TCU/Baylor Observations

  • What I beating. The final score was 45-10. It could have been 100-10.
  • Baylor's coach Art Briles was quoted after the game saying, "I feel embarrassed for Baylor University." Preach on, bruther.
  • I still don't know if Baylor is awful or TCU is great, or both.
  • I've watched every Baylor game over the last two decades and I never remember any team scoring five TDs on their first five possessions. That was a beating of biblical proportions.
  • We parked at the Colonial Country Club thinking we could take a shuttle. (I did that a couple of years ago but forgot I had an invitation to a party nearby where wristbands were handed out for shuttle service.) Feeling uneasy, I asked a guy walking by if this was "public parking". He told me, "No, it's for Colonial members only." That doesn't sound bad, but he said it in a tone just like Judge Smails in Caddyshack. I almost started laughing. 
  • Mrs. LL will walk forever and love it and not even think about complaining. Me likey. 
  • We left in the second quarter. The second quarter!!!! We weren't alone. 
  • After TCU quickly went up 14-0, I turned to Mrs. LL and said, "You have no idea how long I've suffered."
  • TCU fans do not taunt. As much as they've been beating their chest over the last few years, they are gracious winners.
  • As I type this, I'm watching the final moments of Tech losing to the Empire 24-14. Sorry, but Mike Leach's Raiders would have won that going away.
  • And Mac Engel at the Star-Telegram is a fraud. (Trust me, I follow his lame Twitter posts.) There is no such thing as a $15 ticket.

Oh, My


Messenger Above The Fold


Bridgeport 37 Prosper 32
Paradise 35 Alvord 13
Decatur 34,Carrollton Ridgeview 28
Grapevine Faith 44 Boyd 0

Edit: I stole these scores from the Messenger website. I promise that had Carrollton Ridgeview instead of Carrollton Ranchview. That's what I get for stealing.


He's Kidding, Right?

An email sent out by the Bill White campaign (WBAP's Mark Davis jumped on it this morning as being pretty moronic. It is):

Why won't Rick Perry invite women to join him at the dinner table?

That's the question everyone's asking after the Dallas Morning News revealed that Perry's planning a "male-oriented" fundraising dinner where "a few, select men can pay $15,000 each to eat pheasant and wild sausage and have meaningful conversation with the governor."

How about their wives and "significant others"? Well, they're welcome to join the men for post-dinner festivities.

Only in Rick Perry's Texas would the voices of women be considered so unwelcome.

Please contribute $5 toward Bill White's 5,000-donation goal right now to elect a governor who will make sure every Texan has a seat at the table.

It's no wonder Rick Perry can't prepare Texas for the 21st century; he's still stuck in the 19th.

As Christy Hoppe, a writer for the Dallas Morning News, quipped, Rick Perry must want to keep women away from the dinner table so as not to "worry their pretty little heads over all the big words, male talk and cigar smoke."

Whatever Rick Perry's reason for excluding women from his "meaningful" dinner conversation, it's just plain wrong. But this is exactly how Rick Perry runs his state: Some people are invited to the table, and other people simply aren't.

Please contribute $5 toward Bill White's 5,000-donation goal right now to elect a governor for all Texans.

We need a governor who believes that every Texan ought to be at the table when decisions are made or when policy is discussed with the governor.

Thank you for everything you do to elect a governor who'll respect the views of every Texan.


Ann TravisSenior Advisor
Bill White for Texas

P.S. Perry's press spokesperson claims that females are welcome, but the invitation says the attire is "blue jeans, boots & sport coat." This is the second "wild game" dinner and Perry's campaign hasn't released the names of those who attended the first.

Edit: I have no idea what that corrected formatting was about.

Friday Randomness Ctd.

What junk food does to girls. 

Do not try to hand this lady's husband an advertisement for escorts on the Vegas strip. (Language warning.) And, if you've ever been there, you know what a beating that is.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Tech fans plan to be silent when The Evil Empire enters the field on Saturday  night as an intimidation ploy. That would probably work if you could convince tens of thousands of hyped up fans to shut up. Not gonna happen.
  • A chat with Decatur guy that came in second on Big Brother. (I didn't read it.) 
  • The rumor is that the Black Eyed Peas would be the halftime performers at the Super Bowl in Arlington. Big thumbs up. 
  • Lady says she has acid thrown into her face and becomes a Celebrity Victim. Now she says the injuries were self inflicted, but no one knows why. Uh, weird. (I would be mad at her but she's the one with the acid scarred face.)
  • I just had a 12 year old do a rap about Reese's Puffs cereal here at the breakfast table. "You put the milk on em. They taste like chocolate."
  • If you didn't know the difference, you'd think Bill White was running as a Republican based on his commercials.
  • At 1:00 p.m. in downtown Chico on Saturday there will be a public reading of the Constitution. (Per Update.) The reading of the Bible all the way through is a good idea too until you get to those "begat" passages.
  • There was a murder/suicide at Johns Hopkins Hospital and in Lewisville yesterday and in both locations cops sent in a robot to determine if the shooter was dead. 
  • There sure were a lot of people jump on me yesterday supporting the life without parole sentence for the Deaf Defendant. Hey, the sentence may be justified but can you really have that opinion without knowing the facts of the case?
  • The littlest girl in the house exclaimed, "There must be a million news shows on TV."  Probably need to throw on the Disney Channel every now and then. 
  • Speaking of murder/suicide, the shocking final report of the Coppell mayor who shot her daughter and then herself was released. The shooting of the daughter occurred early in the morning, and then the mayor/mother ran errands the rest of the day and didn't kill herself until at least 14 hours later. 
  • You can ride in a balloon at the Plano Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend. Cost: $250 per person.
  • When I was the DA, I'm proud to say I never texted a victim: "Are you the kind of girl that likes secret contact with an older married elected DA … the riskier the better?”  But this guy did.
  • Prosecutors always refer to themselves as "wearing the white hat."


From The Masses

Breaking News: Victoria Secret Models Are Hot

More of them.

DPS Misinformation?

DPS Public Information Office just posted this. Over 25,000? So far?  This is the 259th day of the year so were talking over 96 people a day if my new math skills are working.

I find that hard to believe, but even my Googling skills for past stats haven't been successful enough for me to confirm or deny this. Anyone?

Edit: Finally found the official stats page. Wow. The number in the tweet is shockingly LOW.
(Technical note: The use of the acronym "DUI" in the official DPS report is weird. For minors who have consumed alcohol but are not drunk, it is "DUI." For drunk driving adults, it is officially "DWI". But the same page of the report from the excerpt says that ".3 %" of the 96,350 were juveniles so the total number includes both DUI and DWI despite "DWI" not being used.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Decatur man wins second place on Big Brother. I didn't even know it had a conquest -- thought it was like MTV's The Real World.
  • The Deaf Defendant got a life sentence yesterday in Wise County without the possibility of parole. I'd say it's harsh but I haven't been able to watch a second of the trial so I have no idea. (But the law he was prosecuted under, which went into effect five years ago, is very harsh.)
  • And how would you have liked to have been the hand sign interpreter who had to sign "Life in the Institutional Division" to him?
  • Thanks for all the potty training help for the dog. This going to be a beating.
  • The Gay Street Fight video posted below didn't receive one funny "The first rule of Fight Club is . . . . " comment. You guys let me down. 
  • I've got tickets to the sold out Baylor/TCU game. Forecast: 97 degrees at kickoff time. Ugh.
  • Not sure what to think about the Tea Party win in Delaware, but the Republican establishment doesn't seem to happy. I've never heard the phrase "Republican Civil War" thrown around so often over the last couple of days. 
  • War on Drugs Update:  Illegal use is at a decade high with a surge in meth and ecstasy.  I suspect the government's response will be: "We need to lock more people up. That should do the trick." 
  • Entourage is over and I think the show's plan was to stick in as many cameos as possible: In the season finale they had Drew Brees, Christina Aguilera , Mark Cuban, Eminem, and a bunch of others I'm not hip enough to recognize.
  • Anybody see that traffic jam on Central Expressway in Richardson this morning? That looked like five lanes not moving at all for miles. 
  • Couple of hot NASCAR girlfriends.
  • I found the family unit's missing turtle. He was making a beeline across the living floor, and I'm not real sure he wanted to be found.
  • New Chico restaurant doesn't look bad.
  • For you tech boys: I've got the weirdest browsing issue: It can't bring up cnn.com or thesmokinggun.com.  I have absolutely no issues finding any of the other gazillion websites on the Internet but those two will not come up. My browser (Chrome) dies and gives me a "Oops! Google Chrome could not find www.cnn.com" message. Any ideas?


Dallas Police Beating Video

First time impressions:
- Is there no audio?
- That's a bad bike rider not to be able to get away
- The chase ends at 3:02 and that's when the action starts
- As see lots of wailing on him but you can't see if he is resisting.
- A lot depends on where that baton was landing on the suspect's body
- Even a Civil Rights Guy like me is underwhelmed.

Somebody's Having A Bad Day Near The Old Texas Stadium

Thanks, Lari.

Taking Drunk Girlfriend Grocery Shopping?

EMBED-Guy Checks Out With Drunk Chick In Basket - Watch more free videos

For you Tosh.0 fans, this has "web redemption" written all over it.

Get Me In This Fight!

I normally don't post Youtube street fight videos because, mostly, I cringe when I see them. There are some violent SOBs out there!!  And if I were nearby one of those crazy fights, I'd take off running like a school girl just to avoid accidentally catching a haymaker to the head.

But I am convinced I could have whipped everyone of these guys in this video. I'd be like Mike Tyson in his prime landing one knock out blow after another.   Try and slap me, kid? Welcome to the gun show.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Motorcycle death on Airport Freeway last night.
  • Did you see Dallas DA Craig Watkins yelling at the County Commissioners about a budget issue? Do you have no decency, sir? (Great photo of if.)
  • Today the Dallas PD is going to release a video of a "police beating" of a fleeing motorcyclists that occurred in September. It sounds like it's going to be bad. Real bad.
  • Was told that the Principal of Byron Nelson High who is involved in the kid-didn't-smoke-dope "crisis" was a long term teacher at Boyd. 
  • A Letter to the Editior in today's Messenger, says that Obama "cancelled the National Day of Prayer" in 2009. That's not true.
  • The next Letter dogs Republicans for not wishing to debate and said such was the case in the 2008 Wise County DA's race. That's not true either.
  • What happens when all these gas pipelines and couplings get old? It will happen. (Just thinking of the neighborhood that blew up in California last weekend.)
  • A woman walks into Walgreen'swearing nothing but a thong and whip cream? Cool. Uh...not so much. (She's definitely not the chick from Varsity Blues.)
  • Saw a respected lawyer at a hearing yesterday not know one of the basic rules. Why? He was handling something outside his area of expertise. That's how you can get into trouble. 
  • I'll get an update on the Deaf Defendant Case. 
  • Reggie Bush returned the Heisman Trophy last year --- proving, at least, that he has a smart PR person and that he listens. (He probably would have been stripped of it any way.)   But can't we still refer to him as "the guy who was awarded the Heisman in 2005?"
  • I need some housebreaking tips for the family unit's Yorkie.  Working with a portable-kennel-cage looking thing, but that dog just doesn't understand that when I take her outside she's supposed to get down to business. If she could only be like Veronica.
  • I've been trying to boycott the Mexican reporter who claims she was sexually harassed by the Jets because I've focused on her a lot in the past. Here's why.
  • Mrs. LL stays up too late. Mrs. LL had to take a Benadryl last night at 9:00. Mrs. LL was out like a light before 10:00 p.m. I'll be practicing slipping those little pills into her drink for the rest of the week. 
  • Edit: Wow. Saw the obituary in the Update of an old Bridgeport High School friend. 


Mugshot Winner

Man just tries to toughen up his out of shape stepson, and now look what happens to him.

Welcome to Obama's America.

Tuesday Morning Pick Me Up?

Some obscure Internet picture? Oh, no my friends. You could have seen these fine girls last week at the Lizard Lounge in Dallas according to this 36 pic slideshow posted by the Dallas Observer.

That's A First

Dropped by our district court this morning and noticed a criminal trial was about to start with a deaf defendant.

I don't think I have ever seen that happen before in good ol' Wise County.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Aggies are the only Division I team not to be on TV for first three weeks. Which is amazing in two ways: (1) 119 other teams have been on TV and (2) the Aggies play such weak opponents that none of their games can get a TV network's attention.
  • Last night I watched Mrs. LL struggle to put a tiara on a Yorkie (what?) and at the same time we had a miniature pet turtle lost somewhere in the house.
  • I expected lots of struggles and tension (which really hasn't happened at all) but accelerated math for a 7th grader might kill us all.
  • I created a nice game room with a new TV and new carpet and new paint and somehow I'm the only one who uses it. (I'm not complaining.)
  • Sports Radio: Afternoon drive time is an absolute beating. The Ticket? I hate Reiner and Corby. The Fan? Those two guys are like Yankee radio characitures. There's never been worse sports talk radio in DFW history. ESPN? Randy Galloway loves himself more than content or his listeners.
  • I'm excited about going to TCU/Baylor this weekend but why isn't it a night game? (Wow. TCU has grown to a 22 point favorite over Baylor. (Started at around 17). That means the money must have been rolling in for the TCU bet.)
  • OK,  Byron Nelson High School officials screwed up when they falsely accused the kid of smoking dope, but they've formally apologized. Now the kid's mom is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame by being a drama queen.
  • A book about me?
  • Now that the Steven York case is over, I wonder if any TV station will make an Open Records Request for the in car video of the pursuing officers. In this sensational world, I wouldn't doubt it. 
  • I didn't post a couple of comments critical of the Wise County DA's office about the plea bargain. You guys are crazy. There's not a prosecutor in his right mind that wouldn't have offered that deal. 
  • Roy Williams, who caught the almost game winning pass on Sunday night, says he doesn't hold it against penalty prone offensive lineman Alex Barron for holding on the play. Not surprising. You have to care before you can get upset.
  • You know something is big when you have no idea what it is but realize it's having a midnight release: Halo.
  • Something I don't like: Grocery shopping with a list of strange items and wandering around the store trying to find them.


I've Seen This Bit Before But It's Still A Funny, Uh, Bit

From yesterday.

Finalizing plea in State v. York

Breaking: Stephen York pleading guilty to capital murder right now. Life without parole.

sKeith Brooking's Pre-Game Speech

I thought it was dumb last year, and it has only become worse.

Just shut up and hit somebody.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Two boats, carrying eight kids, collided on Lake Lewisville on Sunday. Odd: Both were rentals, alcohol was not involved, and everyone had their life jackets on.  I've never been on that lake, but I've heard it's crazy dangerous on weekend afternoons.
  • And what was up with that sultry look from a Redskins cheerleader last night?
  • I know no one probably reads him, but Star-Telegram "sports humorist" David Thomas is anything but.
  • The VMAs were on last night and I didn't see a second of them. Whose bright idea was to put it on opposite of the NFL on opening weekend?
  • Lot's of emergency vehicles just off College Street in Decatur this morning. 
  • I thought that Tony Romo lateral to the wide receiver that ended up with a fumble and a touchdown right before the half was improvised. But apparently it was a called play. Dumb.
  • I've said it for two years: The Cowboys will never win with Wade Phillips as the head coach. 
  • TCU begins as a 17 point favorite over Baylor on Saturday. The Empire is a 7 1/2 point favorite over Tech (who wore white helmets last weekend?)
  • Weird dream last night: I lived in a high rise condo on Lake Bridgeport at the end of a dirt road that was closed due to bad weather. When I finally made it there, Britney Spears was made at me for not asking her out. Yeah, that's normal. 
  • Jessica?
  • Another ceiling fan installed (although it was a little dicey when the little dog knocked over a king size 
  • mattress that I had balanced on one end and it crashed into the ladder I was standing on. How it didn't go down is a miracle.)
  • "But I’m also respectful that people of different faiths can practice their religion, even if they don't subscribe to the exact same notions that I do, and that they are still good people, and they are my neighbors and they are my friends, and they are fighting alongside us in our battles." - President Obama at last week's press conference (and to think their are people that will actually criticize him for that.)
  • Odd DWI accident last night in Dallas: Two homeless guys sleeping at a bus stop get killed when a car plows into them. 
  • Watched the NFL RedZone this weekend. I can't tell you enough how great it is. 


Hot Sports Prediction

Cowboys -3 1/2 at Washington.

Take the Redskins. Bet the house.

Dallas' offensive line is missing two starters. They won't be able to run. They won't be able to pass. And if you want to get rich, bet the under with is 39 1/2.

Post game edit: Me = Sports Genius.

A Little Tenderness

Rachel's Birthday Video from Kristian Anderson on Vimeo.

Stolen from BagOfNothing.com:

"New Zealand husband made a birthday video for his cancer stricken wife with appearances from their prime minister and Hugh Jackman.

"I shall not disclose if I shed a tear during the viewing of this video."