WFAA's John McCaa . . .

. . . doesn't seem to relate to the common man in this Old Warsaw ad in today's Dallas Morning News.

Stuff At Which I Giggle

I'm not sure I know the law firm of Patton, Boggs but, having worked in a large downtown law firm before, being in close proximity to a park was never a top priority of my bill-some-more-bosses.

Anyone . . .

. . . checked out the "fresh" produce stand in Decatur? (On Washburn and Main.) Me loves me some home grown tomatoes.

And did I see gas at $3.39 at Walmarts?

I'm Not Sure

A loyal reader just called me and asked me, "Are you just going to let that blurb in the Update just go?"

Is this like "extra fun" for Home Schoolers? You get to learn how to debate? And couldn't this have the collateral impact of teaching a kid to talk back to his momma? Next thing you know those kids will be wearing their britches down low.

Heck, Almost Made Me Cry

Stole this from BagOfNothing.com this morning. Go ahead, do yourself a Friday Morning Favor and watch it. The singing begins around 1:30. We all deserve a Stop Down Moment every now and then.

Random Friday Morning Thoughts

- Let the word go forth: Channel 5 was the first one to come its senses and bail out of the storm coverage last night.
- Neil Diamond is coming to Dallas. He's a modern day Wayne Newton. If that makes any sense. And when exactly did the lyrics of Sweet Caroline change to include "Baa. Baa. Baa."?
- It looks like the pastor of the "Should We Put Gays In The Pictorial Directory?" Church in Fort Worth has finally decided to call it quits.
- The Main Streets Art Festival in Fort Worth is almost worth going down there to see. Almost.
- The judge in the CPS Polygamy Compound case has no idea what she is doing. She called a recess after 40 minutes so the lawyers could look at the first exhibit? She didn't see that chaos coming? That's simple to remedy: Require copies of the exhibit be exchanged before the hearing. It happens all the time.
- Texas AG Greg Abbott is putting his face in front of every camera in connection with the Compound case. That guy is so full of crap. He justified the raid by saying that "you can't go busting into someone's home without probable cause." Oh, ok. That justifies entry by the cops anywhere and every time.
- A "Hey, Now" shout out to Debbie Gibson. Edit: Link fixed (although it ain't that great)
- The Bass Hall has been open 10 years. I've been in it once. Never for a concert.
- Vladimir Putin is a player.
- The Pope is going to "offer a blessing" at the World Trade location today. What exactly does that do?
- There was a 22 inning baseball game last night that lasted over 6 hours. Fifteen pitchers were used. One guy batted ten times.
- Edit: And our Sheriff sends me this link that demonstrates how not to be a Sheriff.


Pinpoint Prediction

Anybody else think this is kind of silly? (That pic is, uh, "up to the minute" since I just pulled it off my television invention.)

Edit: The KXAS chopper-cam just did a live shot over Alvord facing west to show the incoming storm. It was quite the panoramic view.

Edit #2: And that first clump of storms didn't hit Decatur at all. Now that second batch, at 6:27, looks like it might - at least according to my computer models. I'll project a hit at 6:41:09.36 p.m.

Edit #3: At 8:18 p.m., I've determined that the local affiliates have lost their ever loving minds. If I hear "A tornado could develop right here" one more time, I'll, well, continue to watch. And I swear I saw David Finfrock look at the radar earlier and say, "This could actually be debris or trees in the air causing this on the radar."

Hey, Now

In other news, Posh Beckham (that guy's wife) is 34 today.

You Know Your Life Has Gone Horribily Wrong When


My CSI-Like Brain thinks there might be foul play involved.

Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

- If my allergy symptoms don't go away, I'll go crazy.
- It's a little old news, but I dogged a prosecutor last year but last night he came back to defend himself.
- Wouldn't running for President be a beating?
- The Correspondence Dinner was last night. So far clips are filtering out and they are pretty funny. Check out Mitt Romney if you can find him. And Dick Cheney showed up in his fishing hat and reflective sunglasses.
- CPS spokesperson Marleigh Meisner (who is on TV all the time in connection with the "Polygamist Compound") used to be the spokesperson for CPS in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She does a good job. I don't believer her, but she does a good job.
- Speaking of the Compound, the initial hearing today will be a logistical nightmare. And there is no way CPS can justify the removal of every child.
-Worst end zone spike by Dallas Desperado ever.
- Hey, now.
- At least 42 dead in Iraq yesterday. It's going well.
- Ok, some people got p.o.'d at me for letting the "n" word go through in the comments yesterday. That's always been my unwritten policy. I think racism is prevalent and widespread. I'm just trying to demomstrate it. You can hear that language at the coffee shop if you'll just listen.
- Something seems odd about a Catholic mass being held in a stadium normally occupied by hot dogs and beer.


Stop. No, Yield. No, Stop.

As you begin your turn left towards the Sheriff's Office off of westbound 380.

(Thanks, David.)

Random Courthouse Observations

- Learned that random drug testing of athletes occurred at Decatur High on Monday or Tuesday - Saw a pretty good spat between lawyer and client, to-wit: Client: Do you have a law license? Attorney (angrily): Do you want [my associate to deal with instead?]. We are done here! Client (to person passing by): Don't ever use this guy as a lawyer. He's piss poor. - I told one of my clients he had time to run to McDonalds for lunch. Didn't know he was going to take over an hour.

Wednesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

This may be my first ever rugby post, but this guy deserves some attention. First, he waylays a guy like nobody's business, and then makes the greatest "Who? Me?" defense in the history of ever. Then a teammate of the fallen soldier comes running in only to go down like he was hit by Chuck Liddel. Edit: An astute fake talk show host just pointed out that this wasn't rugby. My double fake bad. And I can't help but remember my first encounter with a rugby guy. Me and buddy were over at some girls' apartment in college when their upstairs neighbors (guys) drop by to visit with the girls. We tried to chit-chat but somehow one of the guys worked into the conversation very quickly that he played rugby. "Yeah, it's a pretty tough sport. You've got to be in shape," he said. Ooooooh. Stand back. But then he followed it up with this gem: "We lift weights quite a bit in the apartment. I hope we're not making too much noise." I can still remember my friend and I exchanging the most not-so-subtle glances at one another as we both thought the same thing. That's that been many, many years ago.

A Question Mark Has Formed Over My Head

A loyal reader sent in this pic taken "at a local Subway" yesterday. I think it says, "I Support The JENA (1)". I recall the Jena 6 out of Louisiana last year, but I'm not sure I understand the "1" in parenthesis.

Allow Myself To Credit Myself

Just so you know, the Messenger's print edition had a picture this morning of the Chicken Express "Great Hillary Controversy" sign, and I just heard the Bridgeport Index had a similar photo on the front page. That's why I've got a couple of Pulitzers next to my "2nd Place - Optimist Club - Bridgeport Little League" trophy on my mantle and they don't.

Stolen From D Magazine

Today, the Texas Solicitor General will argue to the U.S. Supreme Court the state has a right to execute child rapists. It comes one day after Dallas County announced its 16th DNA exoneration, this time for a man who was imprisoned for 23 years for burglary and — (wait for it) – rape.


Wednesday Morning Random Thoughts

- That raid of the polygamist compound is getting weirder and weirder. Now pictures have surfaced of Sheriff's Deputies in an armored tank-like vehicle. And "[t]he 416 children held by Texas authorities had been accompanied by 139 women until Monday, when officials ordered all the women away except for those whose children are under 5." What exactly is our government doing? And, really, why? There is lots of speculation but no proof.
- But those compound ladies look like they just walked out of Little House on The Prairie.
- The Pope doesn't seem very friendly.
- I'm about to give up on your Texas Rangers. And did you see that no one covered second on a throw by the catcher yesterday?
- Hey, now.
- Any story on "Cheese Heroin" seems to have a sense of sensationalism.
- We've got another DNA exoneration in Dallas. This one - who just happens to be black - has been in prison for 23 years. Those Henry Wade years were very bad years. And can you imagine the number of innocent people in prison who do not have DNA to come to their rescue?
- The concept of "iced coffee" does not appeal to me.
- Oil reached $114 a barrel yesterday. Devon printed more money.
- 18 cents of every gallon of gas goes to federal taxes. I don't know how much goes to state taxes.
- A blurry picture of me and W 10 years ago.
- I haven't driven down the new section 380 yet. I want to.
- I had forgotten that Texas Sen. John Cornyn, in the wake of violence against judges a couple of years ago, opined that it could be due to the judiciary being "activists." What an idiot. (This was mentioned in the Supreme Court book I just finished - apparently former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor called him out on it.)
- I think I'd like being a mailman.
- American Airlines pilots were picketing in Dallas yesterday. You don't see many female pilots.
- The motorcyclist in Dallas who ended up dead but not found for a few hours (I posted it a couple of days ago) had his wallet taken by homeless people. Tonight, Steve Egar of Fox 4 called them "bandits." When does one qualify as a bandit?

Random Legal Outrage

In perusing new cases, here was one that just floored me.

Cops read guy his Miranda warnings. Guy says, "I don't want to give up any right, though, if I don't got no lawyer." Cops question him anyway. Judge throws his statement to the cops out because the cops didn't honor his request for a lawyer. Simple enough. On appeal, the case gets reversed because the guy's statement wasn't "clearly an invocation of his right to consult with counsel." See State v. Gobert, 244 S.W.3d 861 (Tex. App. - Austin 2008).

I'm telling ya, it's hard out there.

Tuesday Afternoon Pick Me Up

Japan Public Transportation

I'd freak out.

New Crime Stoppers Card

The "We Don't Kiss and Tell" (meaning you will remain anonymous) is kind of funny but technically inaccurate. If a person gives a tip to Crime Stoppers indicating Mr. X committed a crime but Mr. Y is actually charged with the crime, Mr. Y is allowed to have access to the Crime Stoppers' tipster's name as part of his defense. See Thomas v. State, 837 S.W.2d 106 (Tex. Crim. App 1992).

Trivia: And the Thomas case has a strained Wise County connection. The trial judge in that case was Ed Kinkeade out of Dallas whose brother is Hal Kinkeade, the former pastor of the First Baptist Church of Bridgeport.

Thought: Every person placed on probation in Wise County has been required to pay $50 into the Crime Stoppers fund. I wonder how much money is currently in that fund? Sheriff? Madam Treasurer?

I Got Nothing This Morning

I've only learned two things: Seth Rogan (above) is 26 today. Only 26!!! And, Rob Lowe's nanny, who is on The Today Show this morning because of some scandal, is smoking hot.

Edit: Here she is.

Edit: You guys are crazy.


Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts

A few krillion more here.

Oh, How My Political Machine Has Fallen

It's a little difficult to see, but a faithful reader stumbled across an "Elect Barry Green For District Attorney" sign (circa 1992) that is now being used as siding for a chicken coop on the east side of Decatur.

Random Crazy Story . . .

. . . I just saw in the Morning News while eating lunch.

Monday Afternoon Pink Me Up

That's Pink. Get it? Pink?

Spotted At The Courthouse

The largest Cabela catalog in the history of ever. And the thing is hard-backed bound. How much does it cost to produce and mail it?

Somebody's Day Has . . .

. . . started out very poorly in Decatur.

Monday Morning Random Thoughts

- Prom Night received horrible reviews, looks awful, and led the box office with $22.7 million.
- A letter to the editor in Saturday's Star Telegram was anti-gun with reasoning that "according to arguments before the Supreme Court" the right to bear arms is only for those in a "well regulated militia." That's your source? Arguments before the Supreme Court?
- I would at least like to see Augusta National before I die.
- Wind. I hate wind.
- "Dr. Phil has apparently bonded out one of the teen girls from Florida who took part in the brutal beating of 16-year old Victoria Lindsay." That guy may be more irritating than Oprah.
- I'm watching Into the Wild which is pretty good and faithful to the book. And I think it is the first time I've ever seen a movie after I read the book.
- Meredith Viera of The Today Show just said she never shops online. You're kidding.
- Crazy 6 minute video of "dangerous walk" on youtube. At least click over to the 5:00 mark.
- I'm five hours into The Fountainhead. It's really slow but, oddly, really enthralling. It was written decades ago but could have been written yesterday.
- Worst segue in a newscast ever.
- Worst baseball day for the Evil Empire ever.
- I bought a grocery store tote bag for a $1 at the grocery store - not because I'm a big "going green" fan - - but it seemed more sturdy than plastic bags. But I never remember to take it.
- Natalie Portman is my dream girl. Natalie Portman dates this.