Rice Band Throws Down Some Schtick

Rice is playing at Texas tonight and their band is notorious for being very creative. At halftime, they thought it'd be funny to remind Texas fans that the Aggies plan to go to the Southeastern Conference (SEC).. To go even further, they made the "S" a "$" to indicate, I guess, that the Ags will be making more money in that conference. That's a funny bit. Well played, sirs.

That Wasn't A Dream, Right? Baylor Did Win? --- Saturday Reflections

If I'm giddy it's only because I have experienced College Football Suffering Syndrome for a long, long time. This may be the only time this year I get to be giddy. So forgive me, for I do not know what I do.

So let's review last night's game:

The "Hey, Now" sideline reporter (who is dumb as a box of rocks but that never matters to ESPN):

The perfectly timed TCU fan "You've Got To Be Kidding Me" moment:
"We've gone from a win in Pasadena to a loss in Waco?"

And we'll go to the Baylor Mascot for a reaction:
"Whaaaaat? We haz win against da frog?"

And kudos to Baylor's quarterback who I have raved about for three years, but this graphic is so wrong in so many ways. But funny.

A crowd "Hey, Now":
I've been there, buddy:

And, finally, this video was from last year after TCU absolutely destroyed Baylor in Fort Worth. A heckler taunts the players with "Good job, Big 12" in, as even TCU fans have admitted, was a classless act. But watching the video again, check out the 1:50 mark when the guy taunts Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin and then a coach goes ballistic. This video should be the poster child for good sportsmanship. When I first saw it last year, I said it needed to be played in the Baylor locker room before last night's game. I 100% believe that it was.  (But I kind of want to see the guy's "ankle tat".)

Pigskin Reflections

Gainesville 20 Decatur 35
Instant Analysis: That should be enough to bring the cockiness back

Bridgeport 51 Burkburnett 36
Instant Analysis: Defense? We don't need no stinkin' defense.

Chico 26 Gorman 20
Instant Analysis: I should have trademarked my Zombie comment from last week. And, seriously, when is the last time Chico scored 20 points in one quarter like they did in the 3rd?

Gunter 7 Boyd 28
Instant Analysis: Nothing jumps out at me other than a good bounce back from last week's loss.

Paradise 20 Henrietta 23
Instant Analysis: Those 20 points came in the 4th quarter. Woke up too late. 

Whitewright 41 Alvord 25
Instant Analysis: It wasn't even that close

La Marque 75, Houston Wheatley 6
Instant Analysis: Craziest score I could find from around the state. 


Watch Me Jinx It As I Post In The Third Quarter

I've been here before. This is FAR from over.  But the biggest shocker is the TCU defense

Edit: At the end of the third and I'm still worried:

Edit: And now we go to the 4th quarter and look what is happening. **Facepalm**

Edit: Looking for Paxil on Craigslist:

Edit: Looking for pistol in my closet:

Edit: I see a white light at the end of the tunnel and I'm being called back. What's that voice? What did you say?  50? Did I hear 50?

Edit: Final? Oh, my. Oh, my indeed! That was one of the craziest games you'll ever see.

Daughter and Mom Take You Into The Weekend

Audrina Patridge and her mammy

Look What The New Owners Did To Skyler!!!

Today (email pic from new owner):

Yesterday! (This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen):

I Think I've Got My Softball Team's Pre-Game Speech Ready

"Gonna fight . . .. 'til you can't fight no mo. And when you can't fight no mo . . . you gonna lie down an bleed awhile . . . You gonna get up . . . and fight some mo!!!"

Man, can you imagine the looks on everyone's face if I was to break into that.

It's Game Day!

You can take your baseball and your NFL, it's college football game day. ESPN at 7:00 p.m.: #14 TCU vs. Baylor.  TCU has winning streak of 25 regular season games, but the betting line is insane: TCU opened up as a 10 point favorite but that's now down to 3 1/2.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I kept hearing that the "Wise County fire" was "50% contained yesterday". It was pretty much out, wasn't it?
  • There was a time I'd laugh that a forecast of highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s would be called a "cold front." I'm not laughing now.  Bring it.
  • Mrs. LL is loading up the girls and going to Arkansas this weekend. It'll be weird being in a quiet house even though it is pretty much how I've lived almost all of my adult life.
  • My girl's softball team had a "simulated game" last night in practice. Uh, this has the potential to be a disaster. The league is 12 and under, player pitch, with stealing. Sheesh. This game is pretty much going to turn into walk-n-steal? Right?
  • Then I heard a rumor that some coaches will have their player sprint to first on a walk and then take off to second if the catcher hasn't gotten the ball back to the pitcher. First, I can't believe that's legal. Second, coaches, have you no decency! Have you no honor!
  • That was a pretty nasty wreck in Wise County yesterday, but what is that rectangular shaped object in the foreground of the photo?
  • In today's USA Today: "Under normal conditions, the Decatur Livestock Market, about an hour outside Dallas, sells between 250 and 400 cattle a week, says Mickey Scarborough, operations manager. On Monday, the auction house sold 1,200."
  • Not unusual for me: I was supposed to be at a plea bargain hearing this morning, but my court appointed client can't make it because he's in jail somewhere else on other charges. 
  • Right now over at Fox News everyone is getting an email saying, "Be sure to mention every five minutes that the official jobs report this morning has unemployment still at 9.1% with no new jobs added last month."
  • Overheard on the radio: "Doesn't it make you uncomfortable when someone says 'God spared' their house in a wildfire? I mean, why did He put your neighbor's house which burned to the ground in His crosshairs?"
  • Dave Ramsey is holding a seminar in Dallas on October 1st but he's been running commercials for over two months saying it is "trending towards a sellout." Tickets are $42 to learn how to get you finances in order.
  • The Ticket's George Dunham was in Miami last night doing play by play for UNT's football game. He was also broadcasting live from the station's Dallas studio at 5:30 a.m. this morning
  • Anybody know what whole hole number that is in the pic of The Cliffs below? 


Tell Me My First Girls Softball Game Won't Be Like This

Wait a second? Did I see a player tackle a ref? I'd ban the whole team. (And I have organized youth sports experience!!!!! A whole two weeks worth!!!)


Edit: I invoked a "no racism in the comments policy" on this one. Man, I'm glad I did,

Pick Me Up: Fiona

We've had Sybil and that Fischer chick on here the last few days, and someone felt like we were leaving out Fox 4's Fiona so they sent me a pic. Actually, it was a huge picture with a guy standing next to her. Somehow he accidentally got cropped out when I was uploading it.

"County Law! County Law!" *

Police not "getting along" with Rodney King and giving him the "what for" 

A federal appeals court has ruled that we have a First Amendment right to film the police while they are in the course of doing their duties.  That seems to be common sense, but it's good to know the next time the cops tell you to "quit filming!!!"  (But these days, they film themselves with in car cameras more than anyone else does.)
* Title is a callback joke to cops being (voluntarily) filmed here.

This Will Make You Happy

For the first time this year, Texas Governor Rick Perry leads President Obama in a national Election 2012 survey in the newest Rasmussen Poll.

You People Out There!

Chico broke a krillion game losing streak last Friday, and I casually referred to them as "rising from the dead" and bcoming "butt kicking zombies."   Now someone wants to make a T-shirt.  You think that will cause a few questions marks to form over some heads?

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It's been dry and hot for months. So why were there big fires in both Palo Pinto County and Wise County on back to back days?
  • One player didn't wear a tie to the Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon yesterday: Martellus Bennett. If the Cowboys want to rebuild, I'd start with that guy. Not because he won't wear a tie but because he's never been a team player. (And he can't catch.)
  • We found a (new) home for the Skyler Dog, and it's all because of this blog. I'm saving the world -- one puppy at a time. 
  • Mrs. LL was on the warpath last night about the Kids in the House "following the rules!!"  Who knew some Tootsie Rolls hidden in jeans in the laundry could launch such a storm?
  • It was the 15th year anniversary of the death of Princess Diana this week. It seems much longer than that.
  • An 18 year old on bond for murder charges in Tarrant County got arrested for drugs. Then a jury gives him 99 years in prison on the drug charge while the murder charge is still pending. I hope they were punishing him for the murder and not the drugs. 
  • I don't have any trouble watching the 9/11 shows on the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, etc.  If cell phone video was widespread back then, that second plane hitting the tower would have been documented by thousands of people.
  • TCU/Baylor tomorrow. My months of optimism has about 36 hours to live. 
  • Have you been reading Jarhead's blog over the last week? He went on a rampage against a truck driver which turned into a rant against all truckers.  Then, a few days later, he gets in a wreck that was his fault. The "karma" word has already shown up in the comments.
  • Former WFAA reporter Bert Lozano died of cardiac arrest at age 42. You might remember him from this streaker-in-the-background video.
  • Yep. That's a death at a young age and that disturbs me. 
  • Matthew Fox of Lost got arrested and then one of those "I cannot believe how bad he looks"  mugshots surfaced. Turned out not to be him, but it's still worth a look because of the crazy resemblance. 
  • North Texas plays Florida International tonight in Denton which kind of sounds like the Mean Green will be playing against an airport. 
  • I've said this before, but if you're one of those guys who works late at the office and has kids that go to bed at a decent hour, I don't know when you ever see them. 
  • I finally listened to Troy Aikman's interview on The Ticket where he took a shot at Skip Bayless. Wow. There's something really different about him. He was honest, edgy, and a little mean. Then again, a divorce can turn someone into No More Mr. Nice Guy. 


DFW Media Sent The Choppers Up To Cover Wise County Fire This Afternoon

Between Paradise and Boyd. It's pretty big. And moving fast at 3:30ish.

Channel 8 live stream here. Pretty dramatic!

Edit: Channel 8 coverage Wednesday night: Five homes destroyed.

"Hey, I Know You!"


That's the actual witness who recognized the defense attorney.

Let me tell you, there's no attorney who doesn't sweat just a little when he looks out at 85 people on a jury panel as the judge asks, "Does anyone on the panel recognize or know the attorneys for the prosecution or the defense?"

Afternoon Pick Me Up

It's Sybil from 105.3 The Fan.  (Slideshow here. Her pics show up at beginning at  #118)

Edit: I'll be dang, that is Kim Fischer beginning at #82. I don't think I've ever seen her smile. (And the guy that comes before her looks like a, uh, handsome Dirk Nowitzki.)

Aggie Just Took Out Personal Ad Under "Married But Seeking Conference"


Can we have one last hug before you go?

Guess not.

Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The fire at Possum Kingdom reportedly has hit "The Cliffs" -- the fancy golf community.
  • The fire is a big story, but Fox 4 spent the first 12 minutes of its broadcast on it last night. 
  • The sonogram/abortion law in Texas has been mostly struck down. Although its proponents claimed it was about "informed choices", some of them -- like our own Sen. Craig Estes -- got a little honest once they got back home. He admitted in front of small gathering the purpose of the law was to get women to "change their minds" about the procedure. That's a big difference. 
  • One of my softball girls tried to catch a long fly ball with her face yesterday. I'm thankful that she's OK. I also thankful that it was her dad who hit the ball. 
  • Still no problem parents on the team. Fingers crossed.
  • Dick Cheney has a new book out and, to listen to him promote it yesterday on Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, I was stunned they just didn't come out and tell him, "Dick, I'm in love with you."
  • Karl Klement Ford has a fancy new electronic sign out on 287, but I could have sworn it read 184 degrees yesterday afternoon.
  • Breast cancer rates are rising in Texas if you live where the Barnett Shale is being drilled. And Wise County is near the top of the list
  • The Update says Bridgeport ISD cut its tax rate. I'm so confused about that School Budget Crisis everyone talked about. 
  • It has to be all over the media if even I know that Lil' Wayne has a new album coming out. (I refused to say the album "drops".)  It's said that it will sell almost a million copies in its first week which probably means it would sell almost two million if not for the illegal downloads.
  • The album cover has a kid with face tattoos which probably has some significance that I have no idea about.
  • The Family Sedan is in the shop, insurance issue basically resolved, and Mrs. LL has a rent car. Let me clarify, Mrs. LL has a rent truck. And that's by choice.
  • I noticed that the Star-Telegram lost a really good courthouse reporter who has now joined the Tarrant County DA's office as its Public Information Officer. What a smart move on the DA's office -- feed the press with someone who knows exactly what the press wants. That's a great way to get a positive spin on a story. 
  • Depressing bullet point of the morning: A UT student fell to his death this week, a motorcycle death in Houston maybe one of the more bizarre ones of the year, and an out of state suicide method [link fixed] will make you cringe.
  • Credit the BagOfNothing.com guy this morning with at least two interesting notes: (1) Troy Aikman questioned reporter Skip Bayless' sexual orientation on local radio yesterday, and (2) Fox News and Gawker are in a fight over Bill O'Reilly having a police officer investigated for allegedly having an affair with his wife.