Ok, It Will Be A Little Slow Here . . .

. . . for the next couple of days. Merry Christmas to all my friends (and even to those that just love to hate me).

What The . . . ?

"A 5 1/2-year veteran deputy with the Hood County Sheriff’s Department is facing a three- to five-day suspension without pay following the “overzealous” treatment of two juveniles in an incident Nov. 22. Jim Scroggins did not violate any department policy by handcuffing the boys, ages 11 and 12, but he did show a lack of respect toward the juveniles, said sheriff Gene Mayo. The 2 Granbury boyswere detaines, for an alleged burglary in Rock Harbor, a Granbury Subdivision." (Source)


Music Trivia

Even though I didn't want to, I really liked Mariah Carey's most recent album, "The Emancipation of Mimi". But there is some pretty big music trivia news. Her new single, "Don't Forget About Us" just hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Get this: That is her 17th #1 single which ties her with Elvis for the No. 2 position of all time. The Beatles are in first place with 20 #1 singles.

Silver Kiss

So Odd

Click to enlarge and then look at the tongues. Freaky

Head Scratcher

Gov. Perry pardoned a handful of people today. Someone want to explain to me how these misdemeanor crimes ended up getting Perry's attention? • Willie Ray Brown, III of Sealy, 27, convicted of criminal mischief and possession of marijuana at the age of 17. He served 10 days in jail and one year probation. He also paid $440 in fines and $1,586 in restitution for his offenses. • Michael Gene Everhart of Houston, 32, convicted of theft for using a calling card that was stolen by a college football teammate when he was 18. He paid a $297.50 fine and $41 in restitution; and served 12 months probation for his offense. • Sandra Elaine Harris of Humble, 53, convicted of shoplifting in 1980. She paid a $150 fine and was ordered to serve 1 year probation. • Eddie Presley Herrera of Odessa, 29, convicted of theft at the age of 18. He served three days in jail and paid a $200 fine. • Karen Marie Holmes of DeSoto, 48, convicted of shoplifting and fraud in 1974. She paid $525 in fines and served a total of 18 months probation. She was 18 at the time of the offense. • Jason Michael May of San Antonio, 24, was convicted of family violence in 1998 when he was 17 and got into a fight with his father. He paid a $58.50 fine for his offense. • Sharon Denise Scallion of San Antonio, 37, convicted of theft in 1985 at the age of 17. She paid a $250 fine and served six months probation. • Nancy Martinez Shelden of San Antonio, 40, convicted of unlawfully carrying a weapon in 1983. She was 19 at the time. She paid a $150 fine and served one year probation. • Paul Norman Wood of Copperas Cove, 28, convicted of driving while intoxicated when he was 18. He paid a $500 fine and served one year probation.

Eva Longoria In The Morning


I Wonder How . . .

. . . a star of the old TV show ALF is doing these days? Oh, noooooooo. Notagood.


Fastest growing web sites: 1. PhotoBucket (a place to store photos for others to see) 2. MySpace (everyone creates their own little place on the web) 3. Memegen.net (haven't been there) 4. Slate (online magazine - pretty good) 5. M&M's (I wouldn't think this is the candy web site) 6. LimeWire (haven't been there) 7. Heavy.com (ditto) 8. Wikipedia (cool online encyclopedia) 9. Mate1.com (I'm guessing it's a dating site - don't know).

What A Difference A Day Makes

From www.nfl.com Update BREAKING NEWS Tony Dungy's son found dead James Dungy, the 18-year-old son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy, was found dead in his apartment in Tampa, Fla., Thursday morning. Tony Dungy has left the team temporarily to go to Tampa. More details to come on this breaking news story. Update Again: I hope they don't blame this on Clinton.

Look At Me


Two Sports Notes

I hate the NBA but couldn't help but notice that Kobe Bryant scored 62 points against the Mavericks last night and he didn't even play in the fourth quarter! I hate MLB but couldn't help but notice that the guy most likely to play Jesus in an Easter play, Johnny Damon of the Red Sox, has signed to play with the Red Sox's arch rival, the Yankees.

Kill Me Now

I can't take Nickleback's "Photograph" on the radio one more time.

Let's Bring It Back To Normalcy

"Eyes To Melt an Iceberg Originally uploaded by _rebekka.

Just Let Go

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

The Dallas Morning News is doing a countdown to the Texan of the Year and #10, named today, was failed Supreme Court nominee Harriett Miers. The paper wrote: "What nobody can deny, though, is that throughout this ordeal, Ms. Miers never let adversity shake her composure." How do they know that? Behind closed doors she may have cried like a baby. And although there would be nothing wrong with having that reaction after being publicly ridiculed, to say that she never lost her composure is to assume we really know our neighbors. Which we do not.

If You Are Old . . .

. . . like me and a Don Meredith fan (hey, kids, he used to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys), this is very good news for the Monday Night Football finale.

Silence of the Lambs?

Nope. And you'll never guess what this is a picture of.


That's Nice

“None of your civil liberties matter much after you’re dead,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). These guys never cease to amaze me. How have we sunk this low?


The Grinch That Stole Meth

Channel 11 had a big story tonight on a huge drug round up in Wise County. The video, starring Sheriff David Walker and DA Jana Jones, can be viewed here (low resolution - 2MB) or here (high resolution - 6 MB). Edit: Sheesh, people, quit being so freakin' vicious with the Comments. It's Christmas for crying out loud.

WWJD On An Airline

The wife of mega-church pastor Joel Osteen apparently can't get along with a flight attendant. But while people live in poverty in this country and around the world, rest assured that the pastor and his family still made it to Vail, Colorado for Christmas.

Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very bad news.

I Can Hear The Bible Belt Groan

Tonight on ABC: "Barbara Walters Special: 'Heaven: Where Is It? How Do We Get There?"

Somethings Going On

Based upon the number of calls to my office today, there are a ton of people being arrested in Wise County today.

Bad Santa

Man dressed as Santa robs Arlington bank 01:03 PM CST on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 From Staff Reports A man wearing a red Santa jacket and Santa hat robbed an Arlington bank this morning, police said. The suspect entered the Wachovia Bank at 5615 S.W. Green Oaks Blvd. at about 9:20 a.m. and told a teller that he had a gun. During the robbery, the suspect pulled the Santa hat over his eyes and looked out through two holes cut into the hat, said police spokeswoman Christy Gilfour. Officers spoke with witnesses who reportedly saw the man outside of the bank without his hat covering his face. (Source)

Triple Uh Oh

"HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) -- 'Intelligent design' [that Adam and Eve thing] cannot be mentioned in biology classes in a Pennsylvania public school district, a federal judge said Tuesday, ruling in one of the biggest courtroom clashes on evolution since the 1925 Scopes trial."

Concert Replacement

I mentioned a couple of months ago that the decades old tradition of holding up a lighter at a concert is dead (primarily because people can't smoke anywhere) and had been replaced with holding up a cell phone. To merge the two generations, one company has created wallpaper that you can download to your cell phone.


The folks from JibJab, who create funny political videos, have released a year end round up called "2-0-5".


I May Join The Idaho Legislature

The reason is here. But if you are not a Napoleon Dynamite fan, don't waste your time.

"He Was Injured"

You wouldn't think that a little boy referring to the male genitalia would be a very funny insurance commercial, but it is incredibly funny. (Video - 850K - pretty quick download)

Time's Persons of the Year

That would be Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono. Bono is cool.

A Journey Through Grief

The Star Telegram has a fascinating article this Sunday about the aftermath of the DWI wreck that killed four Brock High School girls seven years ago. It covers the crash, the trial (which included a very creative plea bargain), divorce, drugs, and even a conspiracy theory. I was moved by this line: "Brock High School lost three basketball players, half of its cheerleading squad, two homecoming queens and four honor students." And the story has a Wise County connection. The Lezlie Michael, mother of one of the victims, referenced in the story is my former Bridgeport classmate. There are also some quotes from Doug McWhorter who many of you know as well. [Comments shut down.]

The LeBrons

The Nike commercial of four LeBron James (who portrays an older man, a businessman, a hip hopper, and himself) are very funny. They can be seen at www.nikebasketball.com. And it would not surprise me if James doesn't become the next Jordan. At 20 years of age, James is third in the league with an average of 31 points a game.