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Greatest Cameraman Ever Taking You Into The Weekend

Potential DWI Suspect Turns Out To Be Diabetic. Cops Rough Him Up Before Figuring That Out.

Oh, and he's 70 years old.

Out of San Antonio.

287 Traffic Question

That's what it looks like right now between Decatur and Rhome. Northbound traffic is backed up. Is that because of a wreck or is that a daily occurrence now that they've taken 287 down to one lane for construction project south of Decatur?

(Mrs. LL would like to  know. She's stuck in it.)

But It's On The Internet

I had never heard of the North Texas Pigeon but it didn't take me long reading this article to figure out it was satire like The Onion. But the number of comments where people actually think it's real is staggering. And entertaining.

How Not To Run On A Treadmill

'Merica: Viral Photo Of The Day

A handsome mug shot of a Northern California man arrested on felony weapons charges has gone viral on social media, attracting more than 33,000 "likes" and drawing comments praising his high cheek bones, chiseled face and striking blue eyes.
Jeremy Meeks, 30, a felon, was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang charge, according to Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department.
"I have not seen that many likes for a photo before," he said. More.

Did Attorney General Greg Abbott Just Cost You Over $1 Million Because He's A Bad Lawyer?

This is complicated, and I may need someone smarter than me to interpret it. But it looks to me that when the defendants in the lawsuit that the State of Texas brought in connection with the Voting Rights Act prevailed, they then sought attorneys fees. They filed a motion to get the money and Greg Abbott basically blew them off. The court awarded the fees because the State's response was so bad that it was the equivalent of no response at all.  Look how this opinion, released two days ago, begins:


And this may get some press because one of the parties who was awarded attorneys fees was none other than Wendy Davis who had intervened in the case.

Edit: The Austin American Statesman is on it.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Jimmy Buffett played in Fort Worth last night. In the early 1990s, I proclaimed my head would explode if I ever heard Margaritaville again. He's like a musical demon to me who won't leave.
  • 193 pics in the Star-Telegram of the Miss Twin Peaks contest held in Dallas this week. (Ticket fans will see a familiar face on #84)
  • The O'Bannon vs. NCAA trial is going on and it is putting a huge and fresh spotlight on how crazy the current system is in allowing schools to exploit athletes.  The immense financial impact that RG3 was to Baylor, Johnny Football to the Aggies, or Vince Young to the Empire, yet none of those players could receive a dime. We'll look back one day and be in disbelief that the current system existed at all. 
  • Pete Sessions gave an answer to a question while visiting a high school class which makes you think he's a 9/11 Truther. 
  • Any radio or TV ad which has a theme of "we accidentally over-purchased from the factory and now we've got to clear out warehouse space" tells me the company not only lies but also doesn't think its customer base is very smart.
  • I slowly drove through the remnants of the gravel spill mentioned in the Update during the clean up stage and, because I was behind a rock truck, I couldn't see more than five feet in front of me. It was amazing. I can't imagine what it was like immediately after the spill. (And we don't know who spilled it.)
  • I've never met the BagOfNothing guy but we share a weird sense of similar interest. Last night I teared up while watching the NBC Evening news when it showed footage of when the President called the most recent Medal of Honor recipient to tell him he would be receiving the award. (It was filmed from the vantage point of the honoree with his mother in the background.) I just looked at Bag's blog and he wrote about the same thing (although he prefers the CBS Evening News.)
  • We may be the only two people left who actually watch the national evening news of one of the big three.
  • I've never had a desire to see The Jersey Boys.
  • TV shows I don't know if I'll ever get around to watching in their entirety (number of episodes I've watched in parenthesis): The Americans (2), Game of Thrones (0), Rectify (0), Fargo (0), Dexter (0), Sons of Anarchy (0), Mad Men (3), Veep (2), 24 (0), Orange is the New Black (0), and House of Cards (5). I've heard they are all great. How do people have the time? 
  • There's an 11 year old girl who is competing in the U.S. Women's Open in golf this week, and she's fantastic. But I'm a little suspicious that her PR team might be a little out of control when they had her show up for her post first round press conference eating ice cream. 


Fargo 911

Man, I think this is funny. A golf course. So many cops. Golf clubs in the foreground. Golfers running in the background. A helicopter for good measure!

And I just picture this lady leading the chase . . . .

Dick Cheney Before He Became Insane

This really is incredible. After the first Iraq invasion, he explained why the U.S. didn't go forward and bring down Saddam Hussein. The guy was exactly right. Of course, he did a 180 a few years later.

This video surfaces in light of Cheney forcing himself into the news again as he criticizes the President about the current state of Iraq.  Harry Reid had a great zinger yesterday: "If there is one thing we can all agree on here, it’s that we should not be taking advice on Iraq from Dick Cheney."

Edit: I missed that Fox's Megyn Kelley was all over him, too.

Random High Tone Dallas Gossip

What a wheels off divorce. Story.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I guess I can't dispute these reports of an influx of women and children illegal crossing the border but, if true, shouldn't there be a shocking number of reports of dead women and children that are found dead from heat stroke and lack of water?
  • I wrote the above point last night, and then on the news this morning I heard that all of these folks want to be caught because they believe they'll eventually be allowed to stay. That makes sense. 
  • But maybe the above revelation hasn't hit Rick Perry yet who yesterday announced that DPS troopers will be deployed to the border at a cost of $1.3 million a week. No question they'll spend 95% of their time catching those who made it across than preventing the crossings. That's not solving any problems. 
  • And the last time I checked,  DPS is not a group of women and men who signed up to be deployed like an army at the whim of someone who is trying to mount a presidential campaign. Say goodbye to your spouse and kids for awhile.
  • I was completely unaware of the Dane Lancaster incident mentioned in the Update. Here's a Facebook page on his recovery.
  • State Rep. Jonathan Strickland might want to worry as much about gluttony as he does about telling others what to think. (The Tea Party darling has for some unexplained reason become a Fox 4 darling over the last couple of days.)
  • This "Redskins" thing is really weird. Why even fight about it? 
  • Putting on my headset hooked up to a ridiculously small iPod Shuffle and hand watering the lawn is one of my favorite things to do.  (And I'm not a fan of the Shuffle. The thing is too small. It's almost impossible to clip to your belt while playing without accidentally hitting some button that screws everything up.)
  • I bought a burner cell phone to have for emergency purposes. (Although I'm going to have to have Mrs. LL figure out how the whole concept works.)
  • Heard Dennis Prager say the other day that we shouldn't call those who who have gone to college "educated" but instead call them "the indoctrinated." Incredible. 
  • The young Dallas sportswriter whose death I mentioned yesterday died of an aneurysm. And I also learned his wife is pregnant. And, from what I've also heard, if any one was involved in "clean living", it was him. 


Above The Fold

Random GIF: "Hey, I Caught You With A Sad Face On TV!"

Edit: This is a few years old, but I had never seen it until yesterday. I think it is really funny. After I posted it, the BagOfNothing guy sent me this as some background on it.

Comprehensive World Cup Coverage

Breaking Political Correctness News: Trademark Held Since 1967 Revoked


New Opinion This Morning

In the area of statutory rape in Texas (sexual contact with someone under 17 years of age*), it is no defense that the "victim" represented herself as being 17 years old or older. And the fact that the defendant truly believed she was 17 years old or older does not matter.

The case was a constitutional challenge which criminal practitioners had been waiting on. The opinion, that is. Not the result.

But the case is noteworthy because I've never seen "jailbait" and "16 will get you 20" in an appellate opinion before.
*Most people think the law pertains to victims under 18 years of age. Nope. Under 17 is the law.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The mastermind behind Benghazi has been captured. (I had to look for the story in the fine print of the Fox News home page.)
  • I was asked to help out in jury selection in a big civil case that was set to go to trial yesterday in Decatur. It settled. But before it did, I was reminded of what a beating civil litigation is. Too much paper. Too many people. Too many issues. Too unpredictable.
  • Dr. Oz. was grilled before Congress yesterday, but I'll admit that I have never heard of the guy. He was in trouble for promoting some magic pill to lose weight. Man, I fly by those shows without stopping. But I suppose a TV show promoting exercise and watching your fat grams really wouldn't get ratings. But this isn't rocket science.
  • I loved the recent Jon Stewart show reviewing the Republicans' position on Iraq over the years (complete with video proof). It began with "weapons of mass destruction" and then transformed a few years later into "we needed to plant the seed of democracy."  And if radio guy Mark Davis is any indication, it has now transformed into "we took the War on Terror to a part of the globe where they want to kill us."  You know, you could have put Toby Keith in charge of the talking points and it would have been a more consistent (and honest) philosophy.
  • But I'll give credit Davis for stuff like this: Yesterday, a redneck called him and said that the influx of women and children crossing the US/Mexican border is actually an orchestrated distraction to cover-up for the young men who are also illegally crossing to secretly join "Obama's private army." Davis went off on him. I could almost feel his pain as he thought, "Good lord, we may never win another presidential election again." (The call ended with Davis saying, "You're smarter than that." The caller replied, "No, I'm not because . . . ." Davis cut him off and said, "And that's why we'll end this right here.")
  • Another odd tweet by that Texas Supreme Court justice.
  • The Chico stabbing victim listed in the Update has been in the news before. 
  • That crazy double tornado in Nebraska touched down briefly and beat the heck out of Pilger, Nebraska. This photo is amazing as you can see the center of that tiny town destroyed with miles of nothingness around it. 
  • Richard Durrett, former Dallas Morning News sports columnist and current ESPNDallas.com writer, died suddenly yesterday at 38. I was looking at Twitter when the news broke and it caused a shock wave throughout the Dallas sports media. He left behind a wife and a six and three year old. 
  • Looking at his Twitter account, he was just actively doing his job up until the end with his last tweet being about a Texas Ranger minor league trade. You just go about your business and, suddenly, it ends.
  • The Family Pup is almost human. If I come home and he's alone, he normally acts like a dog and goes crazily happy. If he has made a mess, he'll be on my chair with his head down looking up at me with the saddest eyes. (But, hey, stupid dog! If you know it is wrong then why do you do it?)
  • I tried to watch the extra inning college world series game with TCU last night but I couldn't stay awake. They lost in the 15th. They are now one game away from elimination. 
  • Just announced: There is now the Bitcoin St.Petersburg Bowl. My head just exploded.
  • BagOfNothing.com posted a now deleted-by-user video of two Rosenburg, Texas police officers lip-syncing to a Katy Perry song while in their patrol car.  The video can still be seen here. I thought that perhaps the officers were in trouble but based upon the Rosenburg Police Facebook page -- which looks like it is managed by a teenager -- that place is wheels off. Maybe the city council got involved. 
  • Regarding the death of the creator of Cadillac Ranch, at least the criminal allegations die along with him . . . (Edit to commenter: Might want to read the fine print called the "story". The criminal charges do, in fact, die.)


Breaking: Helicopter Down At Decatur Airport

North end of the runway. "One male subject on ground. Possibly in shock."

Sketchy details from the scanner. Sounds like it was called in around 3:10.

"Major damage to the top. Looks like everyone is out."

No leaking fuel.

They have some concern about incoming aircraft. (But it might be on the taxi way)

Developing . . .

Edit . . .

Edit: Two with minor injuries. Helicopter is owned by Bell per KXAS.

Proof That Someone Is Having A Day Worse Than You

On Highway 183 in Irving today.

No injuries.

Is Kyle Orton (Brain) Dead?

This is the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who is scheduled to make over $3 million this year to carry a clipboard. He's been AWOL this Spring  and yesterday missed a mandatory physical and today a mandatory practice.  If he is thinking about retiring, so be it, but he will be obligated to repay the Cowboys $3.4 million in a previously received signing bonus if he does.

This is now officially weird.

Texas School Tries A Different Approach


Brian Williams Rap On Jimmy Kimmel

It's all most hypnotic.

(And I wonder how long it would take to put that together.)

Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • That was a really entertaining U.S. soccer game at the World Cup yesterday although I don't understand why a guy has to be hauled off on a stretcher for a hamstring injury like he's been shot. (But that broken nose suffered by Clint Dempsey looked like it hurt. Badly.)
  • Someone explain this to me: The Rangers Double AA Frisco team is being purchased by Chuck Greenberg? So a minor league team is owned by someone who doesn't control which players are on his team? I've always thought the owner(s) of the major league franchise owned all the minor league teams as well. 
  • 660AM's Mark Davis wants to send troops back into Iraq. Even his crazy right wing listeners are calling in to tell him he's nuts. 
  • Man, some guy on Hannity's panel discussion last night said that if a lawyer believes his client is guilty then he is obligated to withdraw. That's idiotic yet no one called him on it. (They were dogging Hillary for representing someone in a criminal case 40 years ago.)
  • The person who failed to yield the right of way in Arlington and was then involved in a crash that ended up killing a baby in a stroller on the sidewalk will only receive a citation. It's amazing because I was beginning to believe law enforcement no longer believed that sometimes accidents simply happen. 
  • I didn't know that a Howard Stern fan prank called Peter Jennings live on the air at the end of the O.J. Simpson chase. (Today is the actual 20th anniversary.) 
  • Random DWI book in photo from Denton: She looks like she was in a cat fight. 
  • When I heard former Cowboy Marion Barber was being observed for mental issues, I thought about this gal I saw in line at Cowboys Stadium five years ago. 
  • Motorcycle death at 820 and I-35 last night. Edit: Okay, make that a motorist killed. My bad. Although there was a bad motorcycle wreck at 35 and University in Denton this morning. 


Crazy Sight In The Land Of The Children Of The Corn


Hey, How Do You Know You're Facing Mecca?

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There is an obituary notice out of Ohio which lists a survivor as "Mark Schomburg of Oklahoma". I bet that's the guy that was convicted of murder in Wise County two years ago.
  • There was  couple of lengthy sentences out of Tarrant County last week in connection with the very bizarre murder at a Tanglewood home a couple of years back. It is a crazy, crazy story.
  • I watched a little bit of Pet Semetary yesterday. Man, I had forgotten how dark it was -- not often do you have a movie allowing a little boy to be killed twice. (But it made me look up the great Fred Gwynne where I learned (1) he had a very high tone upbringing, and (2) The Munsters was only on for two seasons but those two seasons consisted of 70 episodes.)
  • The Wise County Democratic Chairperson is after Phil King for not reporting $37,000 in campaign donations.
  • For some reason as I was going to sleep last night Mrs. LL decided to check everyone's blood pressure and sugar count. 
  • Yeah, keeping troops in Iraq would be the exact same thing as keeping them in Japan and South Korea. That's idiotic. 
  • And I got mad at Bush all over again as I thought about his "Let Freedom Reign" note in response to learning that Iraq was "sovereign" in 2004.
  • Casey Kasem died over the weekend. I was an incredible American Top 40 fan when I was a kid and couldn't wait to turn on the radio after I got home from church. 
  • If the Family Pup does something wrong and we say, "Bad dog!", she'll wait until we aren't looking and then go to an upstairs bedroom and sulk. It may be one of the saddest/sweetest things I've ever seen.
  • World Cup: That diving header from the guy from Spain was fantastic -- and the ball traveled 50 yards in the air before it happened. 
  • Johnny Football dropping an F Bomb and looking like a guy who will be a disaster in the NFL. And I'm now at the point of wanting that to happen. 
  • I'm trying to make Mrs. LL watch The Wire, and I got her through the first episode. I'm telling her to stick with it but it would help if fifty major characters weren't introduced at a rapid pace. (I started making a flow chart to keep up. And I've seen it before.) 
  • But she did laugh at one line about the War on Drugs: "You can't even think of this [deleted] as a war." "Why not?" "Wars end."
  • For some reason on Friday I decided to record A Football Life on the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers and then their coach died over the weekend.