Taking You Into The Weekend

Hot girl in the foreground. Comedy gold in the background.

And Another: Houston

Story. That's one pouty mugshot.

Mitt Romney Appeals To The Working Class Of Michigan Today . . .

. . . by pointing out that his wife drives a couple of Cadillacs.

I'm just surprised he didn't realize his gaffe and then follow it up with a nervous laugh while softly saying, "Uh. Scoreboard?"

Throw together clips of this, trying to bet Rick Perry $10,000 during a debate, the "I like firing people" speech, the "I'm not concerned about the very poor" TV appearance, and the joint appearance with Donald Trump, and we've got a heck of a commercial in the making.

Quite The Scene Yesterday On The Tollway

Now traffic cam video has been released.

Is This A Bluff?

Any of you guys ever get arrested at your house because of one of these "Traffic Ticket Roundups?"  Sometimes you'll see a particular city send out a warning of "pay up" on your outstanding tickets or we might arrest you on a predetermined weekend..  This time, they claim, 276 law enforcement entities in Texas are going to take part in it.  Even our publicity seeking Texas Attorney General is getting in on the threats.

I bet this is just a bluff to scare people into paying their tickets. There are a lot of municipal and JP courts that don't even issue warrants. They just put notice of the outstanding ticket in something called an OMNIBASE system that prevents you from renewing your drivers license until all tickets are taken care of.

I'm betting this is nothing more than a bluff.

Honestly, the amount of manpower expense to arrest someone solely for a traffic ticket doesn't' justify it. It would would cost more than the ticket revenue. And, if a person is arrested, they don't have to pay the ticket. Normally a bond is set and you can walk out for a fraction of the cost of paying the ticket.

Messenger Starting Online Newspaper For Justin?

It's definitely the Messenger.  There's a reference to receiving some type of print product in "your mailbox" but they certainly aren't charging for it.


Memories of Olga Korbut Came Rushing Back To Me

Blockbuster's About To Be Down To 1,000 Stores

 Locations for this round of closures not disclosed. Wouldn't be surprised to see that one in Decatur to be the last one standing.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I got honked at yesterday (in a bad way), and I have no idea what I did to hack that pickup driving guy/gal off.   Lighten up, Frances. I bet you had to hurry home to yell at your wife again. 
  • It seemed like Wise County Day at the driver's license administrative hearing office in Fort Worth yesterday. Four cops were down there to testify (and one more failed to show.) 
  • I've got the Cowtown Half Marathon this Sunday. "Someday you will no longer be able to do this. But that day is not today." 
  • The Dallas main post office shutting down so it can be consolidated with the one in Fort Worth is the biggest sign yet that the U.S. Postal Service is in serious trouble. 
  • "And Another". (Doesn't get its own post because of a blurry photo, little details, and not even an arrest.)
  • Josh Hamilton meets with the press today in Rangers training camp.  Prepare to hear, "I've already addressed that issue" about a million times. I would think his followers are beginning to tire of him. 
  • I like politics but I've had no interest in this contraception debate. Maybe if I was Catholic. But the vast majority of Catholics ignore that Church edict, right?
  • Heard that in Mrs. LL softball practice that one kid tried to catch a fly ball with her eye socket. From the post injury description, it sounded like she took a left hook from Apollo Creed And her mom was there to freak out. Sorry I missed it.
  • I was at another practice where the coach decided to do two simultaneous batting practices very close to one another. Competing line drives made it like a Civil War battlefield walking through it. 
  • "I need all the parents to help out and shag balls!"  Since when does softball go like that?
  • Swap Meet in Decatur this week which means the real news is that every fast food drive through line will be 15 cars deep. 
  • That would be Paradise model is still at it
  • WBAP's Hal Jay had a funny line when he learned that Rick Santorum was at a meet-n-greet at Vaquero in Westlake yesterday at $2,500 a head (which didn't even include a dinner but "light hors d'oeuvres"): "I'm glad to see Vaquero has come down on its prices." 
  • Edit: A buddy just busted in my office, threw down a Time magazine on my desk, and said, "You write like this guy and Dave Barry."


Things That Make Me Do A Double Take

If Decatur wants to be the "Cowboy Capitol Of The World", our guys need to step it up. Wade is full throttle. Let him be your goal.

Camels? Rhinos? Cash? Gives a whole knew meaning to, "I wanna party with you, cowboy."

"Go Daddy, Because Here I Come" (Right Into The Wall)

Danica at Daytona today. This is worth enlarging to full screen for the replays.

Craig James Vows Not To Be As Gay As A Parade

The things that Texas politics turns on.

That Tyler Paper Needs A Headline Writer

If it read "Hairdresser Tried To Enlarge Customer's Breasts By Injection" then you'd get some readers.


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Motorcycle death in Dallas last night.
  • And there was a big motorcycle crash in North Dallas this morning that shut down traffic. I don't know if it gave rise to a fatality.
  • I think the hearing (which won't change anything) going on in Fort Worth  reviewing the legal representation of a death row defendant are the same lawyers who represented Stephen York here in Wise County.
  • The first link in a Google search for York turns up this amateur piece on the tragedy. Who is that guy? Definitely from Bridgeport.
  • The lady who was severely injured last weekend when she was the passenger of the Chico man who crashed in downtown Fort Worth was the mother of the child who died last December in Boyd - - a death that police originally suspected, but later discounted, was the result of abuse.  However, the lady was in the Wise County jail on a misdemeanor drug charge at the time of the child's death. She was released to attend the funeral.
  • The Parker County Torture Guy received a life sentence yesterday. Everyone saw that coming. The victim, who is really country, was very upbeat after the trial as she spoke to reporters. You normally don't see that.
  • The Star-Telegram is cutting its work force again.
  • We slept with the windows open last night. Apparently The Family Cat considered that to be an invitation of an all night party of violently running from window to window to see if another animal is outside. 
  • News this morning that Fort Worth will purchase a device for police that will allow the "tracking of cell phones."  But no one seems to know how it works. 
  • Breaking: Seven marines killed in . . . Arizona. (Helicopter crash.)
  • Whomever was in charge of the crowd at the Republican debate last night must have been on the Mitt Romney payroll.
  • Rick Santorum is one strange guy. I hope he's the GOP nominee because that would be the most entertaining matchup in the Fall.
  • Mrs. LL took Defensive Driving yesterday. As she left after finishing the course, I texted her to "be careful." But I guess I didn't need to tell her that.
  • She learned two things: (1) it's illegal to drive with flip flops on [is it?], and (2) the word "comedy" in "Comedy Club Defensive Driving" is loosely used. 
  • I could have sworn I saw an ABC News report last night about the lady below where she was shown in the middle of a residential area and remarking how the incoming bombs were landing indiscriminately around her with no sense of a target. 


It Was A Big Deal After All

Edit: Remember, I won't post comments that assert facts that are not readily verifiable.

Decatur Won't "Have Another Tequila Sunrise"

That Was Almost Perfect Timing With Her Script

Do These Look Like Girls Involved (At Least Some Way) In The Same Bar Brawl?

Natasha Poly

Am I gonna have to teach the world how to act when you're in a bar that just happens to be full of supermodels? Sheesh. I've been in Frilly's on a Saturday night and the cops have never had to be called. Lightweights.

And it gets better: One of the guys who got decked was the Prince of Monaco -- the grandson of the late Grace Kelly.  It had to have been the greatest bar fight in the history of ever.


College Football Post -- Nothing To See Here For Most

About a month ago, I learned that Oklahoma State would play Savannah State this fall. That got my attention because I had never heard of anyone playing that school.  Today, Florida State announced they would play Savannah the week after Oklahoma State.

If that at all interests you, check out this article which tells you who SSU is and proclaims that they will be the worst opponent of Oklahoma State in the history of the school.  To give you an idea, SSU plays in a 7,500 seat stadium.

Oh, one other thing: Savannah ain't a real state. I checked.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The media got up in arms yesterday about the "found" audio from 2008 of Rick Santorum saying that America was under attack by Satan. Statements like that don't even raise an eyebrow around here, do they?
  • The First Baptist Church of Decatur is charging $18  for a Christian concert on March 2nd?
  • When I was a kid, a fire and brimestone evangelist wanted to sell his albums in the foyer of the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport during a revival. He even had the tables set up with his products before the evening service. After the deacons of the church told him that wasn't allowed (that money-changers in the temple story does have a meaning, you know), I'm pretty sure he got angry and in the middle of the service told those in the congregation just to "take them" because it wasn't about the money.
  • It was probably about the money.
  • There was a highly touted Bill Clinton documentary on PBS last night. I was able to watch most of if (in between kids, wife, and a Glee interruption), and it was fantastic. Why would any institution trust Kenneth's Starr's judgment by hiring him?
  • One thing I forgot to mention after watching The Voice the other night: I want to replace the Family Cat with Cee Lo's cat.
  • After I went on my rant about Public Notices and their cost in the local paper, I decided to look at them today. I had Failed Smile when I noticed one was purchased by Smith and Green, P.C.  Win the battle, lose the war.
  • The chances of the defendant in the the Parker County Torture Case being given life in prison by the jury? About 100%.
  • Man, everyone dogged me yesterday for my methamphetamine "with a taser chaser" line. Comedic value? Anyone?
  • If  I remember correctly, the dad of the Frisco-maybe-kidnapped-teen said after her return that the event was a "personal matter". If she was making that story up, I bet he's smart enough to keep it "in house".  If so, this news story will die over the next 48 hours.
  • But Fox 4 dropped a stunner last night: They admitted they had mistakenly reported that the Frisco teen claimed she had been sexually assaulted two days ago. That's a serious "oops."
  • Maybe that Frisco story has my skeptical radar on high alert because the news story about the guy who allegedly destroyed an antique store in Saginaw yesterday afternoon with fire and then fled sounds a little fishy. Fox 4 called the story "bizarre" and "crazy".
  • One more Fox 4 note:   Having Clarice Tinsley read Facebook responses after each segment is a beating.  
  • Abilene Wylie knocked out the Decatur Lady Eagles last night in the basketball playoffs. I'm not sure any school has more playoff victories in all sports than Abilene Wylie over Decatur.
  • Some kid from Ector made a full court shot against Slidell last night. Anyone got a video?
  • There was a  DWI arrest in Wise County a couple of months back where the blood alcohol content was .42.  I've been doing DWI defense a long time, and I've never seen anything like that.
  • That mysterious Zombie Convention actually advertised in the Messenger this week after I gave them a ton of free press here. Their ad is on page 7 under the Sudoku puzzles.
  • Not sure why Highland Park's leading basketball scorer's DWI arrest over the weekend made so much news.
  • Lent begins today. Saw a Facebook post of some girl who was going to get drunk last night before she gave up alcohol for Lent. Interesting theology. 

Messenger Above The Fold


Frisco Teen's 911 Call


In Case You Haven't Seen Kim Kardashian In A While



Emergency Landing?

I'm not certain, but I think there is talk on a scanner about an emergency landing of an aircraft in the county.

Anybody heard anything?

Something about problem with landing gear and waiting for "first responders" to be there?

Edit: The Messenger just put up a blurb about it. They say it is Bridgeport Airport.

My source said "Pilot will shut down all electrical and try to land."  (I presume that's the smart thing to do.)

Edit at 10:53 a.m.: "Landed. No injuries."

Supreme Court Will Strike Down Affirmative Action?

A white girl, Abigail Fisher (and, for the life of me, I can't find a picture of her), was denied admission to the University of Texas.  She sued the school claiming UT's use of race in its admission policy violates the Equal Protection Clause.  So far she has lost.

But today the Supreme Court announced it will hear the case, and many believe it will reconsider the legality of using race in college admissions altogether.

Here's a fact I didn't know about the Evil Empire.  As of 2008,  a staggering  80% of its students had been admitted under the Top Ten Percent rule. I think that rule requires a high school student who graduates in the top ten percent of his class to be guaranteed admission in publicly funded Texas colleges.  In fact, the rule was supposed to help alleviate the whole Affirmative Action problem since that rule applies to all Texas high schools. So a black or Hispanic student in a predominately black or his Hispanic school would be guaranteed admission if he could finish in the top ten percent.

However, UT went one step further and favorably "considers" race of minorities in determining who will be admitted for those who don't qualify under the Top Ten Percent Rule. That's what Ms. Fisher claims caused her to be denied admission simply because she is white. Interesting stuff.

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • WFAA did a story last night on the new DPS "gun boats" that I mentioned about three months ago. 
  • The Star-Telegram has begun to realize that the TCU "drug bust" coverage was completely overblown.  For me, why the TCU administration acted like their only reference point about marijuana was  Reefer Madness is puzzling. TCU deserves better. The Board of Regents needs to seriously consider some changes at the top. 
  • Regarding the "kidnapped" Frisco girl, I've never seen so many news reports say "she's lying" without ever saying "she's lying." 
  • Watched a little of The Voice last night since Christina is on it. Then I powered down when they would post "tweets" from the hosts on the screen. 
  • A Fort Worth lawyer received more than $700,000 in court appointed fees from one judge between 2001 and 2007?  (That nugget was buried in a story that otherwise didn't make a lot of sense.) Tarrant County needs to consider a Public Defender's Office. 
  • Mrs. LL planted some flowers in the flower bed this fall and they are still alive. (And it might hit 80 degrees tomorrow.)
  • Somebody commented yesterday about a Decatur girl who allegedly made up an abduction/assault story about fifteen years ago.  I was DA at the time, and it occurred right after Scream was released. I offered her a diversion program to avoid prosecution -- didn't see any reason to mess up her life. 
  • I saw that in the Mav's game last night that Dirk moved in to the top 20 of all-time scorers while Jason Kidd became second all-time in steals. When the core of your team is setting "career" records, that means the core of your team is old.
  • Rick Santorum says that President Obama's "theology" is "not based on the Bible" and now he insists he wasn't talking about his faith? Please. This is the same guy who wouldn't correct a lady who called the President a Muslim. And then his official spokesman compared the President's policies to "radical Islamic policies" yesterday and then said she "misspoke."
  • Media News: The Dallas Morning News has hired Robert Wilonsky, the editor of the fantastic Dallas Observer blog, to manage the newspaper's "online presence."  That's huge. It's the Dallas Morning News admitting they have no idea how to deal with the Internet -- something everyone else already knew about them.
  • Baylor beat Texas last night which many believe might cost Texas any chance to make the NCAA Tourney.  Longhorn coach Rick Barnes' days have to be numbered, right?
  • The Rhome man who died after being tasered by Fort Worth police after a car chase was ruled by the Medical Examinerto have died from methamphetamine use . Yeah, a hit of methamphetamine with a taser chaser. 


The Happiest Place In The World

I was hoping they would mace (1) the "there are kids here" lady, and  (2) the camera guy's friends.

This Gal Better Not Be Making This Story Up

This Frisco teenager claims she was abducted and taken to Oklahoma over the weekend before she got away.  WBAP has reported this afternoon that police now say she says the abductor was a black male, around 5'10",  in his 20s, who wore a hoodie. I haven't seen that report anywhere else, however. Edit: Frisco Press release here. (PDF)

This may very well be legit.  But if she's making up a fictional black man as her abductor, this story is going to be a lot bigger than she ever dreamed.

Edit: Wow. She is now claiming sexual assault. (And the media's general policy of not identifying sexual assault victims is going to be a little tough to enforce.)

President's Day Pick Me Up

And we get a Speedo Man in the background


Is This A Big Deal Or Routine?

Try not to throw out personal attacks (you Runaway Bay folks can get really worked up.)   But I am interested in knowing what's going on.

And Another - California

Story. Yep, this is the defendant and not the victim.

Did Kid Use Gang Signs In Emblem?

I 100% believe this kid. There is no way he has anything to do with a gang. In fact, if I'm his dad and and see him in this news footage, I'd sign him up for the Crips the next day.

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Two crime alerts by TCU last week and neither was caused marijuana. (Credit: Bud Kennedy.) The cops might want to spend some time on that. 
  • I didn't watch a second of it, but Jeremy Lin beat the Mavericks yesterday. He's becoming a great and bizarre NBA story. (And one ESPN headline writer lost his job over the weekend for his creation of "A Chink In The Armor" after a loss.)
  • In the house this weekend was a "Scream" mask. (Don't ask.) And it was used to scare me senseless three times by noon on Saturday. The first one occurred when I rolled over in the morning to take my first look at Mrs. LL.
  • Sucker Punch - Watched this movie over the weekend which is quickly becoming a cult classic. It's part Sin City, Inglorious Bastards, Kill Bill, Donnie Darko, and a video game.
  • NASCAR genius: When qualifying for the poll position at Daytona, Fox shows you the fastest qualifier by the use of a phantom/transparent car next to the current qualifier. Very cool.
  • "Doing what I wanted to do in life has never been much of a factor."
  • Failed to mention last Friday that the BagOfNothing guy and his wife had a son. 
  • I discovered this weekend that watching a PG-13 movie with a 13 year old can be very uncomfortable.
  • My Valentine's present to Mrs. LL: Tickets to Bring It On - The Musical in Dallas. We saw it Friday night. Verdict: Good stuff. (Although the crowd looked like it was made up of the cast of Mean Girls.)
  • There's something weird about the story of the Frisco teen who was allegedly kidnapped and freed over the weekend.
  • Mrs. LL watched the end of Scarface on Saturday. The rest of the day she tried to recreate Tony Montana's accent.
  • Uh, oh: I see where the Decatur girls will play Abilene Wylie this week in playoff basketball. It's nemesis time. And that's normally a bad thing. 
  • WBAP traffic gal Laura Houston commented this morning on Whitney Houston's funeral. I didn't hear the whole quote, but she made some reference to Stevie Wonder "flying blind." Wow. 
  • Photos of a Victoria Secret's commercial. "Hey, . . . " Do I really have to say it?
  • Dale Hanson's interview last night with Jason Garrett was great  when he asked him why he is so robotic in press conferences. It's a "process" and he's "getting better." Not that it matters, but he'd get a longer leash from the fans if he'd knock that bit off. 
  • Somebody explain the Newark (Texas) Cultural Education Facilities Finance Corporation mentioned in today's Update.



Wise County People Went To Big City Last Night


Edit: The CBS local affiliate says the driver was charged with as charged with "Intoxication Assault causing Brain Injury – Vegetative State" which is horrible (and a strange way to put it.)