It'll Be Slow Here The Rest Of The Day

. . . I've got to prepare for my meeting.

The Privates Are Going To Be The Downfall Of Society

Full Story.

I Want My Silver Butter Dish Back

There Was A Story This Week On America Getting Fatter

I wonder why.

Me At The Decatur Lion's Club

I Just Hope My House Appreciates A Little

Jerry bought the Cowboys for $150 million in 1989 (man, it'll be the twenty year anniversary soon). Anyway, Forbes Magazine thinks he could sell it today for $1.17 billion. And, for what it's worth, I like Jerry. I don't know what complaints you could possibly have. He spends a ton of money on players. He wants to win. And he doesn't meddle ever since giving The New Jersey Con Man complete control over the team.

Lake Update: 17 Feet Low

Sometimes I Can't Find . . .

. . . a particular Texas newspaper online. Oh, wait.

Funny . . .

. . . college football predictions.

DMN Headline I Had To Read A Couple Of Times


From Tomorrow's/Friday's Star-Telegram

Let me get this straight: The government sends out 100 agents to ransack seven homes and all they find is 11 guns and some marijuana? Heck, you could find more than that in seven homes in Seven Wires. (For my non-Wise County readers, that's a high tone Decatur subdivision reference .)

The MTV Music Awards Were Tonight

Didn't watch it. But you can see a ton of glamour shots from the evening here. (And, man, does Pink have a lot going on with her head - and I can't tell if the tooth is screwed up or a photo blemish. I will stay up all night worrying about it.)

Those Conservative Judges Are So Good For America

Don't travel with large sums of money. Your government will take it. And keep it. (Link will probably appeal only to law folks, civil libertarians, or good Americans.)

For Some Insane Reason . . .

. . . I just sat through an overtime period in the preseason Cowboys/Vikings game. An overtime that included two short kicks missed by new placekicker Mike Vanderjagt. As we all go to our beaten down jobs tomorrow, we can reflect on the above paragraph written during the off season.

Friday Random Poll

Throw Up A Pic Of A Hot Girl Every Now And Then And Look What Happens

Say What?

And to think I've been trying to get "Jim Bob" removed from my ankle.


And one that worked for Trophy Club. And one that had been convicted of having sex with a person he had detained while on duty. (Story).

The Thought Of Baby Birds Came To Mind

What A Coincidence . . .

. . . that is exactly what my date wore last night. Unfortunately, it was to Wednesday Night Services.

Hey, . . . . . Now Wait A Minute

Sweet and Innocent Debbie Gibson is 36 Today

Well, maybe not so sweet and innocent.

Harold Taft Was Never This Hot

No audio. Crappy video. But somehow I'm very interested in Mexican weather.


Man, this happening a lot. There was the guy from Midolothian two weeks ago, the guy in the hotel off Mockingbird in Dallas yesterday, and now this morning we have another. I'm looking supiciously at my co-workers just in case they might flip out.


CNN Doing Schtick?

Remember . . .

. . . this NFL quarterback who had a feature roll on "The Bachelor"? Well, he's been rejected. Hard.

I'm Hypnotized

"Would you give me a foot massage?" - Pulp Fiction

Hey, it's the National Enquirer but it's had some street cred in the past.

Legal Tired Head

(Star Telegram source) Note the last sentence indicates that he will be eligible for parole in 15 years. Actually, it will be less. The law is this: "Under the law applicable in this case, if the defendant is sentenced to a term of imprisonment, he will not become eligible for parole until the actual time served plus any good conduct time earned equals one-fourth of the sentence imposed or 15 years, whichever is less." So when he reaches 15 years (calculated by his actual time plus his good conduct time) then he becomes eligible for parole. Now if he had been convicted of a one of the "serious crimes" designated by the legislature, he would have been eligible for parole after 30 real years. (You can see that list of crimes here.)

I Was Inside Dancing to "Footloose"

. . . while outside Tara Reid was denied entrance as some girl named Paris (I think) gets to walk right in. (And I think I see the guy from "Girls Gone Wild" in there.)

Thank You, I'll Be Here All Week

College Football Season . . .

. . . opens this weekend which gives me a reason to post this pic. Go sports.

My Life Force Has Been Sucked Out Of Me

Sheesh. Not again. (From the DMN home page).
Jackass 2
I am waaaaaay too mature to see this new movie.

From Another DMN Story

County Commissioner Salaries Ellis County: $72,381 Johnson County: $65,112 Tarrant County: $116,506 Collin County: $96,471 I don't know what Wise County Commissioners make and I'm too lazy to call Katherine Canova, the County Treasurer.

Caught My Eye In the DMN

I Wish . . .

. . . I had a better close-up of this guy's face because it sooooo looks like "I want a do-over."

We Are Sooooo Uptight

Interesting story out of Frisco. A teacher gets reprimanded for taking her fifth grade class on a field trip to a museum that had (surprise!) classic, religious nude art. A caller to the Mark Davis show a second ago said, "I'd let my kid go to the Cleburne Museum but not that Dallas one." That sums it up perfectly.

Easier Than Working Out and Counting Fat Grams

Katie gets slimmer. (Source)

Random Runaway Bay Counterfeiting Federal Prison Sentence News

Bush and Wednesday Morning

Two great clips I pulled off the Today Show this morning when Bush was interviewed in New Orleans yesterday. The first one (33 seconds) shows how he continues to confuse 9/11 and Iraq (until he is called on it.) And I'll swear he mispeaks by saying, "Did we fight the wrong war? I have no doubt." And in the second one (28 seconds) he speaks of how he has an "ecelectic" [sic] reading list. (Both are youtube format).


The Ticket

These are the guys I listen to on the radio every morning. Someone told me there was a girl in this picture, but I haven't noticed.

These Girls Creep Me Out

Tomorrow's Headline: He Quit Citing Serious Health Concerns

Silly and Ridiculous

I'm Sick Of Hurricane Katrina Talk . . .

. . . but I had to go back and check to see what I wrote about it on here a year ago. My Sunday evening post (the day before the storm hit) made me a master of understatement.

I Have Mixed Feelings About The Show . . .

. . . but that's a funky new DVD cover.

For All Of Ye That Thought Ye Were Having A Bad Day

Line I stole: Reminds me of Homer's suggestion to Bart on how to break up with Mrs. Krabappel: "Dear Baby, Welcome to Dumpsville. Population: you."

I Don't Know

CNN Live Mic Snafu (Credit: PinkDome.Com)

"While President Bush spoke today, the CNN accidentally had anchor Kyra Phillips's mic on, projecting over the Prez. It sounds like she was in the bathroom, but fortunately the mic came on after she did her business. Her sister-in-law, however, just found out that Kyra thinks she's a control freak."

Triple Hey, Now

Slow Blog Day - Classic Video

Ridin' Dirty

Hornbuckle's church may one day change its web site.

My Obsession With Ann Curry . . .

. . . continues. This morning she showed "fake excitement" over a spare tennis match won by Andre Agassi. Quick youtube.com clip here. I know it's not particularly exciting, but it creates a Major Stop Down in my morning routine.