Aimee Teegarden Taking You Into The Weekend

Alternatively, you can find out how a wife tried to trick her husband by pretending to be the gal below on Facebook. Unfortunately, she was dealing with The Smartest Ex-Husband In The World.

Told You There Was A Different Feel To This Case

The jury rejected the self defense claim (the defendant said he thought he was about to be robbed) and found that he intentionally shot and killed the officer without justification. However, they had a reasonable doubt the defendant actually knew the victim was a police officer. So we have a Murder conviction instead of Capital Murder. Big difference.

Now the jury will have to set punishment anywhere from a maximum of life in prison to a minimum of probation (yep). If they had found him guilty of Capital Murder, the decision would have been either death or life in prison.

Edit with no research as I'm hauling manure dirt: The legislature changed the law to make probation not an option for murder. Everyone forgets this including me. I think the law took effect 9/1/09 or 9/1/07. It will be the law that was on the books on the day of this guy's crime which will control. I'll figure it out later. Back to hauling poop dirt. #IsThisFridayNight?:

Edit: The law took effect in 2007 so this guy is not eligible for probation. It'll take the media and the lawyers about 24 hours to figure this out.

Guy Interrupts Fox 4's Girl On The Street This Morning

Since I'm a professional TV critic, let me focus on in-studio anchor Lauren Przybyl. Girl, what we have here is video gold going on with the nutty legal research guy.  Trust me, all across DFW there were people getting dressed and staggering around their homes, and they all stopped down once that on-the-street awkwardness popped up on their screens.  We'd much rather see that than what was originally scripted! So when they throw it back to the studio we want you to confirm that you, too, thought that was a funny wheels off moment.   Tim was dying to jump in there -- you can see it in his eyes. That man has regurgitated the same 30 minute newscast since 4:30 a.m.!! It's time to roll with this!

But instead Lauren says, "I want to tell ya, I'm not a yeller when it comes to watching the game"  -- a reference to the pre-packaged video of Mavs' fan yelling as they left the AAC last night.  It was like Legal Research Man didn't even exist.

You could see the life force drain out of Tim. At least someone in the control room wisely had them revisit the incident after the break, but the moment was gone.

Friday Afternoon Pick Me Up With Humor

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Edit: First photo is a repeat? Sheesh. I posted the second one which is actually from a Dallas club. 
  • Some lady tried to walk across highway 183 this morning at the 114 split (just east of old Texas Stadium). She's dead and westbound 183 is shut down. 
  • There was an young African-American albino who [was] up at the courthouse yesterday on the misdemeanor docket. Growing up is hard enough, and I can't imagine what he's been through.  [Edit: Man, that was a hard first sentence to write and it still sounds goofy.]
  • President Obama chest bumped former Baylor player and current Auburn coach Trooper Taylor at the White House. "Represent!"
  • I saw a preview of the new government run Wise County judicial/criminal web site that is coming. That's a lot of public information which will suddenly become very public.
  • Fox 4 had a segment of a lot of folks inter-tubing on the Trinity River in Fort Worth and listening to live music. One word: Nasty.
  • Newt Gingrich's campaign imploded yesterday as all of his top campaign staff resigned. And if this guy knows what he's talking about, the top two are headed to Texas to join Rick Perry. (That would be a bombshell.)
  • Doesn't mean much to me, but there was a fishing tournament at Lake Bridgeport last weekend (link includes pictures.)
  • Noticed that there's an "And Another" and possible  "Hey Now" on the Jack County felony court docket for this allegation last year.  Edit: Wow. She agreed to a plea bargain of eight years in prison last week (although, oddly, "sentencing" is not until July 1st.)
  • Ann Coulter is pimping another one of her silly books. Does her publishing company pay to have her promote it on Limbaugh, Hannity, etc. or do they just have her on for free?
  • Fox and Friends plays to its demographics: They have Loverboy performing this morning.
  • Lots of Mav fans were upset with this CBS 11 video of James and Wade mocking dirk for being sick. I'm not so sure what the big deal is.
  • I may be the only guy around here that noticed, but Andrew Gold, who had the hit "Lonely Boy", died this week. That song takes me back to high school like no other. (Although it did get a little tricked up for me when it became the background song for a crazy pool scene in Boogie Nights.)
  • The Update leads with Rhome purchasing signs to announce its "Zero Tolerance" policy.  Now "anyone caught violating drug laws in city limits can be charged with the maximum penalty available."  I think that means a person may receive the maximum penalty which is exactly the same law of every town and city in the nation. On the other hand, if the city means that they are directing the city judge to always assess the maximum penalty for anyone who pleads guilty, they are going to need those extra fines because they are about to have a big problem.

Now They Just Need To Win One Out Of Two

From Last Night

Anyone out there who tells you they believed this was possible is lying. And I would say winning one of the next two in Miami is still a daunting task, but LeBron has decided to go into one of his weird funks. (There's an allegation that a Washington Wizard player may have hooked up with his girlfriend.)

Edit: From Richie Whitt's blog .....

If this year feels like last year, that's because it's eerily similar. In the 2010 Finals the Boston Celtics lost Game 1 to the Lakers in L.A., then won Game 2 to even the series. At home with three games, the Celtics lost Game 3 but then won 4 and 5 to take a 3-2 lead heading back to the west coast. But Boston, with two games to win one, lost Game 6 by 22 points and fell in an ugly Game 7, 83-79 . . . . 


Bad Few Months For Former Cowboy

In March:



Texas Rangers Want You To Know About A "Shootout" This Morning

DPS has issued an official statement with a lot of information missing. But a shootout with Mexican drug cartel certainly will make headlines which is exactly why DPS issued a press release before the facts are in.  I bet Gov. Perry comments on it before the day ends because, after all, the "Texas Ranger Recon" is Perry's border war baby.

Questions that come to mind:

- How do they know they were "cartel" boats? I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but that implies DPS knows not only that a cartel was in charge of the boats but which cartel. That is, unless they are using "cartel" very loosely.
- They were "drug laden" boats so how much dope was seized? I see the word "large" but that doesn't help much. For an agency which is an expert in the Drug War, they should at least have an estimate. And can they at least mention the type? (Then again, a shootout over marijuana kind of takes away from the press release. Do we really want the Rangers involved in gunfire over something Willie Nelson just got fined for?)
- With all gunfire coming from Mexico, how do they know at least three of the shooters were hurt? Or were the injured "suspected drug runners" not the shooters at all but were with the boats? Friendly fire?
- Isn't it a little premature to call it a "shootout" between the Rangers and "a drug cartel" since we don't know the identities of those on the Mexican side? "Possible", "Suspected" or "Believed" drug cartel in the headline would seem more appropriate.

Edit: Sen. John Cornyn is already exploiting it by blaming the President.

Edit @ 9:40 p.m.: Despite promising more details from DPS, this is all we've got late in the evening:

Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Tela Mange said Wednesday afternoon she could not provide additional details, saying operations were continuing. Mange said law enforcement officers received minor injuries not related to the gunfire.

Baloney. The only news we've gotten has been carefully filtered through DPS who has a vested interest, especially in these lean budget times, in justifying what it does. We supposedly had a "shootout" with a "cartel" today. You, as taxpayers, should demand to know the details of an event that was so important that an immediate (and unusual) press release was issued with all the necessary headline grabbing buzzwords.   Any of you guys remember Pravda?

Edit the next morning: And so it begins. We have the first report that the DPS  press release was a gross exaggeration if not full of out right lies!

If You Are Expecting A Truck With A Longhorn Logo . . .

. . . he's going to be a little late.  This happened a second ago on 380 and (I'm guessing)  at the 287 intersection with the half cloverleaf.  Trucks used to lose it there all the time.  (Thanks, Brian.)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Willie Nelson, multiple time marijuana offender, gets his latest charged reduced to a Class C misdemeanor, pays a $500 fine, and  receives 30 days deferred adjudication probation via plea bargain. Some Texas counties have prosecutors who would want a little jail time. Others would want a probation of two years with a conviction. Wise County had a prosecutor once who wouldn't even have filed the case. (Waaaay ahead of his time.) And all that disparity is legal and constitutional.
  • "And another" enters into plea bargain. Did I miss this one at the time of the arrest? Definitely one of the cuter ones.
  • Dirt for flower bed delivery summary: I wasn't there, but it sounds like truck backed up, dumped a ton of dirt onto the driveway that completely buried the tarp, most of the driveway, and some of the lawn. Then the driver drove off while Mrs. LL stood there wide-eyed.
  • Uh, that dirt has a very distinctive organic smell and a top soil texture. Oh, my. 
  • Dueling stories yesterday: Lady got five years in prison for sex at a Bedford motel with a runaway 16 year old boy while a former youth minister out of Plano received seven years deferred adjudication probation for sexual assault of a 15 year old girl. 
  • Alex P. Keaton turns 50 today.
  • The Texas Rangers announced that former pitcher Kenny Rogers will enter into its (wheels off) Hall of Fame. Fox 4 cameraman Larry Rodriguez, who was attacked by Rogers on the field before a game in 2005, should cover the ceremony. (He later sued and received an undisclosed settlement amount.)
  • Did you see the insane debate on Fox 4 last night between Dallas County Commissioner John Wylie Price and Commissioner Maurine Dickey who is upset by the new precinct lines? She looked drunk because she wouldn't stop her incessant swaying, and Heather Hays has got to learn to control an interview. That was chaos.
  • The girl allegedly kidnapped by her father who had been in the Wise County Jail was found safe yesterday. The guy is still on the loose although he has a probation violation warrant out of Wise County for criminal trespass, and he has a felony that's pending (but I don't know the charge.)
  • News reports always confuse "parole" (what you are on when released from prison) with "probation" (what you receive to avoid jail or prison.)
  • The Texas Rangers drafted a paralyzed college player in the 33rd round of the MLB draft. It was either for publicity or a nice gesture. Or both.
  • I don't know who Sylvia Elenburg from Bridgeport is but she's doing well in a golf tournament in San Angelo.


What The Heck Is This At The Decatur Walmart?

Looks like a circus tent for midgets.

(Thanks, Scott.)

Edit: Per a commentor's suggestion . . .  a mock up of the Denver Airport perhaps?

Homer Call Is Pretty Funny

Not over the top funny but worth a grin.  On Monday night, Baylor played Cal for a chance to move onto the next round on the baseball playoffs. It wasn't on TV so I checked in on the web and found the box score with automatic updates. Not the most exciting way to watch a game, by the way. Right before bed, I checked back in and saw it was the 7th inning with  Baylor up 7-3.   Nothing to worry about. Sweet dreams.

The next morning I'm greeted with the box score.

The video is the bottom of the ninth. Two outs. Two strikes. Bases loaded. The student announcer was pretty excited.

I'm Telling You, It's Hard Out Here For A . . . . Lawyer

Illinois lawyer charged with prostitution. Acknowledges it on web site.

This world gets crazier every day.

Oh, My

Teen found dead this morning in Desoto. I checked out his Facebook page. Wow. I mean, wow.

And in case it changes or gets deleted, here's a screenshot.

The kid's dead so let's try to refrain from the racist comments that normally come pouring in. But, I'll admit, I kind of need Barbara Billingsley from Airplane to explain some of that to me.

Roe v. Wade Did Happen, Didn't It?

An email that Rep. Phil King is sending out.  Uh, doesn't Planned Parenthood provide services that have nothing to do with abortion? Aren't those services primarily for the poor?

And who is in that picture? The Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

(Legal issues here -- looks like Indiana has more Phil Kings than Texas since they did it first.)

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not sure I've ever heard of a capital murder case ending in a "not guilty" when the alleged victim was a cop, but I'm monitoring the Charles Payne.trial going on in Dallas right now. There's something not quite right about it.  
  • There is a missing 7 year old girl from Mineral Wells who might have been taken by her father. Local connection: "He was released from the Wise County jail in April, but police said he never reported to his probation officer and hasn’t paid his bondsman or attorney." I can't find out what he was charged with here, and, as an aside, I have no idea how the cops would know how the attorney didn't get paid.
  • Edit: Fox 4's Lari Barager tells me that the charge was criminal trespass and the cops talked to the bondsman and attorney to try and locate the defendant.  
  • The Ticket ranked big purchases that quickly turn into regret: A boat, a hot tub,and Bowflex were at the top of the list. I'm two out of three.
  • NBC just agreed to pay $1.2 billion for the 2016 Olympics and $1.4 billion for the 2020 Olympics. And that's just for the right to broadcast it -- add on the cost to produce the coverage.
  • Flower bed project won't die: I'm having a load of dirt delivered today. And by "load", I mean an amount calculated by Mrs. LL.  I'm very interested in what I'll see when I round the corner this evening. 
  • A letter to the editor in today's Messenger has a lady complaining that no Texas law prohibits cattle from roaming free on Farm to Market roads in Wise County. I thought that was nuts, but a quick bit of research (pdf) proved her to be correct. That is,  unless the County Commissioners have called for an election ("Stock Election Law") as to whether cattle need to be fenced in. Have they ever?
  • Jogging in this heat is a beating.
  • Glenn Beck, who even Fox News didn't want, is starting a subscription web show with a minimum of $4.95 a month. That can't possibly work. 
  • Saw a guy representing himself in the courthouse yesterday who was pleading guilty to a new offense committed while on probation. Uh, oh. He also couldn't remember the name of his probation officer after six months of reporting.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw everyone in the house walk out to go swimming at 9:30 last night. 
  • Can we agree on this about Sarah Palin?:  “Sarah Palin mangled Paul Revere. I don’t care if she said she didn’t – she did.” (That was said by noted author and conservative Bernie Goldberg on Bill O'Reilly.)
  • There's some talk of charging the "psychic" in the mass-grave-story yesterday (below) with False Report To A Police Officer.  What are the odds that the State could prove she knew her tip was false when she made it? 
  • Yes, I know about the Mavs game. 
  • Family Cat decided to violently play in the water bowl at 5:00 a.m. 
  • Facebook unveiled a "facial recognition" feature yesterday for the tagging of photos. I think I know what that means, but I do know it's "on" by default. I think technology is getting away from me. 


Report: Tipster Tells Police 25 to 30 Bodies In Mass Grave Near Houston

Early reports like this always cause my Skeptical Meter to go off, but you never know. 

Story. (Updated tweets from this guy.)

Edit three hours later: Well, it looks like ol' Liberally Lean smelled this one from a mile away. Before every news outlet goes crazy next time, they might want to check out that the tip came from a "self professed psychic". And did you notice that a judge issued a search warrant based upon his finding of probable cause? That's about par for what's left of the Fourth Amendment. 

One Final Rep. Weiner Reference

How About That of the Day: Gennette Cordova, the 21-year-old journalism student from Seattle who received the tweet that launched Weinergate, was apparently something of a scandal-rod during her days at Shorecrest High School — at least enough to be dubbed “Most Likely to be Involved in a Tabloid Scandal” in a 2007 issue of her school’s newspaper.


Something Weird Is Going On

That liberal ABC News/Washington Post poll, which is never accurate when it has results favorable to President Obama, has just released a poll showing the Republicans' favorite Mormon could take the President. Have you people forgotten that Obama killed Osama????!!!!!

And in completely unrelated news, Dallas Baptist University (which started as Decatur Baptist and stayed here until 1965) will host the famously liberal University of California in a Super Regional baseball game because (1) TCU couldn't beat Dallas Baptist last weekend, (2) Baylor gives up four runs to California in the ninth inning last night to completely implode, and (3) California's stadium is under construction so they have to play at Dallas Baptist. I'm not sure the stadium was ever meant to hold a big crowd:

Edit: Something weird is going on. Despite all the news below, now there's late word they'll play it in California at Stanford's stadium. Looks like Dallas Baptist tried to get the game played at the minor league stadium in Grand Prairie but couldn't pull it off.

You Might Want To Designate The Gas Well And Disclose The Royalties

Someone propositioned me this morning. (Gambling is illegal at Bushwood, Sir.)
And are you sure he won't release it? (He means the picture of Weiner). From NBC's The Today Show this morning:

Edit on the following day: Hey, hoss.  Remind me to take you up on your bet next time. I can even prepare the Assignment of the gas well proceeds. That was certainly predictable. I just thought the nutcase would wait more than 24 hours.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • For Rep. Weiner to come out yesterday and fall on the sword can only mean there is about to be a ton of shocking revelations about to hit the media. (Edit: It begins.) But, you know, he's so confident that he might survive this.
  • But why in the world would you go on ABC News (and soon to be everywhere) if you're the 26 year old Texas girl who was one of the objects of his attention?  Edit: Impress your friends -- her brother played 25 games with the Texas Rangers in 2008.
  • I learned yesterday that the Wise County Sheriff's Office recently used cell phone records to track the location of someone suspected in a theft. It seems like that would be commonplace, but that's the first I've heard of it around here. (I bet 90% of crime does not involve a "whodunit".)
  • I got home yesterday to find that it had turned into a locked down prison with three girls (one who is a week long guest) banished to their rooms because of an incident involving yelling, throwing a jump rope, slight injury, and tattling. (At least that's what I learned from the Warden.) The place was so quiet I almost wanted to encourage late afternoon bad behavior. 
  • The official University of North Texas sports web site is counting down the 100 greatest moments in football history. They might have considered making the list shorter: Number 97 is a win over Decatur Baptist in 1929.
  • The Random Thought girl does some part time work for The Fan radio station. 
  • I'm extremely late on this one: former Tarrant County judge John Street died a couple of weeks ago. Despite the accolades, I never remember anyone having a more pro-Plaintiffs slant than him. He once stopped a compelling defense attorney's closing argument right in the middle of it and decided the jury needed a break. (He couldn't get elected after 1984.)
  • And another (Austin teacher with the incident in Fort Worth.)
  • And another (Georgia teacher who will certainly win the Crossed The Line award.)
  • The blood cleanup in the house yesterday was prompted by a guy picking up and carting off my treadmill that had given up the ghost. He somehow cut himself and dripped blood out the house and onto the driveway. But it was a bit jarring to see my open laptop showing a "How to clean blood up from concrete" web site when I got home. 
  • Yeah, the liability issue crossed my mind. 
  • Folks who have traveled out to West Texas recently tell me that the drought conditions are shocking. And this drought map backs them up. 
  • Today's Update says that the LBJ Grassland Fires earlier this year was caused by burning poop. Nothing is ever normal around here. 
  • You guys can parse Sarah Palin's Paul Revere story all you want in order to try to make it "technically true", but you can't go back and read her answer without admitting it was like a junior high student trying to bluff her way through a history test.
  • Saw the Wise County Murder For Hire lady in court yesterday. She still hasn't be able to post bond. 
  • Jon Stewart remarked about how fit Rep. Weiner looked in the photo released yesterday. "I can't believe we're the same age! What kind of Congressional health plan do they have!?"


We've Got An Admission This Afternoon In Weiner-Gate

New Photo Released Today (or what I see when I look in mirror)


(And Breitbart told Sean Hannity he has an x-rated photo that the Congressman sent but that he "has no intentions of releasing it." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.)

"All in all it's just another [crack] in The Wall"

Gov. Perry, in his official capacity as governor, has invited other governors to a Christian religious event which is he is co-hosting and where on the event's web site he writes, "As a nation, we must come together and call upon Jesus to guide us through unprecedented struggles, and thank Him for the blessings of freedom we so richly enjoy."

Links here.

Does the action "endorse" a particular religion (which the Supreme Court condemns)? The only way to honestly answer that question is to not factor in his particular religious preference. Would you feel the same if it were a Muslim governor inviting other governors to an Islamic event in order to call upon Allah? What about Buddhist? Jewish? Jehovah's Witness?  

It's The 67th Anniversary Of D-Day

Although many of us envision what happened by thinking of the opening scenes of Saving Private Ryan, there were some photos taken during the invasion of Normandy. And although you may have heard the story of the photos of Robert Capa, it's still fascinating. From Wikipedia:

His most famous work occurred on June 6, 1944 (D-Day) when he swam ashore with the second assault wave on Omaha Beach. He was armed with two Contax II cameras mounted with 50 mm lenses and several rolls of spare film. Capa took 106 pictures in the first couple of hours of the invasion. However, a staff member at Life in London made a mistake in the darkroom; he set the dryer too high and melted the emulsion in the negatives in three complete rolls and over half of a fourth roll. Only eight frames in total were recovered. Capa never said a word to the London bureau chief about the loss of three and a half rolls of his D-Day landing film  . . . .  Life magazine printed some of the frames in its June 19, 1944 issue with captions that described the footage as "slightly out of focus", explaining that Capa's hands were shaking in the excitement of the moment (something that he denied). Capa used this phrase as the title of his autobiographical account of the war, Slightly Out of Focus.

The Great Moodini. Yep, Moodini, Proves He Needs Some Practice

News Story about the incident in Atlanta over the weekend:

Raw footage:

Mrs. LL's Tweet This Morning Makes Me Have A Couple Of Questions

I Got Nothing

Edit: Well, I got a picture of where the injury referred to in the comments happened.

The Law. The News. Tired Head.

As soon as I do a post like this, I normally have to revise it when someone points out something I missed. And since I've already screwed up "shoots and killed" and "stabbed" in today's Random Thoughts, I'm already on dangerous ground. But here goes.

The Star-Telegram ran an article about a new law which is expected to be signed by Gov. Perry that  will revamp Texas sexual registration laws. Specifically, it will exempt a teenager from registering  in consensual sex cases when the "victim" is 15 years of age or older and the defendant is within four years of age of the victim. (Bill text.) The story said, "The bill by Rep. Todd Smith, R-Euless, and Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, is designed to spare teenagers and young adults who engaged in consensual sex from being branded as sex offenders. The measure was dubbed the 'Romeo and Juliet' bill when it was introduced in the 2009 Legislature."

The first crazy thing is that the law actually amended the law which already allowed teenagers to be exempt from registration if the defendant was under 19 and the victim was at least 13. (See text again. Underlined means new text while stricken language indicates deletion.) So this amendment offers less protection, right? Am I missing something?

Now you want to really have a headache? The Romeo and Juliet law only refers to whether someone has to register if they have been convicted or placed on probation for a sexually related crime. So get this: It currently is not a crime at all if the consensual sex was between a victim of 14 years of age or older and the defendant is within three years of age of the victim. (See Penal Code 22.11(b) and 22.011(e).)  This has not changed. So the number of people who will be impacted by the new Romeo and Juliet registration law are few and far between. Think about it: You'd have to have a victim who is 15 or 16 (the law doesn't apply for someone under 15 and 17 is the age of consent in Texas), and the defendant would have to be between three and four years older than the victim. (If the defendant were within three years it wouldn't be a crime to start with).

Now look at the first paragraph of this Channel 11 story which completely confuses the difference between not being required to register and not being a crime at all:

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Keller teenager allegedly shoots and kills another teenager over a bad marijuana deal on Friday. I'll bet there's more to the story than that. Edit: Everyone know my reference of "shoots and kills" is code for "stabbed".
  • But don't worry: The Feds confiscated 16 tons of marijuana in three separate incidents near the border last week. Problem solved. (And to say there's a "ton of marijuana" smuggled into this country is a massive understatement, isn't it?)
  • Holy cow breaking news: Five U.S. marines killed this morning in Iraq. (And that comes on the heels of 21 people dying because of bombs on Friday.)
  • Had a bullet point on the new Texas "Romeo and Juliet" law but I'm going to save it for its own post. Talk about confusing. I started looking into it when I  heard the wheels off discussion about the law on WBAP this morning. (Hal Jay was throwing out opinions on teenage girls that had everyone distancing from him.)
  • Yeah, I didn't miss Sarah Palin saying that Paul Revere "warned the British that they weren't going to be taking our arms."  She would come back later and say it was a "gotcha" question.
  • I finally decided that it can be too hot to go to the pool.
  • After years of using a weedeater without wearing protective glasses, I can't think of doing it these days without them. 
  • Plopped down on Saturday to watch the DVR'd showing of the HBO documentary "Too Big To Fail" only to realize I had recorded a thirty minutes special of "The Making Of Too Big To Fail". (But it's not like they won't show it a million times in the future.)
  • TCU baseball, which started the season ranked first in the nation, did not receive any Christian love this weekend getting booted in the first round after loses to Dallas Baptist and Oral Roberts.
  • Think it's a bad sign that twice in the last month Mrs. LL has lost her breath after hearing something hit the floor because she thought I had collapsed?
  • Stay with me here: The Baylor softball team won an extra inning game on Saturday night where the opposing pitcher threw 191 pitches. Get this: That was the second game she had pitched that day.
  •  Personal note: Sad to see the passing of Decatur's Jimmy Armes.