Random Yellowjacket Thought

I thought about attending the Boyd playoff game in Burleson today.

No way. Rain is bad. Cold is bad. Cold rain is Double Bad.

Random Thought

That Best Buy commercial that shows the girl mocking her parents until they show up with presents really bugs the crap out of me.

Football Carnage

Fran is gone. Nebraska fired its football coach this morning. Mike Singletary rejected Baylor like a bad first date from match.com. And, in an unrelated football note, ORU president Richard Roberts - who I used to watch on Sunday morning before his daddy saw a 900 foot Jesus - got ran out of town.

It's ugly out there.


I Think . . .

. . . I just saw Eric Cartman introduce the offense and defense for Colorado.

Always A Good Day

Last year I went and watched Euless Trinity v. Southlake Carroll at Texas Stadium. That caused me to miss the upset of the Aggies over the Longhorns. I think I'll stay put today.



Another 8 mile Turkey Trot in the books. Cold and a little windy, but the sun made it almost perfect conditions. I finished at 1:06:03 (about four minutes faster than last year - I credit Nutrisystem.) But I sure didn't like the pain in my non-surgically repaired Achilles Tendon.

Assistant County Attorney Thomas Aaberg showed up and finished somewhere during the 55 minute mark. That's a blistering pace.

But as I was checking in, I laughed when I saw the name of "Barron Green" next to mine (blurry cell phone pic). I don't know who that guy is, but he always runs these races and, for the next year, some fine commenter(s) will refer to me as "Barron."

Edit: Thomas finished 266th out of 4152 runners and 33 out of 332 in his age group. I clocked in at 1095 out of 4152 and 99 out of 284 in my (very old) age group.

And my unknown nemesis, Barron Green, finished 1371 with a time of 1:08:26. Scoreboard, Barron! Scoreboard. (Although he is two years older than me.)


Obviously, It'll Be Quiet Around Here For The Next Couple Of Days

I'll run the 8 mile Turkey Trot in Dallas tomorrow morning (man, if the wind doesn't blow, the cold weather will make it great), and then spend the rest of the day with my family in Bridgeport.

I wrote this about Thanksgiving a couple of years ago. It was a crowd pleaser. And it still applies.

Solve This For Over $60,000

Or not.

Wednesday Morning Pick Me Up

Probably from a bar off Highway 51.

Scott Cooper: The Man. The Legend.

The Denton Record Chronicle has an article on former Decatur resident Scott Cooper who is now apparently chasing Nazis for DPS. (Disclaimer: Scott's a friend of mine although I haven't talk to him in a while. He was an investigator with the Wise County Sheriff's Office when I was DA.) Source: Found through Bluedaze.com.

Probably Not Wise County Related

An Alvarado gas well explosion has sent three men to the hospital. But it as operated by Devon so you never know.

Made Me Laugh

Ok, this won't do it justice, but Fox 4 had a story last night about some kindergarten kid who was sent home because he had a haircut of the star of the Dallas Cowboys. His very redneck dad appeared on camera and said, "He has the right to individuality and to present himself."

For the three people out there that saw Wild At Heart with Nicholas Cage, you instantly remember Cage's character named Sailor having said, "Did I ever tell ya that this here jacket represents a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?


The New Rig . . .

. . . set up a stone's throw from Decatur High School (against a pretty sky tonight.)

Credit: Tony.

Weather Talk

Assuming the above graphic (from here) regarding Wednesday's temperature is accurate, the temperature will be at 63 at midnight and then will fall throughout the day. So, technically, the "high" tomorrow will be 63. Some weather guys and gals will report it that way and never provide an explanation. Drives me crazy.

But my annual 8 Mile Dallas Turkey Trot is sizing up as being a little chilly.


It's called "The Best Wedding Dance Ever." I think I'm a little speechless. Edit: If video doesn't work, it is here.

Holy Crap!

We are finally getting the first information on what season tickets will cost in the new Cowboys Stadium.

For a seat on the 5 yard line: $340 a game (obligated to buy 10 which includes two pre-season games.) But, wait, in order to have that "right" to buy those tickets, you'll have to buy a $16,000 seat option. "That payment gives you the 30-year rights to own, transfer or sell the seats."

And, get this, seat options range in price depending on how good the seat is. They range from $16,000 to (gulp) $150,000!!!!

Sheesh, how much will parking be?


Lawyers, Guns and . . . Uh . . . The Supreme Court

Finally, the most interesting case to be heard by the Supreme Court since "Bong Hits For Jesus." The story:

After a hiatus of 68 years, the Supreme Court [today] agreed to rule on the meaning of the Second Amendment — the hotly contested part of the Constitution that guarantees “a right to keep and bear arms.” Not since 1939 has the Court heard a case directly testing the Amendment’s scope — and there is a debate about whether it actually decided anything in that earlier ruling. In a sense, the Court may well be writing on a clean slate if, in the end, it decides the ultimate question: does the Second Amendment guarantee an individual right to have a gun for private use, or does it only guarantee a collective right to have guns in an organized military force such as a state National Guard unit?
The fate of Wise County rests in the balance.

(Credit: Kevin via email)

Failed Bit Warning

Ok, I rarely do this but I'll throw the comments open for this: "Hey, Wise County, what are you thankful for?"

From Greenwood to Cottondale, from New Fairview to Chico, let me hear from you.

Edit: Adding where you are from is a nice touch.

Jessica Biel . . .

. . . is not worried about Lake Bridgeport being three feet low according to the Update.

Edit: That almost reads like the Update reported Biel wasn't worried about the lake level. English be hard.

Bad Schtick

At this moment, WBAP is carrying live the President from the Rose Garden pardoning two turkeys (named "May" and "Flower" . . . . . groan.)

In other news, DNA continues to exonerate people who have served years in prison based upon convictions out of Dallas County. They laugh really hard about this annual pardon joke.

Stop It Already

I don't know if every reporter in the nation has taken the week off, by it seems every media outlet leads off with the very shocking news that airports will be busy over the Thanksgiving holidays. The Today Show even went so far as to have Meredith Vieira broadcasting from the tarmac at the Atlanta airport this morning.

And I wonder what the lead story will be on Friday which is allegedly the busiest something of the year? What are the odds of having a reporter at a mall or the news helicopter hovering over a mall parking lot?


Me Loves Me Some Me

I don't know who Keke Wallace of Sweetwater is, but someone has created a quick youtube video of his touchdown catch against Bridgeport last Friday.

Edit: Heck, someone put together an Abilene Wylie over Decatur video as well. I'm not saying it's good quality. I'm just saying it went up quick on youtube.

Baylor v. Texas Tech - A "Hey, Now" Competition

Worlds Collide

Ever since I saw Beyonce in that "So Crazy In Love" video, I've liked the girl. But I'm confused by this country version of that "To The Left, To The Left" song of hers which was seen last night on some music awards show. The song is first being performed by some country group called Sugarland (who I've never heard of because I don't listen to country music anymore.) Anyway, that chick singing looks like a younger Reba McEntire on meth. But it is worth a giggle when she introduces Beyonce to the act as "my freeeeeynd."

There's Even A Pot Bellied Pig Mentioned

Hmm. Not bad looking. I wonder if she would someday like to be the mother of my children? Oh . . . wait.

You Know Your Life Has Gone Horribly Wrong When:

Now That's Funny

(Although I hate it when someone has to video their TV screen to catch the clip.)

And How Could They Leave Out, "Hi. I'm Chris Hanson."

If Nike were to create a commercial based upon the "To Catch A Predator" series, it would look something like this. (Funny enough to link to. Not funny enough to embed here.)

Live From A Boring Hearing Room

Just saw the following while cooling my heels at a driver's license hearing in Fort Worth. It was a motion to set aside a default judgment (meaning that a lawyer failed to attend a previous hearing because he was stuck in a Dallas court - he had tried to call and even had tried the Dallas judge try to call to explain his absence.)

So the hearing starts out with the judge chewing out the lawyer for not filing a motion for continuance in writing. Its brutal. 'That's been the rule for 13 years!' Sheesh. I feel sorry for the guy who can't get a word in edgewise.

So then the judge asks DPS if they oppose the reinstatement. They don't. So the case gets reinstated. I'm not sure why the chewing out was necessary.

Anyway, the lawyer then asks the judge if she wants to see an affidavit from Judge Hoffman to prove he was tied up in a Dallas court. Good grief, man. She reinstated the case. Just shut up.

The judge says 'no' but tells DPS to go forward with its evidence.

The lawyer says 'wait, I thought we were here today only on the motion to reinstate. I didn't know we would have the hearing if the case was reinstated. I need to subpoena some witnesses.'

Judge tells him that that the order granting a hearing on the reinstatement clearly stated that it would happen. So DPS goes forward with its evidence (which is the police report.)

DPS will win this hearing. It's like a default judgment all over again - except the lawyer is in the room watching it.

Crazy College Kids

I think this is a group of Ohio State students before they jump in some lake - apparently a tradition before the Michigan/OSU game.

Something's Different

The Cowboys go to 9-1 are probably playing as well as any Cowboy team ever. Is is just me, or is the level of excitement not the same? And other than the team having a handful of free-agent players instead of the home grown variety, I'm at a loss to explain it.

And does Wade Phillips, who is probably a good guy, come across as the ultimate simpleton?

Edit: Here's a youtube picture montage of every quarterback ever to throw a TD pass for the Cowboys.

Beyonce Says,

"I love a short Wise County work week."


I Hear Rumors. I Report.

According to an email, we might have a dog mauling of a woman in the New Fairview area. Developing .......maybe. Edit: No updates on this as of Monday morning.

As We Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of 12 Straight Conference Loses

As I suffer through another Baylor football season, I note that the school fired its head coach, Guy Morriss, today.

But that's really just an excuse to post this picture. Kinda harsh. (Source.)

Edit (just for fun):


Got a post asking "what happened" to Braum's last night. I don't know what that means. Anyone? Anyone?

Bridgeport Video - Reader Submitted

Credit: Allen Williamson