It's Friday -- Let's Get Out of Here

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

After draft night, they got married. But no longer. Russell Wilson is hanging out with Ciara now.


  • I don't know much about this Jacksboro trial yet, but Jack and Wise County are in the same judicial district. (That's just a thumbnail below so clicking on it won't make it any clearer.)

  • Decatur with its first early voting win yesterday, 148-128. (Of course, it finally dawned on me that a Bridgeport resident could early vote in Decatur, but I'm guessing that would only be a few people.)

  • The CRT Hysteria Candidates were elected to the school board in Southlake, and then this new policy goes into effect. The new overlords, who are now government actors, don't want to be called out for their actions. 

  • The @DallasTexasTV Twitter account usually just posts crazy videos from the streets of the city. But for some reason, they chose to post this yesterday.  Buddy, this happens several times a day, every day. (Any chances we have an illegal search here? Or do you think the Clay County officer just happen to form a reasonable suspicion based upon his vast "experience and training"?)

  • Man, I don't know about all this. The teacher asks for a personal interpretation of Romeo and Juliet and the kid, who appears to black, fires off the n-word a few times during his presentation.  If the kid had been acting serious about the assignment, I might have let him go on (but you've got to be a pretty bold teacher to have that attitude.) But when it quickly turned into a comedy routine, the teacher has to shut it down.  But fired? I don't know about that either. I wouldn't want to be a teacher.  Here's an unedited excerpt of it

  • This was pretty entertaining. She stopped down for a bit to try to angrily defend a text she claims not to remember.   

  • Fort Worth Weekly story. It names names.  

  • I don't know anything about the travel industry but that seems like a lot of lost revenue. 

  • Very nerdy legal stuff: When the Supreme Court splits 4-4 (after one judge recuses herself), this is what the full opinion will look like. It happened yesterday. The judgment of the lower appellate court will stand in those rare situations.

    • But this case gave rise to an interesting dynamic. The legal issue, which was boring -- when is a train "in use" -- but important to some people in the train industry, is now technically "undecided" by the Supreme Court.  But it really isn't: Justice Barrett recused herself because she was one of the judges who ruled in favor of the railroad on this exact case when she was on the 7th Circuit. So we actually now know how the Supreme Court will rule (5-4 in favor of a railroad) if a different case on the exact same issue were to come up again. 
  • The Cowboys first round pick was an offensive lineman. And he needed to hold against his Tulsa competition

  • You Maverick fans are going to be sleepy. (EST.)

  • Some guy is lobbying The Ticket this morning on Twitter for some Bryce Elder coverage. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 1,029 days.
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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That's relevant because the NFL draft is tonight. And the collective bargaining agreement is still being felt. Sam Bradford's deal in 2010 is still better than that of last year's #1 pick, Trevor Lawrence, who got a four-year deal worth $36.8 million, with $24.1 million guaranteed

  • The moment of an actual prisoner exchange is pretty cool. But you would think that released American Trevor Reed, who looked malnourished due to his hunger strike a few weeks back, wouldn't have to carry his own bag. 

  • I may have mentioned this once before. When I was fresh out of law school and working for a big firm, I had to cover a deposition that was being taken at Ira Tobolowsky's office in Highland Park.  I had never met the man, but after it was over he looked at me asked, "Hey can you give me a ride?" Being confused since I figured he had a car somewhere, I asked him where he needed to go, and he replied, "To the Mansion. I've got to meet my wife for dinner."  I agreed and drove the man to the high tone hotel. That's the last time I ever saw him. 

  • I heard Steven's Street Grill in Bridgeport has shut down. 
  • I kind of like this Bridgeport vs. Decatur competition. Bridgeport has a three day win streak in early voting. It was 129 to 123 on Day 3. 

  • I forgot to mention this yesterday: On Monday, the retrial of allege Dallas serial-killer-of-the-elderly, Billy Chemirmir, began but with a hitch. The first trial ended when one renegade juror held out and refused to convict. The victims' families were beside themselves back then.  So what do you think they felt on Monday when one of the jurors for the retrial, who had been earlier selected and told to report that morning, was no where to be found?  The judge had to send a deputy to find him and brought him to the courtroom after lunch. His excuse: "I forgot." 

  • Elon Musk was using Twitter last night. Yes, this is real

  • I'm a little surprised things like this don't happen more often. The stress can be unbearable. 

  • I remember this case because it first made news when police raided a residential home at 12405 Yellow Wood Drive in North Fort Worth. 

  • Something I didn't expect to see: Decatur lawyer and former governor candidate Paul Belew promoting hot dogs on WFAA.

  • The Baylor student paper continues to surprise. 

  • In looking at a map of the city limits of Decatur and the line of its "extra-territorial jurisdiction", I noticed that the land the Wise County Sheriff's Office is oddly cut out of the city limits but in its extra-territorial jurisdiction instead.  The county courthouse, however, is not cut out at all. I have no idea why, nor do I know what any of that means.  

  • This story is a big bag of nothing. From my estimation (and I looked pretty hard into this once), those the three donated machines will probably cost $75 to $100 a month in electricity to run (including air conditioning costs but excluding the cost of a dedicated office space) with the amount of bitcoin mined fluctuating greatly between $0 and $120 per month. It's a six month project. 

  • College football is so wild these days. I just watch Gerry Bohanon, who led Baylor to a 12-2 record and a Sugar Bowl win last year, last Saturday in Baylor's Spring Game and then, three days later, he's gone. (His backup is better, however, and credit to Baylor's coach for making the decision right now instead of waiting until the Fall. That gave Bohanon a chance to enter the transfer portal which has a deadline of May 1st.)

  • Holy cow, there is a database of the salaries of school employees in Texas. Here's Decatur ISD. (Credit to a faithful reader for the link.) I think there is a limited number of free searches until you have to pay.


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

I had forgotten that Deion Sanders live tweeted a domestic disturbance 10 years ago. And his wife actually got arrested. The cops came back the next day and gave Deion his own citation for the incident but didn't arrest him.

  • A Decatur family found a big rattlesnake on their couch. The video, shown on Channel 8, shows the rattler giving out a loud what-for sound with its rattling tail:

  • Just happened: American, and Fort Worth native, Trevor Reed has been released by Russia in exchange for a swap of a convicted drug trafficker. That would be a good deal if Brittney Griner was included. She was not.

  • Video and story. There were over 50 shots that could be heard as everyone hit the ground. That's wild:

  • Kevin McCarthy sold his soul in hopes of becoming next Speaker of the House -- going from Trump denouncer after January 6th to kissing his ring a few days later at Mara. Well, more tapes  are being released of his one-time honorable conversations acknowledging the horror of the Trump Insurrection and hoping the far right Trump sycophants would hopefully shut up in the days after January 6th.  Well, the Trump Worshipping Wing of the Republican Party, who may just now control the party, turned on him yesterday:
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis led a knee jerk reaction to punish Disney for opposing his "Don't Say Gay" bill by revoking its tax friendly district. Disney was unusually quiet during the ordeal and last night we learned why: Disney knew that the district couldn't be dissolved if any bond debt was still outstanding. Now Disney's lawyers say you either have to restore the district or Florida has to pay off the debt. The front page story of the Miami Herald this morning

  • The corrupt Sheriff of Las Angeles was called out on a cover-up of misconduct by his jailers so yesterday, in response, he announced his own criminal investigation into how the reporter got her information. He even went so far as to hold a press conference and target the reporter by putting her picture on a poster board. This is Nazi stuff.

  • There's still a greater interest in Bridgeport than in Decatur in the city council/school board election after the second day of voting. (Side note: We did have the weird anomaly of exactly 384 people voting two days in a row.)

    • Extra note: I've been getting reports of a candidate's wife making multiple appearances inside the voting building in Bridgeport. If you think anything inappropriate is going on, you can call the Wise County Election Office at (940) 626-4453
  • Rep. Madison Cawthorn is having a heck of a week. He got stopped with a loaded gun yesterday at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, 

  • Listen lady, after you sat idly by while Trump was suggesting we inject ourselves with bleach in order to cure COVID, I don't want to hear from you now as you try to hawk your new book.  (And saying you were ‘paralyzed’ at that moment is no excuse.)

  • I've almost got a feeling that Elon Musk backs out of the Twitter merger once he finds out what a headache it will be to implement his "free speech" policy -- something  he has no understanding about and hasn't thought through. (For example, he doesn't understand that "the law" actually allows computer generated virtual child porn or animal crush videos. Is he going to allow that?) But to get out of the deal would cost him a $1 billion fee as a penalty in addition to the stock fallout which he still owns 9% of.

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