It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

That's a great line.

  • If you are here at 8:30 to 9:00 or so, you might want to check the radar.  Edit: Man, that storm line hit a wall and stopped. 
  • A tragic and crazy ending to the escaped TDC inmate story. After the bodies of five people (at least three of them children) were found in a home in Leon County near Houston, the escapee was stopped in Atascosa County south of San Antonio via spike strips and then subsequently killed. (Warning: Dead body picture here.) 

  • Last night at a church:

  • Yesterday afternoon at a funeral in Wisconsin:

  • Update from Tulsa: The shooter bought an AR-15 a couple of hours before the murder of two doctors, an office employee and a patient.

  • So the last two weeks in America have taught us that you can go to a school and get shot, go to a doctor's office and shot, go to a funeral where you can get shot and, if your lucky enough to survive, you can then seek solace in church and get shot.   
  • It looks like the Congressional hearing on curbing gun violence went well yesterday. Video

  • I'm coming around on this. 

    • Maybe we do need to see the pictures of dead children. Maybe we do need a "Emmett Till moment." As the opinion piece said, "Images have the capacity to shock the conscience into action, galvanize a population, and alter the course of history. Recall the the film of dogs and firehoses turned on Black demonstrators in Birmingham, Ala. (1963); the TV news footage of Alabama cavalry beating civil rights marchers at the foot of the Edmund Pettus Bridge (1965); the photo of a South Vietnamese police chief executing the Viet Cong fighter with a gunshot to the head (1968); the image of the screaming, naked “Napalm Girl” in South Vietnam (1972); the grainy images of LAPD officers beating Rodney King (1991); and the cellphone video of police officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck (2020)."
  • Get your popcorn ready. The January 6th Committee investigating the Trump Insurrection will hold prime time hearings beginning next week. 

  • The northern part of Wise County got a wild but brief rainstorm on Wednesday afternoon, but it also hit Denton County where this event occurred after nearly five inches of rain fell. A man and his wife were riding their bikes in a paved ravine in a residential area when the flood waters hit. Her body was found almost a mile downstream.  

  • I saw a gas price of $4.59 with my own eyeballs this morning. 
  • Random Fox News screenshot of one of their regularly seen experts. The belt over the shoulder is what gives the guy credibility. 

  • This seems like a very big deal, especially if you are a dealer.

  • I don't know if I'm going to run out and see it, but I don't think I've ever heard everyone rave about how good a movie is like they are about Top Gun Maverick.  Even those that went in expecting to hate it because they liked the original seem to love it. 
  • One guy in this photo, and because of this photo, got featured in a product ad. And is was not Tiger Woods. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,064 days.
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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

"Is that a snake under that bench?"
"Yep, a massive one."

I posted this 10 years ago as a callback to a May, 2009 incident on the Wise County courthouse square.  It feels a little different now because Allen Williamson, who just passed away, is in the photo (in the white shirt).  I also should note that the photo includes people who would go on to become a district judge (Brock Smith, kneeling), a governor's candidate (Paul Belew, far left), and a district attorney (James Stainton in the black shirt?). Heck, there might be a future Justice of the Peace in there (Callie Manning-Watts in yellow?) And shout out to the bailiff of County Court at Law #1. 

  • Let's see how the mass shooting legislative response is going:
    • Committees! He will solve it with committees!

    • Unannounced intruder detection! What could go wrong?

    • And while children are being buried in Uvalde, Ted Cruz is posting bits. 

  • In case you haven't seen it, CNN tracked down the Uvalde Consolidated ISD Police Chief. I didn't know what I expected, but just going to work like it is just another day was not it. 

  • We hardly had time to breath before there's another one. 
  • I really don't have any fiery opinions on transgenderism, but I do believe every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I'm hearing about lots of Wise County folks coming down with COVID.
  • That was a lot of rain in the early morning hours. It seems to have been concentrated in northern half of Wise County when it went through.
  • Marion Barber had been acting strangely for a few years.  I have no idea if it was CTE related, but you've got to consider it.  The NFL just eats up, beats up, and throws out running backs left and right.  In about three years, Zeke Elliott will be completely out of the league. 
    • Uh, that's a little dismissive.

  • Hot legal opinion on the Depp vs. Heard verdict: I don't understand any of it. Bid did you see the jury initially announced they had a verdict but the judge had to send them back into the jury room because they forgot to fill out the damages portion of the verdict form? How is that possible?  By the way, Depp wasn't in the courtroom because he had a "conflicting engagement." 
  • Two years ago yesterday. Still a jaw-dropping incident. 
  • I mentioned the other day that this will be the month of Supreme Court opinions. I had no idea there will be 33 of them.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That was a wild story. He was a carjacking suspect who fled from cops in Deep Ellum and made it to the crane on the campus of SMU at 11:30 a.m.  Fourteen hours later, in the middle of the night, he fell to his death. 

  • The funerals for 19 dead children have begun. This story was the absolute gut punch.

  • Yesterday DPS took another punch to its already staggering reputation.
    • When DPS' $300,000 Man gave his press conference on Friday to "set the record straight" regarding the false statements various DPS officials and Gov. Abbott had told the public, one thing which was stunning was the moment when Col. Steve McCraw threw a Uvalde teacher under the bus.
    • He said the the gunman entered a door which had been "propped open" by a teacher. 

    • Here's the video of it. Some people didn't take kindly to that when it happened: 

    • But yesterday, after the teacher's lawyer said that McCraw had lied, another new spokesman for DPS, Travis Considine, made an appearance and completely backtracked and said that while the door had been propped open initially, the teacher removed the object keeping it propped open and then shut the door. However, the locking mechanism failed to catch. This is on video, the DPS spokesman said. Sheesh. 
    • There is no doubt that teacher since last Friday has been going through absolute hell. McCraw didn't say her name, but there is no question everyone in that small town knew exactly who it was. We know how that works. Can DPS screw this up any more? Today is a new day. 
  • In another wild twist, now we've learned that the two agencies at front and center of the failure-to-act controversy have stopped cooperating with other investigating agencies. 

      • "According to sources, the decision to stop cooperating occurred soon after the director of DPS, Col. Steven McCraw, held a news conference Friday during which he said the delayed police entry into the classroom was 'the wrong decision' and contrary to protocol."
      • I bet when McCraw targeted the agencies with his "the wrong decision" comment (which I pointed out yesterday was weird because he said it in response to a question while rattled and it was not in his prepared remarks), that the agencies were taken completely by surprise. 
      • So you've ridiculed people in the past for "lawyering up" and not cooperating with police? Well here's an example of two entire police departments understanding that once those in authority make you the target, that authority is not your friend and doesn't want to talk to you to "help you." And those agencies should know. 
  • But the man at the head of the controversy, Uvalde Consolidated ISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo is not completely in hiding. He was supposed to be sworn in as a new city councilman last night for the City of Uvalde but the meeting was cancelled. But then, in a secret meeting in the afternoon, he actually was sworn in. The mayor then issued this weird press release to announce it. 

  • Let me try to move on to other stuff . . . 
  • A few days back the Fifth Circuit wildly let the new Texas law stand which prevented any big social media company from "censoring" comments on their privately owned platforms. The Supreme Court finally took action late yesterday and stopped the law again in its tracks. (This is beyond bizarre how it is even open for debate.)

  • Trump was not happy yesterday when the only attempted prosecution for his "the FBI set me up in this Russian collusion narrative" ended up in a quick not guilty verdict.
    The man continues to spiral deeper into insanity.

  • The Boyd School Superintendent has resigned to take a new job.  She suffered the lose of her husband in the horrible icy pile-up on I-35 in Fort Worth in February of last year. 
  • If you cared about this house in Arlington which used to be owned by Pantera's Vinnie Paul, you might be interested to know it has been demolished

  • I'm extremely tired of the QAnon congressman, and I've ignored this for a few days, but if you want to see her in a brief conspiratorial rant involving Bill Gates and "fake meat" with the added bonus of her referring to a petri dish as a "peach tree dish", here ya go.

  • Random sports thought: You know what is wildly entertaining? The NCAA golf finals tourney on the Golf Channel.  It's match play and has a Ryder cup feel to it. Yesterday, I caught an OU player trying to sink a put to keep the entire Sooner team from being eliminated while all his teammates, who had already finished, were huddled off the green watching him. 
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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

We didn't have the primary election until May 29, 2012 back then, and afterwards David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz were headed to a run-off for the vacant Senate seat. I had forgotten that Cruz didn't get the most votes. This was my message to Cruz supporters:

  • New video shows kids escaping from Robb Elementary but also picks up on 911 dispatch relaying to officers that kids were still alive inside.

  • This was really a great photo from Sunday. The crosses in the background with the names on them. The school's brick sign prominently displayed.  The president and his wife the only people in the photo. A symbolic (?) forked tree in the center above Biden's head.  It was taken by a French photographer.

  • As was this one, which was reprinted everywhere, may end up being the lasting image. It was taken by Pete Luna with the local Uvalde paper.  

  • This guy somehow got coverage on both WFAA and Fox 4 yesterday as he plans to head to Uvalde.  I think it's a little to early to start with cutesy bits to make people feel better.

  • The Republicans sending John Cornyn to a "bi-partisan committee" in response to the Uvalde shooting is nothing but for show. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- will come out of it. 

  • I keep forgetting to post this. The manufacturer of the two AR-15s in the Uvalde massacre, Daniel Defense, scrambled and deleted this tweet from May 16th after the shooting went down. 

  • I saw that "Fox4Terry" had covered this wreck yesterday morning, and then . . .

    • . . . later in the afternoon we found out it involved the death of a former TCU football player. 

  • Tomorrow marks the start of June which will be the month when major Supreme Court opinions for this term are released. We've got abortion, a the Second Amendment, and the coach lead on-the-field prayer cases coming down soon. Meanwhile . . . 

  • Even if the jury finds he was "defamed", I hope they give him only $1 this week.

  • Man, this has been forgotten in light of the Uvalde news, but the guy that escaped from TDC on May 12th is still on the loose. (For you legal nerdy guys, here's the appellate opinion affirming his life sentence without parole in 2008.)

  • Random sports

  • Uvalde shook so much I never got around to mentioning that the the Book-Banning/Never-Tried-A-Case DA candidate in Tarrant County lost his election. (But the guy who won actually got endorsed by Trump so this isn't exactly anything to celebrate.)