Decatur Boy Thinks It's Good To Do Bad Things In Azle

[Photo removed but it's in link below -- There's a story behind why]
Link. (And I'd like to note that the paper in Azle has the worst designed web site ever.)

More Proof The State Has Too Much Time On Its Hands

The girl gets naked in public back in March and nobody cares. So now the City of Dallas decides to prosecute her for Disorderly Conduct which carries the stiff penalty of ... wait for it ... a $500 fine. Dear Ms. Badu, please demand a jury trial and send out as many press releases as you can as the trial date approaches. It's publicity gold. And, girl, I'll represent you for free. Seriously. Like I said, it's publicity gold.

A Day Late Viral Video

Kid is sad because he's not a Single Lady: I think I like the compassion of the sisters as much as anything. And here's the family on the CBS Morning Show. What a great little family.

At 3:05 PM One Year Ago

Here was this blog's coverage as the news broke.

Good Morning America

Did they spell that correctly?

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Bad wreck this morning at 287/114 in Rhome according to an emailer.
  • I think I've kicked my sickness which came back hard last night. I didn't know ibuprofen could help break a fever.
  • A Denton lady's boyfriend was accused yesterday of beating her 3 year old son to death. But did you see that CPS took custody of her one year old AND newborn?
  • I'll take cold or hot over wind.
  • Every time the Dallas Morning News asks me to login after spending any length of time on its website, I wish for its failure.
  • I've never seen a movie with Tyler Perry in the title, and I don't think that is going to change.
  • I forgot the name of the conservative Fox lawyer gal who was on with Bill O'Reilly last night, but she wouldn't back down from him when they were discussing the Westboro Baptist protest case. (O'Reilly was wanting "activist judges" when he wanted them to be "more compassionate.")
  • Some Dallas Cowboys hang out with girls wearing painted on bikinis (uh, painted on bikinis warning.)
  • A case that doesn't sound right: Crazy woman drowns her baby and she is found not guilty by reason of insanity. So the DA's office prosecutes the father for leaving the kid with her and he gets 10 years.
  • A case that does sound right: Crazy abortion doctor killer gets life in prison.
  • Texas Motor Speedway chief Eddie Gossage apologizes for this April Fool's day prank by spoofing Tiger Woods. (Huge. Quickly.)


Since Nothing Else Is Going On

I bring you the new Iron Man 2 poster featuring Scarlett Johansson. (And I didn't even like the first one. But I like her.)

This Is NOT An April Fool's Joke

The bombshell comes at the 1:15 mark. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia)

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • National news review:(1) Obama announces he'll be lifting restriction on oil exploration for some coastal areas -- but I don't think "exploration" necessarily means "drilling", (2) A 15 year old in Massachusetts commits suicide possibly due to bullying, and (3) the SeaWorld death autopsy was relased.
  • Locally/Texas: (1) A municipal judge gets a felony DWI meaning it's his third or more, (2) the cutest little first grader chokes to death in Denton ISD, and (3) A 13 year old in Joshua commits suicide possibly because of bullying
  • Get ready for "bullying" to be the subject of every talk show, newscast, and magazine.
  • It's April Fools Day today so be on guard. And Google isn't nearly as clever on this day as it used to be.
  • I watched an old episode of Cops last night where six cops were running a sting operation busting people that were buying $5 of weed from an undercover officer. Idiocracy.
  • Speedway head Eddie Gossage and KCSC star Terry Dorsey should be ashamed of their stupid "name change" prank.
  • I started getting sick yesterday and went to bed at 8:00. But I woke up this morning in a sweat, and I think that's supposed to be a good thing. But I still feel lousy. Man, I value good health.
  • I have a recurring dream of one or more of my teeth falling out.
  • I saw an NBC 5 news story yesterday about losing weight eating Taco Bell's low fat menu which was absolutely a commercial disguised as a news story.
  • Katy Perry was in Cabo yesterday. Hey, now.
  • Before this week I had never heard of Erykah Badu. Now I'm sick of her.
  • Getting around the Harris County courthouse sounds like a beating.


Oh, My


Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

The new Britney. Edit: And another

To Quote From "Meet The Parents" . . .

. . . " Well if Florence Nightengale would play a little defense here."

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Most interesting national news: (3) Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison calls a news conference today -- I bet she's staying, (2) There's been a big change to student loans - in a good way -- buried in the health care bill, (1) A college student goes to sleep by his hotel pool in Cancun on Spring Break and is found in a coma and nearly beaten to death later that night.
  • The local news (3) A Keller two year old drowned in his family's pool, (2) Some lady was hit in the Chico High School parking lot yesterday and transported by ambulance -- and I don't think it was a kid that hit her, and (1) there was a pretty big wreck yesterday at 380 and business 380 out by the Sheriff's Office - a pretty dangerous area.
  • I may try the above format for a bit to change things up a little.
  • But did you see the parents of the drowned Keller kid on TV? The child died on Sunday and they are giving interviews on Tuesday -- something I could never do. And there was just something very weird about them.
  • Brad Sham had a great quote yesterday about the impending implosion of Texas Stadium and its current state: "There comes a time when the frame is just a frame and the spirit has left."
  • If you're a talk radio fan, prepare yourself: Sean Hannity is on a new book tour and hawking it every day. Why write a book? "To start the taking back of America," he says which is code for "Make a boatload of cash off the Kool-Aid drinkers that follow me."[Edit: And if he says it all goes to "charity", uh, not so fast my friend.]
  • Fox 4 Good Day's Lauren Przybyl just doesn't do it for me.
  • I'm about 70% through with my Bataan Death March book. I knew that piece of history would be bad, but the horrors are indescribable.
  • It's the 15th Anniversary of the murder of Selena today and, admit it, if you're white you had no idea who she was back then. But I remember realizing how large the Hispanic population was by the number of back windshields I saw with "We'll Miss You, Selena!" scribbled in shoe polish.
  • Yesterday a couple of guys and I reminisced about the old Sunday night Dallas' Sportitorium wrestling show . It was must see TV as kid.
  • The Dallas Morning News weather blog (yes, they have one) asked this question yesterday: "Where were you when it hit 80 degrees yesterday and 'the streak' ended?" Sheesh.
  • Just think if there had been a runoff between Kay Bailey and Rick Perry -- we would being bombarded with their ads right now.
  • Edit: I keep forgetting to mention the death on Monday of Decatur lawyer Kendall Hill who was in horrible shape ever since being in this place crash last year.


Tuesday Yard Work

Taken at the corner of S. Trinity and Hale today in Decatur. (Thanks, Tony.)

Warning Texas: The Democrats Are Gaining

From the article (which is heavy on number crunching): At a macro level, there were 7,359,621 votes cast in the 2004 Presidential election in Texas, and 8,007,961 votes cast in 2008, for an increase of 648,340. Note that in all cases all I'm considering is the sum of the Republican and Democratic votes - third parties and write-ins are not counted. Bush/Cheney got 4,526,917 votes, while McCain/Palin got 4,479,328, for a decline of 47,589. Kerry/Edwards received 2,832,704 votes and Obama/Biden received 3,528,633, for an increase of 695,929. I've been preaching this for years. It's all demographics.


This is strange and scary. This 13 year old Fort Worth middle school student was at a track meet last night at Farrington Field (across from Casa Manana), but we don't know where he is now. He was upset for not being allowed to participate in the shot put (failed to register) and was last seen in the stadium. But there was a heck of a miscommunication when the school bus left after the meet with officials believing the boy had left with his parents. He hadn't. Story. Edit: Nevermind.

Sports Quick Hits

  • Texas Tech has announced they will open with Alabama in 2012? Oh, my. Edit: Alabama says it's not a done deal yet.
  • I forgot to mention the Lady Bears beat Duke last night to head to the Final Four. Center Griner is a freak in the middle. (And if you want to see the worst choke job ever -- if you can get past the guy yelling -- check out this Xavier gal missing twice from point blank range in the final minute last night.)
  • Saw on Twitter: Dallas WR Roy Williams played 914 snaps, gained just 596 yards, and cost Dallas $14,945.65 for every offensive snap.
  • How much would you pay to have dinner with Wade Phillips if you had to bid at a fund raiser for a private high school? Answer.
  • I have absolutely no interest in the Dallas Mavericks. The older I get, the less I care about how professionals play a game. (Dirk makes $19,795,714 this year which comes to over $241,000 a game.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tarleton State football player has died due to a head injury received in practice. I remember writing last year that I thought someone would die from a head injury in the NFL, and someone commented, oddly, how that just wasn't possible.
  • Upon review, those bystanders in the "neekid singer" video below sure don't look shocked. Almost makes you think they were in on it.
  • I saw a guy get thrown in jail in district court in Decatur yesterday for failing to pay child support. But he had had a more than a couple of chances.
  • I'm insane now: Little kids perform a two minute school play of Scarface (with popcorn substituted for the cocaine.) Edit: Not actually a school play.
  • I've never been a fan of the old Dumb and Dumber movie, but they phrase "So you're telling me there's a chance" seems to be popping up more and more these days. (It's based on this 33 second clip.)
  • I'm still confused as to the location of the motorcycle park where the Decatur student was killed on Sunday. Most media outlets referred to it as Denton County but the ranch's web site refers to itself as being in Decatur and has a map that looks like it's in Northeastern Wise County.
  • The Feds seem to be arresting more and more people before something happens (whether it be a teenage Muslim with no capability of carrying out his threats or a bunch of Christian guys playing war in the woods.) It seems kind of like Minority Report without the assurances of the government being right.
  • NBC 5's Kim Fischer is a strange girl. She called into 105 The Fan the other day and spoke about how she put a guy in a headlock in a bar after someone grabbed her butt. But it was the grabber's friend, who had made an aggressive move towards her boyfriend, who was the victim of the headlock.
  • "I hate it when that happens," is waaaaaay past its retirement time.
  • I don't think I have a lot of readers on this blog because it's necessarily good, I think it's more because of the fact that I'm consistently here.
  • I like that Liberty Mutual commercial which shows random acts of kindness paid forward.
  • Wow: A wrong way driver pleads guilty and receives 14 years in prison less than two months after the fatal wreck happened on I-75. What's the rush?


Breaking! Private school van in wreck in Decatur. School Bus, Too.

Edit: It looks like there are five to six kids being treated for "minor" injuries -- some transported by ambulance. I saw a white daycare (?) van that was a little beat up. Pettit Private School, it looked like. And there appeared to be a yellow school bus with front end damage. Edit: Seems like the final word is that the bus hit the van from behind. You've never seen so many firetrucks, ambulances, and cops. (And this is at the Whistle Stop Cafe at the intersection of Hale and Business 287).

Some Singer Gets Neekid On Spot Of JFK Assassination

Background here. I may try that on my walk up to the courthouse one day.

Will All Books Look Like This Some Day?

Apple has released an official video showing what books will look like on its new iPad (which I'm still not sold on, but interested.) I'm generally bored by videos like this, but this is really cool. Heck, I think it would be even better for magazines and textbooks. And if you are Barnes and Nobles, aren't you just a little bit nervous? Edit: A collection of a variety of official videos for the iPad which have just been released is on this site.

Bald Girl Seeks Your Vote

I don't know much about the Jack FM "March Baldness" contest other than you can vote for the best bald headed guy or girl. I was told this morning that Ellischa, pictured above, grew up in Bridgeport and has battled cancer (or some type of disease) for a while. (That explains the baldness.) She's one of the finalist or semi-finalists in their online contest. Go vote or I'll kidnap your pet. Maybe someone out there can fill me in on her background. Edit: She suffers from Alopecia areata. And she even made an appearance in the comments.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I had forgotten that one of the lawyers killed in the Fort Worth courthouse shooting in 1992 was named John Edwards. (A name now associated when a disgraced politician).
  • I was in another courthouse two blocks away when that happened.
  • Most of the animals sold at auction at the Wise County Youth Fair were purchased by a group(s) called "Wise County Youth Fair Champions and Blue Ribbons Club." Who are they? And the fact that local banks no longer are big spenders at the auction is a definite sign of the times.
  • Yep, Baylor lost to Duke in the Elite 6. Oddly, the Baylor women play Duke tonight in the women's Elite 8.
  • I can't believe Tarleton State cratered and canceled the gay Jesus play.
  • If you haven't seen it you won't understand, but there is nothing nerdier that Steve Doocey saying the "morning slogan" on Fox and Friends at the top of the 6 o'clock hour.
  • Somebody is mad at me for not posting a comment about a rumor the private life of a particular public official but won't sign their name. Riiiight.
  • I scalped my lawn this weekend. For some reason I really enjoy doing that every Spring.
  • You are one strange bird if you won't return the census form.
  • Kelly Rasberry on KISS FM this morning called The Grapes of Wrath and 12 Angry Men "boring."
  • I stayed up too late on Saturday.
  • I watched a great 10 year old documentary this weekend regarding the killing of three kids in Arkansas (the specific one was Paradise Lost 2: Revelations.) I keep seeing that case resurface in the news.


Decatur Middle Schooler Killed In Motorcyle Accident

All I know is that he was 15 years old and died at "Rocky Ridge Recreation Ranch" near Decatur when his bike hit a tree. (And Fox 4 might want to realize where Decatur is.) Edit: The young man's name is Johnny Bell.

Updated Tourney Results

Those with West Virginia or Duke or in the driver's seat. Make that Evil Duke.