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That's A Bad Look

"Tech's home uniforms this season will look something like Iowa State, with red jerseys and red pants. Tech hasn't worn all red in about 35 years. - Star Telegram

It's Not Classic If You Spoil It For Me

I love the ESPN Classic Channel for basically one reason: It will replay, in a condensed format, a great college football game. However, one things drives me crazy: Whenever the station is about to cut to a commercial during the replay of a game, it shows a highlight of the biggest play that will be shown in the next segment - thereby ruining all the drama. I know the game has already been played, I know the winner has already been determined, but sometimes I don't exactly recall who won a Florida - Miami matchup in 1993. Just wanted to rant as I saw part of a 1997 Nebraska v. Missouri game this morning.


Well This Completely Changes My Weekend Plans

The U.S. has lowered the Terror Alert Level from "high" to "elevated".

Any Press Is Good Press. Huh?

Channel 8 had a news story tonight on a pretty big grassfire near Decatur. Not particularly exciting, but you always do a double take when you see "Wise County" on the screen.

Hurry, George, I'm Freezing Out Here!

This picture was taken yesterday in Crawford, Texas. Is that a winter jacket Cheney, the second from the left, has on?

Well, we had a reasonable doubt a second ago

"MIAMI (Reuters) - A Mississippi judge on Friday granted bail to 80-year-old former Ku Klux Klansman Edgar Ray Killen, who was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the 1964 killings of three civil rights workers in a case that inspired the 1988 movie 'Mississippi Burning.'" One of the oddest things about the June trial (that involved allegations over 30 years old) was that the jury, after just four hours of deliberations, announced to the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked 6 to 6. The next morning they quickly reached a unanimous verdict of guilt.

Atheists Beware

One of the oddest aspects of criminal law in Texas is that a DA has the sole discretion of whether to seek the death penalty in capital murder cases. If the DA "waives" the death penalty, then a defendant is automatically sentenced to life in prison in the event he is convicted. But there is no set standard as to why or how a DA comes to the decision not to seek death. Take for example what happened in Victoria County this week. The DA, M. P. "Dexter"Eaves, waived the death penalty on a guy and explained his reasoning this way: "There is always hope for everybody. If there is hope that they will find God, then I won't go forward with the death penalty." The right wing stuff is getting confusing.

Time Waste #2

I'm insane again.

Time Waste

A silly game for guys.

Random Thought

I bet Al Roker, the Today Show's jovial weatherman, really knows very little about the weather.


Betting He'll Be Sacked

"Gary Hogeboom, the one-time Dallas Cowboys quarterback, is one of 16 new contestants vying for a $1 million payoff in Survivor: Guatemala, where players are pitted against each other amid ancient Mayan ruins in the jungles of Central America." I haven't heard that name for quite a while. He started two seasons for Dallas (in 1984 and 1985) throwing 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions.

Giddy Up

There is a huge headline and story in the Sports section of the Morning News today that reads: "Decatur cowboy up for run toward NFR". (We cowboys know that stands for National Finals Rodeo). It's a long article about "three time world champion" Trevor Brazile. He may be the most famous Wise Countian no one really talks about.

We Just Want To See "Hometown: Bridgeport" on TV

This article from the Dallas Morning News indicates that Bridgeport's Phillip Daugherty is currently at third string in his bid to start at quarterback at Texas Tech. Redshirt freshman Graham Harrell from Ennis is pushing to be the starter - which could be bad news for Daugherty who is a redshirt sophomore.

Ouch Again?

I'm not sure about this (at all), but the feds do some type of yearly school evaluations (called AYP) in accordance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. If I am reading the new report correctly, I think Bridgeport High School may have taken another hit. The above is a screen shot of a huge pdf file for all schools. But I've received no confirmation of this. Also, I think its possible the feds consider the TAKS results which could explain this ranking.

Cats Are Forming A Protest March As We Speak

The Texas Rangers are, and I am not making this up, having a Bring Your Dog to the Ballpark Day. If you are interested, you have to fill out an application (available here in pdf format). This picture, I promise, is on the application.

Her Wheels Are Off

"Less than one month after a failed suicide attempt and just a few months after she was beaten up by a jealous boyfriend, country crooner Mindy McCready now faces an arrest warrant for her flaky behavior involving a drug probation violation. Last month, McCready did not show up in a Florida court to face charges of violating her probation stemming from a drug charge involving illegally trying to fill a forged OxyContin prescription in Tennessee. Though she had apparently tried to overdose on pills and booze just a week before the hearing, her lawyer failed to produce a doctor's note excusing her from the hearing. That, coupled with the fact that McCready has now twice violated her probation, was enough for a judge to issue a warrant. "

And I Bet He Even Had His Own Room

Did you see the crazy story of Noel Devine, the 17 year old high school football star out of Florida. Deion Sanders (yep, that Deion Sanders) brings him to Texas, enrolls him in Prosper High School, and files the paperwork to become the kids legal guardian. But that plan went south three days ago. "Sanders told The News-Press that Devine drove himself to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Monday and boarded a plane headed to Fort Myers, leaving the keys to Sanders’ SUV in the vehicle."

Can I Just Hand Off?

The North Texas Eagles will open up their season at powerhouse LSU. Get this: North Texas does not have a single quarterback on the roster that has ever played a single down of college football. How would you like for your first college snap to be in that situation.

It's Actually on The Windshield

Over the years, I've visited with hundreds of folks whose interaction with the police began with a traffic stop. I'd say 95% of them tell me the cop asked to see "my license and registration". Hardly anyone ever says "my license and insurance". That registration "thing" comes from television. As a kid, I remember some bad guy stealing some girls registration information in "I Saw What You Did".

Hola Diversity

The Census Bureau announced that as of July 2004, the number of non-whites exceeded the number of whites that reside in Texas. For the first time ever, the "majority" makes up only 49.2% of the population.


Slow This Thing Down

It dawned on me today (as I was listening to a radio in the background in the assistant county attorney's office - listening and begging at the same time, I might add) that Boston's first album came out 30 years ago. Thirty years!! In high school, my buddies and I thought it was the greatest album we had ever heard. It has been such a "Long Time" Edit: Oops. Actually it was 29 years ago.

You Have Got To Be Kidding

The Dallas Morning News has a story today about the reinstatement of Ranger pitcher Kenny Rogers. As crazy as the whole incident has been, this sentence was the most amazing: "KDFW new director Maria Barrs said [cameraman Larry] Rodriquez was still receiving medical treatment and had yet to resume his duties with the station." Sheesh.

I'm Surprised It Doesn't Happen More Often

Did you see that a 14 year old cheerleader in the northeast has died due to an injury involving some high flying stunt/cheer?

She Can Mow? Now That's Marriage Material

Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks has begun her community service.

Uh, Don't Shoot At Cops

DPS Troopers shot and killed a man in Denton this morning after he allegedley shot at them first. (Story here - registration may be required) Real life is not the same as the movies. You don't get to shoot your way out of bad situations.

Sorry, I Had A Flashback

There's a news story out today questioning the value of the third and final year of law school. "At many top law schools, the third year is famously relaxed, a halcyon interlude between rigorous introductory courses and the long hours that await graduates at law firm jobs. There is research and volunteer work, but also a lot of bar-hopping and little studying: 15 hours per week, according to one survey at 11 law schools, compared to 33 hours for first-year students." I promise you that every lawyer that went to Baylor pulls his hair out over that statement. At Baylor, the third year involves the "practice court" class, which may have have been the most difficult academic year of my life. Just a rant this morning.


Behind The Scenes

In the Star Telegram tomorrow, there will be a story of one alleged drug dealer found "not guilty" of killing another alleged drug dealer. No one will care. There is an unwritten defense in criminal law that has a shocking motto: "Some people just deserve killing". I heard it in law school. I heard it as a prosecutor. I still hear it as a defense lawyer. You'll never see it in the newspaper. We value some lives more than others. That says a lot about us.

How Many Things Do We Have To Worry About?

"KINGSTON, Tenn. - An inmate considered to be "extremely violent" escaped Tuesday after his wife gunned down and killed a guard who was escorting the shackled prisoner outside a courthouse, authorities said. "

Random Thought

There are too many soft drink choices in this world. But, then again, there are probably too many choices for everything.

Talk About The Criminal Justice System Being Screwed Up

Kenny Rogers was reinstated Tuesday when an arbitrator ruled that commissioner Bud Selig went too far by suspending the Texas pitcher for 20 games and fining him $50,000 for shoving two cameramen. Rogers has already sat out 12 games. He will return to the Rangers for Wednesday night's game at Boston, and his fine will be converted to a charitable contribution.

But My First Set Wasn't Bad, Either

Last night I'm watching Miss Teen USA (don't ask) and it came time for the winner of the 2004 ceremony to take her farewell walk down the runway. There she went, waving away, as her "voice over" played in the background informing us of what a wonderful year she had had. But I stopped in my tracks when she said "And thanks to the best parents I have ever had . . . . " It was worth a few TIVO replays.

Maybe 22 Flavors Would Do The Trick

I noticed today at lunch that Wings 21 was locked up tighter than a drum with a nasty note on the door referring to being locked out due to back rent. Not-a-good.

I'm (Luckily Still) Walking In Memphis

"A Grammy-winning musician was treated at a hospital and released Monday after being shot in the head during an attempted carjacking following a performance. Marc Cohn, who had a hit with the song 'Walking in Memphis' and won the Grammy for best new artist in 1992, was struck in the temple Sunday night when a man fired into his band's van in a parking garage. A suspect was being sought." Get this: He is married to ABC news reporter Elizabeth Vargas



(Click to enlarge).

Let That Be A Lesson To You

Former Dallas Cowboy QB Chad Hutchinson was playing tonight for Chicago on Monday Night Football. (John Madden still drives me crazy). Right after Hutchinson was named the starter for Dallas around Christmas time three years ago, I actually saw him in Las Colinas. He was, in fact, walking into the Cheesecake Factory. It was all downhill after that.

Revoke His Invitation to Neverland

News reports today show that two of the Michael Jackson jurors now regret their decision to acquit the pop icon. One of them was the foreman, Raymond Hultman (pictured). He comes across as a nut. On the painful-to-watch Nancy Grace show on CNN, he told the host, on the night that the verdict was reached, that it didn't matter what he "believed" after the trial was over.

There's Nothing Like Experience

The recent resignation of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will leave eight members on the Supreme Court. Of them, how many: Have ever defended or prosecuted a criminal case? (One - Justice Souter) Have ever presided over a civil or criminal trial? (One - Justice Souter) And John Roberts would not change those numbers. From Stuart Taylor in The Atlantic.

Fill Er Up with Dom Perignon

Oil prices jumped to a new high near $64 a barrel on Monday. Most gas prices are now over $2.30 a gallon and are expected to increase. It's painful now, but not as painful as when I was a teenager back in 1978 and paying about $1.20 a gallon. But that somehow doesn't make it any better.

Rule # 1: Don't Overestimate Your Jumping Ability

Spring Back

President Bush is expected to sign an energy bill which will change daylight saving time beginning next year. We normally jack with our clocks on the first Sunday of April and the last Sunday in October. Under the new schedule, we will push clocks forward one hour on the second Sunday in March and will turn back time on the first Sunday in November. And we'll all get confused when Windows automatically updates the time on our computers based upon the old schedule.


Check out the story in the Update about the vehicle which allegedly ran out of gas on 51. The vehicle was then "left" in the southbound lane, with no lights, before being hit in the rear by an 18 wheeler. There were three children in the vehicle.


Peter Jennings Is Dead

It was only on April 5th that he announced he had lung cancer. Of all the "Big Three" evening news shows, his was always the best.

Maybe We Could Have a Meth Lab Comedy Based In Rural Wise County?

Did you see the new comedy debuting tonight on Showtime called Weeds? "The weekly half-hour dramedy debuting Aug. 7 revolves around Nancy, a newly widowed suburban mother (played by Mary Louise Parker), who ends up selling marijuana to her neighbors — all to maintain the upper-middle class lifestyle to which she and her children have become accustomed."

Horrible Tragedy

News reports tell than four people, mostly teens, were killed early this morning on 820 in Fort Worth. It seems the accident was caused when a vehicle was driving the wrong way on the freeway. Yeah, alcohol was involved. Source: KXAS web site

A Sign of The Apocalypse

The Dukes of Hazzard was #1 at the box office this weekend with gross receipts of over $30 million.