgia, for example? They played a directional school and will still wake up as #2 this morning.
  • I really thought Oklahoma State would lose to Georgia. I think it's because I just wish failure on T. Boone Pickens.
  • Baylor wore white helmets with a interlocking green "B" and "U" on the side. I hate that. No respectable program ever changes its helmets. You think Texas, Michigan, or USC are going to change?
  • Edit: "The truth of the matter is ... somebody is going to die here in the NFL. It's going to happen.''- Carson Palmer of the Cincinnati Bengals. I believe that. And it may even happen at the college level. The helmet to helmet hits on downfield receivers is shocking (and illegal, but that doesn't stop it.)
  • Edit: There's a high school football game going on at Cowboys Stadium this morning. That kid has a lot of hair for Euless Trinity.
  • Edit: I didn't know that UT set an all time attendance record with 101,096.
  • I digress: Jerry Lewis is crazy. At 8:13 a.m. he just told Cathy Rigby that the telethon earned $15,000 last year from "three men in Florida who sold marijuana."